A Break From Being Human

As the holidays approach, some of us long for a break. A break from the grief of losing someone we love. A break from being mired in daily struggle. A break from being human. This is the first time Erik spoke to me without the need of a question prompt. He spoke with solemn passion. How timely.

Erik: You know, Mom, before you ask me a question, I want to talk to you about people who want to take their own life. In some cases, the stress, the grief, whatever builds up, it’s like a volcano. Only so much can build before it has to release. The lesson in each case is that there is perfection in imperfection.

Me: Mm hm.

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s pausing. Erik, I can see that.

Me: What? Is he picking his nose?

Jamie (sounding touched): No. His eyes are tearing up.

Me: Oh, Sweetie. It’s okay.

Jamie: He’s just kind of readjusting his gestures and how he’s sitting so that he’s really not squared off with me; we’re not looking at each other face to face.


Jamie (to Erik): But, you know, I can see that you’re adjusting. I can see. I can see.

Erik: Well, it’s hard …


Jamie (to Erik, in a warm, motherly tone): Take a deep breath. You don’t always have to be the fast talker.

Me: Yeah, Sweetie. Take your time.

Jamie (with a soft chuckle): I don’t mind a pause.

Erik: It just throws me right back into my human state of mind—right back into my body—and I haven’t shaken hands with those demons in a long time.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Erik: And I’m happy not to shake hands with them anymore, but when you’re human, you think you have the power to override them—the internal thoughts, those crazy horses in your head that just run with ideas and thoughts that actually hold no truth. But because the thoughts are so heavy, they feel incredibly real, and we start to validate them as real and they’re not. It’s within this slice of anxiety, madness, grief, this really imbalanced state of mind and heart—that’s the imperfection that makes us perfect.

Me: Not sure if I understand, but…

Erik: In so many people who want to take their life, it’s just about getting out of the body, not an act or a willingness to die. It might be nice, ya know? First hand, I kinda know that experience.

Me (solemnly): Yeah.

Erik: A lot of times those people might be worried that they couldn’t do everything they wanted or needed to do, desired to. But then right before, they get this peace and calm, knowing that everything is going to be all right. All of a sudden, they know it’s all going to be okay. Really at that moment, they already left the body.

Me: Oh!

Erik: A lot of people I see that are headed toward the answers, committing suicide, attempting suicide, ending their life, they just need out of their body just for a certain moment. A lot of times they do that before they get a chance to follow through, and then they back down.

Me: They just need a rest. A rest from being human.

Erik: Yeah. And when people struggle to that point, like I said, many times it’s about the perfection of imperfection.

Me: What do you mean by that? I just don’t understand.


Erik: Our perfectness is composed of a huge percentage of things that just aren’t’ right.

Jamie (giggling): He kind of puts that in air quotes.

Erik: I know there’s no right or wrong—there just “is”, but as humans, the brain has a hell of a hard time relaxing in that state of mind. It’s almost like we enjoy struggle more than we enjoy peace. And all of humanity has to learn this lesson for us to achieve it—to make it a natural state of being. Peace. That’s what our generations to come might experience, but for now, we’re still in a natural state of being in struggle. Our natural state of being as a human is based on being in a constant struggle. Even when you’re calm, you’re thinking, “How long is this going to last?” “When I get out of this, then I have to face that shit, and then I have to manage that crap over there.” You know, it’s still all fucked up, but you’re going to have these pockets of peace. We’re getting through all of this as humanity. Everyone has to learn to turn the dial on the emotional, mental, spiritual level from chaos and struggle to peace and calm. Until we do that, you know, we’re all attached to each other—we’re all antennas. And we can get those incredibly enlightened people, loving people, people who are aware, and their antenna inside their body just starts to pick up all the struggle and the chaos. And they don’t want it. Just like you, Mom. And some of those people just want a break from being human. But this whole media, vulnerability, kind of openness that you and I have gone through—it was done in a way to save other people but not you. And I know you’ll come soon enough and see how you can save yourself. And how you do that will not stop the openness, the storytelling, because we—

Jamie (to Erik): Who’s we? (To me) You and him.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We cannot even count how many people we’ve touched nor how many people that we have taught. So, now that they’re more knowledgeable and can heal through their grief and not leave this world as it’s changing—that absolutely is extremely valuable and extremely important, but never, ever more important than you. I hope knowing that helps.

