Ask Erik: Danielle’s Question

Danielle, long time member of the Channeling Erik family, asks a question that I believe many of us struggle with at some point in our lives. Hopefully, several of you will benefit from the answers Erik provides.

Danielle’s Question

I have had transcendent experiences in dreams many times over including one in which I went through the tunnel and was summoned to the light. The light was beautiful, accepting unconditional and swept through every inner crinkle wrinkle crabby and hurt place within me. Many psychic’s have said I would be successful and or famous. I realized a long time ago that being a good person was more important than being a good artist, but consequently I became a good artist because of that priority. I have really struggled on the earth plane in spite of all these illuminated experiences. In spite of all the work I have done to heal myself, to be a loving friend, daughter, lover etc. I am not fulfilled on any level. It was grinding in the 1990′s and it’s like everything just stopped at the beginning of this decade on that inner plane and the earth plane is torturous. I am in deep credit card debt since this recession. I didn’t have a credit card until I was 48.My family is often hostile to me. My friends have either abandoned me or many have crossed over. I have struggled so hard to be true to my deepest inner promptings. More than 20 yrs. ago I once asked for a dream to know my purpose. After many months I woke up with this: Write The Self Here On Paper. In another dream, I was told I had finally found my work, I’m a Healer. And one morning I woke up knowing I wanted to help women know what they want. At any rate, after applying my whole self to being true to my deepest self, faced tons of rejection through acting/writing/love, I am lost, incredibly lonely, very scared and in need of help. I fight suicidal thoughts. I doubt highly I will act on. My energy is so low and I seem to be stuck behind a beautiful door that will not budge open for me. Thank you for listening and wishing all the best for you and yours, Danielle (Age 57, Bethlehem, PA.)

Channeling Transcript of the Session with Kim

Me: Okay, now, the next one, Erik—how you holding up? You okay?

Erik (looking surprised): Oh, great, Mom, great!

Me: Aw. Good, Baby! Now this is from Danielle. She’s 57 years old living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She’s had lots of amazing spiritual experiences in dreams, near death experiences, or out of body experiences—I can’t remember which—but she has really, really struggled on the earthly plane. She’s not at all fulfilled on any level, and her family and many of her friends have either abandoned her or passed on.

Erik (interrupting me): Okay, this is a classic situation of someone who is in an elevator stuck between floors. She’s left a chapter of her life where she’s done dealing with the issues she’s talking about. Now, she’s entering a brand new chapter of her life, um, that is happier than she’s ever known.

Me: Yeah, but she says she feels like she’s stuck behind this beautiful door that just won’t open for her, so—

Erik: It’s because her angels are trying to get her to do certain things that will earn her the opportunity to get that door open. So look, Danielle needs to find a job to support herself, cuz the last thing she needs to do is move back home, and she already knows this. She’s dreading it. That’s the LAST thing she needs to do, Mom. Does she really want to plunge herself into that dysfunction again, or has she really moved beyond it. She needs to ask herself that question.

Me: Yeah,

Erik: And so if she says, “Well, it’s the latter. I feel like I’ve moved beyond it,” then there’s no way in Hell she should move back home.

Me: Yes, yes.

Erik: She needs to get a job, another job to support herself, and she’s gonna make a whole lot of new friends, ones that represent where she is now. I call it “The Big Purge.” Every once in a while in our lives when we move into a brand new chapter, sometimes we purge family members and friends that we don’t share issues with or those who we’ve completed our spiritual contracts with. So this is her time. This is a fantastic time for her. She’s reconstructing all of her life!

Me: Oh!

Erik: It’s a matter of her getting a job and then manifesting, asking her angels to bring new friends into her life who are where she is, who are at her same level of enlightenment. She’s building a whole new life, so she needs to look into the future NOT THE PAST!!

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: She needs to stay where she is; no she won’t be in Pennsylvania all the rest of her life, but she’s meant to stay there now. A year from now, her life could be totally, totally rebuilt, and brand new, um, and it will continue to rebuild as she puts one foot in front of the other all through the coming year. But the worst thing she could do, uh, she’ll be taking 500 million giant steps backwards if she moves back home.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: She doesn’t like the thought of getting a regular job—

Me: What kind of job?

