Conspiracy Theories, Part Three

Damn, guys, I froze my a*# off this morning taking care of my plants and doing other outside stuff and I can only imagine what you all in the northeast are dealing with. Please be safe and don’t get out in the weather and on the roads if the conditions suck. Now, I’m working by a roaring fire with little Bella asleep by my side. Never mind the fact that she already slept 9 hours last night. But she has this sweater that acts like the equivalent of a double dose of quaaludes so… Here’s what I mean.

Cozy puppy

                                Cozy puppy

Okay, here’s the last in the series of our conspiracy theories segment.

Me: JFK. Who killed JFK? Was the government responsible for that?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Anybody in particular in the government?

Erik: Particular? No. Government hired.

Me: The FBI? CIA? Any particular branch of the government?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s not saying.

Me: Oh, he won’t let us know cuz I can get into trouble. I don’t want to be killed! All right. The AIDS virus. A lot of people say that the CIA created this to wipe out homosexuals and blacks. Is that true?

(Of course I know it’s not.)

Erik: Bullshit.

Me: Okay. I figured. Okay, now the Shroud of Turin. The Vatican is said to have altered the carbon dating results to make it look like a phony. Is that true?

Erik: True dat shit!

Me: So they altered it? But it’s not a phony, right? It’s the real shroud that Jesus had over him when he was actually alive, right? You know how when we interviewed Jesus—and you guys have to see that one if you haven’t—he said he wasn’t dead. He just lowered his vital signs, his pulse and respiratory rate, to appear dead when he really wasn’t. But there was this shroud on him covering his living body. Is that the Shroud of Turin? That’s not a phony, right?

Erik: There are many phonies out there. It’s not the one that you see.

Me: Oh, okay. So the one that’s publicized is not the real shroud that covered Jesus?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Where is that one?

Erik: It’s underground.

Me: Underground somewhere? Like in a cave or in catacombs?

Jamie: To me, it kind of looks like catacombs.

Me: Catacombs. Any specific country you can give me?

Erik: Italy.

Me: Do people know about it, or is it completely hidden?

Erik: No, not everybody knows about it.

I guess he’s saying it hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Me: Okay. Fluoridation. They say its intent was to create the New World Order by decreasing our mental abilities. Is that true? These are fun, dispelling these little—

Jamie: So you mean fluoride?

Me: Yeah, or was it just to put dentists out of business?

Erik: It was to make money and to put dentistry on the map and create an awareness of it, but there were no long-term studies on it. It’s shit for you. It’s horrible.

Me: Yeah, it totally calcifies your pineal gland so you don’t have the gifts like you do—perceiving subtle energy, for example.

Erik: And the still won’t take it out of the water.

Me: Yeah. Most bottled water doesn’t have fluoride, right?

Erik: If it’s reverse osmosis or filtered in a certain way, then no, it’s not put in there.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s mostly in the city water, and they say how it keeps the water clean to have certain levels of chlorine in the water to kill some kinds of bacteria. I would recommend putting in a filtration system in your house. If you can’t afford that, use a stand alone one where you pour the water in and it filters stuff out.

Me: Like Brita. Okay. But it’s not for a nefarious reason like, “Let’s make people stupid so we can control them!”

Erik: No, it’s all about making money.

Me: Okay. Global warming. Is that a hoax?

Erik: No, not a hoax. It’s happening.

Me: Okay. What percent is due to man and what percent is just due to the natural cycle of climate on Mother Earth?

Erik: I would say for the speed it’s happening at, 60-70% is from mankind.

Me: Wow. As far as how fast it’s going?

Jamie (Erik): Nods her head.

Me: Okay, because a lot of people are saying that this theory of global warming—and I’m reading from my notes—was an attempt to control our lifestyles, raise taxes, create a more authoritarian government, among other things.

Erik: No, it’s to create an awareness and show people their destructive ways and what they’re doing to the earth that they’re living off of. We talk about the sanctity of not raping each other, but we don’t ever talk about raping the earth.

Me: Okay. Are we going to lick this thing?

Erik: The generation that’s coming in right now. Those who are 0-5 years old will have this place in shape.

Me: Oh good. That’s awesome. One less thing to put on my to-do list. I’ll wait and let my grandkids handle it. All right. Let’s talk about Shakespeare. A lot of people thought he plagiarized much of his work. They say some of it was written by Edward Bacon (?) and others.

