Abilities of the Discarnate and Children

After Erik shared the amazing abilities the unfettered souls have, I felt pretty impotent. Since a single thought can’t put a gourmet meal on the table this evening, I guess I’ll have to slave in the kitchen instead. Actually, we’re having leftovers, so I’m off the hook for one day. But since I can’t think “Fiji Islands” and appear there in a nanosecond, I suppose I’ll have to keep collecting those frequent flyer miles. Gotta work with whatcha got. Hey Iola, do you think they have cabana boys over there too? Just sayin’.

Channeling Transcript

Me: So, Erik, here’s another question we’ve discussed through a different channel, but I’d like to see if you’ve discovered more information on this subject. What are the discarnate soul’s new abilities, and how do they differ from the incarnate soul? You’ve already mentioned how once you crossed over, you found that you could instantly manifest things and travel anywhere with your thoughts, right?

Erik: Yep.

Me: So you can create anything in an instant.

Erik: Uh huh.

Me: Let’s see. I’m trying to remember what else you said. Oh, not having an emotional attachment to past life issues.


Erik (pointing at me): That’s right, but you gotta remember that we don’t lose our character. We kind of combine it with the base self.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, cuz we’re looking at losing our incarnation, right? And if we have multiple incarnations at once, which is what we consider past lives, then multiple incarnations could be dying and coming back to base self.

Me: Yeah.


Me: Well, so does each self have a different personality or , uh, I mean, let’s take the whole multidimensional self; does it have a uniqueness about it as a whole, like does your multidimensional self have an Erikness—

Erik: Yes, and—

Me: —or is there one part of your multidimensional self that has an Erikness quality and another part that has another personality, like your evil twin?

Jamie laughs.

Erik (chuckling): No, it all stems from the same thing; it’s all the same DNA, it’s all the same package, but the life that each part of the multidimensional self lives and chooses to live can shape them to have different angers, or loves, or hobbies. The core of it is exactly the same.

Me: I see. So the core is Erik with the Erikness essence or quality

Erik: Yeah, I’m all Erik.

Me: Okay. Anything else different about being discarnate?

(Long pause)

Jamie (chuckling): He pauses; he kind of looks up and goes, “It’s just so much more free!”

Me: Yeah. Must be nice.

Erik: Fuck, yeah!

Me: So what do you and possibly other discarnate spirits miss most about the earthly plane? I know you mentioned before how you miss the anticipation of the unknown, because you don’t have that over there.

Jamie starts to laugh at what Erik’s saying.

Erik (longingly): Food and how food feels in my mouth.

Me (sadly): Awww! (pause) Anything else?

Erik: Yeah. The resistance when you go to touch something. The stop mechanism.

Me: Oh, yeah. Okay. I guess it’s hard to hug us here on the earthly plane when you just pass right through our bodies.

Erik: Yeah, cuz we live in two different dimensions.

(Long pause as Erik thinks.)

Erik: Yeah, that’s my top two, I guess.

Me: Okay, Baby. Let’s go on to children. Why are they so different? They can astral travel more easily, project themselves into others’ dreams, have imaginary friends which I guess means they can see deceased or spirit guides? Why are they so much better at doing that than we are? I know I’ve asked this before, but I want to see what else you’ve learned.

Erik: Two reasons, now. The obvious one is that they’re new to the third dimensional plane.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Right, so it’s the same as when we die. It takes time for our humanness to wear off, to adjust to our new positioning and to remember our abilities. We talked about this transitional phase before. Same with kids. They get born, and it takes time for them to adjust to their new, narrow-minded, lower vibrational existence.

Jamie (chuckling): He says it with such a dull voice, like monotone.

Me: Like that sound, “wah, wah wahhhhh.” (Sorry folks; I have NO idea how to spell that one!)

Jamie laughs.

Me: You sound like Ben Stein, Erik!

Erik: Yeah, let’s Debbie Downer this.

Me: That’s right! That’s the Debbie Downer sound.

Erik: Second reason: Kids are coming down there with these spiritual memories, because they’re helping with the evolution of the earthly plane.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: And these kids won’t completely lose their memory of how to communicate with the spiritual realm. It’ll be common for them.

Me: Oh, good! But before, we indoctrinated the spiritual abilities and memories right out of them by saying things like, “There are no such things as imaginary friends!”

