The Afterlife Interview with Stephen Paddock, Part One

I hope everyone had a stellar weekend! Mine was a bit boring because my husband spend most of both days fixing mechanical stuff like pressure washers, etc. But I was able to replace a lot of my dead potted plants with new, vibrant ones. Little do those new plants know that, under my care, their days are numbered. Sigh. 

Emma, Erik and I were recently on the wonderful radio show, “We Don’t Die” with host, Sandra Champlain. Emma and Sandra heard a male voice somewhere toward the beginning, but I didn’t. It might have been because I had to leave for a while and let Emma take over. Why? Because the freaking dogs started barking at the door. They NEVER bark that incessantly, but at that moment, my neighbor was having some sort of function, so there were over 12 cars on our little street with people walking toward their house, in front of ours. So I had to lock them up in my bedroom. I felt so embarrassed. Here I had unplugged my phone, my fax, muted my cell phone and put a note on the door, but obviously, the little rascals failed to read it. Anyway, here it is. Let me know if you find an EVP, and share on your social media!

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During this show, Erik will discuss what to do if you have a relationship of any sort with a narcissist and what to do if you, yourself, suffer from narcissism. 

Enjoy this fascinating interview with Paddock, graciously transcribed by Joao Pedro C. The YouTube version follows.

Elisa: Hi miss Veronica! How are you?

Veronica: Hey! I am wonderful, thank you. How are you feeling?

Elisa: I’m feeling better. How’s my boy? Hi Erik!

Veronica: Erik is here and he is doing this (blowing kisses) and he has promised to sit right on my shoulder this whole time hmm because admittedly I’m a little anxious.

Elisa: I know. It’s a difficult situation we’re about to, peeps, interview Stephen Paddock, the one that shot all those people in that horrible Las Vegas massacre. So, Erik do you think you can bring him in?

Erik: Yes.

Veronica: And he’s very protective of both of our energies. He wants to assure us and he wants to express his sympathies to the families and I do as well.

Elisa: Me too.

Veronica: I want everyone to know that we take this very seriously and the reason I agreed and Erik agreed to do this is so that we could bring peace and enlightenment to people and, again, Erik

is gonna guard us and protect us because I feel we’re going to need it so…

Elisa: Yeah, so this is not for voyeuristic reasons, we just want answers and closures and maybe some things will help us learn whatever we need to learn to prevent this from happening or…

Veronica: It’s educational. Erik is reminding us and yes, we do have him here.

Elisa: All right Mr. Paddock, thank you for coming.

Stephen Paddock: You’re welcome.

Veronica: He’s very guarded, I can tell you that he’s very guarded.

Elisa: Well, first of all, I have a list of questions from blog members and so they’re kind of helter-skelter, they’re not in any particular order so it might jump around a little bit. People want to know is why? Why?

Stephen Paddock: I was born this way. I wasn’t created, I was born this way and the fact that I am NOT traditional in any sense of the word. I don’t fit the “profiles”. It does open eyes in a whole different way and if you look at the big meaning behind why I did what I did, you will understand that this is going to wake the world up in a whole different way and it’s going to put the light where it belongs on mental illness.

Elisa: So, you feel like you had mental illness all your life?

Stephen Paddock: I feel that I had a genetic predisposition to this and yes, I do feel like there was something that wasn’t right in my brain although I did well concealing it.

Elisa: Did you ever get treatment for any psychiatric illness?

Stephen Paddock: Depression.

Elisa: Okay.

Stephen Paddock: But it wasn’t, again, mainstream. I have enough money to find other vices, other than treatment.

Elisa: Okay, for example?

Stephen Paddock: I would buy and sell things, I could buy anything. I liked risk.

Elisa: Like gambling?

Stephen Paddock: I liked to take chances. I liked to figure out the odds.

Elisa: Yeah, all right. So, you don’t know this might not work but can you give us a diagnosis, what sort of mental illnesses you have?

Stephen Paddock: It had to do with my personality.

Elisa: Like a personality disorder?

Stephen Paddock: It had to do with me having grandiose thoughts, it had to do a little bit with me being narcissistic. It had to do with me wanting control, me getting the accolades, me getting the spotlight on me.

Elisa: So, was it like borderline personality with narcissists tendencies, is that what you would say or something else like schizophrenia, bipolar disease? There’s so many and the DSM listing of mental illness…

Stephen Paddock: In your world, you would probably call me schizophrenic at times, you would probably see me as bipolar, you would probably see me as depressed although I want to preface this with I was a chameleon, I hit it really, really well. I’m not gonna blame anybody and say that they should have stopped me, I’m not gonna go there. I’m gonna say to you that I did what I did because I want to show where the loopholes are, I want to show you what you missed.

