I cannot imagine my life without Erik, Elisa, the Blog, the Facebook group. I’m not new to the concept of connecting to other dimensional planes. But what I LOVE most is the genuine authenticity I feel from Erik!! He has been able to merge his understanding of being human, with his extraordinary knowledge of the Big Picture and present it in a way that is both interesting, educational, enlightening, and fun!!! Elisa, what can I say, she is so kind, sincere, loving. Her journey has touched me to my soul! Her contribution is creating a healing globally for families who are suffering and drowning in their grief over losing a loved one, especially a child! They may not realize it, but energetically, it’s happening. And it’s going to get better and better! I’m soooo grateful that their work is reaching a broader public audience!!
They don’t “know” me, and I only know what I have read. But that’s not where it ends.. Because I truly love this family! And all of those they reach, and beyond.
I’m grateful beyond measure! I appreciate deeply. I’m proud to be a part of this in any way. And it’s my guess that whomever listens to that little voice guiding them in this direction, or Eriks loud obnoxious presence pacing their floors, if they listen.. Their lives will be forever inspired.
Thank you!! Thank you Elisa for all the work you do!!! Thank you and your family for sharing your beautiful, (handsome) brave, courageous son with us. Thank you for loving us in return.

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