On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but many came from an unexpected source: Erik himself. Read more.

Ask Erik: Tracy’s Question

Tracy’s Questions Dear Elisa, I think the boys have definitely hooked up because my PC crashed this afternoon and I had to wait for my husband, Neil to come home from work so I could use his laptop.  Someone is messing around with my electrics! Shortly after Adam’s death I visited a medium as part...

Ask Erik: Milafel’s Question

Looking through my list of Ask Erik questions, I see I have five more, not including this one. After that, we’ll begin our journey through the Universe, Time and Space, the Afterlife, Death, God, The Collective Consciousness, The Human Experience, life as an discarnate soul, and more. I don’t know why I put some of...

Ask Erik: Chitra’s Question

As are most questions from bereaved mothers, this one was difficult for me. Her grief and sorrow stirred up my own. In this particular case, Chitra’s daughter, Lavanya, came forward with Erik and did most of her own speaking. I’m not sure why some spirits have Erik or the medium translate and why others prefer...

Channeling Boot Camp

All of us could benefit from channeling our guides and our departed loved ones, right? If you want, I can see if Kim can hold her Angel Book Camp workshop for Channeling Erik members. Just let me know if you have any interest, if so when and where. Love you all!

Psychics and Bunny Ears

As some of you know, my daughter, Michelle, and I attended Kim O’Neill’s Angel Boot Camp yesterday here in Houston. I was fortunate enough to meet several wonderful blog members: Chris, Rebecca, Shawna, Paula, and many others. One thing I learned from the bunch is, DANG, you guys can PAR-TAY!!! The poolside partying was a...

Kim on Jason and Robert

In an effort to get through as many of the Ask Erik questions as possible for those of you who have been waiting so patiently for the word for word transcript, I skipped an earlier section of my session with Kim O’Neill from September 21st. As I return to that segment, I see that it...

Ask Erik: Robert’s Questions

Friend and blog member, Robert, asks Erik three specific questions. The amount of detail Erik and Kim provide is remarkable. I can definitely come away from the experience feeling highly honored to be in Robert’s life and look forward to all that you and I will surely learn from him. Robert’s Questions Hi Elisa and...

Gimme This Guy’s Guardian Angel!

Blog member, Dan, shared this amazing video which shows that sometimes, it’s just not your time to die. The guardian angels must have been scrambling for this dude! Watch, and don’t forget to breathe. Oh, and to my guardian angels, I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t trade you for the world!

Ask Erik: Amber’s Questions

Amber’s Question Elisa-I came across a blog just as I came upon yours, purely by accident and I am so touched with both blogs. It is about a beautiful baby girl that passed away at 4 1/2 months old to a rare genetic disease, SMARD. I have read her mother’s blog from start to finish...

Ask Erik: Brenda’s Questions

Brenda’s Question Hello, I have been visiting your site and have a question for Erik. I am hesitant to put it on the site, because of anyone that might recognize the situation. A family in our town was killed coming back home to Colorado. Mother, father, son and daughter were hit head on from a...

Scientist Explains Materialization

Jason shared more fascinating information with the Channeling Erik family when he emailed me these YouTube videos of an interview with physicist David A. Ash. I was so impressed by Ash’s view of our reality and that of the “afterlife” that I ordered his book, New Physics of Consciousness. After I finish reading it, I’ll let...

Four Techniques to Develop Etheric Vision

Jason shared this fascinating article on how to visualize things in the spirit word. After the article, please practice, practice, practice and share your results with the rest of our family! 4 Easy Techniques to Develop Etheric Vision Second sight for ghost hunters, healers, and mediums Nov 23 2009 BY RICHELLE HAWKS THE DEVELOPMENT OF...

Ask Erik: James’s Question

James’s Question Elisa, You wanted to know my name and age, it is James and I am 54,  born in Sterling, CO. My son is also James, born December of ’87 and he was killed in the Sterling, CO area in an ATV crash. If you would like anything else, please let me know. I...

Intense OMG Moment

Last night was the most amazing night of my life, as spiritual epiphanies go. I’m a very light sleeper and tend to wake up several times during the night. Since grandbaby, Arleen, was spending the night in our room, my sleep was particularly fitful and broken. In the wee hours of the morning, I woke...

Erik’s Appearance

A couple of nights ago, I decided to try a technique that Jason recommended for being able to visualize spirit guides and deceased loved ones. So, a instructed, I focused on a dark corner of the room for, say 30 seconds or so. This was no easy task, because, as usual, other thoughts intruded like,...

Where to Begin

If you're new to Channeling Erik, I recommend you read the backstory first. Then, I suggest you start with the very first post. In doing so you can follow my journey just as I did, through the inexplicable, inconceivable, and yet utterly undeniable surprises that I have encountered since my son''s death. Welcome.




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