All Lives Matter, Part One

Yesterday, I got a message from Erik on Facebook Messenger through medium, Emma McIntosh, and was pretty blown away. The details are too personal, but she mentioned that Erik wanted to talk to me about a certain family matter, and she mentioned names and dynamics that she could not possibly know. In fact, only a small handful of immediate family is aware of those details. I can’t wait to have a personal session with her because it’s not often that the energy comes in so strong that the medium picks up on specifics like names. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. 

Enjoy this multi-part series featuring our interview with Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Note that I mean no offense by the title and don’t mean to imply that black lives matter less. It’s just that I think ALL life, white, black, yellow, red or purple, human, animal or plant, matters. 

Robert: Hello.

Me: Hi, Roberto. You got your earphones on.

Robert: Yes. I mean to wear them every time, and then I forget. Erik will remind me right before, but then I get in the zone and forget. I put a note on my computer.

We go on for a little bit about the earphones and Post-It notes, but I won’t bore you.

Me: We’re going to do something interesting today. First, I want to say, hi Erik. I love you so much.

Erik: I love you, too, Mom. I want everybody who’s watching this video to post some appreciation comments for my mom.

Me: Aw. They don’t have to do that.

Erik: They don’t have to, but I want them to!

Me: Post some sweet ones for Robert, too!

Robert: He said that today’s session would be a big deal. He wouldn’t tell me what it was about. I was getting nervous about it because sometimes he’ll give me a little bit of stuff—

Me: Just enough to make you nervous!

Robert: Well, sometimes he’ll say, “We’re going to talk about these kinds of things,” or whatever, and it won’t be like him doing it but whoever it is that gets pulled in, and they’ll end up bringing up those things.

Me: Okay.

Robert: And the questions you ask will bring those kinds of answers out.

Me: What I’d like to do is see if Erik can bring in Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I want to ask them some questions. A blog member has a lot of questions.

Robert: Okay.

Me: Can we do that?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Thank you, Erik! Go fetch!

Erik barks like a dog, and Robert laughs.

(Long pause)

Erik: They’re all here.

Robert: These are all gentlemen that died because of police?

Me: Yeah. First I want to say, welcome, and I hope we can shed light on a very controversial subject that has been a tender box for society, and maybe we can bring some peace to a lot of people. First of all, Freddie Gray, can you tell me if there’s anything about your death that we should know about or about the situation surrounding your death?

Robert: He’s kind of quiet. Trayvon is the one who’s more talkative.

Freddie (politely): Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Victims don’t always get the chance to speak. I don’t even like that word, though. I’m not a victim.

Me: Oh, good.

Freddie: That’s what society sees me as. That’s why people get so angry about all of this, but they gotta let that shit go.

Robert: He’s talking like Erik.

Freddie: A lot of stuff is going around about blame. What it’s doing is distracting us from the cause. We have to get down to the cause. If you just keep pointing your finger at everyone like, “He shouldn’t have done this,” and “He shouldn’t have provoked the police,” or “The police provoked him,” or whatever then you’re missing the point. The point it that there’s a reason for it.

Me: And that reason is what?

Freddie: It’s because they feel separate from each other. It’s like, “Okay, this person, whether it’s their race or where they were born or their sexual orientation,” it creates this division between people, and we get into these little camps. Then we don’t do things from a place of love. We do things from a place of fear.

Me: I want to get to the specifics of your death. Let’s start out with how, specifically, you died. How did you break your neck? I mean, they say you were banging your head against the inside of the van. What exactly happened?

Robert: He said no about banging his head. He’s showing me stuff.

Me: Okay.

(Long pause)

Robert: He says something about a seizure, something like a seizure.

Me: Oh, okay. So did you have a seizure that broke your neck?

Robert: Somehow, I’m sorry. I’m trying to figure out what he’s telling me. I’ll just tell you that all spirits communicate differently. Erik is very specific. He’s very easy to talk to, and he’s very—

Me: Conversational.

Robert: Yeah. Other spirits might use a lot of images and may not be big on words, and some mediums might not be able to interpret it right.

