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Well, clearly Xfinity was throttling me back toward the end of the month. Yesterday, the last day of the month, my upload speed was 1.5 mbps (or whatever the units are,) while today, it’s up to 11.9 mbps. If I recall, they’re not supposed to do that! Whatever. I’ll complain if it happens again. 

My daughter, Michelle, has always had a thing for ducks, so she bought two little ducklings, Dixon and Dot, a few days ago. She bought an enclosure and, since the ducklings are still quite small, wrapped the base with a fine mesh netting so they couldn’t squeak out. Unfortunately, one are wasn’t secured well enough, so they escaped. Their big dog, Camo, made an appetizer out of Dot and Dixon escaped to the pool. Arleen was devastated. Her second encounter with death after her hamster died of a stroke. I told her that if Mommy buys another duckling, we’ll get Erik to make sure Dot’s soul goes into that body. It seemed to calm her down.

Finally (and thanks for being patient) we have the March Q&A video. Raylene is back to her healthy self thanks in part to all of your prayers and healing energy. Enjoy.

Enjoy today’s post about chakras.

Kim: Hello.

Me: Hey! And now for our last session for the day. The last one was so interesting. We just got through talking about what humans and our world would look like a thousand years from now. Eventually, I’d like to discuss 10,000 and 100,000 years from now—if we even exist 100,000 years from now! We can do one of those, or we could talk about chakras. What would you like to do, Erik, talk about ten thousand years from now or chakras?

Erik: I want to talk about chakras because that’s what a lot of people need to hear right now.

Me: Okay. In that case, let me look at my little handy notes. All right. This is from a blog member: “Can Erik talk about blocks in each chakra and what problems we might have with each? First tell us what chakras are. Can we connect X event to a physical sensation such as tension in the stomach or throat? How would it feel to have all chakras cleared?” He or she goes on. “What are the frequencies of each chakra?” This might be kind of long. We might have to do a Part One and Part Two. “Many people clear their chakras every day and will encircle themselves with the pure white light of God’s love and divine protection. Instead of having to do that every day, can’t a person just set an intention that the chakras will remain open, clear and spinning in the correct direction forever?” That sounds a lot easier! “And that the pure white light will remain around them until the day they die? An intention is an intention whether it’s for a day or a lifetime. I wonder what Erik has to say about that.” I guess first let’s talk about what chakras are and what kind of problems we have in life with each block. Then maybe as a Part Two, we can talk about how to clear the chakras and what that would feel like and how to set those intentions.

Kim: Erik and I talk a lot about this subject, and he’s laughing and pointing at me because he knows how—he gets really fired up about one thing you mentioned, and you know how he can make me feel uncomfortable sometimes because he’s like—whoa!—he’s so honest sometimes?

Me: I know!

Kim: He’s laughing and pointing at me like, “This is all you!” I want to share what he and I say about this question.

Kim starts laughing and looks embarrassed.

Me: Uh oh.

I see why with Erik’s response.

Erik: First off, don’t mind fuck yourself.

Me: Yeah, we do it all the time!

Erik: Chakras are just a reference point to a field of energy, an electromagnetic field with different vibrations, different frequencies. That’s what helps or maybe hurts certain areas of your body. First, yes, an intention is an intention. The more you work towards that intention, the stronger it manifests, but if you only say it once, it’s kind of the same thing. That’s because thought creates. Thought is energy.

Kim: He’s shaking the computer. He’s loud with this!

Erik: That energy is immortal, people. Once it’s created, it’s never gone. It’s there forever.

Me: Hm.

Erik: So you don’t have to go, “Oh my God. I have this fucking maintenance to do on my chakras again.”

Kim and I laugh.

Erik: Some people go there because that “maintenance” or that daily ritual is their peace. That’s how they get high, vibrationally.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s not a thing of maintenance. You don’t have to maintain it, really.

Kim: Okay, this is where he gets all fired up! He’s doing a drumroll on the desk with his fingers.

Erik: Let’s talk about blocks, people!

Me: Let’s.

Kim laughs and covers her face, preparing to translate what he says next.

Erik: What the fuck? I thought you people knew energy by now! Energy can’t be blocked!

