On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but many came from an unexpected source: Erik himself. Read more.

Rolling with Erik: Grief

Enjoy this very poignant trance channeling from Erik courtesy of medium, Emanuelle McIntosh about grief.  I also want you guys to know that Veronica isn’t accepting any more questions until sometime in the first part of October. She’s been overwhelmed with questions via email!  In the next several days, I plan to interview Howard Hughes,...

(Almost) Everyone Loves Erik

This weekend, I’ve been enjoying time with m 9 year-old grand daughter, Arleen. We have the house to ourselves because everyone else went to Lake Travis for a mini-vacay and Easton is at his other grandma’s. We had a “Mimi Day” at the mall where I got suckered in to buy her an American Girl...

Little Thief

For some reason, my grandson, Easton, is very connected to my husband. Early on, whenever he saw “Pappa,” he would cry probably because Rune has such a strong and dominating presence. Now, he goes around the house calling for him or crawls up in his lap to snuggle. When I say, “Pappa” went bye-bye, he...

Judgment and Karma

I want to thank all of you for all the birthday wishes for our wonderful little rascal. It made the say go by easier. Let me know if he pranked or visited you in any way.  Don’t forget that Monday at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes...

Spirit Communication

Many of you have emailed me wondering when the Laci Peterson interview will be up. As soon as I get the transcription, I’ll move it to the top of the line for you guys.  As you know, today is Erik’s 28th birthday. We were going to have a cake and sing Happy Birthday like we...

All About Erik, Part Three

This morning, when I opened my computer, a pop up from my iCal app announced Erik’s upcoming 28th birthday tomorrow. It was like a punch to the gut. I hate those days when I think of what could have been. I should be baking him a birthday cake, lighting candles and singing (or trying to...

All About Erik, Part Two

First of all, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show TONIGHT at 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog...

All About Erik, Part One

Ringo is almost fully recovered, thanks to all of your prayers. This weekend, since Emma’s daughter will be out of the hospital, we plan on having a 2 hour session covering the afterlife interview of Laci Peterson, all about climate change and that mysterious legend, Moth Man. It should be entertaining stuff, and I can’t...

Energy Protection

For those of you who submitted questions for the September Ask Erik column, click HERE to see how Erik answered them. If you didn’t, then you might want to read this anyway because it could apply to your life, too! And we’re ready to collect questions for October now, so if you want to submit...

Erik on Energy Cleansing

Ringo update: He hasn’t been drinking water at all and has only gotten fluids through the wet cat food he’s on temporarily. I’ve been giving him syringe-fulls of water on a frequent basis and he seems to be improving. Still, he looks miserable in his little collar. The poll results are in. Exactly 87.23 %...

Sex in the Afterlife

Ringo will be picked up from the vet today. Apparently, he sailed through surgery with no problems. Not only that, I called the emergency vet where I took the Jack Russell to be scanned and, in spite of the fact that her chip wasn’t registered, they found the owners.  Missed yesterday’s Hour of Enlightenment show...

Where to Begin

If you're new to Channeling Erik, I recommend you read the backstory first. Then, I suggest you start with the very first post. In doing so you can follow my journey just as I did, through the inexplicable, inconceivable, and yet utterly undeniable surprises that I have encountered since my son''s death. Welcome.




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