Me: Well, let’s ask Erik. Erik, how did he die?

Erik: It was an accident.

Me: Tell me how that accident happened. How did his neck get broken?

Erik: He hit his head.

Robert: How did he hit his head?

Erik: Somebody pushed him. They were being too rough. He hit his head, but it didn’t affect him right away.

Robert: You said he was in a van?

Me: Right. So maybe he had a seizure because of a—

Robert: Right. Something happened when he was having a seizure because I see him shaking and twisting his head. Then his neck broke.

Me: Okay. From hitting his head from the seizure or what?

Erik: No, no. There were people around him. Somebody was holding him. It was this whole culmination of things. So, his head got hit, and later he had a seizure. People were grabbing hold of him, and in the process of doing that, they weren’t holding him right so his neck broke.

Me: Police officers were holding him down?

Robert: I would assume because there were wearing darker clothes. Some of them are.

Erik: It wasn’t on purpose.

Me: Can you take any responsibility for what happened to you, or was it pretty much all the police who were responsible?

Freddie: The responsibility is shared. It’s never just one person’s responsibility. Everyone plays their part.

Robert: Yeah, I don’t know much about this Freddie Gray because I wasn’t following the news.

Me: Well, you resisted arrest, right? I think that was part of it. That can always lead to trouble.

Robert: I guess so. Maybe that’s what caused him to hit his head.

Freddie: It was.

Me: Okay.

Freddie: We’ve got to rebuild trust between each other.

Me: Yeah, we do.

Freddie: We don’t trust each other anymore. We don’t trust the police; we don’t trust each other; we don’t trust our politicians. We don’t trust anybody. Then we all start acting from a place of fear and aggression. That pushes us apart from each other even more, creating more division and all this dysfunction goes on.

Me: It seems like this whole thing with your death and Trayvon’s and Michael Brown’s has just made everybody more distrustful. Erik was the victim of horrible police brutality, and he didn’t do anything wrong, so I can understand. Do you think that the officers, in your case, should have been charged or rather indicted?

Freddie: With the ways that the laws are set up now, it’s not easy. They have to change things, but I’ve got to tell you, even though these horrible things have happened to me and to other people no matter what their race is, but it’s kind of heavy on my side of the fence—

Robert: I guess he means his race.

Freddie: –we have to look at that.

Me: Yeah.

Freddie: We have to look at those divisions because the police force itself is just a reflection of our society and how we feel towards people who are different from us.

Me: Oh, sure.

Freddie: So, we have to change that within our society so that will be reflected in our police force.

Me: Do you feel like racism is super common among police officers?

Freddie: For some people, it is. A lot of it is rooted in fear. When the fear is gone, then all of those other things go away, too. So calling it racism or whatever, of course it’s valid.

Me: So you think racism is rampant among police officers as much as Black Lives Matter seem to think?

Freddie: Well, here’s the thing I gotta say. Sometimes the officers who are doing the shooting are black or of another race.

Me: Yeah.

Freddie: Ultimately, tactics create these scenarios for the police.

Me: What do you mean?

Freddie: The tactics they use [during arrests.] Sometimes that can amp things up. Also, a big part of it is the person’s class. Sometimes people, because of the way they dress or the way they carry themselves, they get labeled as lower class or there’s prejudice associated with that.

Me: Well, I think that’s what happened to Erik. He wore beat up old clothes and a wife-beater t-shirt and a grungy ball cap.

Robert: Yeah.

Erik: That certainly affects things, Mom.

Me (sadly): Mm.

Erik: I can’t tell you how many times I’d be with friends who had an older car, and then they’d get stopped.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Like just because they had an old car with a dent in it.

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Until tomorrow, guys!

