All About Animals, Part Two

This morning, I think Erik woke me up. Well, actually, I was awake physically and mentally, but I was in that purgatory where I wasn’t emotionally read to spring out of bed. I usually spend a good 15 minutes trying to muster up the will power to face the day far from the comfort of the insides of my eyelids and the excitement of my sometimes crazy dreams. In that emotional tug of war, I felt someone pocking on the front of my left thigh. I raised my head to look, expecting to see Bella or Scout, but nothing. Zip. I flopped my head back on my pillow, and the same thing happened again. And again. And again. So I groaned and said, ‘Okay, okay, Erik! I’ll get up,’ and I did. Reluctantly.

I had a comment from someone the other day about the overall tone of the blog. She said it was a little too “happy-go-lucky,” and I could understand why she thought that given that she lost her child only this past February. At the beginning, the blog was definitely heavier. My grief was very deep, and its tone reflected that. Now, my grief has eased, and I mostly just miss Erik, physically, so the tone is more light hearted. It conveys a hope that our relationships with our loved ones never have to end. But don’t let this lighter tone deceive you. My heart is still broken. I’m still broken to a certain degree, and my thoughts wander to that horrific day, that horrific sight, every single day. I know I’ll never be completely happy, and that’s okay. I’ve accepted it and will continue to try to turn my lemons into lemonade. One a lighter note, let’s see what Erik has to say in Part Two of our series on animals.

Me: What about spiritual missions? Do [animals] have spiritual missions, like contracts just like we do for our human experience? Do they have “the animal experience?”

Erik: Oh, hell, yes they do!

Me: Really? Like what would be an example of a contract or spiritual mission they would have?

Erik: Let’s go back to domestic dogs. A dog being with the family, let’s say the job was to help its parent companion get through cancer, help them with unconditional love, compassion, tell them to lose weight, teach them how to be a friend. There are a lot of these qualities. Of course it’s not about coming in to help them monetarily or to have kind of a more human experience. When we look at animal human experience, it’s really based on emotional communication, emotional enhancement, about—


Jamie (To Erik): Say it one more time.

Erik: About understanding the intelligence behind emotional purpose.

Jamie: Does that make sense?

Me: Yeah!

She whispers the phrase under her breath.

Me: What about another type of canine like a coyote? What kind of contracts or spiritual missions might they have? They don’t interact with human beings, so…

Erik: Well, they interact with other life forms like trees, insects, the ecosystem, Mother Earth—all of these have a desire for balance, and remember that balance is not 50:50. Balance occurs when everything is cohesive and is working to fulfill everybody’s needs.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Fifty percent frogs and 50% deer doesn’t necessarily mean balance.

Jamie: I don’t know why—

Me: Yeah, I don’t know why he went off on that tangent.

Jamie: Random!

Erik: With coyotes, we can look at their contract being to balance the ecosystem. Some coyotes, the urban coyote—

Jamie: We have those, actually. They’re in my backyard, and I live in midtown Atlanta.

Me: Really?

She nods her head.

Me: Oh, wow! That’s crazy.

Jamie: I thought there was a baby left in my backyard one night, and I flung open the door and went out, and there were three coyotes standing there.

Me: How cute!

Jamie: They’re not as pretty as I expected them to be.

Me: Me too. They always look smaller than I expect. I keep thinking they’re supposed to be as big as a wolf, but they’re not.

Jamie: Yes! I think that’s what I had, too, and they weren’t.

Erik: I like urban coyotes because most of their contracts are about unity, acceptance, co-existence, right? Because they’re not marching in to say, “Hey, here I am. Wild creature. Kill me!”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: They’re looking for balance.

Jamie: He kind of turned the corner and started talking about something else.

Erik: If we look at any wildlife creature from Sahara to jungle, their natural instinct isn’t force. It’s really not about attacking. They attack when they’re being pushed. They attack when they feel like they’ve been misplaced or their environment is being aggressive with them or if you’re being aggressive with them. In nature, there’s a lot of harmony. It’s based on harmony. That’s how it thrives. (He leans toward Jamie and whispers) Until your stomach starts to growl. Then things aren’t in harmony anymore.