Me: Aw. I love you, Erik.

Erik: I love you more.


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  • mom2bzs

    Wow! That’s all I can say. Erik is amazing.

  • connectingwithzoe

    Simply Beautiful x

  • MikeHulse

    Been to that point myself and once you cross the line it becomes very easy to get to that point any time. It’s a very selfish act to do, as very often you are thinking more about yourself than those loved ones you leave behind. Dealing with depression is a daily task, sometimes a daily struggle. I don’t take drugs to combat it or therapy (although I did at the time). I prefer to battle through my demons and hopefully come out at the other end smiling. Your never alone with this and when you open up you’ll be amazed just how bad many of those who look okay around you are actually having things.

  • Denise

    being…human being…natural state of being…. being in a constant struggle …being happy …being sad …being content …being bored …being broke …being well

    It’s all about being. I have listened to many lectures read many books about being and the understanding of being just hit. Only took 40 years. It doesn’t matter what or how it is, just being, that is perfection no matter what state that being is. It is not a different state of consciousness or something you find, it is just being. Why are the simplest concepts so difficult to grasp. It’s not outside me it is me. I get it.
    holy crap

    (cried through the whole thing.)

  • Linda2749

    Elisa, Erik sees your vulnerability and pain, this message is mostly for you but also we as your family. Erik is so spot on, for as the holiday approaches the loss is more pungent for those suffering from their loss. Each of us will be able to resonate with what Erik is sharing I’m sure. We (I) are so thankful for this blog and the love we all share of one another. Your Mothers love is what has brought us all here. You are, Elisa a teacher and a healer and we need you.

    Elisa, Jamie, Erik the Committee and Patrick are teaching us to feel the love that we truly are.

    I thank each one of you for the part you play in my life.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Thank you Linda, however the list ends better at item 4; that last one there is only a mouthpiece.

      • steph k.

        So humble. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to hear the messages you deliver. You are every bit as important and special 🙂

  • Debbie w514

    Hi Elisa, what a beautiful message: a rest from being human. There is so much in today’s post, I’ll be rereading it and thinking about it all day. The idea of the perfection of imperfection – I guess that is what being human is all about. Thanks to Erik, Jamie, and you for giving us such a profound and touching entry today!

  • nikki6278

    Beautiful. I love the spontaniety of this post. I haven’t commented in a while, although I read daily. I too lost an Eric to suicide. It has been life changing and thanks to Erik and Elisa I know my Eric is still very much with us. After reading the blog post today I had an undeniable urge to type. so…I did.

    It is in accepting that we are all on our own journey that we love completely. No judgment, no expectations. For those that strive for perfection, earth is a battleground of challenges. Never ending attempts to please and fulfill those expectations.
    Love! Accept each other as perfect beings each on own inidividual journey. Our paths cross for a reason, we should hold those moments close to our heart.
    Love, love all you can. And know that we are all eternal. My choice to leave was not a decision to hurt or cause pain, but an end to my journey and a need to be free of the earthly expectations. Your love is felt here, we never stop loving! Eric.

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Lovely!! I am glad Erik told you this Elisa!!It is so true!! And you have been so gracious to share all of this and him with us!!God bless you both!!My brother Bruce was into peace. He followed a guru who taught just this in mediation. His name is Guru Maharaji now called Premwat. He is lovely. That is what it is to get away from humaness or mind or maya or the thoughts of this world here and go into the God or higher sourse. We can access it here. And Erik is confirming this. But along with both of you aiding us all. And not just those who want to commit suicide but alot of us who just want info and peace and knowledge. We bow down to you and gratefully thank you!! Love Janxo

  • Eva Masini

    Words escape me–what a profound message from Erik. Every word resonates within me. Especially the statement “A Break from Being Human”. I cannot describe how deep this channeling has touched me. Thank You, Danke, Merci, Gracias….