R.I.P. Freddie

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  • Cece

    Wow! Isn’t that the way of the world!?! My parents always taught us about representing ourselves in a positive light. How we looked, acted and spoke would most likely be how we are judged. We were a poor Hispanic family in a small, mostly white town with a KKK history. We were never taught about racism. Individuality was stressed the most to myself and 5 siblings and we were never had to share clothes or toys…what each had was their own. I guess in a perfect world it would be great to have harmony and bliss among the classes and the masses but what would we get out of that? I’ve had a lot of adversity and heartache, but I’m happy to have gone through it to find out what I’m made of. I know no racism. My favorite post is “What you think of me is none of my business”

    • I love that quote! My hat’s off to your parents. They sound awesome!

    • 403LEC

      Thank you for your awesome message for all of us Cece 🙂

  • Vivella

    As we reach the end of another year, Elisa, I just want to thank you so much for sharing this space with us, and for all that you do. It cannot always be easy to do so, but I appreciate it so much, and I love who you are! I hope the year ahead will be good to you and all of us here.

  • CJM

    Thank you for all you do, Elisa – and you too, Erik!

  • Paulette Roberts

    Elisa thank you very much for all you do for the blog and in general for your family. You have been through unspeakable pain and I admire your tenacity because I know it’s it’s never easy. God bless you and your family in the new year! Paulette and thank you Erik!

  • Lorri

    People get tripped up on “Black Lives Matter” because it was awkwardly worded. They meant “Black Lives Matter Too”.

    • Warmcozy

      Thank you, Elisa, for interviewing these three deceased gentlemen. This was enlightening. I agree with you, Lorri, that “Black Lives Matter” means “too” and people who respond with “All Lives Matter” miss the intended meaning of “Black Lives Matter”. I’m glad Freddie mentioned the class issue, too. This was a well-balanced interview. Thanks again.

  • T Diaz

    Huge appreciation as always for you, Elisa, for “Roberto,” lol, and for Erik. Love you all and all the CE mediums and peeps. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 🙂

  • Shreya

    I love you Elisa! Seriously, I feel so blessed that you are on this planet to organize all this communication between Erik and the rest of us. May God bless you forever. Hope your family situation gets resolved quickly! All love to you and your family. <3

  • Carol Carey

    Very simply, I am so appreciative of you Elisa. Thank you for your your own shining light to the world, and to Erik who is a friend and teacher to me. May the New Year bring you only happiness and the best of health. <3 Thank you, Robert! Happy New Year to you!

  • Patrick

    There is no such thing as a white, black, yellow or red life. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” points at greater division – not togetherness – by assuming what doesn’t exist in the first place.

    • Warmcozy

      It’s difficult to have togetherness when black people are being unnecessarily killed and brutalized by police significantly more often than others. It’s important to point out the problem in order to work toward resolution and that’s what “Black Lives Matter” does.

      • Yes, it’s a shame. We have to stop seeing each other as separate races, classes, etc. When will we evolve?

      • Warmcozy

        Hopefully sooner rather than later lol. Perhaps we can appreciate our differences and treat each other fairly. Thank you for responding, Elisa! I really enjoy Channeling Erik.

      • You’re so welcome!

    • Yes, using the word “black” does stress separation.

    • kandake27

      For some people it’s easier to ignore the fact that they are a race, if you are not up against institutionalized racism or dealing with a plethora of microaggressions in different areas of your life because you do not look like the dominant race. And you are right race does not exist from a scientific point, because the only race is the human race. But also ignoring the fact that race exist, considering it’s so deeply ingrained in our society, doesn’t work either. Ignoring race is like ignoring their history, culture, and all that comes with it. The first thing you see about a person is their race and their gender– this is not a bad thing. Where the trouble comes in is the bias that you might potentially have about that person(unconscious or conscious). I encourage you and challenge you to read up on Black lives Matter. Know that not only are they are supportive of black lives, but gender and LGBT issues too…. Intersectionality is a key word here… Also I think you might be interested in Carter G. Woodson, as well and maybe W.E.B Dubois… Peace, Soul, light– Its okay to be Woke.

  • Nancy Antia

    Happy New Year, Elisa!

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, we’re blessed to have you. We’re blessed and lucky to have Robert and all the mediums that connect you and us to dear Erik.

    • And I’m blessed to have you all! Nancy, you’ve been such a dear friend for so long.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you!