Elisa: I will get into that. What triggered this particular thing, I mean for example was there any reason that country music concert was targeted? What was the trigger? There’s always a trigger in these things.

Stephen Paddock: It was time, there really wasn’t any one trigger. I have been building up to this for a very long time. I intentionally went there, knowing what I was gonna do. It was the closest venue, it was the easiest access I was familiar with the venue and nobody got. I got in under the radar, nobody suspected anything. It was just time for it to happen.

Elisa: Well, in your mentally ill mind, what was your rationale?

Stephen Paddock: People need to look at the real issue, they… It doesn’t matter how I got my guns or how many guns I got, that’s irrelevant. Your vision of right and wrong when it comes to guns it’s so eschewed that it’s crazy.

Elisa: You’re talking from the perspective of the spirit Stephen Paddock, as the mentally ill Stephen Paddock? What did you tell yourself? I need to do this because (blank)? What was that blank? What did you? What was your logic there?

Stephen Paddock: Chuckles. Logic, do I have logic?

Elisa: Well, what would your rationale, the human Stephen Paddock? Was it a political reason, ideological reason, you know?

Stephen Paddock: I wanted to and I wanted to prove that I could. You see, for me it’s always been about doing the things that people thought I couldn’t do or people thought no-one could do.

Elisa: Well, some people say that the government exerted some sort of mind control on you and said that you were forced to do this or your family would be tortured. Rumor has it that the Batman movie shooter was a MK ULTRA victim, which is mind control from the government. Was that the case?

Stephen Paddock: Not at all.

Elisa: Okay, I figured that. Did you act alone.

Stephen Paddock: This was me acting on freewill and, yes, I was a solo soldier.

Elisa: So, no connection with a terrorist organization or anti-FA (sp?)?

Stephen Paddock: No, but everybody will want to ride my coattails

Elisa: Yeah, they tried to.

Stephen Paddock: I created this, I take responsibility for it; The way I the way I owned up to it, you know? I knew it was time for me to exit. I knew I had that planned, I even sent people I loved away so that they didn’t have to watch the exit strategy.

Elisa: Yeah. Was some sort of spiritual contract that you came in here for or with?

Stephen Paddock: I don’t know about that, but mass destruction has always been part of my makeup. I was never happy with status quo. I wasn’t happy unless I was destroying something, whether it was people’s expectations, whether it was friendships, whether it was relationships. The thrill I got out of doing things that nobody thought could be done was my euphoria, it was my high, it was orgasmic to me.

Elisa: Well, I feel so unrequited. I would have liked it heard like ‘well, I hate Republicans’ or ‘I hate country music’ or you know, something like that, or ‘I lost a bunch of money gambling and I wanted to, you know, retaliate’. Nothing like that, just like ‘I wanted to prove I could’, that’s it?

Stephen Paddock: I wanted to prove I could and for those of you that think there’s a conspiracy theory behind this you know, it kind of makes me angry because the reality is I did all of this, I masterminded it, I planned it. It was all me and yeah, I can talk to you about political stuff and I can tell you ‘yeah, I hit I hit the wall gambling’ but none of that was really the impetus to push me into this, it really wasn’t.

Elisa: Well, it was like a spiritual contract, like ‘I want to shed, I plan on doing this before incarnating, so that I could shed light on mental illness or on gun control or on something else that was done’?

Stephen Paddock: It was, it was. Its the mental illness component. Listen I know I am the most hated man in America right now, I know that. Here’s the thing: I had to do this. I heard…

Veronica: He’s going like this (pointing with the fingers towards the brain).

Stephen Paddock: I heard then I had to do this, to open people’s eyes. It’s not about the guns, it’s not about the guns. I had a plethora of guns. I got guns because I could get guns, anybody can get a gun E: Yeah, and modify them to become automatic weapons…

Stephen Paddock: Of course.

Elisa: First, did you or did you intend to take your life?

Stephen Paddock: Oh always! It was always part of the plan, are you kidding?! I wasn’t gonna stick around. I was I was too cowardly for that

Elisa: Oh gosh, that’s amazing that you admit that. So, when you started seeing people being mowed down by your bullets, what did you feel? (Veronica started to cry). Oh, Veronica, I’m sorry. If you want to quit at any time, we can okay?

Stephen Paddock: It was euphoric.

Elisa: Do you have any regrets?

Veronica: He doesn’t feel remorseful at this point because he sees it as his mission it’s ‘I went into battle’, he said. ‘I had a task to accomplish’.