Erik: Yes, Mom. Exactly. But now that more parents have had these same experiences, they look at their child now with a new respect.

Me: Good!

Erik: And it’s changing from, “A child should be seen and not heard,” to “A child should be heard—and respected.”

Me: Yeah, absolutely.


Me (chuckling): So there is a Santa Claus then! He’s not imaginary! Just kidding.

Erik: Oh, Santa Claus was a real guy, Mom!

That said, I guess we all better be nice, not naughty. Oh wait, according to Erik, there is no naughty, so sin away, people! (grin)


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  • amy


    I found this site – it is very helpful with the grieving process and it made me very grateful that I found Erik and all you wonderful souls. There are alot of hurting people over there as that it is largely people who are in the early stages of dealing with the loss of a loved one. Yesterday was day one of some new stage of grief where I actually cry and stuff, so it was a perfect place for me to go to know-its all normal-its all part of the process.

    • What a great site, Amy! So many resources! I submitted Erik’s story there. We’ll see if it draws others into our loving arms. How are you doing today, Sweetie?

  • Debbie B

    Hey Elisa, sounds like you need to get away? Fiji sounds great but not in my cards right now either. BUT, I have been thinking how great would it be if we could organize a CE family “retreat” so to speak, you know a weekend thing, maybe to Atlanta? We could try to set something up with Jamie, then play tourist and see the sites. Open to any and all CE Family and friends. Atlanta and Jamie are my first thought since she is such a huge part of our family and Atlanta is a fun city too! Let me know your thoughts on this. I will be happy to spear-head this adventure.

    • YES!!! Let’s do it! Everyone, we need a head count, approximate date and, if you prefer a place other than Atlanta, I can always fly Jamie to our destination if it’s within reason. Atlanta is fine with me, though.

  • He WAS real?!!!!

    • I guess in some form or another! I thought about asking him more, but then I’d never get finished with the book, so..gotta stop somewhere! Just in case, I’m going to try to stop being naughty. (grin)

  • Alfine


    I’m a poor young college student so I’ll stick with reading the planning and eventually fun stories from the trip 🙂

    Sounds like a lovely idea though!

    Best wishes 🙂

  • juan

    Hello Elisa & CE family!

    Erik say: “..No, it all stems from the same thing; it’s all the same DNA, it’s all the same package, but the life that each part of the multidimensional self lives and chooses to live can shape them to have different angers, or loves, or hobbies. The core of it is exactly the same…”

    That was always my question, did not understand and thought that each incarnation corresponded to a different personality and a different way of being,,, I thought that the spirit was a kind of multiple personalities, which acted as a computer according to personality that is chanelling at the moment, ,,, thanks to Erik that he clarify my doubts, Erik saying that we are only one ! (with many life experiences),,,,,

    Elisa I wonder if Erik has a soul name? different to the name of Erik? ,



    • I never asked him, but I will, Juan!

  • Skoshi

    I vote for Sedona! Why not ask Erik if he has any recommendations.

    But Elisa/Iola, I’d bet money you could find cabana boys in Corpus Christi! LOL. What happens in Corpus stays in Corpus?

  • amy cavanaugh

    @all-I love the idea of a get together. I always do well using hotwire for rooms-my only comment about Atlanta is that it is historically expensive to fly there for some reason.

    @elisa thanks for asking, I will be fine, its just I turned a corner in the healing process that requires you to be sad-

  • LaurenF

    Hi all! I wonder if Erik is talking about the real Saint Nicholas. Interesting.