Kim: He gets so fired up when he talks about this.

Me: Oh! It can’t be blocked? Really? All right, edumicate us.

Erik: It’s not a block. It’s not like you have this big stone or boulder over your chakra so that you can’t bring energy there. It’s a lack of awareness. It’s a lack of a conscious connection to that reference point.

Kim: He’s going into the full background of where the chakra system even came from.

Erik: They’re a reference point to different areas of your life. For example, the root chakra is about personal relationships, friendships, passion, sex life, like all of those parts of you are energetically. held in that chakra. Vibrationally, when something in your life is fucked up along those lines, if you carry it long enough, you’re going to feel it manifest in that area of the body because that area resonates with that frequency. If you’re going to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk.

Kim (furrowing her brows): That’s so random. Oh man, he’s really strong right now. I can feel him pushing on my back. When I said that that was a random thought, he said, “Well, you have to live it and align with it in order to experience it.”

Erik: With the chakra system, in general, you have to live in awareness there. You have to have a connection there to experience it. There are no blocks.

Me: So you just have to be aware of the chakra’s frequency? Is that what you’re saying?

Kim: Here’s an example. This is one of the most profound moments that I’ve had with Erik so far that taught me so much in just a nanosecond. You and I were doing a radio show, and you know how Erik will oftentimes talk to be through clairvoyance?

Me: Mm hm.

Kim: So I’m like, ‘Okay, okay. He’s using images. He’s showing me these picture,’ and then I have to try to translate those into words. So you had said, “Oh come on, Erik. Use your words.” At that moment, my consciousness shifted to clairaudience. I had not been listening before.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: I heard him say, “Well, I would, but she’s not listening. She’s not there with her awareness. She’s only using her clairvoyance.”

Me: Ah.

Kim: So, at that moment, I’m like, ‘Oh my god. We have to talk about this later.’ So then he started saying and teaching me a lot about if you’re having issues and you can’t see anything through clairvoyance, it’s not because there’s a block. It’s just a lack of awareness.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, what do you do? Shift your awareness there, but you can’t force it. We all know what happens when you force it. It’s shit.

Kim giggles.

Erik: Whether clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience at the heart chakra, no matter what you’re working on, you can’t force it. You just put your awareness there and experience. Let go of the illusion or the false belief that there’s a block. It’s not blocked. It’s just a lack of awareness, a lack of connection. Each chakra point references who you are in that perspective. The sacral chakra is your creative self, your emotional center, so it’s a reference point with energy. Some people don’t resonate with that thought or belief at all, but as long as you connect with your inner self and dwell inside, you bring yourself into alignment whether you’re talking about chakras or not. You have to dwell in your inner sacred heart space.

Me: So then the chakras will align automatically?

Erik: Yes, if you want to call them chakras.

Me: Oh, I mean reference points.

Erik: For those of you who don’t even feel any connection to the chakras, it’s more like a channel, a complete flow of energy through you. So chakras, yes, when you connect to that inner dwelling space, you’re aligned. Your energy flows. It doesn’t have to be—

Me: Well how do you connect to that inner dwelling space? Wait. It doesn’t have to be what?

Erik: It doesn’t have to be a chore like a maintenance. “Oh my god. I forgot to align my chakras today!”

Me: “Uh oh. I was supposed to do that at 9:00 AM.” So how do you get into that inner dwelling space?

Erik: Mom, it’s a matter of letting go of everything outside and the need to identify with everything outside of you whether it’s clothes, whether it’s people like, “Do I need these people in my life to feel like me?” If you need outside things to identify who you are, you don’t understand your highest conscious being yet. You don’t understand your potential. Once you let go of that need, you’re in that space. When you let go of, “I don’t have to do this to be me. I don’t have to do that to be me,” you’re in that space. That space doesn’t get affected by anyone else like what they say, what they do. But it takes a lot of trust. You can get into that inner space that nobody else can be in. It’s the core essence of who you are. Nobody else can be it.

Me: That’s true! No one else can get into that space!

Erik Right, but it takes a lot of trust to get in there because it’s quiet, Mom. People are scared of the quiet.

Me: Why?

