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I am so pleased and honored to introduce guest blogger, Sophia, today. Her insight all things Indigo is impressive, as you’ll soon see!

Hi there, readers of Channeling Erik –

I’m Sophia, I’m an indigo and I counsel indigos. Seeing as this blog talks about indigos sometimes, and because a lot of indigos are surely reading it, I wanted to contribute something here.

I can identify a lot with how Erik needed to leave the world. Being an indigo is not easy on this planet, not at all.

Waking Up

I’ve talked with a lot of indigos, and what I’ve seen is that it’s almost a rule to have a hard time when you’re young and until you wake up. Waking up usually involves discovering the term “indigo”, or at the very least coming to terms with the fact that you are different. Then you also discover that the world is different from who you are. Living here is a matter of adapting to necessarily unfavourable conditions.

A lot of indigos travel from place to place, looking for the location in the world where they will finally feel at home. While travelling is often positive, I think a lot of us need to realise that Earth is never going to feel entirely like home. We will always feel out of place, at least a little. Home is not on this planet.

Feeling At Home

The closest thing I’ve found to feeling like I’m at home is when I’ve surrounded myself with positive, loving energies who truly “get” who I am – most of all, other indigos.

Your nation is not going to represent you. But your circle of friends and soul family can be like a micro-state, a place where, at least most of the time, you don’t need to sacrifice your gut-felt principles and ideas about how life should be.

I also make sure to avoid getting surrounded by an environment that’s too hostile to my way of being in the realms of school and work. Indigos mostly just can’t take hierarchy – there is none on the planets or dimensions they come from. So usually the best thing for a child to do is to find a democratic school or to do home-based Unschooling. An adult would usually need to find a very high-vibe company to work in, create their own company, or work alone.

No Complete Solution

These measures are not the ultimate solution to this feeling of estrangement you have, though.

I think really, there is no complete solution on this planet. Earth is just not made for you. Not as it is now, anyway.

But that can be okay. The situation doesn’t have to be perfect for you to still thrive. Think of someone who lost their leg. There will always be something missing, and they will always know it, but they can still have an incredibly beautiful, flourishing, happy life despite that. No, not despite that – alongside that. Don’t resist the lack. Embrace it.

A Mission

Take existence on this planet like a mission into foreign territory. You won’t feel entirely at home. But you don’t need to. It’s just one lifetime. You can rest in future lifetimes, or in the beyond, if you need to*.

What made this life make sense for me was seeing it in terms of a mission. This planet needs us indigos, who know what the higher vibrations look like and who can guide the planet into continuing to open up. That’s very meaningful. Potentially, it could be worth all the suffering – our souls certainly thought so, since we incarnated knowing exactly what we’d be going through.

Home Exists

Somehow, knowing Home exists – somewhere, even if it isn’t here – makes it easier. You know all that about time and space being an illusion? Home is out there among the stars, but on another level, it is also right here inside us.

I hope this has been useful for you, both indigo readers and those who are interested in understanding indigos. If Elisa wants me to, I’d be glad to write more about indigos here, perhaps make a little series. And if anyone needs counselling, feel free to contact me through my website: Sophia Gubb dot com. Currently counselling is free. I also have plenty of content which I think would be interesting to both indigos and truth seekers of all sorts.


*The concept of rest is something that has been running through my head a lot recently. While I don’t have any information that I’m sure comes from Higher Up about this, I feel pretty certain that that must be an option. I know my soul longs for it. Perhaps, too, by making a channel to higher energies within this life, we can be rejuvenated.


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Elisa Medhus

  • Brandi

    I love this and would love more information on indigos. Thanks for posting!

    • Indigos are the new breed of humans who will take all kinds of positions in our society bound for higher consciousness. They are also being supported by another wave of children being born in the last two decades, the crystal children. Together, they will help raise the vibration of mass consciousness. They do not need to organize, form united fronts of action in order to do this. All the indigos and the crystals need to do is just be true to their inner core. Their vibration alone affects everything and everyone they come in contact with on a subconscious level. This also seems to somewhat confuse them, which often raises the question “What am I doing here?”. The new population of indigos and crystals have more activated strands of DNA, and in their behavior they almost seem like “sleepers”. When they reach maturity, they spring into action and help bring about the changes that are necessary for our society to advance to new levels. Some very good information on indigos and crystals is posted on

