Feathers, Phones and Bread

Story #1

I just finished writing in a previous encounter with Erik this afternoon. I was going through others encounters and began to talk to him. I asked him to come have fun. Come laugh! Any encounter would be excellent and I laughed because it could be very unexpected. Some background about myself is that I collect Angel feathers. I have for many years now. I love the Angels very much. I made a banana shake (I would say milkshake but I am vegan) earlier and was drinking some of it as I was watching the channel on YouTube. I decided I had enough and put it back in the fridge for a later time. This is around the time I asked Erik. I brought out my shake and sat down, still watching the channel. As I went in for a second “dip” with my straw, I stared and said, “is that.. is that a feather?” I immediately burst out laughing! I have never encountered a feather left quite like this! I didn’t want it to be ruined so I took it to the sink and rinsed it off and restored it back to it’s natural state. I will have 3 photos attached down in the comment section when this posts. Be sure to take a look! Very enjoyable!

Thank you, Erik.

Light and Love,


Story #2

This happened about three months ago and although I’ve never stopped thinking about it, I’ve been “keeping it to myself” because for ME it was so awesome and maybe was sometimes doubtful that this was an Erik encounter. I’d never had one before and had been following the blog and videos for a few months prior. I think everyone who experiences their first “in your face” EE (Erik Encounter) has those feelings of “wow how could he possibly find time to single me out, I’m a quiet observer in the side wings”. BUT….I just finished watching the session with Kim Babcock and when I heard at the end that Erik throws off the shelves at grocery stores into Robert’s basket I got so excited! About three months ago I was in the grocery store late one night and walking mindlessly down the aisles. The store was basically empty. I turned down the bread aisle but wasn’t planning on getting bread. Then about 3 feet in front of me a loaf if bread FLEW off the aisle and landed right in the middle of the floor! I stopped and looked around but there was NO one around. So I’m standing there looking at this loaf of bread on the floor and thought “what the fuck?”. I stood there like that for a few seconds before I involuntary started laughing like an idiot. I not only KNEW it was Erik just by feeling him but that was the first time I distinctly heard him and saw him plain as day in my third eye laughing and kinda of dancing around. “The jokes on me”, I told him and picked up the bread. Since then Erik has been strongly instrumental in my spiritual growth and overcoming fears and limitations I was previously too stubborn to admit I had. I’m still working on myself but that flying loaf of bread changed my life!

Story #3

Elisa, I read your book in 2013 around the time of my precious Kitty, Zoe’s passing. She was with me for 20 years. Being a retired high school teacher, I brought home five rescue’s during her time. With Zoe’s passing, they are all in Heaven now. I know I can’t get another in this life for losing them is too painful. I also am a single parent of four children and now 7 grandchildren! I have always had a spiritual life. My parents came very close to losing me at age 2 with double phen that lead to kidney failure . I survived (now 68 yrs). I began to experience the spiritual side in my early 20’s when my young mother was dying of a cancerous brain tumor. It has continued throughout my life. I remember my mother being also close to the other side and “knowing things.” I Know we live after death, but I had doubts about the survival of my precious kitties. I came from the Bible Belt where animals are not treated well in this life. Most around me did/do not believe they have souls. it was so hard on me for I knew I had seen each after they passed. I knew the connection and unconditional love I shared with my kitties! She was/is closer to me than most humans. The year after Zoe passed, I felt and saw her three times in my apt: once in spirit form and twice in her old/new body in color. She seemed startled that I could see her once when I called her name. She quickly started running and disappeared! It was good to see her little legs run for she suffered for a year in renal failure ! I had wonderful experiences starting 10 days after she passed. Spirit used the microwave, lights, vivid dreams and at times it seems my walls would disappear and I could see Zoe across the veil with a film in between. Once, she was middle of my wall, just grooming herself! I had to change apts and wondered if I would see her again. In the meantime, I read/studied all I could find on animals in the afterlife. I watched the videos of Erik and read the messages daily. I was leaving for a few months in May to help my youngest daughter in Charlotte, NC, with her new baby. When I got in the car to leave, I said to myself, “Zoe, it is the first long trip I have taken alone without you: are you back there in your old spot?” I immediately got a text message from an Unknown that read, “TONIGHT, JUST YOU AND ME IN THE BACK SEAT” I.. immediately thought of Erik and wondered if it was him, for it sounded like his personality! I am now back in Memphis: now moved to a little cottage. I had a photo of Zoe on my phone. A few weeks ago, it just disappeared. I took that photo in 2010 from a Retro Camera App I Put on my phone. I have not used it since 2010. I went to that app to try and find the photo. I could not find the photo, but to my surprise, I found some new photos!!! I did not know where they came from, for I had only taken photos from my camera on my iPhone. They all taken after Zoe’s death and in that apt I had all the spiritual experiences. I could tell by seeing the photos of Zoe I put up at that time in the room. One was of me with a film over me. Strangely, there is a dark circle around my neck. You can see the film/ spirit all over the room. I began to look at the photos, expanding them and I could see my kitty, Zoe. I also saw my other kitties as well and a big dog. They are hard to see, but are visible! I am so grateful for Spirit loved me enough to leave me visible proof. I developed the photos and can still see them!!! I wonder if Spirit allowed Erik to take those photos for me! I am so blessed and so grateful. I am now thinking of writing a book of my experiences over these years in hope that humans will treat our animal companions with Love! Thank you Channeling Erik for the help you give us daily!!! God Bless,


