Ask Erik: Danielle’s Question

Danielle, long time member of the Channeling Erik family, asks a question that I believe many of us struggle with at some point in our lives. Hopefully, several of you will benefit from the answers Erik provides.

Danielle’s Question

I have had transcendent experiences in dreams many times over including one in which I went through the tunnel and was summoned to the light. The light was beautiful, accepting unconditional and swept through every inner crinkle wrinkle crabby and hurt place within me. Many psychic’s have said I would be successful and or famous. I realized a long time ago that being a good person was more important than being a good artist, but consequently I became a good artist because of that priority. I have really struggled on the earth plane in spite of all these illuminated experiences. In spite of all the work I have done to heal myself, to be a loving friend, daughter, lover etc. I am not fulfilled on any level. It was grinding in the 1990′s and it’s like everything just stopped at the beginning of this decade on that inner plane and the earth plane is torturous. I am in deep credit card debt since this recession. I didn’t have a credit card until I was 48.My family is often hostile to me. My friends have either abandoned me or many have crossed over. I have struggled so hard to be true to my deepest inner promptings. More than 20 yrs. ago I once asked for a dream to know my purpose. After many months I woke up with this: Write The Self Here On Paper. In another dream, I was told I had finally found my work, I’m a Healer. And one morning I woke up knowing I wanted to help women know what they want. At any rate, after applying my whole self to being true to my deepest self, faced tons of rejection through acting/writing/love, I am lost, incredibly lonely, very scared and in need of help. I fight suicidal thoughts. I doubt highly I will act on. My energy is so low and I seem to be stuck behind a beautiful door that will not budge open for me. Thank you for listening and wishing all the best for you and yours, Danielle (Age 57, Bethlehem, PA.)

Channeling Transcript of the Session with Kim

Me: Okay, now, the next one, Erik—how you holding up? You okay?

Erik (looking surprised): Oh, great, Mom, great!

Me: Aw. Good, Baby! Now this is from Danielle. She’s 57 years old living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She’s had lots of amazing spiritual experiences in dreams, near death experiences, or out of body experiences—I can’t remember which—but she has really, really struggled on the earthly plane. She’s not at all fulfilled on any level, and her family and many of her friends have either abandoned her or passed on.

Erik (interrupting me): Okay, this is a classic situation of someone who is in an elevator stuck between floors. She’s left a chapter of her life where she’s done dealing with the issues she’s talking about. Now, she’s entering a brand new chapter of her life, um, that is happier than she’s ever known.

Me: Yeah, but she says she feels like she’s stuck behind this beautiful door that just won’t open for her, so—

Erik: It’s because her angels are trying to get her to do certain things that will earn her the opportunity to get that door open. So look, Danielle needs to find a job to support herself, cuz the last thing she needs to do is move back home, and she already knows this. She’s dreading it. That’s the LAST thing she needs to do, Mom. Does she really want to plunge herself into that dysfunction again, or has she really moved beyond it. She needs to ask herself that question.

Me: Yeah,

Erik: And so if she says, “Well, it’s the latter. I feel like I’ve moved beyond it,” then there’s no way in Hell she should move back home.

Me: Yes, yes.

Erik: She needs to get a job, another job to support herself, and she’s gonna make a whole lot of new friends, ones that represent where she is now. I call it “The Big Purge.” Every once in a while in our lives when we move into a brand new chapter, sometimes we purge family members and friends that we don’t share issues with or those who we’ve completed our spiritual contracts with. So this is her time. This is a fantastic time for her. She’s reconstructing all of her life!

Me: Oh!

Erik: It’s a matter of her getting a job and then manifesting, asking her angels to bring new friends into her life who are where she is, who are at her same level of enlightenment. She’s building a whole new life, so she needs to look into the future NOT THE PAST!!

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: She needs to stay where she is; no she won’t be in Pennsylvania all the rest of her life, but she’s meant to stay there now. A year from now, her life could be totally, totally rebuilt, and brand new, um, and it will continue to rebuild as she puts one foot in front of the other all through the coming year. But the worst thing she could do, uh, she’ll be taking 500 million giant steps backwards if she moves back home.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: She doesn’t like the thought of getting a regular job—

Me: What kind of job?

