Conspiracy Theories, Part Three

Damn, guys, I froze my a*# off this morning taking care of my plants and doing other outside stuff and I can only imagine what you all in the northeast are dealing with. Please be safe and don’t get out in the weather and on the roads if the conditions suck. Now, I’m working by a roaring fire with little Bella asleep by my side. Never mind the fact that she already slept 9 hours last night. But she has this sweater that acts like the equivalent of a double dose of quaaludes so… Here’s what I mean.

Cozy puppy

                                Cozy puppy

Okay, here’s the last in the series of our conspiracy theories segment.

Me: JFK. Who killed JFK? Was the government responsible for that?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Anybody in particular in the government?

Erik: Particular? No. Government hired.

Me: The FBI? CIA? Any particular branch of the government?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s not saying.

Me: Oh, he won’t let us know cuz I can get into trouble. I don’t want to be killed! All right. The AIDS virus. A lot of people say that the CIA created this to wipe out homosexuals and blacks. Is that true?

(Of course I know it’s not.)

Erik: Bullshit.

Me: Okay. I figured. Okay, now the Shroud of Turin. The Vatican is said to have altered the carbon dating results to make it look like a phony. Is that true?

Erik: True dat shit!

Me: So they altered it? But it’s not a phony, right? It’s the real shroud that Jesus had over him when he was actually alive, right? You know how when we interviewed Jesus—and you guys have to see that one if you haven’t—he said he wasn’t dead. He just lowered his vital signs, his pulse and respiratory rate, to appear dead when he really wasn’t. But there was this shroud on him covering his living body. Is that the Shroud of Turin? That’s not a phony, right?

Erik: There are many phonies out there. It’s not the one that you see.

Me: Oh, okay. So the one that’s publicized is not the real shroud that covered Jesus?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Where is that one?

Erik: It’s underground.

Me: Underground somewhere? Like in a cave or in catacombs?

Jamie: To me, it kind of looks like catacombs.

Me: Catacombs. Any specific country you can give me?

Erik: Italy.

Me: Do people know about it, or is it completely hidden?

Erik: No, not everybody knows about it.

I guess he’s saying it hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Me: Okay. Fluoridation. They say its intent was to create the New World Order by decreasing our mental abilities. Is that true? These are fun, dispelling these little—

Jamie: So you mean fluoride?

Me: Yeah, or was it just to put dentists out of business?

Erik: It was to make money and to put dentistry on the map and create an awareness of it, but there were no long-term studies on it. It’s shit for you. It’s horrible.

Me: Yeah, it totally calcifies your pineal gland so you don’t have the gifts like you do—perceiving subtle energy, for example.

Erik: And the still won’t take it out of the water.

Me: Yeah. Most bottled water doesn’t have fluoride, right?

Erik: If it’s reverse osmosis or filtered in a certain way, then no, it’s not put in there.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s mostly in the city water, and they say how it keeps the water clean to have certain levels of chlorine in the water to kill some kinds of bacteria. I would recommend putting in a filtration system in your house. If you can’t afford that, use a stand alone one where you pour the water in and it filters stuff out.

Me: Like Brita. Okay. But it’s not for a nefarious reason like, “Let’s make people stupid so we can control them!”

Erik: No, it’s all about making money.

Me: Okay. Global warming. Is that a hoax?

Erik: No, not a hoax. It’s happening.

Me: Okay. What percent is due to man and what percent is just due to the natural cycle of climate on Mother Earth?

Erik: I would say for the speed it’s happening at, 60-70% is from mankind.

Me: Wow. As far as how fast it’s going?

Jamie (Erik): Nods her head.

Me: Okay, because a lot of people are saying that this theory of global warming—and I’m reading from my notes—was an attempt to control our lifestyles, raise taxes, create a more authoritarian government, among other things.

Erik: No, it’s to create an awareness and show people their destructive ways and what they’re doing to the earth that they’re living off of. We talk about the sanctity of not raping each other, but we don’t ever talk about raping the earth.