Erik: People are scared of the quiet, and people also have a hard time getting quiet. That’s where your true essence is, and we’re so used to being run by our mind that when we’re not, we think something is wrong. We then have to create thoughts like thinking about the bills or what we have planned for later on. When you let go of all that, you’ve realized your inner sacred being. The essence of who you are has nothing to do with these egocentric false identities.

Me: We’re going to have to have more parts on chakras, too, I think. In one session, I’d like to talk about each chakra, what it feels like to be—not blocked but whatever—to not be aware of that reference point, what diseases, if any, can manifest, and what to do about it. We could go through each one. So what do you think about that, Erik?

Erik: Mom, people need this awareness. Right now they’re being led by blind faith like, “Okay, these are the chakras, and this is what they represent,” but there’s a deeper understanding that I can bring you to help you live the fullest life possible. So let’s do it. Let’s talk about them.

Me: Well, we’ll do that in another session, of course, but is there anything else, in general, you’d like to talk about as far as these reference points are concerned?

Erik: Yes. Remember that you don’t have to make it a chore. It doesn’t have to be, “Oh crap. I didn’t think about my chakras today! I wonder what kind of shape they’re in?”

Me: “It’s nine o’clock. Where are your chakras?” Like, “Where are your children?”

God, please keep your day job, Elisa.

Erik: That energy, if you put it out there in love, is immortal. Love doesn’t and can’t die. So understand, first of all, if it’s out there, it’s out there. Set your intentions to receive, to receive love and light at each level. Love is an awareness, and light is the vibrational frequency of each [chakra.] So if you’re in a constant state of reception, then you’re already doing yourself a favor. Don’t let it become a chore because when it does, energetically you’re disillusioned from even being connected to your chakras.

Me: All right. Two really quick questions: What does it feel like to have all your chakras messed up, and what does it feel like to have them all aligned and perfect? Make it brief because we’re at the end of our session.

Erik: When they’re all messed up, you’ll have the sensation of feeling rushed and anxious.

Me: Oh.

Erik: You can feel confused and almost paranoid like, “I have all this stuff to do.” You can feel overwhelmed.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: And then when they’re all aligned and your energy is in full bloom, you’ll have a sense of euphoria that takes you over that brings you to a place where you think it’s laughable to believe that anything could make you upset or disrupt your peace.

Me: Oh, okay. I like that.

Kim: Me, too!

Me: We’ll learn how to get there next time.

Expanding on the whole “Getting into your inner dwelling space” concept.

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  • Lola Jones

    Yes!! More in depth info on this soon please! xD I really need help with all the lower chakras but especially the root, lol. Thanks for this one. <3

  • Kathryn

    Great job girls! I enjoyed, the “questions and answers,” video. KM

  • This resonates perfectly with my experiences of the meridian system as well.

  • Katja

    Hi Elisa, I dont know if this is the right place to ask Erik a question for the monthly Q and A. But i will try I hope i am lucky and get picket! 🙂 Im currently truggeling with a lot of emotional and mental unbalnce and have been very sensitive as a child, i feel like the environment on Earth is too hard. Im wondering why i am here and what i am am supose to do like my life purpose? It feels like im loosing myself and im scared of not getting better. Love Katja

  • Allison

    Elisa, can you do a longer episode about this soon? I’d love to learn more about energy healing with/for kids as well.

  • Elise, my son caught Infinity doing the same thing with us here in Connecticut — throttling, that is. He thinks they do it to customers who are running too many devices or heavy apps because those customers are getting too much of a bargain for what Infinity is charging. (Tough noogies, Infinity!)

    Anyway, the slowdown happened a few days before a critical business forum I was putting on!! Grrr! I gave them holy hell on the phone, and of course the poor rep I was reaming out had no control whatsoever. Days later, like magic, my Internet speed was restored … the day AFTER my forum. Natch.

    I hate when that happens, dammit!

  • Karen Ryan

    @@emedhus:disqus Do you have a time frame as to when you will be having Erik teach/talk about each chakra? I am so interested in this. You ask the best questions. Great interview Kim! Love all that you do.

    • It’s toward the top of my list, but Kim is away in Hawaii so we don’t have a session for a while.

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