    Now talking about children and their abilities, I wish more parents would recognize that their children aren’t making things up or crazy. I don’t know details, but a neighbor of mine has a 9 or 10 year old daugter diagnosed w/ schizophrenia when she was much younger than that, because she would see and hear things “that were not there”. I’m sure there are more details that I do not know about, but I used to just want to tell them the info I know (we know), that it could be her angels, or deceased people, and that it’s a gift not a curse. But they’d probably think I was just as crazy. Another distant relative when we were younger, would see people that “weren’t really there”. One night she saw a group of men w/ black suits on and black top hats standing around her bed. She freaked out and her family though she was crazy, or that all of her experiences were “evil”. I’ve always been open to my kids talking or playing w/ imaginary friends, although they’ve never told me about any. When I was about 9 or 10 I saw a “ghost, spirit, angel”, I don’t know what it was. I was looking out a window at night time at the people that lived behind us(they were having a big party), the light was on, and I could see the reflection of the my room in the window. While looking out the window, I saw in the reflection (behind me in the room) a translucent like figure, all whitish in color, a woman, with flowy long hair and she was coming closer to me with her hand out, as if to put her hand on my shoulder. (The figure was behind me). I turned around really quick and nothing was there. I froze with fear, and eventually ran out the room screaming and told my mom, who laughed and said it was my imagination. And have been afraid of “ghosts” ever since. As an adult, I’ve wondered who that was that I saw. Angel, guides? I guess from that moment, I blocked it out, out of fear, like Erik said. Now I wish to unblock it, so I can see again. Except at night, I’m such a scaredy at night!

    • LaurenF, I bet psych wards are full of people who just see deceased, etc. Sad, really. I wonder if a lot of kids with BPD, Schizophrenia and other mental illness diagnoses are just gifted: Maybe Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, etc.

  • Skoshi

    A lot of people claim that certain areas are more powerful than others and aid in spiritual experiences. Sedona is one of those places the claim is made for. I’d be interested in what Erik says. I’ve always thought the earth is round and EVERYWHERE is holy, but perhaps some places can facilitate our connection with Source? Then I heard three major pyramid sites (spaced 1/3 around the earth from each other) are on the same parallel. Certainly gives a person a lot to think about.

  • Amy N.

    I used to have a visitor when I was about 3 years old who I never saw but his voice was as clear as if he were standing next to me. He first came to me the night of the day of my baby brother’s baptism when no one would stop and explain to me why if church was the house of God, where was God and why wouldn’t he come out to see us if we were in his house? The voice was that of an older man that spoke in a whisper and told me that God was love, he was everywhere and that love was the most important thing in the world and to never forget it. He taught me a rhyme to say to call him if I was ever scared and needed him. I still remember most of it. I abused that rhyme and called him not because I was scared of anything but because he used to give me rides around my bedroom and I loved the feeling of flying. The last time he came, I had been calling him over and over and he finally came but it took a while and when I asked where had been, he said he came as soon as he could but that he had been busy helping someone. I asked who he was helping and he said “If you must know, I was helping YOU in the future” That reassured me that he would always be with me but after I asked him to give me a ride to see if my brother was OK, he started to wheeze and begged me to let him put me down because he said I was too heavy and like the brat that I was I said “no, one more time around the room” After that he was huffing and quickly brought me over my bed, he gasped, like a last breath and I dropped with a huge thud. The noise had roused my parents and I could hear them coming, I quickly went under the covers and pretended to be asleep but my heart was pounding. I was so upset because I thought I had killed him. In any case, he has never returned. I have carried guilt for all of my life over that. I don’t know who he was or where he went. I even felt that I had changed my future because if he had been helping me somewhere in the future before he came that night and I pushed him too far and he was gone forever, what had I done to my destiny?

    • That’s an amazing story, Amy N. I bet he didn’t disappear. He is probably one of your guardian angels and that event provoked fear so much that it narrowed your focus and therefore your ability to see him!

  • Carol

    Can’t do Atlanta but might be able to swing Sedona. I’ve also heard about it’s remarkable spiritual qualities. Don’t think the gambling, etc. in Atlanta would match the calm of the desert. Then again, there’s always San Diego! (I’ve got plenty of room for the time being.)

    • I’m great with Sedona. Is there decently cheap housing there? It’ll cost $377 for a round trip flight from Houston. I’m cool with that. Robert wants to come too.

  • Danielle Notaro

    Amy N, what was the rhyme??

  • amy cavanaugh

    i have never been to sedona-i think that its cheap in the summer

  • Nicole

    So I have been a lurker up until now and I check the site every day! I also had a very healing channeling session with Felix Lee Lerma and afterward came across the site. Reading these posts gives me an incredible sense of comfort about what life is like on the other side. What I am continually wondering about is the ability of the discarnate. It’s confusing that it is described as a realm where anything is possible to manifest yet we will not be confined to a physical body, which leads me to wonder if we can experience our former physical bodies in any way at all. I guess I am just really attached to the idea that even in the afterlife, we can retain some of our “earthly physicality” should we want to. So when Erik says he misses the feeling of food in his mouth, I think ‘but why can’t he experience that still?’ If we can kiss, hold hands, etc. in the afterlife, can’t we eat too? It’s a silly thing to focus on, but I guess I just want to believe so badly that we can retain some semblance of our earthly selves, which is why I love reading posts where Erik discusses that very thing. Thank you so much for your blog.