Elisa: Okay. Well, I wish you had picked a better and more humanitarian tasks, all I can say. Did your father’s history influence you? Because I know he was like a bank robber and he was a psychopath…

Stephen Paddock: He was a scumbag. He was a scumbag and yes, I do believe his influence within me, DNA wise. I believe that.

Elisa: What about your childhood? Tell us about your childhood.

Stephen Paddock: I was a very introverted child. I amused myself. I wasn’t your typical profile person who would grow up and do this. I was mainstreamed in the sense that I was always creating things, I was curious about things, I was developing things. I’m a very intelligent person.

Elisa: I could tell.

Stephen Paddock: And this was pure free will and choice, I cannot emphasize that enough.

Elisa: Tell us more about your childhood with your parents or siblings or, I don’t know. I mean, did you have a good childhood? Did you had child abuse going on in your history?

Stephen Paddock: I shut off a lot, I turned off. I tuned out; I created the world that I had inside of my own head.

Elisa: Why? Because you… Did you suffer abuse, emotional or physical…

Stephen Paddock: There was a lot of emotional abuse and there was physical abuse. But again, like I lived my life, I was taught that it was to be under wraps and so if you looked at the surface of what I had, you would just walk by thinking I was pretty normal.

Veronica: “Normal”, he says air-quote.

Stephen Paddock: Mental abuse was horrific. It was just constant badgering and belittling. I can see now that it was probably an effort to get me to raise my standards and become more connected to life, I was very lethargic in my connections to life. It was just it was effortless when I felt like an actor in my life, when I would go out into the world and go to my job and do my life, I was acting. It was a role I hid my true self.

Elisa: Well, who mostly abused you?

Stephen Paddock: I was emotionally abused by my mother.

Elisa: Really? So your father wasn’t in the picture, maybe he went to jail

Stephen Paddock: He wasn’t around and my mother’s hurt and anger continued.

Elisa: Because of the father?

Stephen Paddock: Yeah, it just was a horrible, horrible thing. I’m not making excuses, no. I’m not making excuses.

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  • Cece

    How many of us have gone by our intuition only to be led astray? If we ignore our intuitive thoughts whether destructive or not are we bypassing a life’s lesson and a mission we are here for? This may have been answered before.

  • 403LEC

    Well…this was a fascinating interview but very disturbing. Mental illness….what a tricky little devil…wow.

  • Michelle Rogers-Wright

    I don’t buy it and I’m so dissapointed. The people that were there knew there was multiple shooters. I had weeks of depression because of this bullshit and wanted answers and I didn’t get any. Deep down inside I knew this blog was going to let me down. It was because of this blog that I set myself free and started questioning things. And I had hope again. But it’s all lies. Erik I’m sorry and I love you. But nothing makes sense anymore, and I’m back where I started.

    • BonelessSausage

      There were no multiple shooters I am sure of that. The truth is with the thousands of people there, his weapon, his trajectory skills from 400 yards away. He basically missed and hit the unlucky.Nah, not a chance more than one shooter. Multiple shooters are a theory of the ignorant and conspiracy theorists. They heard multiple shots from a weapon that shot multiple shots. It all makes sense and you came in here knowing this would let you down. You created your own reality. One gun,

    • Fli

      Any automatic weapon (especially high caliber) will cause a huge echo, giving the false impression of multiple shooters. First you hear the supersonic “crack” of the bullet, if the crack sound gets louder and louder, that means the bullet is being fired at your direction. People have probably mistaken that for another shooter, because it significantly changes from a loud sound to a lower sound depending of where the gun is firing at. It really can give the false impression of someone firing from another position.

    • tony allen

      Michelle, refer to this link for some comfort. I hope it provides some help. Tony

      • Michelle Rogers-Wright

        Thank you!

    • Actually, the consensus of authorities is that there was only one shooter, Paddock.

      • Vivella

        I also would like to think it was one shooter, but what has made me ponder is a video by a guy, I think his name is Mike. He has a channel called TheHealthRanger and he gives a forensic accoustic analysis of the shooting. It is very interesting and detailed, and he seems to be an expert. For now, I think I am just going to keep an open mind. It would be even sadder if it was really more than one person doing this. Thanks again for all your hard work Elisa, appreciate it so much! x

      • Michelle Rogers-Wright

        Authorities that are corrupt though.

  • Mic Fed

    This felt very real to me. Almost too real. I don’t understand how he feels no remorse. He’s a Spirit now and I get he’s in a holding place not really seeing things but man, he came across as so dark and even borderline evil to me. I kept wanting him to say something that demonstrated caring but no dice. I wonder how long it will take for him to see the light. It appears as if it’ll take a while.