Jamie: Kevin Bacon? What?

She’s teasing, of course.

Me: Not Kevin Bacon!

Erik: Some were written by others. He had students around him, and there was also an aristocrat, a gentleman with a lot of money who couldn’t be published with the status that he had, and Shakespeare was an outlet for that man.

Me: Did he write Romeo and Juliet? Did Shakespeare write it or did somebody else?

Erik: Shakespeare was mostly in control of the longer works. The shorter ones like sonnets were works of collaboration. There was a period of a 5-year stretch where a whole bunch of major full-length plays came out. It was really a talk of the times about what was happening. The material was there, and nobody else was writing it. He had other people that were printing, and he was driving off of other people’s ideas, so it was very easy to create.

Me: What percentage of his works were absolutely his own other than just getting ideas from other people? What percent did he actually create by himself?

Jamie: Wait, by himself without having somebody else with him?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Probably like 45%.

Me: Okay. Romeo and Juliet? What that one of them?

Jamie: No, I see him sitting with another aristocrat.

Me: Othello? What about Othello?

Jamie: I see him being alone for Othello, but with Hamlet, I see him sitting with someone.

Me: Okay, that’s good enough. This was fun talking about conspiracy theories! Now we know the real truth behind all this stuff!

Jamie (Laughing): We’re tho thmart!

We both laugh.

Me: Oh wait. Lukas, my son, is with me, and he wants to know if the government is doing anything that they don’t want us to know right now.

Erik: Hell, yes.

Me: I mean big and bad.

Lukas: Anything malicious?

I repeat what he says.

Erik: There’s a lot of moving of money that’s unknown, Lukas. Billions and billions in gold hidden in other countries. It’s being transferred in somebody else’s name.

Me: Okay. What are they trying to achieve by doing that?

Jamie: I don’t understand what they’re achieving.

Erik: It’s not even being set aside for emergency use. It wasn’t during this president.

Jamie counts to seven.

Jamie: I can go back seven. Who was president then?

Me: Oh god, don’t make me figure it out. So it’s been going on for a long time, and there’s something malicious about it, but what’s the maliciousness behind that?

Erik: It took the wealth from the country, and it’s kept it under debt, and it’s renting it’s roads to China and other countries so they can make toll booths and make money off of us when we can’t afford to pay anybody. So it’s locking us down and taking away our wealth.

Not sure if the tollbooth thing is a metaphor.

Me: That’s not good.

Lukas can be heard rattling off a bunch of questions in the background.

Me: He’s just got a whole bunch of questions, now, but we’ll do that another time.

Erik: Mom, Mom, they’re really good! Can’t we just clip in into part two?

Me: It’s about mind control, but they’re probably only controlling his mind. God only knows I haven’t been able to do it!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Anyway, that’s about it, you guys! Bye, Erik. I love you.

Erik: Bye, Mom.

He blows kisses.

Me: Bye, Jamie. I love you, too!

Jamie (Chuckling): I love you, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone, but first enjoy this review for Erik’s wonderful book, My Life After Death.

Just finished, it was sooo good I didn’t want it to end. It was comforting listening to him to us without interruption, like we were sitting in a cozy living room and having a nice long talk instead of the short bits we are used to in the channeling Erik blog (but please don’t stop that either! LOL) Since he’s able to teach/explain us so much maybe there could be more books like the Jane Roberts “Seth” Books. I love how he makes it all so accessible.This just inspired as many more questions as it answered!

–Amazon customer

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  • T Diaz

    Ok, that’s it, no more fluoride treatments for my son. I thought that was all hype, and he’s cavity-free and all and uses fluoride-free toothpaste, but when the dentist asks, I always have him treated. I feel like such a bad mom now, but I’m glad that you asked about this and that Erik set the record straight. I’m sure my pineal gland is way, WAY calcified. I don’t believe that Brita removes fluoride either. Anyone know of a pitcher-type filter that does?

    • Cheryl

      My husband and I have been looking for filters as well. .. I believe it’s called… Berkey Water Filter. I hope that’s the correct spelling. My husband has done a Bunch of research on the subject since our last filter broke. I never heard of fluoride treatments before. But I know that calcification can be turned around through diet & such. They have a bunch of articles and YouTube videos out there.

