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I just interviewed Alexander the Great this morning and found out some really revealing secrets. I can’t wait to post it. I’ll probably just post it as a YouTube, perhaps tomorrow. Be sure you have the Channeling Erik mobile app to receive notifications for these videos along with the blog posts, radio shows, Instagram posts and tweets!

I was very busy taking care of my sister here in Topanga today, so I think I’ll just post a great YouTube given to me by a blog member. Enjoy.

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  • Marie

    Thank you. Needed to hear this about meditation. I have been meaning to do this forever and the idea of having to “clear my mind” was overwhelming. This I can do :).

    “Pharmaceutical lobby huge. Gratitude lobby, very tiny.”

  • BLaiir WHitten

    Hello thank you so much for all you do you and Erik are amazing and I want you to know all your work has TRULY SAVED MY LIFE. I tuned into the radio show the other night and I was wondering how you pick callers? I really need help understanding certain things I have been through and there is literally no help for me. I have been to doctors and in hospitals, they have called me psychotic and forced me to take horrible medications(even while I was pregnant) to the point where I felt mentally handicapped and could not read or write, I’ve been to religious people like priests and chaplains and they said I was under spiritual attack but I know a lot of their information is ignorant and they more or less accused me of witchcraft. I so desperately need your help these things have been haunting me since 2011. I think it is one of my major spiritual missions to help others like myself but the PTSD from all of it combined (mostly the horrific abuse I have suffered in psychiatric hospitals) has made it incredibly overwhelming and right before I found you guys I really did try to commit suicide twice in a row. Thanks to you both I am a lot better now but I think I must have been off my rocker before I came to Earth because I definitely can not do this alone. I’m sending you all my love and appreciation once again THANK YOU<3<3<3

    • If you’ve tried several times to get on, email me at emedhus@gmail.com but usually it’s first come, first serve. You can also ask during Raylene’s monthly Q&A.

      • BLaiir WHitten

        Thank you for responding so quickly! I will try again today! Looking forward to an awesome show:) the highlight of my Thursdays! !

      • BLaiir WHitten

        Hello:) I tried again this week and the show was not there:(! I sent you an email although I’m not sure if it went through–my email is: letmego117@yahoo.com
        I hope all is well! Even though my question is quite personal I feel like it would be very interesting to fellow listeners and have desperately wanted to know the answer for about 3 years now:)

      • I’m in Norway, so the time difference is untenable for hosting the live show. I gave this information on the blog a couple of days.

  • BLaiir WHitten

    Thank you so much for your kind words it really means so much to me<3

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