Erik: —but she has a choice: She can do that or move back home, and that’s no choice to make.

Me: Mmm. So what kind of job are we looking at here?

Erik: Okay, look, we’re talking about a career move, not her life’s work. That’s gonna be different. It’s not the time for her to get into her life’s work. So this is a career move. This is how she’s gonna be eating, paying rent and—She needs to get a job as an office manager in like a holistic clinic like someone who does acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, or someone who’s a nutritionist, or like a yoga studio—for her to be an office manager and run the whole place. She’s gonna shit hearing this, because she’s not gonna like the idea, but it’ll surround her with a network of like-minded friends. It’ll also give her a sense of accomplishment, and it’ll be a healthy environment for her too. So she’d be walking in and going, “Awww” instead of walking in and going, “Oh, fuck.” Anyway, that’s what I recommend.

Me: Good! Thank you so much Erik!

Erik: Time to start distancing herself from her family.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Sometimes we feel guilty or that it’s kinda hard to do because we share DNA with ‘em, but…

Danielle’s Response

Thanks E&E & K and whoever else was in on this info. Gives me something to think about. The last place I’d want to work is in an office. I will keep my eyes open for something like this to open. Work is very scarce around here. I have been looking actively since Dec.07.Been painting houses for many, many years now and it all fell through Jan 08 thus the job search. As far as moving back with my parents it IS the last thing I would do… however there is a practical aspect to this. It’s called no money and a very possible bankruptcy on my part. Thanks again though.

I’ll keep at my guides in terms of manifesting some new friends and alternatives. And I’ll keep plugging away at Acting/theater/film/Writing. And the idea of going back to college keeps circulating in my brain. Elisa, Erik, thanks for being there and if I can help you, let me know.  xxxooo Danielle

Danielle sounded so unconvinced that I decided to ask Erik again, this time through a channeling session with Jamie Butler, scheduled four days later. I was amazed, no—stunned—by the similarities. Of course, for me, this was yet another confirmation that all of my new beliefs were justified. Very comforting, indeed.

Channeling Transcript of the Session with Jamie

(Here’s what Erik had to say through Jamie after I gave him the exact same introductory information.)

Erik: She’s a woman who has a memory of what it’s like to be “Beyond.”

Me: Okay.

Erik: And she has the desire to make it so on Earth, but she can’t because on the earthly plane, we have these different ideas of what “good” is, of what “love” is. Danielle just can’t grasp that, so when she reaches for it, people judge her as being different and well, friggin’ out of her mind, you know?

Me (chuckling): Yeah, I know from personal experience, myself! I’m sure people have had those same thoughts about me whenever I go into my new belief system.

Erik: Yeah, it’s like people say, “You’re so crazy; that’s not true!” But for her, it is actual truth. What’ll help her feel better—she’s gotta find like-minded people and to see it as an opportunity that everyone around her is not supporting her so it’s time to say goodbye, um, this is a time for closure so that she can—(pause)—Eventually, she’s going to move, physically move to a location where people understand what her connection to the “Beyond” really is. She’s not really a gifted psychic or anything, but what it really is—it’s her sense of living that way on a daily basis on the earthly plane, living the way we do over here in “The Beyond.”.

Me: Okay. Any ideas as far as career or life’s work, Erik?

Erik: Well, for her life’s work, she’s a teacher, a natural born teacher, but not like public school.

Me: What kind of teaching would best suit her?

Erik (laughing softly): I really think she just needs to turn her life completely upside down and go with like yoga, meditation, something spiritual, like spiritual teaching.

Me: Good, interesting. Meanwhile, she needs to pay the bills, so what should she do as a temporary career?

Erik: To draw like-minded people to her, she needs to look into a job as an office manager in a yoga studio—something like that.

At this point, my jaw dropped. How much more alike can two readings be? I just hope this leaves little doubt in Danielle’s mind about what she is destined to do, how she’s destined to live, and who she’s destined to become. When I put myself in her shoes, I know that I would look upon these radical changes with fear. But fear draws to us what we do not want and should not have. Love is the opposite of fear, so I will send her all the love I can until she finds the courage to take the steps she needs to take.

