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Great news: Medium, Kim Babcock, is offering small group channeling calls with special pricing for CE members. This is great if you can’t afford an entire hour (although her rates are super reasonable) or if you only have a few questions. She records the calls, so you can have a permanent record. Kim is very talented, and I’ve received a lot of incredible feedback from those who have had readings with her. Plus, Erik adores her, so that’s a plus. Kim offers these calls every Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST. If you’re interested, click HERE.

I’d also like to announce the (hopefully) permanent dates for the tour:

Denver, CO 6/24-6/26

NYC, NY (Looks like Lily Dale is too far from the airport for you guys): 7/22-7/24

Chicago, IL 8/26-8/28

Vancouver Canada 9/23-9/25

Sedona, AZ 10/21-10/25 (We want this to be a 4 day event so we can see Red Rock, visit and perhaps meditate in the vortices and do other things. This is a very special town.)

Florida (Looks like St. Augustine is too far from an airport, too so I’ll poll for another city): 11/11-11/13

San Diego, CA 12/9-12/11

Austin, TX 1/17-1/29 (2017)

If any of you want to participate as mediums, healers or other service providers in Sedona, we sure could use you. Contact Kim (kimsdivineconnection@gmail.com) and Heather (heather@heatherquinto.com.)

Also, we’re considering composing a video from various clips in all the cities. If any of you are videographers willing to volunteer in exchange for free admittance, email Kim and Heather at the addresses above.

Last, which city in Florida would you attend?

Me: Is Erik there?

Heather: Of course.

Me: What’s he up to?

Heather: Being a pest!

Me: Oh yeah? Like what?

Heather: While I was meditating, he kept bothering me to do things. It’s like, “You need to go eat something real quick.” Then I would lie down and try to get into meditating, and he’d be, “Clean out your ears.”

We all laugh.

Heather: He’d constantly be making me get up to do something!

Me: That’s what he does to Robert, too. So funny! One thing I want to ask you, Erik, is why can’t we create some sort of device so that we can totally tune into a spirit’s energy and communicate with them as if we were talking to them on a telephone?

Erik: They’re working on it right now. It’s in the very early stages. It’s nowhere near where it needs to be. There are some—

Heather: EVP? He’s talking about somewhere in Italy.

Me: Oh yeah, right. That Italian dude.

He talks about him in his latest book, My Life After Death.

Erik: He’s getting very close, and he’s working with spirits—specific types of spirits—what are –


Heather: I’m trying to figure out the word he’s trying to say.

Heather: Okay, he completely changed the way he wanted to say it.

Erik: The spirits that are working with him are ones that are there specifically to help him create this device, kind of like a telephone, almost.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s probably going to be several more years, probably decades.

Me: Decades!?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Oh no!

Erik: If you look at the big picture, we’ve come so much farther –

Heather: See, I don’t like that word he said. Sorry! I’m an “English” person, so I’m trying to correct him.

I guess she means his grammar.

Erik: We’ve come so much farther than we have in the past with it.

Me: Well, what’s the problem? Why is it so difficult?

Erik: There are a couple of reasons why. The first is from the spirit’s point of view. It’s very hard for us to be able to lower our vibration enough to be able to interfere [with electricity.] Yeah, it’s easier than having to move an object, but we still have to do some kind of energy work with it, and a lot of the times, you can’t hear us while the recording is happening. That’s the big block.

So I guess the aim is to be able to talk “live.”

Erik: While talking on the phone, you can’t hear us, but afterwards, when you’re listening to the recording, you can hear it. That’s the major thing they’re working on right now. We’re trying to make it so that you can hear it in present time. It’s only going to be able to happen a handful of times, to be able to hear us while we’re talking.

Timelessness there must complicate things!

Me: Yeah. Why does it happen on the recording?

(Long pause)

Heather (chuckling): He’s communicating through his feelings. (To Erik) Can you use words for me?

Erik: A couple of things happen with why you can hear it on recordings. It could be at that time there was no voice imprinted on the recording, but since there’s no time, we can always go in and put in a voice, us talking or saying something.

Me: Ah!

Erik: It has to be during your present time.

Me: Okay.

(Long pause)

Heather: Okay, now I get it. I get what you’re trying to say!

Erik: Human ears can’t pick up on it at the time. There has to be something that—there’s a device that EVP researchers use to be able to hear it, and you can’t pick it up because it’s not a frequency you can hear with human ears.

Me: Like a dog whistle?

