Aligning with Your Life Purpose, Part One

On Saturday, I wrote that I would be taking a 6 month hiatus, and some of you guys were pretty alarmed. Not all of you noticed that, when you scroll down, I wrote, “April Fools!” Sorry about that, peeps. You know I’d only leave you when my mind goes or I’m 6 feet under!

I was thinking about interviewing Nicole Brown Simpson this Saturday. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask her, please email me at I might miss them if they’re in the Disqus or Facebook comments. Next, we’ll interview Edgar Cayce, so be thinking up questions for that one, too!

Today, Kim, Erik and I had a session about stress. It was so enlightening! I can’t wait to post it. During the session, Erik took Kim’s barstool and hoisted it up on the counter. She freaked out, and it actually took her a while to compose herself and continue channeling. That’s a good one, Erik! If you want your own personalized prank, all you have to do is ask and brace yourself.

This two part post is courtesy of a new spirit translator who Erik has been working with: Michelle (Missy) St. Clair. Here is what she transcribed. If you would like to find out more about her, please click HERE.

Elisa: Hi Michelle.

Michelle: Hello, how are you?

Elisa: How are you? Well, for our viewers I will say this is our first session together. So I’d like to give you an opportunity to share a little bit about yourself.

Michelle: OK…Um. Well, I was born a medium. Um…reluctant most of my life. Hid it away, hid it away until I was in my twenties and then I started doing readings. And I ran into a situation where, in some work that I was doing with that traumatized me a bit, so I put it away for a good ten years.

Elisa: Awww. That’s so, that’s so common with mediums. It’s such a bitter sweet gift. Ya know?

Michelle: In the process of that ten year span or so that I was ignoring it, I developed all kinds of health issues.

Elisa: I bet!

Michelle: And it boils to the surface.

Elisa: Mmmm

Michelle: You can’t….when you’re born with it, you really just can’t put it away forever. It boils to the surface. It boiled to the surface and I’m back and I’m doing readings again and I’m redeveloping that base of being able to help people.

Elisa: Ya, a friend of mine who is a medium, Robert, he has the same problem. He has all sorts of health issues but when he channels, he feels so much better.

Michelle: It’s amazing. Once I started accepting, and actually listening, and actually passing the messages on that were being brought to me, a lot of those ailments are going away.

Elisa: Good.

Michelle: It is amazing that when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, life becomes much easier for you.

Elisa: That’s true. And we’re gonna talk about that… aligning with our life purpose, but how did you meet Erik?

Michelle: Well, I had received a message from a young man that had also taken his own life that wanted a message to be given to his mother. So I had called his mother to pass the message on, and when I hung up with her, I walked into my living room and there he kinda was…lounging on my couch. And he sits up and he’s scolding me but he was kind of being fun about it…

Elisa: Ya, that’s him.

Michelle: and he says, “Bout damn time you came back!”

Elisa: Mmhmm good.

Michelle: And then he was gone. (stumbling over my words for a second) I’ve been watching the videos for years but that was the first time Erik ever made communication with me and I kinda think it was probably the situation that I was just working with.

Elisa: Ya. Of course. So do you…tell me now about your relationship with him. Sorry if he pesters you too much. He can be like a pesky little brother.

Michelle: No, he’s fine. I’m used to having people and spirits around me quite frequently.

Elisa: Oh, ya.

Michelle: As long as he doesn’t mess with me during my private times, then I’m good.

Elisa: Ya really. And I hope he doesn’t.

Michelle: No, he hasn’t so far. So…but…a…

Elisa: Well he hangs around me when I take a bath so..but

Michelle: Well, you’re Mom, you’re Mom.

Elisa: I know. I used to take baths with all my kids for a long time. So…it was the deal, but I channel him best when I’m in the water for some reason. I guess it grounds me or something. So how is he doing now? Is he with us?

Michelle: Yes he is. He’s here. He showed up a little bit ago knowing what we were going to talk about today and he peeks around the corner of my office door wearing the sorting hat from Harry Potter.

Elisa: Oh really! Oh my gosh.

Michelle: I said, “What are you doing?” He’s like, “Gotta figure out what you wanna do!”

Elisa: Oh that’s funny. That’s funny. What’s he wearing? Or can you see him outside of yourself or in your mind?

Michelle: It’s kind of a combination of both.

Elisa: OK

Michelle: Since it’s something I’ve always been able to do, it’s hard for me to describe.

Elisa: Ya, ya

Michelle: It’s like you trying to describe how you see something with your eyes because you’ve always known it. So I guess it would be a combination of both.

Elisa: Ok

Michelle: I don’t know how to describe it any better.

Elisa: That’s fine. That’s fine. What does he look like he’s wearing now?

Michelle: Well, he got rid of the sorting hat. He’s in jeans and he’s got a blue t-shirt on.

Elisa: Well Erik are you ready to rock n roll?

Erik (M): I’m ready Mom!

Elisa: Alright. Well I understand you wanna talk about aligning with life purpose, or maybe it was Michelle’s idea but whatever, it’s a great idea. You know, because a lot of us don’t even know our life purpose. Let’s start out with that. How in the world do we find out what our life purpose is?

Erik (M): Well there’s lots of ways you can find out. He’s saying that for people to just pay attention to what brings them joy. He said, what brings them peace. He’s like you know, when you’re doing something and it just feels good, right here in your chest. He says that’s a good signal that that’s something that you’d be good at, that resonates with your energy.

Elisa: So it’s in your heart? You feel it in your heart chakra maybe?

Michelle: Maybe, I personally don’t know about heart chakras but he’s shaking his head ya.

Erik (M): He’s saying for people that don’t pay attention to things like that, you know there’s other modalities.

Michelle: modalities is my word not his, sorry.