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  • Steve

    Elisa, that made me fall off my chair!
    If THAT is not confirmation, that you are tuned into the same source here, then I don’t what is!
    I’m so psyched that Kim and Jamie are sending us the same Erik. No doubt in my mind, that is AWESOME!

    Would you please reach out to Jamie and share this story? I think she would be totally psyched to hear this!

    • Of course I will, Steve! In fact, I’m talking to her Friday and have set up sessions twice a month!

  • Pat

    Hey Elisa…it would be interesting to ask Erik when you use another channeler AFTER the reading if he realized that you were asking about the same person twice? Does he have an awareness of separate incidences of the channeling experiences? I know time is not a factor where he is…so I am just curious how this all fits together.

    And, thank you so much Danielle for asking this question. I, too, have felt so much out of place on this plane all my life. I feel that I just don’t fit in and am always dismayed and disappointed how people treat each other on Earth when we are really all ONE.

    I have always felt I belonged in another alternate universe where love prevails and not fear. This is probably due to my experience with the Light as well. It really does change your perspective.

    But keep up the faith Danielle…I, like Elisa, feel you must follow the path of love and fear not what changes are ahead…embrace it, own it and you will be happier than you ever thought possible which I am positive you already know in your heart!

    Love and hugs to you Danielle, Elisa, Erik, Kim and Jamie and all the rest of this amazing group {{{hugs}}}


    • I feel the same way, Pat. I feel like I belong more in the spiritual world than here. It’s hard to see the rampant fear generate hate. When I was typing up the two transcripts, I wondered about why Erik didn’t say, “Hey, I already told you this four days ago!” But I guess I was a little nervous about letting Jamie know that I had just asked the same questions of Kim and vice versa. Maybe Erik picked up on that and had my back???

  • Donna B

    Hi Elisa and all,
    I’ve been quiet lately, but faithfully reading daily. Time to chime in 🙂 I love Pat’s question because I was thinking the same thing. Even better then was reading Elisa’s reply saying she thought the same thing! I love it! We all really are in this together! Once in awhile I get goosebumps on my leg or arm– just one side. I always think of Erik and hope it is him, but wonder if he’d know who I am. He did say my daughters were hot so he should know! Ha!
    I had a 1/2 hour reading with Rose Vanden Eynden last week. It went lightning fast. I scheduled with her because I just read her newest book. She tuned right in to my Father, brother and mother that passed. That was so neat. I barely uttered a word. Elisa, thank you for your honesty and open feelings/thoughts you share. Life has changed for me since you entered my days! Hugs and more hugs. D

    • Hugs back, Donna. I have a call in to Cherri so we’ll see what happens!

  • Pat

    You know what Elisa…that could be that Erik had your back. I didn’t realize that telling Jamie you were asking the same question might imply that maybe you were questioning the process. I see your point.

    I guess what I am more interested in is the whole time thing on the other side. I would assume that Erik may not have noticed the repetition of the questions since things seem to “happen” all at the same “time”? To him, maybe this question didn’t really occur twice??

    • Wow, that’s mind bending!

  • Skoshi

    Good morning. : D

    Erik’s repeated advice for Danielle to get a job where she will be surrounded by like-minded people reminded me of the Three Jewels of Buddhism…where Buddha said we have three refuges: The Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha. It seems like Danielle has been having a rough time and really could use refuge. So Danielle needs the support of the Buddha…the Source. The memories of the wonderful experiences her guides have given her and the ones she will have in the future which have been provided by Universal Energy. The dharma…the truth of the way things really are. And the sangha…fellowship with like-minded people. This blog is great, but it would be wonderful for her to rub elbows daily who know in their gut that she is on the right path and will encourage her walk and not throw up roadblocks. We support you, Danielle!

  • John

    Elisa…this too really opened my eyes. I love how Erik describes what he calls “The Big Purge”. I’ve been going through that very same distancing of family and friends for the last few years now, without really knowing why and sometimes it really really hurts. This helps me feel better about my decisions. Thank you

  • Danielle Notaro

    Hi everyone, thanks for the encouragement. Now that I have the two whole readings in front of me they give me something more to work with and hold onto.