Erik: Yes, just like that.

Me: Yeah, I think that’s what you said before. Okay, anything else about spirit boxes or spirit telephones?

Heather (To Erik): Anything else?

Erik: Nope.

Just an FYI, I’m taking a break tomorrow to celebrate New Year. I hope you guys have a good one. Be safe!

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  • Cheryl

    That’s such a cool concept!

  • darlene

    I Love you guys! I have a phone session booked with Kim for January 12th~! So excited, can’t wait!

  • Jennifer Grimsland

    Elisa, I absolutely love your blog. I stared watching on youtube a few months ago and have just started reading the blog from the very first post. Where did the ask Erik link go? What an amazing journey.You must feel like the luckiest woman alive being able to connect with your son, and to be able to do it by yourself, and converse with Erik when you feel like it! When I first started reading the blog, the internet on my phone, google chrome, kept shutting down on its own and I would have to restore the session when i opened it up again. I was on the mobile site, so I was like, “what the hell?!” Finally, I said to Erik, “If this is you, give me a sign….I immediately looked at my sisters cat who was outside with me and thought to myself ‘make the cat jump in my lap’. The cat was on the other side of my lanai so I figured it would be a good sign. Chrome shut down once more, and sure enough, the cat jumped on the table right in front of me! Well, there you go….Erik was with me. 🙂 Is there no longer an “ask Erik” link, where we can ask him a question? I lost someone close to me (he was an ex husband, but we were together so long that his family and I were still, and ARE still, very close. Anyway, for a few reasons, I feel that Keith and Erik might be hanging around each other…they seem to have the same personality and like the same music, etc. I’m sorry this is so long, but I had to tell you how absolutely extraordinary this is and what you and Erik, with the help of the special mediums, is really helping people. God bless you all, and Erik, I’m sure I’ll hear ya later. lol. I know how you like bongs….hahahaha. Take care Medhus family!

    • I used to have the Ask Erik column but it just got to be too expensive for me. But I do have an Ask Erik column in a Sedona magazine and I call out for questions when I get ready to write for the next edition. Also, we’re starting an Ask Erik radio show very soon and you can call in or use live chat to ask your questions for free.

  • Elise Marie Graziano

    Happy new year Elisa and CE community. I hope we can all move passed any hurdles that come our way move through them and come out better on the other side. Love to everyone xo

  • Heidi

    Thanks to the advice of our beloved spirit, Erik, my resolution is to Love myself more this year. 🙂 Have a very Happy New Year, CE family. Love you guyz!

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    Happy NewYear everybody. Happy Birthday Erik. I love you all. Hey, on the tour,aren’t you going to make to the west coast? Anyway,have a great time and lets make 2016 one to remember. Love to all.

    • Yes we’re going to San Diego and Vancouver. Hope to see you!

  • Melissa Crump

    Sorry to see Jamie go,I got the impression she was getting tired of the video thing…I knew this would happen I hope you still continue to do channeling videos!! It’s a inspiration to people who’ve lost loved ones…I plan on a phone reading with Kim here real soon..Happy new year blog members! !! Love all you like minded people…much love!!!

  • sarah

    How can Heather hear Erik?

    • Patrick

      By listening.

      Words spoken are converted to signals reaching the brain. Imagine signals created without an ear, arriving at the brain just the same.

  • sarah

    Or is it more of a telepathic communication?

    • J.j. McGuigan

      I’m pretty sure it’s telepathic, good question tho, but i think it’s through mind communication, i could be wrong tho.

  • Melissa Crump

    How is Erik taking this news of Jamie leaving? I’d be curious how he feels? How can you just turn him off?? Lol..iI get the picture in my head from that scene from GHOST where Patrick Swayze is singing that song OH Henry the eighth I am!! Over and over again ..lol..iI can see Erik doing that..

    • He’s ready for this change and very excited about what lies on the horizon.

  • Mike

    How come Erik is able to pull celebrities and ask detailed questions, but not able to get near as much detail when he does a reading for a private person, like the one he did with Kim on Kim on the Coast to Coast radio interview?

  • jamsknit1

    Session booked with Kim on January 29 – can’t wait!

  • Leilani

    Elisa, I just read this (on 4/6/16 – at o’dark-thirty). And was thrilled to read that someone in Italy is actually working on that telephone I suggested in a previous comment on the Blog, that we’d use to talk to the spirit world/higher dimension!!! Star Trek in the 21st Century – Here.And.Now. !!! SO EXCITING!

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