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  • Judith F.

    Brooke, please do try and post your feather pictures. That’s amazing! What fun. Writer of second story, seeing a loaf of bread flying off the shelf would be hard to accept had you not known about Erik’s pranks; or it would be for me. And Louise, your story touched me so much it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had kitties over the years, and my partner and I have three here in NY: Tipsy, the one we adopted after our beloved Casper died (she was mine initially, and I brought her to NY from Houston, TX). Then summer before last we rescued a classic tabby mommy and her tiny kittens outside in our mobile home park. We adopted the mommy, Precious, and one male, Karl. Our neighbor adopted a female, Angel, and the other two were adopted out by our local SPCA. They bring such joy to our lives! I’m 71 and Dave is 74. They keep us feeling young. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  • Lynn

    Long before I ever “met” Erik, I’ve had loved ones throw bread off the shelf at me! I wonder if it’s easy to move because of its relatively light weight! But, it doesn’t just slide off…it flies! Loved all the stories.

  • Kathy

    I just lost my little Mini on Thursday. She was a Lynx Point Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix. She would had been 7 years old Dec. 31st. She had a very rare sudden illness where her left lung was bleeding inside of her chest. There was nothing that could be done for her but a open chest surgery and removal of her lung. And Cats do not make it. So I said my final goodbye to my little girl as the Vet put her to sleep. I have had many kitties over the years in my life, and still do have 9 kitties left. Mini was the type of Cat that would stand up on her hind legs to be picked up. She was very vocal and would rub her head under my armpit and push and purr up a storm. She was just a little thing, only 7 lbs and she had super model body. She was so good and so personal to me. I am crying as I write this.My heart is so broken. I wish she was with me so I could hold her and pet her very soft fur. I have not seen her spirit yet nor felt her. I have seen Cat spirits a few time and I hope I will be able to see my little Mini.

    • Lelabelle

      Kathy…your story touched me deeply and made me cry. Sending you loving energy 🙂

    • Va Lovelace

      Your story touched me deeply too Kathy. I hope you feel your Mini with you often. XX

    • Aw, sending love and prayers your way.

    • sapphire

      sending you so much love kathy, i’m so sorry you lost your little cat, thinking of you xx

  • Leanne

    Brooke, i would love to see the feather too! Tell me about collecting angel feathers, how do you know that they are different than the regular ones? So curious about this.

  • sapphire

    about a year ago i was in my local super market and was looking to pick up a few bits with that family when i was walking up to the magazine rack a magazine came flying off the shelve we walked up to it and it was my favorite magazine take or break fate or fortune i bought the magazine i knew it had some spiritual meaning but left it at that, my husband was in sheer shock and still talks about it and a few weeks ago i was shopping in my local super market when my husband and i walked down the chocolate isle a box of chocolate mints flew of the shelve when we where no where near them again my husband freaked out and i knew it was spiritual so picked them up and bought them, but now that i’m reading this thread it has hit me that i must of been pranked by erik, i just never realize till now.. love reading the threads Xx

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