    • Hey Nicole! I know, I was wondering the same thing. i think they can have all sensory sensations but it’s just a bit different. The boundaries between food and spirit mouth are not as distinct just like the boundaries between spirit and incarnate bodies is not the same, not as distinct. I think its all about that stop mechanism Erik speaks about, but maybe another blog member knows more.

  • Debbie B

    Elisa what dates are you considering as that will make a difference when searching for airline fares. I have been to Sedona, it is beautiful. Not sure about lodging as I was with a small tour group going from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. We spent one night in Sedona, the motel was in the moderate category, probably between $100-$200/night max, think I was there in April or May.

    • I’m good with any dates. I bet we could get discounts on flights and housing if we get enough people. I can ask a travel agent if y’all like.

  • Amy N.

    I’m embarrased to say because I used the silly name I gave him, in the rhyme. When I asked him his name, he asked me what would I like to call him and what I came up with made him laugh so I prefer to leave it blank.
    Blank-blank Blank-blank come to me,
    I’m all alone can’t you see,
    I’m all alone (can’t remember this part anymore but it rhymed with the last line, I think it ended with send)
    Come to me my special friend.

    I was never afraid of him. He said I could not see him because he did not want to alarm my family if he was ever seen. Now I imagine he would be some kind of bright light. I never felt any “hands” around me when he flew me around the room, it just felt like I was flying and he even took me outside of my door once where I could see my parents watching Jack Paar (old TV host in the 50’s) in the dark living room and except for the last visit, he always laid me very gently back onto my bed.

  • Donna W

    I lost my Grandfather when I was two. When I was about three or four, I saw my grandmother crying, I walked up to her and asked her why she was crying, if it was because of grandpa and she told me yes it was. I told her she didn’t have to cry for Grandpa because he was always with us. She stopped crying and just looked at me. I have no knowledge where that came from at that young age. I don’t remember being able to see him but maybe I did.
    When I was about 5 or 6 my Mother had put me in her bed to wait for Santa to come. She told me she would come and get me after Santa came. I just laid their awake waiting for her to come and get me. When her bedroom door opened I hide under the covers letting her think I was sleeping. When she didn’t say anything I throw the covers back and said I am just pretending but I stopped in mid- sentence. Because it wasn’t my Mother I never saw that lady before and she just stood there and looked at me. ( Yes she looked solid) When she looked away I hide back under the covers till my Mother came to get me. As soon as my Mother came to get me I told her about my visit and she said it was maybe her Mother that had passed when she was two. I somehow knew she was a spirit But I still don’t really know who she was. I never saw her again and yes she scared. I don’t know how I knew about the afterlife at such a young age but I just did. My family accepted this and knew it was real. Growing up I did not share this with any of my friends because I thought they would think I was crazy. But now I do share my experiences with my friends and they also share their experiences with me.
    I think this is a gift and I feel sorry for the children (or People)that have this gift and their families don’t understand and label them as crazy.

  • Tony

    Off topic, but have you been to this website? http://www.guideposts.org/

    • @Tony: Thanks for this! I’ll write and submit a story to them!!

  • Danielle Notaro

    Thanks for sharing your rhyme Amy N. That was sweet.

  • Steve

    I’d be more than happy to play tour guide for any Atlanta visitors- I’ve lived here 20 years and know the town! It’d be so much fun to meet everyone, and y’all would love Jamie. I’m sure she could setup some classes at her center for us.

  • LaurenF:

    Just ask your Guide to help you reconnect with the world of Spirit and be open to all they have to show and teach you. There is nothing to be frightened of if it is done in Love.


  • Melissa Sullivan

    “Erik: And these kids won’t completely lose their memory of how to communicate with the spiritual realm. It’ll be common for them.”

    Toddler in Arizona with 160 IQ!!!!!! Read the article….

    • I feel so stupid!

      • Simon

        I think sin is anything that hurts other people and God.

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