Erik: —but she has a choice: She can do that or move back home, and that’s no choice to make.

Me: Mmm. So what kind of job are we looking at here?

Erik: Okay, look, we’re talking about a career move, not her life’s work. That’s gonna be different. It’s not the time for her to get into her life’s work. So this is a career move. This is how she’s gonna be eating, paying rent and—She needs to get a job as an office manager in like a holistic clinic like someone who does acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, or someone who’s a nutritionist, or like a yoga studio—for her to be an office manager and run the whole place. She’s gonna shit hearing this, because she’s not gonna like the idea, but it’ll surround her with a network of like-minded friends. It’ll also give her a sense of accomplishment, and it’ll be a healthy environment for her too. So she’d be walking in and going, “Awww” instead of walking in and going, “Oh, fuck.” Anyway, that’s what I recommend.

Me: Good! Thank you so much Erik!

Erik: Time to start distancing herself from her family.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Sometimes we feel guilty or that it’s kinda hard to do because we share DNA with ‘em, but…

Danielle’s Response

Thanks E&E & K and whoever else was in on this info. Gives me something to think about. The last place I’d want to work is in an office. I will keep my eyes open for something like this to open. Work is very scarce around here. I have been looking actively since Dec.07.Been painting houses for many, many years now and it all fell through Jan 08 thus the job search. As far as moving back with my parents it IS the last thing I would do… however there is a practical aspect to this. It’s called no money and a very possible bankruptcy on my part. Thanks again though.

I’ll keep at my guides in terms of manifesting some new friends and alternatives. And I’ll keep plugging away at Acting/theater/film/Writing. And the idea of going back to college keeps circulating in my brain. Elisa, Erik, thanks for being there and if I can help you, let me know.  xxxooo Danielle

Danielle sounded so unconvinced that I decided to ask Erik again, this time through a channeling session with Jamie Butler, scheduled four days later. I was amazed, no—stunned—by the similarities. Of course, for me, this was yet another confirmation that all of my new beliefs were justified. Very comforting, indeed.

Channeling Transcript of the Session with Jamie

(Here’s what Erik had to say through Jamie after I gave him the exact same introductory information.)

Erik: She’s a woman who has a memory of what it’s like to be “Beyond.”

Me: Okay.

Erik: And she has the desire to make it so on Earth, but she can’t because on the earthly plane, we have these different ideas of what “good” is, of what “love” is. Danielle just can’t grasp that, so when she reaches for it, people judge her as being different and well, friggin’ out of her mind, you know?

Me (chuckling): Yeah, I know from personal experience, myself! I’m sure people have had those same thoughts about me whenever I go into my new belief system.

Erik: Yeah, it’s like people say, “You’re so crazy; that’s not true!” But for her, it is actual truth. What’ll help her feel better—she’s gotta find like-minded people and to see it as an opportunity that everyone around her is not supporting her so it’s time to say goodbye, um, this is a time for closure so that she can—(pause)—Eventually, she’s going to move, physically move to a location where people understand what her connection to the “Beyond” really is. She’s not really a gifted psychic or anything, but what it really is—it’s her sense of living that way on a daily basis on the earthly plane, living the way we do over here in “The Beyond.”.

Me: Okay. Any ideas as far as career or life’s work, Erik?

Erik: Well, for her life’s work, she’s a teacher, a natural born teacher, but not like public school.

Me: What kind of teaching would best suit her?

Erik (laughing softly): I really think she just needs to turn her life completely upside down and go with like yoga, meditation, something spiritual, like spiritual teaching.

Me: Good, interesting. Meanwhile, she needs to pay the bills, so what should she do as a temporary career?

Erik: To draw like-minded people to her, she needs to look into a job as an office manager in a yoga studio—something like that.

At this point, my jaw dropped. How much more alike can two readings be? I just hope this leaves little doubt in Danielle’s mind about what she is destined to do, how she’s destined to live, and who she’s destined to become. When I put myself in her shoes, I know that I would look upon these radical changes with fear. But fear draws to us what we do not want and should not have. Love is the opposite of fear, so I will send her all the love I can until she finds the courage to take the steps she needs to take.

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