  • Shari&thefurryangels

    Elise…. I have been reading Channeling Erik since summer & have yet to leave a comment. I usually just read & enjoy others comments. I cannot even come close
    to telling you how much i enjoy this entire website & truly love Erik. I am 52yrs old and have battled with depression most of my life. I like Erik wanted a break from being human & wanted to take my life. I live in a very small west Texas town & I am not with people of like mind to say the least. I suffered a nervous breakdown about a yr ago & was put a mental ward for a week. It was one of the most difficult weeks of my life. Since that time… I have been trying to put the pieces back together. I truly have wanted out of this life so many times. I feel i was lead to this website by Erik and it has given me hope, laughter & much enlightment. I am beyond appreciation for you, Jamie, Erik & doing this awesome website. It has kept me from taking my own life…. because my family would not be able to do what you are doing. I have tried to tell myself that they would be able to pick up the pieces and go on. I am
    far from taking my life because of Erik. My heart felt love, hugs & peace to you for doing this website…. Shari
    PS: I truly wanted to post so many times…but admitting this has been so hard.

    • Shari, you are a courageous soul. Erik says that vulnerability is a sign of courage. You are that personified. He and I are so proud. I’m glad you’re here (even if it’s hard sometimes) as is he. Love you.

    • tasha

      Shari I live in west texas too, it’s crazy how close minded people are here….I was led here by a google search I did on abortion the afterlife etc (I really don’t even rememebr exactly what I googled) it’s crazy how I was led here and reading the post about abortions brought me so much peace I literally had to stop reading and breathe over and over. I feel for you with the depression. I am struggling with anxiety lately and pushing through as it will pass all in a matter of time.

  • Wendee Hewitt

    Wow! You two are amazing! I hope you find
    peace this holiday season. You deserve it! XOXO

  • Dorit

    While driving home today about two hours ago, Whitney Houston came on the radio. As I sang along with Whitney, I asked her and my brother-in-law Michael (who also left us at at too young of an age,48) “… how could you leave us… Your family needs you…” and then this shows up. Interesting timing.

  • Lisa

    Elisa I am so happy you received this information from Erik!

  • Nancy Antia

    Thank you for this post!

  • PollyMax2010

    Awww….. Lots of Love Elisa, Erik and Jamie 🙂 xoxo

  • Pamie

    When I saw the title of this post, I had such a feeling of synchronicity… somehow Erik always says what I need to hear at just the right time. “A break from being human”… those words fit exactly what I have been feeling for quite a while. And it’s funny because I have been thinking about suicide all week. I won’t do it since I know firsthand the pain it would cause my family, but I surely understand the depth of feeling and the need for peace just as Erik says “a break from being human.” For me it’s not even the holiday season,i’m just picking up on all of the negativity going on and wondering at this point in my life where exactly I fit into the scheme of things.

    Being part of the CE family, absorbing all that Erik has shown us and sincerely believing what he has shared with us has kept me going. It’s just sometimes I forget and get mired down in the struggle and forget to look at the whole picture.

    Thanks so much, Erik and Elisa for reminding me again so that I can keep going a little longer. I love both of you as well as the extended CE family! I

  • Abril

    Oh Elisa I love Erick! He feels what I feel, I so relate to him! I often think I need a break and how Ill manage to stay until the end! He is a comfort, he is the voice for many of us! And you are amazing! Lots of love for both xoxo

  • Thank you Elisa, Erik and Jamie. I’m thankful for the reminder that I’m perfectly perfect, and I can choose not to suffer with my thoughts.

    Erik reminded me of the first noble truth in Buddhism, which is that human life is suffering and to understand the suffering means we get the lesson. I’ve always felt a bit hopeless or doomed when I consider that part of our human experience is suffering… But when I remember I can let go and I can feel peace and ease by letting go it gets much better 🙂

    Loving and appreciating the reminder!

    Thanks for a beautiful post <3


  • Very beautiful and touching! I truly enjoy reading this blog!

  • lisarefinisher

    Erik’s message struck me as my son wrote something very similar in his last note to me and my husband. Dylan committed suicide last year 2011 on Dec 13th. He left a note saying that he loved us and he knows we will never understand why he did this but it will all be OK.

    • I’m praying for you as the 13th approaches. I know how hard those dates are.

      • lisarefinisher

        Thank you for your comments. I just want this year to be over as it has been so difficult, and to get through the 1 year anniversary of his death, Christmas, and Dylan’s birthday Jan 3rd…he would of turned 21. I think in time it will all be OK but I am not there yet . I truly wish Dylan is free of his mental pain and enjoying the spirit world. I think him and Erik would have a lot in common so maybe they will raise some hell together.

      • Trust me, they already are. When we connect, our kids do too. Did Dylan like music? What kind? Did he play an instrument? What hobbies did he have?