    I didn’t always feel out of place on this earth. I had friends and lovers. It’s not so much me holding onto the past. I think it is the reverberations and effects of what I have been going through over the past 20 years and especially the last 3 that is taking a toll.
    In terms of the advice of finding work in some kind of healing place, well the fact is that work is scarce here. We are in this recession/depression. I have sent out over 1,000 apps or resumes on line. I have gone to many places in person. Now it seems to be a matter of who you know more than ever that helps you get a job. Just the other day I went to St. Luke’s hospital they had an open session for a few reserve jobs for maintenance work. I was early and so were the other 60 people. And that was just into the first 15 mins. They were accepting people for 2 more hrs! And then after all that you had to go home and apply on line anyway! Which I already had. See, nearly 3 years of this is bound to wear a soul down. I’m doing my best to keep my chin up. Fortunately, my birthday is on 9/11 so my mom gave me some money. I will repay her at some point with painting work. I also ran into an old painting client who might have work for me in the middle of this month. Still, the credit card crisis is looming for me. Anyone want to be a patron/sponsor for this writer/actor/house painter? I could help you in these ways in return.

    I am not ungrateful for the time you took Elisa or that Erik and Kim took to look into my life. I said I would keep my ears open and look around for work of the sort he suggested. There are slim pickings here. Keep that in my mind. I have asked people whose establishments I frequent for work. They are hiring young people if anyone at all. Someone I know worked for a chiropractor. She looks young for her age. He flipped out when he found out she was in her 50’s. Why? Because he would have to pay more to insure her.

    It’s also a matter of synthesizing the info that came through with what I have gotten from my deepest source within my self and from legitimate, equally astute medium’s and channeler’s such as Kim and Jamie. I have been told my work is as a healer. I have been told I am psychic. I am told I am a teacher. I am told I am a writer. I have been doing all this all my life.

    At 57 on the 11th it gets a little buggy to hear it’s not time yet to do my life’s work.

    I just want to address the synchronicity of Kim and Jamie getting same info. I have had many readings. And several of those readers have had same feedback. Especially around acting/writing. And one time 2 of them who lived in two different states said who is David. Just be aware that you could get pregnant with him. Um, ok. At the time I had a long time lover. Joan. There was no David. Maybe they were picking up on some other plane of reality or some parallel reality. Not saying that is so for Jamie and Kim. Just that I keep this in mind when receiving the info. I’m not rejecting it. Just as I said synthesizing it.

    Thanks for listening. The best thing out of this reading for me is this:

    “She’s left a chapter of her life where she’s done dealing with the issues she’s talking about. Now, she’s entering a brand new chapter of her life, um, that is happier than she’s ever known.”

    Love you, Danielle

    • We are all going to pray for you Danielle. That line about how you’re entering a new chapter in your life that is happier than you’ve ever known–I loved it to and I believe it is right. Oh, and I hope I didn’t make it sound like you were ungrateful! You’re very important to me, Girl, and that’s one reason (among others) that I wanted two readings for you!! You’re right about digesting these readings! I make a habit of waiting a week or two, even a month or two, to review my own readings again. Sometimes, that’s when the real epiphanies occur!

  • Skoshi

    Networking IS everything. Fortunately, you have friends in high places! The VERY HIGHEST of places. We will ask Universal Energy to pull strings for you!

    About 3 years ago, I set out to get my hair cut. This was in Northern NY – further north than Lake Placid, if you know where that is – a 2 1/2 hr. drive north of Albany. The only road to Lake Placid was closed because of a water main break. I headed back to Saranac Lake to a spa that looked outside of my price range, and when I went in, they had booklets on the counter about a Reiki Master who rented space in the spa. Danielle, I had been looking for a good Reiki practitioner since leaving Annapolis many years before. I NEVER thought I’d find someone in Saranac Lake who does Reiki. It’s a town of 5,000 who can’t afford spending money on that kind of thing. If the water main hadn’t broken, I never would have walked into that spa. Hethyrre has helped me grow spiritually in a way I hadn’t in the previous 60 years! NEVER discount the power of your connections.