      • Brandi

        Based on a site from an earlier blog post on Indigos, I have come to the conclusion that I’m an adult Indigo, just waking up to who I am. Thank you for the additional link! I will definitely check it out. 🙂

      • keni

        I firmly believe i am an indigo child. I was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ODD, and HKCD and sedated with 60mg of Ritalin for 16 years. I stopped the ritalin a little over 2 years ago as i always felt i was fighting it. Ever since, iv struggled to describe the waking up process that i have been through, its been a journey, a true awakening. I am here for a reason. That has always been obvious to me. Would love to hear from anyone interested in talking to me,
        Email :

  • Deb

    Excellent post!!! I have a friend that I will make sure reads this. I know it will make her feel “not alone”. Thank you so much !!!!

  • Stanley

    Thank you Sophia. Being Indigo as well, you hit the nail on the head on every point. I knew I was different from day one. But I didn’t learn about the term Indigo until I was about 28 if I remember correctly. It was quite amazing as suddenly I found out who I was. I found the name for it. And best of all, knew I wasn’t alone. I soaked up everything I could read on the subject. And when having the chance, I greatly enjoyed the company of other Indigo’s. My good friend has 3 young Indigo’s, and when feeling down or drained of energy I visit for a hour or two and feel recharged. With the topic of not feeling like home, again hit the nail on the head. I have never felt at home here. But I have seen home once. I have a dream visit to the dimension called “demuria”. Not sure how to spell it exactly. But it was amazing for me. The area was like a park almost, but had small houses here and there. People had abilities there that are not found on earth. Such as being able to fly, almost like super man. So no need for cars. And at one point in the dream visit, I approached a table where people were learning how to levitate objects. In this case, a coke can looking object. I was invited to lead the class. Moving the can with just thought. Imagining what I wanted the can to do was all it took. Anyway, I woke up in such peace. Thanks to some friends who are mediums, the dream was confirmed and Demuria is my home. And when my time comes, I look forward to going back. I will need a break after this lifetime. We all have come here with different jobs to do. I am thankful that mine I have known all along, and that’s to help kids, teens and young adults. And nothing makes me more happy than to help others. Even if it’s to just give a ride. And I am glad that my Angels have always provided help with the gifts I have. Just as I learn I can do something new, help comes to show me how to master it. So I am grateful for that. Anyway, let me stop rambling here. Thank you for taking time to post about the topic of Indigo’s. I just wanted to end with sharing two links on the topic. One is a site called that has much information on how to help people master their gifts to reading letters from Indigo’s. And last is a massive message board on Indigo related topics which is Thanks for letting me share. Be well everyone. 🙂

  • Delving Eye

    Hi, Sophia. LOVE this post. It explains a lot — assuming, of course, I’m an Indigo. I seem to have all the earmarks, as you describe them here. But how can I tell for sure?

    • That would be a long answer, so I’m making a note to write a post about it. Will tell you when it’s done!

      • Delving Eye

        Oh, goody. Thanks, Sophia. I’ve already checked sites that give a quiz to tell if you’re an indigo. Not sure if it’s any help. My answers are always changing! (I’m also a Gemini.) Anyway, I’ll be looking for your explanation with bated breath.

      • Hey there!! 🙂 Here it is. It’s kind of designed as a troubleshooting for people who have already read the basic lists of traits.


  • Strange timing. I was meditating a few hours ago to gain some insight to my indigo -ness ( not sure if that’s a real word!). I, too, always felt like people think and feel that I am from another planet (if only they knew) and that i wasnt like them, i feel things that most people dont understand. I am also just coming back to opening my abilities back up and not hiding anymore. Almost all of those characteristics fit me and I just realized that I need to work for myself too! Great post!

  • Dusty

    Thank you for this post.

  • Crystal

    Just bookmarked your blog for future reading. Based on what I read in your post today I’m starting to wonder if I may just be an indigo. I’ll be reading your blog and asking questions. Thank you for sharing your information!

  • Sheila

    Hi Sophia, would you be able to comment on Indigos and suicide please? Those who just can’t find enough of a safe place here on planet earth to continue. My son left at age 15, he said he just didn’t fit and wanted to go home. Of course at that time, in hindsight, we knew nothing about indigos. Once I discovered it, it all made sense. Loved your post.