Me: Okay. Are we going to lick this thing?

Erik: The generation that’s coming in right now. Those who are 0-5 years old will have this place in shape.

Me: Oh good. That’s awesome. One less thing to put on my to-do list. I’ll wait and let my grandkids handle it. All right. Let’s talk about Shakespeare. A lot of people thought he plagiarized much of his work. They say some of it was written by Edward Bacon (?) and others.

Jamie: Kevin Bacon? What?

She’s teasing, of course.

Me: Not Kevin Bacon!

Erik: Some were written by others. He had students around him, and there was also an aristocrat, a gentleman with a lot of money who couldn’t be published with the status that he had, and Shakespeare was an outlet for that man.

Me: Did he write Romeo and Juliet? Did Shakespeare write it or did somebody else?

Erik: Shakespeare was mostly in control of the longer works. The shorter ones like sonnets were works of collaboration. There was a period of a 5-year stretch where a whole bunch of major full-length plays came out. It was really a talk of the times about what was happening. The material was there, and nobody else was writing it. He had other people that were printing, and he was driving off of other people’s ideas, so it was very easy to create.

Me: What percentage of his works were absolutely his own other than just getting ideas from other people? What percent did he actually create by himself?

Jamie: Wait, by himself without having somebody else with him?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Probably like 45%.

Me: Okay. Romeo and Juliet? What that one of them?

Jamie: No, I see him sitting with another aristocrat.

Me: Othello? What about Othello?

Jamie: I see him being alone for Othello, but with Hamlet, I see him sitting with someone.

Me: Okay, that’s good enough. This was fun talking about conspiracy theories! Now we know the real truth behind all this stuff!

Jamie (Laughing): We’re tho thmart!

We both laugh.

Me: Oh wait. Lukas, my son, is with me, and he wants to know if the government is doing anything that they don’t want us to know right now.

Erik: Hell, yes.

Me: I mean big and bad.

Lukas: Anything malicious?

I repeat what he says.

Erik: There’s a lot of moving of money that’s unknown, Lukas. Billions and billions in gold hidden in other countries. It’s being transferred in somebody else’s name.

Me: Okay. What are they trying to achieve by doing that?

Jamie: I don’t understand what they’re achieving.

Erik: It’s not even being set aside for emergency use. It wasn’t during this president.

Jamie counts to seven.

Jamie: I can go back seven. Who was president then?

Me: Oh god, don’t make me figure it out. So it’s been going on for a long time, and there’s something malicious about it, but what’s the maliciousness behind that?

Erik: It took the wealth from the country, and it’s kept it under debt, and it’s renting it’s roads to China and other countries so they can make toll booths and make money off of us when we can’t afford to pay anybody. So it’s locking us down and taking away our wealth.

Not sure if the tollbooth thing is a metaphor.

Me: That’s not good.

Lukas can be heard rattling off a bunch of questions in the background.

Me: He’s just got a whole bunch of questions, now, but we’ll do that another time.

Erik: Mom, Mom, they’re really good! Can’t we just clip in into part two?

Me: It’s about mind control, but they’re probably only controlling his mind. God only knows I haven’t been able to do it!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Anyway, that’s about it, you guys! Bye, Erik. I love you.

Erik: Bye, Mom.

He blows kisses.

Me: Bye, Jamie. I love you, too!

Jamie (Chuckling): I love you, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone, but first enjoy this review for Erik’s wonderful book, My Life After Death.

Just finished, it was sooo good I didn’t want it to end. It was comforting listening to him to us without interruption, like we were sitting in a cozy living room and having a nice long talk instead of the short bits we are used to in the channeling Erik blog (but please don’t stop that either! LOL) Since he’s able to teach/explain us so much maybe there could be more books like the Jane Roberts “Seth” Books. I love how he makes it all so accessible.This just inspired as many more questions as it answered!

–Amazon customer

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