Me: Uh oh. Is your stomach growling?

Erik: No. It’s when the animal’s like, “You know, I’m hungry. I’m going to go out there and kill ya so I can eat ya.” Still, that’s a level of life cycle and harmony.

Me: Okay. Well, can they come back as humans, sometimes, and can humans come back as animals?

Erik: Yes. I stand by my word. Any life force energy can come back as any living being.

Me: Okay. Interesting. So you can come back as a tree if you want to.

Erik: Yes!

Me: That’s cool. What about guides? Do they have guides, spirit guides, just like we do?

Erik: Yes, but I don’t want people to get caught up into thinking that spirit guides are only in human form.

Me: Oh yeah. Okay.

Erik: You know, because when we look at Earth, we go through that intelligence thing, food chain, shit like that where humans are always, “Woo hoo! We’re at the top! Yay us!”

I laugh.

Erik: And to be a guide, you must be human: “Yay, us!” That’s not how it goes over here.

Me: Okay, so you could have a coyote spirit guide. We can probably have animal spirit guides, too, huh?

Erik: I was going to share with you that a coyote can have a turtle guide or a person guide.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Or an alien guide.

Me: Well, those are all spirits. They’re not incarnated, so they’d just be a spirit, not a coyote or turtle. Okay. So basically, you have a spirit that could be any life form if it wanted and that can be your guide.

Jamie mimics Erik by nodding her head.

Me: Okay, what about thought creating reality? We do that. You do that, Erik. Can animals create reality with their thoughts?

Erik: Absolutely. They manifest a hell of a lot easier than we do!

Me: Oh really?

Erik: Yeah because we’re so focused on hearing communication from somebody else and taking it as truth rather than looking at “Where are they coming from,” and “What are they really conveying, which is their feeling?” Animals don’t pull that shit. They have a more authentic way of communication. So, with that being said, when they’re trying to manifest something, their playing field is a hell of a lot cleaner without a lot of weeds. But with humans, we like to put a lot of weeds to mask or hide something out of fear of being attacked, put down or shamed our out of a fear of being too prideful, too good. So there’s all that shit that gets in the way. Animals don’t really have that.

Me: Okay. Interesting. One more question about animals. How did it go when you met our little pets like Zoe and Peanut and—well Peanut and Penny crossed after you, but how was it seeing Zoe when you crossed over, Erik?

Jamie (smiling): He thought you were going to ask if animals crossed dressed. He was a little disappointed that you came up with this question, instead.

I laugh.

Me: You can answer that if you want to!

Erik: No, Mom, Mom. Since you asked it, I’ll answer.

He fakes an air of disappointment.

Erik: It was surprising. I like that word because once you’ve seen all your dead family, you’re kind of catching on to, “I’m going to see everything that’s died.” What you don’t catch onto is that your pets can now communicate to you. It’s no longer, “The dog says, ‘Woof,’ and the person says, ‘Hi.’” All of a sudden, you’ve got the same language. That was the surprise.

Me: Wow.

Erik: I was quick to ask the “How are you? What do you think? How long have you been here? What are you doing?” just wanting to understand what was going on, but each of my pets that I came across were quick to let me know who they were in relationship to me and what our contract was in live, and they were also quick to show me what I didn’t understand in our relationship. Like, I was really disappointed to find that what I thought was funny to do to them—to spook them, tease them, run after them—it was really fucking funny to see them jump up and get all crazy and “Yay, it’s all fun!” but they weren’t having the same experience. For them, it was almost like sometimes being hunted, like when they didn’t know I was coming up behind them or coming around the corner or just yelling at them and them not understanding why. They didn’t have the same humor that I had. It didn’t translate into the way that I wanted it to. I definitely would have changed the way I interacted with animals. I wouldn’t humanize them, by any means, but I would definitely look more at what their needs are compared to what kind of environment I’d provide for them.