    • I don’t know that much about indigos and suicide. I’ve heard from a few indigos who attempted suicide and almost miraculously failed every time (gun jammed, survived a jump, etc). Then again, I knew an indigo who died very young, just after meeting me, in a freak accident. She was having an incredibly difficult time, a superhumanly difficult time, and I think anyone else would have quit long before she did.

      So, what I want to say is, I think when the soul knows it’s time is done, it goes. But when it’s not quite time yet, it doesn’t. There’s always a coordination with higher up about this.

      I don’t know how much that helps. It’s all the experience I have on the topic.

      Love to you and I’m so sorry for your loss.


  • Nancy Antia

    Hello Sophia, thank you for your insights about Indigos. I’ve just finished reading “How to Tell if You Are Indigo” from your blog. I find it quite difficult to tell if somebody is Indigo, included my son Santi and myself. Hopefully one day I’ll find out.

  • Crystal

    Here some information about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow people

  • Su

    Hi Sophie, the timing of your article is unbelievable. I’m going through a lot of changes in my life and have been moving home several times around the world (!) in the last 6 months. I won’t go into detail but just yesterday I was in tears on the phone to a freind back ‘home’ because I couldn’t find my home. Kept hearing Nelly Fertado’s song in my head ‘ Like A Bird’. Reading this is a reminder of what i already knew and is very comforting. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • JoAnn

    The Mother Teresa post have caused me to pick up on very intense Emotion/energy feilds,,,and so the pressure of ALL those energies was pressing down on me. I knew there was something I was not seeing,,,so my ever present search(fuel) continued and,,,,the path led me to discover the true meaning and power of the “Instigator/ co-ponent of creatoin,,,,for Science minded people,,,this means something,,,fundemental ,,,,for me,,,,(the seeker) it means understanding,,,,without disemination?,,,, Blind faith. for those that don’t have an understanding,,,it means ,,,working without even knowing,,,the have a choice,,,Nievity.,,,,, i need someones that can join me in the search for the hidden components of my blind faith understanding,,,,so indogo’s would be the emotional experts on the matter and physisist/science would be the experts in the other side. I think sophia could join my enery on the search for the emotional facter of the problem,,,and I know Patrick could join my energy on the science end,,,,these joinings of my energies with others,,,can build up a very strong feild,,,,all of these questions and such,,,,are all about the True mening and importance of the co-ponent,,,,Belief,,,it is so powerful,,anyone at all tha resonates with this “Seeker” energy please feel,,,,compelled to enquire,,,,,

  • I’ve obviously been an indigo child all my life.
    Always traveling and never felt quite at home.

    I had a strange experience earlier this day.
    I was sitting at Burger King in Oslo (The capital of Norway), hungover from last nights binge, hooking up my laptop and minding my own business.

    Next to me there was a girl sitting, drinking her coffee. I think she was polish or Russian and she was trying to get online on her cell.
    She asked me what connection i was on and i told her.

    We exchanged a few words from time to time.
    And i got this really strange feeling that i knew her.
    She was a pretty girl and good looking young woman. There was something really strange about her.
    I don’t know. I just got the feeling that she was waiting for me for some reason.

    I thought to myself: “I probably know her in a “past” or “future” life.
    I wanted to talk some more to her, but i was afraid she’d think i was a complete nut, so i didn’t.

    I wonder what that was all about. She gave me this look and smile like she knew me.

    It was weird. Like she was waiting for something. Like we’ve known each other before.

    Just felt like sharing.

  • M&M

    Thank you Sophia, this was fabulous! I would love to hear more from you on Channeling Erik, and I’ll check out your web site as well. I found your words very comforting and much needed. I look forward to more.

  • Delving Eye

    My “glimpse of eternity” is a grassy path on top of a ridge. The land slopes away to my left to a line of fir trees and a lake beyond. The air around me is golden, almost sparkling. It’s very quiet and yet very alive.

    I told my mother about this place when I was young, and she said: “That’s your dream.” Now I know it isn’t.


  • ascended

    Humans on earth will have the ability of telepathy, telekinectics and flight etc as soon as 24 years in 2036 (some fraction of humans will display this in public) and majority will have these abilities in around 100 years time. Some of the magicians of our time do have the abilities of levitation and walking on water


    Criss Angel

  • Abril

    This is lovely! I do relate to this as well, I travelled to find a place called home!

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