  • 403LEC

    Elisa….thank you for the opportunity to open our minds and expand our awareness. What you and the mediums offer us is profound. You are making a difference in people’s lives and attitudes. Erik’s messages give us HOPE. Our quality of life is better because of the messages you bring to us. I mean every single word 🙂

  • Blac Kardashian(‿ˠ‿)

    I don’t understand? How was Freddie so talkative, then Robert says he not? He seemed to be talking just fine until asked about his death. Then it just seems like Robert was adding his own words. Also Freddie was hurt “before” being put in the van. Look at the video of his arrest, he was already limp. Again…I think sometimes these are spirits playing tricks. Pretending to be the person you are trying to channel. I truly enjoy the readings though. I really feel in tuned to the ones that seem to really be that spirit coming in. It’s almost as if I can feel the true authenticity.

  • Odilia

    I just got a chance to read this and I’m so happy Erik asked us to give you a shout out. As always I am filled with love while and after reading, hearing or seeing one of yall’s posts. I’m so grateful for “you” and Erik of course. I can’t express enough how glorious it is that through your beautiful heart you’ve managed to transform your tremendous loss and pain into a chain of healing for thousands of people along your spiritual path.

    I’m looking forward to giving you a hug and hanging out when I come out to the Houston for the CE tour! Thank you for opening up your home and heart!!
    Much Love,

    • I’m so glad you’re coming!!!!

    • 403LEC

      Lovely words, Odilia 🙂

  • Lisamarie

    Thank you! There is always a new light
    shed on the topics you and Eric share!
    I think you both are brave and great for
    talking about the tough areas of life on
    planet earth. Anything that can bring unity and oneness is so needed and I
    am thankful, this is sight for helpful answers to so many questions. I refer many people. Thanks for keeping it simple and real. And of corse thanks to
    all the people who Eric speaks through.
    Here’s to elevating all with love and light , Happy New Year!

  • Kandake27

    Hi. As an African American I strongly identify as being a black female. Since I live in the earthly realm at this very moment, and I experience prejudice as a female and as a black person I have no choice but to identify as that. When a person is a minority and their people have experienced historical trauma, there is a tendency to feel closer to that culture,( Jewish ppl,etc). I do not think it is separation to want to empower your own culture, ethnicity, gender,sexuality, when the power structure is telling you that you are inferior or less than human. We need this to empower ourselves. Specifically when you are a person of color, there tends to be issues such as internalized racism, colorism, skin bleaching industry is a billion dollar industry. I think every movement is deserving of respect and I believe all lives matter, but certain movements need to have the spot light on them otherwisw they get drained out and ignored( black lives matter movement, black power movement, lgbt movement, Women’s movement, Chicano movement,etc.)
    *for example: Breast cancer awareness is a serious issue. They have fundraisers and walks too. But it would be disrespebeing. to come into a talk, or event and talk about lung cancer. Not that it shouldn’t be talked about, it’s just the wrong place and wrong time, considering we’re spotlighting this particular issue.
    P.s.: this is my perspective as a gender studies student, person of color, woman, and human being. When we talk about things like this we have to consider our history and how it impacts the descendants of today. Thank you!

    • 403LEC

      Kandake…you make a very good point. Thank you.

    • Good points!

    • Nancy Antia

      You’re so right, Kandake. I’m from Argentina and I live here. I always feel it’s too bad we don’t have black people here. We’re mostly descendants of europeans. I feel that way because all races have their culture, their particular and unique way of approaching life, understanding human endevours and all the drama that we ‘re never away from. The richness black people have simply lacks in my country. Argentine people say they’re not racists. I believe we’re not as a whole. Have you ever been here? It’s a beautiful country, mind you!

      • kandake27

        I’ve never been there, but I would love to go there one day! Have you ever visited the U.S.?

      • Nancy Antia

        Yes, I lived in Toledo, Ohio for just six months when I was 16 as an exchange student. I finished my high school there. I made some friends from there and also from other countries as well. Nice experience.

  • 403LEC

    I LOVE your spirit Odilia 🙂

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