      • T Diaz

        Thanks, Cheryl. I didn’t know that diet could have an effect also – will have to look into that for sure.

  • T Diaz

    p. s. Bella is too cute!

  • Lelabelle

    Bella is so damn cute..what a little angel puppy 🙂

  • Judith F.

    My partner is still a confirmed atheist, though he doesn’t give me any grief for having gone off on my spiritual path within the last two years. I go around the house sometimes chuckling to myself, thinking “Oh, dear one, if you only knew!” And when we watch “scientific” documentaries and those experts make claims about specific things “we humans” still don’t know, I REALLY have to bite my tongue, and again chuckle to myself thinking “Oh, Erik, Elisa and Jamie/Kim etc., how fortunate I am to be privy to all the information you’ve shared with us here.” We watched a recent documentary on Atlantis the other night. There were three specific places around the world where scientists and scholars are investigating as being the possible Atlantis. Of course, it was none of them, although David Wilcock(?) felt pretty sure it was the offshore Bahamas location. I think about all the time that scholars, scientists, researchers are wasting and wringing their hands over past, present and future questions with unknown answers and how much it would benefit them to have minds more open to information from the spirit dimension. But I suppose spirits are helping pass along a lot of information through dreams and other methods.

    • Just tell him that there was a time when people were skeptical about the earth being round and look where we are now.

      • Judith F.

        Ah, Elisa, if only it were that easy! 😉

  • Mike in Vegas

    I wonder if Erik could tell us where the Ark of the Covenant is. Among the many theories: there’s a building owned by the Ethiopian Church that supposedly has the “real” Ark in it. One man’s job for life is to live on the grounds where that building is an guard it all his life.

    • Lelabelle

      There is a series on the History Channel about “Oak Island”….there is speculation on that show that the Arc of the Covenant is buried there by possibly, Christopher Columbus.

      • Mike in Vegas

        I’ve actually been watching that show. I sure hope those guys find something of value there after spending all that money. That’s another reason why I would like for Erik to tell us, if he can, where the real thing is….AND what’s in it. Some theories say the contents are the actual stones on which the ten commandments were written. Others say it includes some of the actual manna that the Israelites supposed ate every day for 40 years.

      • kathy

        The Aliens took the Ark of the Covenant back to the mother ship because it was way to dangerous for man to have it around on Earth.

      • Lelabelle

        Interesting. I have not heard that before or read it.

      • Kathy

        It is just a Theory from Ancient Astronauts. I believe that the Gods were Aliens, but people made them their gods. Check out Zacharia Sitchin’s books.

  • Wallace Brown

    Interesting read. And it’s believed by many a scholar here in the UK that much of Shakespeare’s work was written by Christopher Marlowe.

  • Me

    Hey Elisa! Not sure if you’ve touched this subject, you have so many archived I have only scratched the surface, but any talk on what is real in the bible and what was changed/ added/ deleted? I was a die hard christian for most of my life until this past fall.. It wasn’t until I started studying it’s origins that I started to doubt (authors/ timing/ who chose what to keep in) and started my spiritual mission. I’m curious his take on it, as well as the nag hammadi ‘gnostic gospels’ and if those were made up or really the behind the scene story. It stumped me and so I moved on, but those will forever be a mystery to me, and many others. If you’ve already talked about this, any way you can point me to a link?