    The North Country has 26% unemployment in the winter when the economy is GOOD! Even worse in these times. I know Pa. is in trouble, but you’ll be OK. We’ll add our voices to yours. Love, Skoshi

    • Come to Texas, Danielle! The economy is great here! Lots of jobs! No state income tax!

  • Shawna

    Hi Danielle,
    I can relate to you too girlfriend. I have been feeling a bit of the same way. I’m ready for a life change and feel stuck. Not so sure about my current relationship or job but dont’ want to move back home unless I really have to, to get back on my feet. But we have to not worry or fret or have that fear and know that we will be taken care of. Don’t let your beliefs limit you! See I’m almost talking to myself here too. lol So this is good for me too. I bet your kind of like me and we can give some good advise but when it comes to ourselves it’s not the same-we should take our own advise more often. I think you are a healer. You seem so self confident and you speak so eloquently and wise. But I sense this energy from you that won’t let people in, or not many, you put up too many walls, let them down. Let people in-shine your light girl! You’ve got so much to share and teach. I love what you share here. I never really thought about that we had to “earn” an opportunity, but I think maybe we set that up on the other side, things we want to go through to learn from and help our souls growth. Also, I bet you planned on remembering what it was like from beyond when you decided to reincarnate and to bring some of that here. You took on some challenges-you’re going to rack up some points for this life. (I’m kidding with you about the points, but you are really evolving…I just sense that). Also, never thought about there being a right time to start your life’s purpose but maybe that’s also a part of it and getting us ready for it.
    This was something I read yesterday and it kind of relates here so I”m going to post the link it’s Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Message for August 2010
    Posted by Imtotallysirius on

    A Lightworker is a soul who has chosen to incarnate at this time to help expand the vibration of loving and light on this planet. Lightworkers often do not know their destiny right away. In most it is latent and awakens after life-changing events.Lightworkers share a special connection with the Beings of Light who reside in the realms of Spirit. For each Lightworker there is a Chorus of Light on the other side helping them with their mission. Many Lightworkers have had challenging journey’s prior to their awakening. This is not due to a punitive nature; instead it is designed so that they can burn through energetic residue for themselves and others. It is by moving through Shadow experiences that many Lightworkers find their compassion, empathy and loving nature.

    If you are reading this, you are a Lightworker. You are here to help uplift the vibration of loving and light on the planet. And please don’t attach this to needing to do anything. You don’t have to go out and work in a soup kitchen or give all your worldly possessions away (unless that sparks your heart with joy and purpose — if that’s the case then, please, by all means, follow your heart!) Just by you being here, being you, you are making a difference. Who you are is everything. You are a being of Light, And we need you here. Thank you for agreeing to be born at this wonderful time in history.

    Do you feel a sense of time urgency within you?
    Do you feel draw to help humanity?
    Do you feel draw to spirituality?
    Do you get a persistent ringing sound in your ear?
    Have you been told by others that you are too sensitive?
    Do you feel different from others?
    Do you believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation?
    Do you know that you are here for a higher purpose?

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know PEACE…Jimi Hendrix

    Excuse me while I kiss the sky…Jimi Hendrix
    Love & Light,

    • Yes to all of those for me!! Now I know why I feel like such an oddball at times! And I bet you’re right that all the members of this blog are lightworkers. Maybe this is how we’re meant to meet and unite for a common purpose.

  • Danielle Notaro

    Aww, aren’t you just a honey. xo

  • Grace

    Danielle – I do hope that things work out for you and that you ARE entering into brand new happy chapter of your life. But I understand your need to synthesize.

    I lucked out the other day and got in to see a clairvoyant/healer – my first time with anything like this so I didn’t know what to expect.

    He contacted a brother (suicide) and two other other family members. He told me afterwards that I was “dead” and that my brother acted like a sociopath and some more stuff that really set me back.

