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Hi. My name is Meghan and I was led here by Erik around April 11th 2015. Something propelled me to click on a suggested video about an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer. I had been researching videos on youtube about contacts made with celebrities that have passed on, so it’s no wonder I came across the drmedhus channel. I believe this was Erik, leading me, guiding me, as in the days that followed many “coincidences” and pranks ensued. He is particularly keen on knocking my washrag off the rung and sending me coincidences through an app game called Trivia Crack. That’s just to name a few. Haha.

This is where it gets interesting. I had been talking about this blog with everyone around me because I have garnered an exponential amount of hope and reassurance from the words of Erik and Elisa. In particular, I had been talking to my on-again/off-again boyfriend, Tom, about specific blog entries that cater to certain subjects we speak about all the time, like not feeling grounded or fitting in. After reading many blog entries to Tom over Skype, he’d been more open than ever with me about his mental state. Turns out, he might be bi-polar as he’s been experiencing manic episodes for a while now. I have been nudging him to go to a doctor and will continue to help and support him in this process. I know in my heart that this was the reason I was led to the ChannelingErik blog. I was here as a bridge, connecting my favorite person in the world to the wisdom of Erik Medhus and the afterlife. It’s almost as if Erik helped me save Tom’s life because Tom had been contemplating suicide and self-medicating with alcohol in order to cope with this terrible mania and depression.

I want to thank Erik and Elisa, Jamie, Kim, Robert – everyone who contributes to the beatific connection to the other side and bridges the gap for thousands of people. You are saving lives! You are soothing to the soul. You are love and I love you all so very much!

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