Me: Very nice! That’s a good place to end off unless you have anything else to add, baby.

Erik: Just that I love you!

Me: I love you, too.

And miss him.

If you want to see if your question was answered in the first Ask Erik column, check out the Sedona Journal of Emergence. It’s in the Predictions 2016 edition. This is s great publication. You can subscribe or buy the single copy January 1st.

A beautiful coyote

                                                          A beautiful coyote

Here’s another stellar review for Erik’s book, My Life After Death:

This book is the real deal. That’s a difficult concept to grasp for some, since the subject is about death and life after death. I am fairly well-read on this subject so it was not difficult for me. It was informative and comforting. It gave me a more concrete idea of the process of death and what “day to day” life is like. I put that in quotes as there is no linear time in that dimension so cannot be measured (that’s still a difficult concept to grasp). Erik pretty much covered all aspects from his own death process to what he does in the afterlife. I highly recommend this book. It gave me great comfort to really know what it is like over there and how this relates to my deceased husband.


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  • Kathleen

    Hi Elisa ,your daughter got you to do this blog ,in the hope it would help ease some of the pain you felt through losing your wonderful Erik.If it appears a bit more light hearted , it is working for you which is what she hoped .Your loss can never properly heal but you are so lucky having this new relationship with him .It is helping to heal so many of us .Thank you for all your love and sharing .xxxxx

  • Jennifer

    I wonder… I wonder if I can telepathically get my dog to understand how to manifest some money. Go, dog, go! Ha ha.

  • steveatl

    Life is too short to be heavy and deep “all” the time. That’s not what spirits wants for us, especially those that have passed.

  • Ceridwen777

    Thanks so much for talking about animals and their spirituality/purpose for being here. Some other things I was hoping to learn was what about abused animals? They come here knowing they will be mistreated all their life or experimented upon…or the ones who get hunted to extinction, which I assume they know before incarnating. Is it only to teach humans by example of what NOT to do to them? Are there different levels of evolvement, like the really courageous ones agree to life a harsh life perhaps being more highly evolved because of the willingness to sacrifice themselves to teach us something?

    Regarding animal spirit guides for humans, it seems that “totem animals” of certain religions would fit that bill…anyway, thanks again, Erik & Elisa for this! 🙂

    • Cheryl

      You put this so much better than I did! I knew I should have read through the comments before posting! Aahh! Lol I agree though. It would be really nice to hear about this! I ponder these questions all the time! Also if my rescues will remember me after we cross over. Because, I swear, they’ve been put in my path for a reason! I didn’t get the nickname Pooch for no reason! Lol

    • Tanakî Alïsôn

      Animal are considered to be “light workers”. They are here to help human grow, even if we are eating them, killing them, hunting them. They are here to teach us compassion, love, kindness etc. We shouldn’t feel sad when one go extinction, as they are finished their role here. Celebrate!

  • PollyMax2010

    My beautiful Cat Polly has been missing for 2 months now and I’ve been in contact with a Animal Communicator. You all might be interested to read what Polly tells me. She unfortunately is still missing

    • Cheryl

      Wow! I’m so sorry about your cat! That’s very interesting though! I will have to remember this if anything ever happens to my babies!

  • PollyMax2010

    Here is the message

    Polly confirms she is still in the physical.

    There is a sense of resignation about her this time, she is not panicked or
    frantic, she is calm but a little despondent.

    I let her know that you are still looking for her and that you love her
    very much.

    She shows herself at the window, each time she repeats the image she shows
    raining running down the window – I ask what the relevance is but she only says
    ‘I want her to know that I’m out of the rain’.

    She says ‘I want to go home’ and adds ‘the food was better’.

    I ask if there is a dog around her such as you described but she seems to
    show it as in the distance almost as if it is in spirit.