    WTF? I have spent a year working on my own energy/spiritual path and talking/sending love to my brother only to hear this? I am trying to synthesize this info as well and only hope that my next go-round is more clear and gives me something I can hold on to.

    love and light,

  • Danielle Notaro

    Hey Shawna, I’m just tapped, you know? I have done everything that my faculties are capable of in living from my most honest self. In terms of having a wall up, I am discerning when it comes to letting people in, but mostly I am a fairly open person. I lost the support system that took a long time to find and build. We are talking people who are on the same path as us. As well as sharing some other commonalities like acting/writing. When that is in place then I can stretch to others who aren’t necessarily in the same groove. It’s important to have a strong base or family, however you define family. I have always had a mixed bunch of friends. In terms of race, intellectual level, political affiliation, sexual identification, economic strata, and age. I have reached out to create new friends. It just hasn’t been reciprocal. And this area is just beginning to come out of its shell. On the contrary, I am pretty good at taking my own advice for the most part. I am pretty flexible.Though tired. Determined though a bit worn. And doing my best to take care of myself. Thanks for the input.

  • Danielle Notaro

    Yes. I did read Texas economy is good. Though I think the advice was that I would stay here. And as much as my parents and I have conflict, I don’t know if I am going anywhere until after they pass. Though who knows that could change. A long time ago someone gave me a reading and said I could end up on the east coast of Texas producing movies!

    • If we secede from the union, you might have to get a passport (hehe)

  • Danielle Notaro

    Haha! Yippiekiyo kiyay, ya’ll!

    • Ha ha! You have to ride a horse or you get deported. Sorry.

  • Danielle Notaro

    No sweat. I like ridin’ though I haven’t gone in several years.

  • Shawna

    Hi Danielle sweetie, I’m sorry you are feeling tapped out. I know we all get that way sometimes. I want to challenge you a bit if I may…Why is it that you feel you have to have certain things in place before you can really stretch out to those that aren’t in the same groove? You can do that still without being in your comfort zone. Maybe that’s a challenge you set up for yourself. Yes, I agree that is important to have a strong base but you can still have that without them too. I have been drawn to a good friend this last year that has taught me a lot about that. I have always been the one that tries to keep the peace, keep the family together (I have a very disfuctional family) and it has worn me out. This year I have been working on letting go of that and being my own tree as my friend Rose says. I can help them to an extent but I don’t have to be the one that tries to make sure everything is all right and keeping the family together. My branches can touch there’s but I have my own roots (base) and that keeps me grounded. Just thought I’d share that with you. I liked that analogy.
    You’ve got so much potential girlfriend and lots of blessings are waiting for you but you’ve got to let them in. Relax and don’t worry so much.
    Love & Light,

  • Shawna

    Hi Elisa, Yes I think this is a site to bring a lot of Lightworkers together. Love what you, Erik, Kim, Jamie and all the members are doing here. Lots of great sharing.

    Lightworkers-not sure where I found this but wanted to share with ya’ll.

    Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire
    to spread Light (knowledge, freedom and self-love) on earth.
    They sense this as their mission.
    They are often attracted to spirituality
    and to therapeutic work of some kind.
    Because of their deeply felt mission,
    lightworkers often feel different from other people.
    By experiencing different kinds of obstacles on their way,
    life provokes them to find their own, unique path.
    Lightworkers nearly always are solitary individuals,
    not fitting into fixed societal structures.

    The word ..lightworker’ may evoke misunderstanding,
    since it lifts out a particular group of souls from the rest.
    In addition, it may be taken to suggest
    that this particular group is somehow superior to the others,
    i.e. those ..not working for the light’.
    This whole line of thought is at odds
    with the very nature and intent of lightwork.
    Let us state briefly what is wrong with it.
    First, claims of superiority are generally unenlightened.
    They block your growth toward a free and loving consciousness.
    Second, Lightworkers are not ..better’ or ..higher’ than anyone else.
    They simply have a different history
    than the ones not belonging to this group.
    Because of this particular history,
    they have certain psychological characteristics
    which distinguish them as a group.
    Third, every soul becomes a lightworker at some stage
    of its unfolding, so the label ..lightworker’
    is not reserved to a limited number of souls.
    The reason we use the word “lightworker”
    (despite possible misunderstandings)
    is because it carries associations and stirs memories
    within you that help you remember.
    There is a practical convenience to it as well,
    since the term is frequently used in your current spiritual literature.
    Historical roots of lightworkers
    Lightworkers carry within them the ability
    to attain spiritual awakening faster than other people.
    They carry inner seeds for a rapid spiritual awakening.
    With regard to this, they seem to be on a faster track
    than most people, if they choose so.
    This, again, is not because lightworkers
    are in any way ..better’ or ..higher’ souls.
    They are, however, older than most souls
    presently incarnate on earth.
    This older age should preferably be understood
    in terms of ..experience’, rather than ..time’.
    Lightworkers have reached a particular stage of enlightenment,
    before they incarnate on earth and start their mission.
    They consciously choose to become entrenched
    in the ..karmic wheel of life’
    and to experience all forms of confusion and illusion that go with it.
    They do this in order to fully understand experience’.
    This will enable them to fulfil their mission.
    Only by going through all stages of ignorance and illusion themselves~
    will they eventually own the tools to help others
    achieve a state of true happiness and enlightenment