    • Michelle Rogers-Wright

      I was thinking the same thing. I felt myself getting so pissed reading it.

  • Tony Allen

    Interesting. Equally, interesting is this lady’s post. She was at the LV concert in the firing line. She died after making a few posts. She can be found on the net concerning this. The greatest living American, Lord Damp Nut, has, as yet, not followed up on his erstwhile colleague’s promotion of conspiracy theory! Enjoy this link: it is relevant to this particular blog!

  • tony allen

    I would take the word of an eye-witness (personally at the scene) over and above the news and authoritarian reports of what purportedly happened. The greatest American living today has yet to comment on his esteemed colleague’s “reliable” website about the curious death of a young lady some days after the incident. She was there, posted her fears and concerns on FB and then, mysteriously, died: this has been reported on sensible websites. Coincidence? Possibly, but then didn’t that little gremlin conveniently turn up many times after JFK and 9/ 11? The land of the free? For some but not all. I considered it a possible false flag when they said 40 plus suitcases were in the room and house-keeping had not questioned it. 41? Who is kidding who? Hope you don’t mind me posting the link for balance; cheers. Tony

    • Michelle Rogers-Wright


  • M&M

    I have noticed in the past that when spirits are interviewed shortly after they pass, they tend to retain a lot more of their human personality and less of the spiritual tone and perspective than those interviewed a significant period of time after they passed. I remember this clearly with the Steve Jobs interview, and others as well. I was one of those people who really wanted to hear Paddock’s story right away, so I guess it’s something we have to take into consideration when someone is interviewed so close to their passing.

    • True.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Note the channeling Erik interview with Jack the Ripper long after death. He still appears arrogant and ill concerned with the murders It seems like he still feels he would do the same under the guise of investigational medical science and the soul upon death. As it appears there are several levels upon crossing over- what level is he on… is this what makes it all go round? For as said, without evil would there be good?

    • Michelle Rogers-Wright

      Sigh. You’re right..

  • Sylvia

    Can you do a chanelling with Natalie Wood

  • Sylvia

    I just read the Natalie Wood reading it was very interesting!! But I have felt all along that her husband was a jerk no! An asshole!! But I’m glad she’s at peace and happy.

  • Sylvia

    Erik are there really ghosts of Gettysburg

  • Nikolaus Jakubinek

    I’m sorry but I’m having an extremely hard time believing all this.
    As a Spiritualist and very strong believer in the communication and merger of the spirit world and the physical world, I find this “communication” very suspect.
    There is nothing here to suggest that there is actual direct communication with the other world. Have they at some point made a connection? I think yes. But to “channel” these “spirits” in this video interview scenario is nothing short of trickery.

  • sandie

    what happened to steve fossetts disappeared somewhere in area 51?

  • sandie

    what happened to steve fossetts that disappeared somewhere in area 51

  • Judith F.

    As someone who has followed the Channeling Erik blog interviews for a long time, I have found them all compelling and believable. Of course, I’m no spiritual or channeling expert, but rather a spiritual person who reads many different interpretations and experiences of others with and about the afterlife. The afterlife dimensions are not a “black-and-white, this is exactly how it works” type of thing. Others who are familiar with channeling claim that many afterlife spirits maintain significant aspects of their earthly personality, ESPECIALLY soon after passing. They can remain in dark and ugly dimensions for quite a long time. We don’t know where Erik brings each deceased spirit from, or what dimension/level that spirit is currently confined to. Someone like Jack the Ripper may take many “eons” of time to make his way to higher vibrational/spiritual dimensions. Just because Erik brings a specific spirit to communicate through a medium gives us no real information about what that spirit is experiencing outside of that particular interview, or how they will progress in the afterlife dimensions or how long it will take them to advance spiritually. I suggest for a really interesting and enlightening alternative glimpse of many different afterlife dimensions, one should read the books by Jergen Ziewe: “Multidimensional Man,” “Vistas of Infinity,” as well as the writings of William Buhlman and Robert Monroe. Ziewe’s web site is truly fascinating and contains a lot of afterlife dimensional information based on his own experiences. Wendy and Victor Zammit’s Friday Afterlife Report is quite educational and provides so much information about various aspects of the afterlife among many other spiritual subjects. The point is, views, opinions, anecdotes about or conspiracy-like beliefs only illustrate the many varied realities of each person/many persons. The really interesting interview on this blog with L. Ron Hubbard can serve as an example to all of us: we should ask ourselves what we intuitively believe is true. Are we letting others’ beliefs/opinions/comments exert an undue power and influence over our own rational thinking and spiritual insight?

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