    When I ask if she can hear you calling she shows that she cannot.

    There is still the feeling of an older person’s energy around her and
    someone on their own as she doesn’t show other energies, she feels no real
    connection to this person but I hear that they are doing their best.

    I ask if she is being fed and she answers ‘not my normal food!’ – it’s
    clear that food is very important to Polly.

    I ask spirit if there is any information that could be of use – it feels
    like she is relatively close by but that the person has either not seen the
    posters/leaflets or is not acknowledging seeing them.

    I reassure Polly again that you love her and are still searching. She says ‘I love her, it was such a silly
    mistake’ and there is a feeling of regret and sadness.

    She says ‘it’s not as nice a house’.
    Then I hear ‘move’ and ‘new’ – I wonder if Polly is thinking of trying
    to move on again or whether she has picked up this thought around her.

    I ask again for a street name but I don’t get anything – the only word I
    hear is ‘snap’ , I hope that means something to you?

  • Cheryl

    Hey guys! Great info! It’s funny because I’ve been questioning about my experience with animals lately. I rescue and try to help Animals as much as I possibly can because I just love them so much. Also, I feel as if animals are put in my path for one reason or another. This has been happening for a while. I wish I could do more for them than I’m able to at this moment. But do they remember that kind of thing when they cross over? And what about the people who neglect their animals? What lessons are they being taught if the people who do this, rarely get in trouble? I know there’s a balance to life and maybe I answered my question right there. But my God! I just can’t stand seeing animals get treated that way. I can’t watch the commercials and when I see it in real life I literally have to distance myself because of the rage I feel towards people who treat animals so unkind. I feel like there shouldn’t be any reason for it

    • Tanakî Alïsôn

      Animal communicate telepathically. Their nature is different than human, that’s why we think of them as “lower” life form. When they are not. Just as plants and trees job are to give us oxygen, just as water meant to give life, just as animal are like teacher, healer and light workers. They do remember everything, and they don’t hold hate toward us, as they are very understanding. They do appreciate love and respect.

  • Thank you!

  • Maya

    It’s okay to never be completely happy. That means you still have love inside your heart.

  • connectionup

    Elisa, you should have asked how our pets feel about being neutered. Probably think humans are savages!

  • Anna

    Lost mom 12 days ago, Elisa….
    The dog behind our house won’t stop barking all night till dawn. I was too tired from the wake, cremation etc. Slept early and didn’t even hear the barking.
    It’s easier to talk to her now that she moved on. Won’t mind Erik getting her introduced to his realm. She’s eager to learn.
    Much love….

    • Oh I’m so sorry. Of course you really haven’t lost her. She has just shed her body. I’ll ask Erik to show her the ropes.

  • Callie

    I love the idea of this ‘religion?’ because of how it mixes with science, i’ve watched a ton of your you tube videos i was wandering if you knew or could ask your son about black holes and evolution and if were actually made from star dust thank you so much for dispensing you’re information and please check your Facebook messages from me its incredibly important

  • Jacquie Stanley

    Hey Elisa, you don’t ever ever have to justify “how you are, depressed, lighthearted or otherwise!” I just don’t understand why people have the need to judge others. I too lost my only son and I think your progress is amazing and should be celebrated. This lady should find hope that she too will reach this point in her healing. Why would you want someone to suffer, especially when you know how miserable it is yourself. Thank you for all the good you, Erik, and your mediums are doing!

    • Tanakî Alïsôn

      To know what light is, you have to know the dark.

  • Pat

    I also wonder why animal abuse is not discussed by Erik. The poor souls are being tortured, skinned alive, cooked alive and I don’t see an end in sight. How could there be any reason for this? I can’t bare to see the pictures of people in china, korea and the asian countries do such atrocities! And they think its ok to do. I don’t understand it. It would be nice for Erik to shed some light on it please. Thank you

    • I think he’s answered that before. It’s in the archives. Try searching under the category, “animals.”

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