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This comment from blog member, Thomas Müller-Grud deeply affected me. My husband read it, too and made the comment that he and I are so insulated in our relationship with Erik and our relationship with his death, that we often forget what’s going on in the huge blogosphere out there. We often forget the impact our son has made and continues to make on the lives of others. Instead, we concentrate more on how much we miss him, how much we want him back and how things will never be the same without him. So, it’s wonderful to get this jolt of realization that snatches us from our little cave to let us know that yes, we’ve made lemonade from lemons. Very sour lemons. Very sweet lemonade. Thanks, Thomas.

Hi everybody and especially the Medhus family,

I thought I’d never join a blog community, I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or any of those things. “That’s something for my kids, I’m too old for that stuff”, I told myself.
But a few weeks ago I stumbled over the YouTube videos whilst watching some spiritual teachings – spirituality has been my interest for quite some years.

“This is amazing stuff,” I thought, so I checked out the website, read a bit here and there and decided to download the second book to my Kindle because it attracted my attention most.. What a fantastic read! I finished it last week in a few days and downloaded “My Son and the Afterlife” yesterday which I am already sucked into. (While typing the last sentence, suddenly I couldn’t continue for a minute or so, the cursor blinked but no way of getting a letter typed – hello, Erik?).

So now I find myself here, writing my first blog post 🙂

Dear Elisa, Erik and spiritual translators, this is really f*****g awesome s**t!

Pulling off this whole thing after every family’s nightmare, is unbelievably impressive. This cooperation from both sides of the veil is so needed, so that the veil gets thinner and thinner. Of course, the connection has always been there, or better, always IS there, but your work is such a contribution to make the spirit side of life ever more tangible and experiential, not like some distant theory, ideology or spirituality. My experiences so far after getting into your material are to lightbulbs: one died, not just poof but flashing several times, then dimming down to almost zero and flashing again after a minute or so. The second one I didn’t see myself: my son came running in from the kitchen where he just had switched on the light of the vent, and asked “what’s wrong with the light, it’s flickering like crazy”.”No idea”, I said, and when he returned everything was fine. I didn’t have to change the bulb 🙂

Although nationality doesn’t really matter at all, for me personally there were to things in the book which gave me that tiny extra warmth. First (reading of bestefar and bestemor,) learning of the norwegian part of your family, because I moved from Germany to Norway 25 years ago and it’s become my home here. [Rune: varm hilsen til deg, den pasjonerte motorsyklisten og sterke mannen i bakgrunnen!]

Secondly, the Spanish or Spanish talking roots on the other “hand”, because I always have felt attracted to everything in the Spanish talking world. So: a toda la gente que habla español, muchos besos y abrazos fuertes!

And to the Scandinavians: masse klemmer/krammar/knus til alle! And everyone out there, big hugs!

Thank you so much for helping humanity and so many people with big problems, small problems and very big problems!

Thomas Müller-Grud

Again, thank you, Thomas, for lift my spirits and those of my family, too.

Enjoy this podcast of Jamie trance channeling Erik!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Cherie

    Thank you, Thomas for writing in and expressing this so well. We are probably in the same generation and both spiritual seekers. I could say on the one hand that this material has confirmed my own beliefs in many ways, but the bigger truth is that it has given me hope and combined with the pranking, changed everything. Yes, the thought of what “they” meant about the veil growing thinner–I’ve been hearing that for years–is THIS! And the amazing number of kiddies (anyone under 35;) who can communicate with spirit.

    Elisa and family and all the translators, I am really grateful ❤️

  • Lelabelle

    Thank you Thomas.

  • Allies GenuineGoodness

    I agree, Elisa, your blog saved my life. When my 17 yea old daughter, Allie, passed away from a sledding accident 3 years ago, my life unraveled and I eventually tried to take my own life. Since then, I have received alot of help and I believe I’m ok for now. What I have gathered from Erik as well as other spirits, is that we all agreed to the major events in our life so that that we can learn and grow spiritually. What am I, you and all the other parents in the world who have suffered the worst thing ever, supposed to learn from the loss of a child???

    • Maya

      That there is no death. Death is only an illusion.

    • Maya

      Did you listened to the last week radio show (mar 3)? Because I think Kim/Erik was talking about you in the beginning part of the show.

      • Allies GenuineGoodness

        No, I didn’t, I will now though. Thanks

  • Paulette Roberts

    Allies you might consider asking your daughter by channelling her via Kim Babcock and Erik, your daughter would love it I just bet! So sorry for loss!

  • American

    A BIG thanks Elisa for posing some of my questions to Erik in “Erik’s Duke Mixture.” it meant a lot and I really appreciate it, I promise I will do my best to get Erik’s voice clearly captured on audio if only just for you and your family I will have done my part.

  • Thomas Müller-Grud

    I love the lemonade, excellent brand!

    Erik’s death was, like every person’s death, a birth on the “other side”.
    But in his case, it turns out that it is not just a birth in spirit,but thanks to Erik’s and Elisa’s intense wish to communicate, also a birth in this dimension. Even though it’s different from their communication before.
    Those videos give us unique “first hand” information about all those issues which many people are interested in.
    And Erik’s way of talking just like a “normal” guy, makes it so much more approachable for a wider audience. I love it!

  • ~Lin

    awwww this was a very well written and to point article…..thank you Thomas and ofcourse all of the Medhusclan…..

    I found this site through a friend who sent me the link after one of my best friends passed a way totally out of the blue….Ive had a wonderful exsperience with her since then and in these days we have 1 year anniversary of her passing…..I love and miss her so..but I know she is having a blast and also she told a medium she was my guide now so Im confident 🙂

    greetings from Bergen Noway 🙂

  • Amanda Grieme


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