    • Cheryl

      I am not Elisa, but I had to reply! I literally just got through an audio book of a professor who goes through all the bibles and religions into detail. With their similarities and differences, Every Bible has its own. I actually got into it after reading one of their archived articles, but I can’t for the life of me, remember which one it is. Nor the name of the audio CD/Book because it was borrowed, & returned. But I’m sure you can Google it if you’re interested at all. I don’t think it’s necessarily lies in the Bible. More like personal experience from each individual “story teller”. You could always read through the Archived connection they did with Jesus. That was really informative for me. I swear there was another medium who was a new medium, in a documentary I watched. His analogy turned my mind around completely! He meditated on religion and explained it as a circus tent, I know weird. But he said something along the lines of.. the single tent represented God, as how we all see him through any religion and the strips of fabric that make up the circus tent represented all the different religions, we humans follow. Every religions having their similarities and differences, but still having that 1 God, even though their may be different names and representations of him/her/it. From what I read on here. I believe it said something along the lines of God, “the real God” is more of an entity than a human, and.. he is all & in everything. I could be mistaken. If you’re considering other religions, you’re the only one who is going to know what is right for you. The only way you’re going to know what’s best is by studying the different religions, reading about them, as you have been. I was born & raised Roman Catholic, turned Atheist, but always had a spiritual side. I even considered the Wiccan Religion at some point, but that didn’t last long. I now consider myself Spiritual and I work towards being the best person I am. Try to not judge or force opinions and keep true to myself. I hope this at least helps or gives you other ideas to read into. The professors who teach about organized religions in colledges have known about the differences & similarities in the Bibles & other Religions for some time. There’s also some great documentaries you can watch to see the Similarities between Catholic & Egyptian Religions (For Example) at the time when they worshiped God’s & Goddesses. Very interesting content reguardless if you’re seeking a different belief or not. Again, hope this helps a little.
      Hope you have a wonderful week! Much Love!

    • Wow, that would take a long answer, many answers. Maybe you can ask specifics during Erik’s radio show? I don’t know enough about the Bible to ask questions!

  • Kyle Shields

    Why was my comment not allowed

    • Must have been a glitch! Sometimes they go to the “pending approval” pile and don’t post until I approve them.

  • Kyle Shields

    In an interview with the committee or an alien group they stated that GW is caused by changes in the magnetic field off the Earth not an increase in CO2, so Erik is wrong on this topic.

    • Léon Vrins

      Kyle Shields,

      I have also read this information, not so very long ago. But I think that the increase of CO2 is another cause of GW.

      • Kyle Shields

        In the interview they said climate is controlled by changes in the magnetic field and I think nothing else other than changes in the Sun of course. A reader actually was confused because she had strong belief in AGW but that interview basically rebuked that claim totally. I still believe man made AGW is a scam and that was confirmed by the alien interview.

  • Cheryl

    Awwww Bella! ! ! So precious. I am assuming that other people have been asking these questions.. I’m happy my husband and I weren’t the only ones! We’ve been reading books, articles, and watching documentaries about almost every single one of these questions for over the last year. I think this Q&A definitely answered more than a number of questions, we ourselves have been asking! Well Done Guys!
    And Elisa, I have been snuggling up with my pets as well. We actually got some Ice & a few inches of snow here in SC. We’re from OH so it isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but being down here for a year has completely changed my cold & heat tolerance, I’m freezing in 40° weather! That’s not normal lol! I can’t wait to hear more questions from Lucas!

    Hope you all have a warm & safe week!
    Much Love!

  • Dee Frasheri

    Bella is saying: I love you mommy and thank you for the cutest sweater! 🙂

  • joanneginger

    Okay, I’m confused. In a previous archive, Erik said that most of global warming was caused by solar flares, and that mankind had a negligible affect on it, and that we shouldn’t worry overmuch. ??

    • Kyle Shields

      Correct Maybe Erik has turned into a left wing propagandist

    • Kristy

      I have been confused too about a few things. Jesus said in one interview the shroud of Turin is his and was confirmed, now in this one they say it wasn’t his actual shroud. When you read the channeling of Jesus by Tina Spalding, you will see many contradictions. Jesus says in different channelings to other mediums/ channelers that he did die on the cross. Yet, Jesus also states the bible is not the word nor the message he had intended. Great read, if interested. I do love Channeling Erik very much, and all they do to help and educate. It’s so much money, work and effort. Namaste.

      • joanneginger

        Yes, I saw those indescrepancies as well. Hope these will be addressed in future blogs 🙂

    • Maybe we’re dealing with Jamie’s filters. I think she’s into the global warming thing.

      • joanneginger

        Yes, I wondered if that might be the case, and I understand how in any conversation that things could be misinterpreted.
        No matter, I absolutely love this site and all of the learning and growing I am experiencing because of you all.

  • Ok random question but have you had any sessions with Whitney Houston and her daughter? Im watching a television show about her life and the way they both died in the same manner. Just too much!

    • With Whitney but not her daughter. Search the blog for the interview. 🙂

      • Ok found it and read it. Now we just need her daughter. There is just something about the parallel way they died that just gets me.

