Are You Whole or Skim?

I’m just about to leave for the Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment. I’m beyond excited! Can’t wait to meet you guys who are going, too. I won’t be posting tomorrow, but when I get back, I can’t wait to transcribe and post both my first session with Robert and Erik’s answer to Marcie’s Ask Erik submission!


Me: What do we look like to you, Erik?

Erik: People.


Erik: Dense. Milky.

Jamie: Milky?

(Pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie: He’s trying to describe.

Erik: You know, we’re so clear and fluid like water, and then when we go to work with people, they’re kind of dense and milky. You can’t see through milk.

Me: Kind of like sewage water?


Jamie (chuckling): For once he’s not going to go the nasty route. He goes, “No, not like sewage water.”

Me: Oh, okay. We just look like milk. Is it homogenized, whole, skim?

Erik: Whole milk

Jamie (giggling): He’s cutting up.

Me: Okay. Anything else on how we look.

Erik: No. Just dense.

Me: Well, some of us are. Well, what do we feel when you touch us, and what do you feel?

Erik: What do humans feel when I touch them? Mostly goosebumps, tingles.

I can vouch for that. If you guys ever get those prickles, it might be Erik giving you a hug.

Me: Definitely. I felt that.

Pause while Jamie shakes her head. Clearly Erik has said something inappropriate. Big surprise.

Jamie: He said something completely irrelevant and nasty that I’m skipping.

Me: Oh good. Please do.

What was I thinking? Of course I wanted her to share it. Dammit.

Jamie: You wanted to skip that. That’s good.

Not really. I lied. I think I just wanted to spare the poor girl.

Erik: Sometimes if I get really close to the person, I make them feel like they can’t take a deep breath. There’s this technique in the afterlife when we’re helping a human go through [something] whether it’s grief or anxiety, a hardship that they’re making harder on themselves because of the way that they’re perceiving it. We kind of get up in their energy, and we’ll wrap them like a cocoon almost. Think of it as a big bear hug.


Erik: We wrap them in energy and just let them know that they’re not alone. They’re with someone, and often I find that people can’t catch their breath, so they’ll take a big gasp. So, that’s mostly my big signals.

Me: Mm hm.

I gasp like that all the time!

Erik: Then what I feel when I touch humans—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, that doesn’t register. He goes, “You know, kind of what it feels like when you walk through a wall.” And I’m like, ‘Yuh.’ (It’s hard to spell out the sound she made, but she shakes her head at the same time.)

Me (laughing): I don’t think so! We’d just get big goose eggs on our forehead if we did that.

Erik: Well, it’s kind of like when you put your cold feet in a hot tub. You dip your toes in there, and it burns, and you pull it out, but you kind of get used to it. You’re pushing through the heat. The heat’s is transferring all through the toes and the foot and everything. The water still stays [where it is], but the heat moves through. It has a, you know, an energetic response I guess on the inside, you could say. I guess that’s what it would feel like. At first, you kind of enter into the person’s energetic field, that big thing that you carry with you. That’s kind of easy. You’re like, “Oh, now I know the person, and I know what they’re thinking and feeling,” but when you enter into the body, it’s like toes stepping into the tub. You’re like, “Oooh.” You gotta get used to it. Sometimes—


Jamie: I’m asking him what “sometimes” means.


Jamie (to Erik, smiling): Eighty percent. That’s fine.

Erik: Eighty percent of the time you need permission to enter that person’s body. There’s probably 20% of the people that just don’t even notice, don’t even care. There are probably 40% of the people that notice when it happens but just kind of shrugs it off where you have to ask permission to work with that person further.

Me: Do you ask them on a conscious level, or –

Erik: No, no. Subconscious level. If it were on a conscious level, I’d fucking scare them out of their skin!

I giggle.

Erik: There’s about 40% who are highly aware that when they get that sensation, they know what’s going on.

That’s me. I’m in the 40% club. Yay.

Erik: They have boundaries clearly set, and you have to ask before you even attempt.


Erik: I can’t wait until everybody gets to be that way.

Me: Me too.


Jamie: He just got really calm and he’s like, “Yeah, that’s going to be fucking cool when everybody’s catching up to the concept of energetic bodies.”

Erik: You know, it doesn’t even have to be described as “spiritual” or “mysticism”. Fuck all that terminology. Just people waking up and being aware of the energetic body.


Jamie: He’s sitting down and nodding his head, and he goes, “Yeah. That’d be cool.”

Jamie laughs, and I follow shortly.

Me: That’s Erik! Erik, do you have anything else to say?

Erik: No.

Jamie: He’s trying to dance again.

Me: Oh, please don’t. Please don’t, Erik. You’re going to break a leg. An energetic leg.


Jamie (grinning widely): I have no idea what he’s doing. It’s funny, though. You don’t realize how leggy and arm-y he is.

Me: Oh, his is.

Jamie: He’s thin, but normally his arms are kind of always [close] to his body, or he has them sort of curled up.

She crosses her arms exactly like Erik used to do.

Jamie: You never get to see his wingspan until he pulls some of these things. Wow.

Me: He crossed his arms all the time. That’s pretty much how he walks. Pacing and crossing his arms.

I never remember him having his arms away from his body except for those lovely hugs.

Jamie: He’s—

Me: Spiderman!

Jamie: Yes.

She and I both laugh.

Jamie (to Erik, waving her hand at him): Sit down!

Me: How about you, Jamie. Do you have anything else to say?

Jamie: Mm mm. I just want to thank Erik for not messing with the videos anymore. The screen stayed exactly the same. Nothing shrunk or collapsed or—

Me: Thank you, Erik!


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