Erik (M): He’s saying that numerology is one way, astrology is another. Meditation. He’s like but a lot of people won’t do that.

Michelle: No they won’t.

Erik (M): Meditation…

Elisa: I know. It takes such patience and practice and a lot of people make too big of a deal about this. I mean it’s not like totally clearing your mind. It’s just putting your mind in the state of being the observer. From what I’ve learned from Erik anyway.

Erik (M): Right. Yes that’s true and it can be done in five minutes, but he’s saying… People if you just take five minutes, start there, you know. Learn to just focus inward and you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Elisa: That’s true. Ok, you could probably listen to your channeled thoughts. I’m sure your guides are probably sending you thoughts that don’t seem to be your own thoughts, you know. It seems like I didn’t think that up. So ask your guides and angels to help you find your life purpose. Or you can call into our radio show every Thursday and ask Erik personally. Or the ask Eric magazine column when I call out for questions. Or you can book a session with Michelle here, and we’ll give you…guys we’ll give you her information and I will put it on the YouTube too at the very end. Anyway, so what about aligning with life purpose?

Erik (M): He says we’re all here, he’s saying we’re all here for a purpose.

Elisa: Ya

Erik (M): Might not be any extravagant purpose, not everybody’s here to save the world, but you’re here for your experience. And he’s saying everybody is here for a specific purpose and when you are living in alignment with that purpose…..

Michelle: (to Erik) Slow down….[when your living], not THAT slow.

Erik (M): When you’re living in your purpose, he says you will be happier, you will be more at peace, you will be…life will…the Universe will bring you more.

Elisa: What is that sound? Do you hear that sound? (Imitating the sound…woawoawoa)

Michelle: That’s my dog. That’s my dog. (Laughing)

Elisa: OH! We got both of our dogs here. I thought that was Erik teasing you talking really slowly. But uh.

Michelle: No, he’s actually scratching his ear.

Elisa: He sounds like a big dog!

Michelle: He is a Mastiff Sheppard combination.

Elisa: Oh, that’s a biggie. This is Bella. (Showing the adorable Bella) She looks huge but she’s only three pounds. People came over to our Channeling Erik event in Houston, and were like…oh my God, she’s so much smaller than I thought! So, she’s always here with the sessions. But anyway sorry…

Michelle: I’ve seen her. She’s adorable.

Elisa: Sorry Erik. I interrupted you.

Erik (M): No need to be sorry Mom, he says.

Michelle: I’m sorry my dog interrupted the session.

Elisa: Aww, I don’t care. My dog always does. Ok. So. How to align with the…well before we go into that, and I know I’ve been all over the place here, but is there any difference between life purpose and spiritual mission?

Erik (M): Yes and no. They really are kind of very much the same. When you align with your life purpose, you may not complete your mission, but you are on course to do so. He says….

Michelle: How do I…nonono

Erik (M): He says when you are in line with your energy…you can’t create your spiritual purpose if you’re not in line with your energy either. So if your purpose for being here is for a certain thing, and you’re not in line with your energy, and you are just here sluggin through, you’re not going to attain that goal.

Elisa: Right. Right, okay.

Erik (M): And he’s saying, he’s like, Mom, you know there are so many people that are struggling. Depression, Anxiety are huge indicators that you’re not on line with your purpose. And what ends up happening, is they end up giving you drugs. (Michelle mimics Erik’s gesture with “giving you drugs.”) And all it does is mask the problem. If people would just put the energy that they put into going and getting help…not that they don’t need to get help because a lot of people really do… he says but if they would put equal energy into spiritually aligning themselves, they would see that these conditions are fixable.

Stay tuned for Part Two Wednesday. Also, be sure you include Erik’s book in your summer reading list. It’s available for a very low price in all formats. Click HERE to purchase. Click HERE to purchase my book, too! Your life will be the better for it!

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Elisa Medhus

  • There’s a great line in the movie, “Patton,” where George C. Scott, who plays Patton, says: “I must be allowed to fulfill my destiny!” because he thinks the war (WWII) will end without his having made a significant contribution. Patton knew about his past lives and was very in touch with his spiritual center.

    Anyway, my husband loved that line, and I often think it meant so much to him because he ended up in a similar position to Patton. We had been struggling financially after the crash of 2008 and he was unable, at 58, to find a job. So he reinvented himself. Things were very tough right up to 2014, when he came up with a business plan that took off. He had accomplished so much in so many fields, and now, finally, he succeeded in creating a going business. But in October 2014, he was struck down with bladder cancer and 11 months later, he died. Still, he was able to see his business succeed and blossom — so much so that it supports me and my two children. Quite a legacy! I’m sure he aligned with his life purpose.

    • 403LEC

      Thank you for sharing your story Delving Eye! I look forward to your comments because I enjoy them so much 🙂

      • Aw, thanks. I went to sleep last night thinking that I should delete it because it is TMI (too much info) and then some! So, I’m glad you found it useful.

    • Lorri

      Wow! He created something that still supports his family even after he went to the other side!!!

      I’m glad you shared this.

      • Indeed. I do believe it was the final “piece of the puzzle” of what he wanted to accomplish over here — which is somewhat ironic, as he always saw himself as a philosopher/farmer, not a business success. Yes, he was a very hard worker, but had no taste for business until he had a family and wanted to provide for them. As I said, he struggled, and found it particularly difficult dealing with unscrupulous business types (of which there are a few) because he was honest to a fault. No matter what I said about changing our lifestyle (modest), he kept plugging away trying to make it. Finally, he did — and lived to see it. I know he’s smiling in heaven. (Actually, my psychic verified that he always wears a big smile and is in a state of bliss. Aw.)

        Many thanks for your comment.

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