      • I know. I have 400 on my list already so I won’t even be able to get through all of those before I die! But maybe Patrick can interview her.

  • Margie Stultz

    I just found you last night through a fb post, and I’m so excited. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos all morning! HI ERIK!!! I wanted to ask Erik about vaccines and all the children being born with autism, allergies, and autoimmune issues… like my son. Are we ever going to get any answers? I know this was An agreement my son and I made to go through this lifetime and that we will find answers, but so many families are struggling with severely disabled children from vaccine injury.

    • Did you watch the autism YouTube? Also, go to the list of topics on the righthand sidebar and look for autism. You’ll find a post or two there.

  • Philemon

    Hi, Elisa, Erik and everybody,

    I first wanted to say that I purchased My Life after Death as a gift for my mother for Christmas, and it had exactly the eye-opening impact on her that Erik has said he intended. Thank you, it’s a wonderful book. I notice Wallace above already brought up the question of Christopher Marlowe in re: the Shakespeare authorship debate. I happen to subscribe to the Marlovian theory myself. Allegedly, the actor Shakespeare was very nearly illiterate, while Marlowe, the foremost playwright in Elizabethan England at the time, was a brilliant polymath and, in addition to his literary exploits, a spy for the queen who had inside knowledge of the sort of court shenanigans and maneuverings that are part and parcel to Shakespeare’s plots. (There used to be a very rigorously argued pamphlet by John Baker supporting this theory posted online, but I believe it’s no longer available. The channeled entity Kryon, too, has made a definitive claim that Marlowe was indeed the man who wrote all of Shakespeare, or at least the plays, for whatever that information’s worth.) I know I have no standing here or right to ask—I’m a longtime reader, but this is a first comment for me—and your list of personalities to contact is probably already forbiddingly long, but would you consider having Erik do an entire session with William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe or both? I’m not sure how many people anymore care about this type of thing, but at the very least it maybe would be worthwhile to pick the brains of two—one?—of the greatest writers the English language has ever produced. Thanks again for all you do. Be well and best wishes…

    • Fascinating! I didn’t know the history. Glad your mom liked the book!

  • Brianna Parker

    It scares me what the government is up to secretly. Speaking in terms of calcifieng our pineal gland and it making it harder for us to sense energies etc. Is it reversible???

  • TeaCup

    Such a great session! Thank you for doing this!

    Have you heard about Pizzagate? Can Erik verify the validity of that?

    I don’t think I can post links here, but if you search “pizzagate” on Voat or “Podestas, Pizza and Pedos” on YouTube you get a lot of disturbing information like spirit cooking, creepy paintings and statues in Tony Podesta’s home, or Podesta’s ties to convicted pedophiles etc. And it all started from leaked emails published on Wikileaks.

    Are they really some kind of elite satanist group who are trafficking, ritualistically abusing, sacrificing/murdering children? It’s currently being labeled by the mainstream media as fake news or debunked conspiracy theory, but I REALLY would like to know Erik’s position on this.

    Also can Erik tell us who is the little girl that has her arms taped to a table? Is she ok?

    And who is Kim Noble? Was she really a victim of MK Ultra Programming? Is there really such a thing as MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control, and Monarch slaves? The paintings from her split personalities are incredibly disturbing. And if I remember correctly, the Podestas use her paintings. Again, I don’t think I can post links, but there is a detailed article about her on vigilantcitizen

    Thank you!

    • No, what is it?

      • TeaCup

        Well, it’s something that went viral in 2016, and continues to be controversial. It started with people noticing strange phrases used in the leaked email published on Wikileaks.

        In the emails high government personnels including John Podesta and Tony Podesta would say things that makes little sense like: “Would love to get a pizza for an hour?”
        Or “do you think i’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

        Then people somehow found out words such as “pizza” “cheese” “pasta” “dominos” are code words used in pedophile ring referring to child abuse.

        Anyway, I’m just scratching the surface here. The videos on YouTube (also search for “Podesta Recording Attack on Children Alter Ego Skippy”) or the post on Voat goes into the whole situation a lot more.

        Just really like to find out if the whole “pizzagate” thing is real or not.

      • True!

      • TeaCup

        What do you mean? True as in pizzagate is real? :O

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