  • I guess there are no coincidences!

  • We love you too Pamie and we’re all so happy you’re here. Eventually, we’ll all get a break from being human and in the grand scheme of things, as eternal beings, being human is but a blink of an eye. Thank god.

  • I have been reading your posts for a month or so, and I so appreciate what you do. I lost my father to suicide in 2002, and my life spiraled out of control. Reading your conversations with Erik has helped me so much, and I’m grateful. You are an amazing person to share this with all of us, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • I’m so grateful you’re part of this family, Becky.

      • From what he says, there are none as far as external judgement is concerned because there is no judgement. We only judge ourselves, but in the afterlife, after we get the appropriate healing, that all gets better. The real hardship comes from the wake of grief suicides leave behind. I can vouch for that. Erik’s death was like an atom bomb blowing up in our family. Each family member’s life has changed. The dynamics, even the personality of the family has changed, It’s like the “family flame” is a bit dimmer. So, yeah, Erik has to struggle with seeing and feeling and knowing that all the time as much as we try to protect him from that, to cheer up and change, to find the same intensity of joy. It’s hard on both sides of the veil. But as far as other consequences like on reincarnation, no–unless they personally want to learn lessons from their experience.

      • Maya

        Hi Elisa,
        There is always a way to be fully recovered from grief. But this takes a leap of faith.
        Your life is an adventure. Erik’s adventure is done. But yours and each member of your family are not. You and each member of your family has to be brave enough to re-claim that flame that has been dimmed. It takes courage, effort, and plenty of hard work. But it is not impossible. I hope one day I can read a book written by Elisa Medhus MD titled, “How to recover from grief. Claim your flame again” (well, I can see it in your Akash, as one of your potential future, who knows?).
        We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but today is what we have. At least right now you still have your other 4 children, husband, uncle, etc. Why not claim this moment, and make a celebration for the living?
        Erik had selfishly taken his life away, and now he is happy. You can do the same. You can selfishly appreciate those who choose to still stay on this plane, and be happy for that. Show Erik what he is missing, and he’ll get it. If you can teach him a thing or 2, I think he will be happy. Because then he can see you as the “resourceful” one. That you too can answer his questions. Not always all the way around.

  • What a beautiful soul you are Erik!

  • Clau_Bueno

    Elisa… as always… thank you for the post! I’m grateful that you guys crossed my life! This time of the year is really painful for me… my mike’s bday is just a week before christmas… i feel very “blahh”… i miss him so much.
    Love you all! x.o.x.o
    Tchau for now,

  • MikeT76

    I actually cried while reading this. It doesn’t feel like the manly thing to admit, but I feel like I completely understand what Erik is saying. I suffered an extreme loss in early October, and most nights I honestly didn’t want to live; I didn’t think I could survive the grief. Lately its been getting a bit easier, and I just want to thank Erik, Elisa, Jamie and the whole ChannelingErik family for making a difference with all these posts and comments. I don’t comment too often, but I just wanted to say thanks.

    • Aw Mike, remember what Erik says. It takes courage to be vulnerable. Love you.

  • LinT

    I too haven;t posted for a few months.What a wonderful post!So glad that for Shari that she has been uplifted too,as All of us have been by the selfless work constantly displayed here.Thank you guys as always for such moving & poignant revelations.Love to Everyone.

  • 🙂

  • Jane5


  • L.A. George

    This left me speechless (almost) with tears running down my aged face. Erik said ‘I haven’t shaken hands with those demons in a long time.’ I bet that most of us humans at some time, have been introduced to similar demons and considered stepping out. We grow in compassion when we walk in those shoes. I can’t quite put an identification marker on it but there seems to be an intrinsic beauty in struggle that we would never known without being human. Like wine I think it can be an heady accelerant in the furnace of existence.

    I felt such a pain/joy from, and compassion for the CE family from the comments. I find myself spiritually reaching out placing my arms around everyone in a huge embrace.

    Please accept my love and blessings to all.

    All is well.

    • It touched the very core of my heart and soul too, George. A lot of members came out of the shadows who are clearly in pain. I feel like hugging each and every one of them.

  • dollparts

    Hi Elisa, have you ever asked Erik about unrequited love? Why it happens, how to deal with it? What to do if it’s tearing you apart inside…

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