    Outline of Psychological characteristics of lightworkers:
    A few characteristics of lightworker souls,
    which generally distinguish them from other people~

    From early on in their life, they feel they are different.
    More often than not, they feel isolated from others,
    lonely and misunderstood.
    They will often become individualists,
    who will have to find their own unique ways in life.

    They have trouble feeling at home within traditional jobs
    and/or organization structures.
    Lightworkers are naturally anti-authoritarian,
    which means they naturally resist decisions or values
    based solely on power or hierarchy.
    This anti-authoritarian trait is present
    even if they seem timid and shy.
    It is connected to the very essence of their mission here on earth.

    Lightworkers feel drawn to helping people,
    as a therapist or as a teacher.
    They may be psychologists, healers, teachers, nurses, etcetera.
    Even if their profession is not about helping people in a direct manner,
    the intent to contribute to the higher good of humanity is clearly present.

    Their vision of life is colored by a spiritual sense
    of how all things are related together.
    They consciously or subconsciously carry memories within them
    of non-earthly spheres of light.
    They may – occasionally – feel homesick
    for these spheres and feel like a stranger on earth.

    They deeply honour and respect life,
    which often manifests as a fondness for animals
    and a concern for the environment.
    The destruction of parts of the animal and vegetable kingdom
    on earth by man’s doing invokes deep feelings
    of loss and grief in them.

    They are kind-hearted, sensitive and empathic.
    They may have trouble dealing with aggressive behavior
    and they generally experience difficulties
    in standing up for themselves.
    They can be dreamy, naïve or highly idealistic,
    as well as insufficiently grounded, i.e. down-to-earth.
    Because they easily pick up (negative) feelings
    and moods of people around them,
    it is important for them to spend time alone on a regular basis.
    This enables them to distinguish
    between their own feelings and those of others.
    They need solitary time
    to touch base with themselves and with mother earth.
    They have lived many lives on earth
    in which they were deeply involved
    with spirituality and/or religion.
    They were present in overwhelming numbers
    in the old religious orders of your past,
    as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches,
    shamans, priests, priestesses, etcetera.
    They were the ones providing a bridge
    between the visible and the invisible,
    between the daily context of earth-life
    and the mysterious realms of the afterlife,
    of God and the spirits of good and evil.
    For fulfilling this role,
    they were often rejected and persecuted.
    Many of you were sentenced to the stake
    for the gifts you possessed.
    The traumas of persecution left deep traces
    within your soul’s memory.
    This may presently manifest as a fear
    of being fully grounded, i.e. a fear to be really present,
    because you remember being brutally attacked
    for who you were.
    Because of the values and judgments fed to them by society,
    which often go against their own natural impulses,
    many Lightworkers have gotten lost,
    ending up in states of self-doubt,
    self-denial and even depression and hopelessness.
    This is because they cannot fit
    into the established order of things
    and they conclude there must be something
    terribly wrong with them~
    this is a horrible sabotage technique~
    that must be released~
    It requires great determination and perseverance
    on the inner level to overcome these patterns
    of self doubt and denial.

    What lightworkers have to do at this point
    is to stop looking for validation from the outside,
    from parents, friends or society.
    At some point of time, you (who are reading this)
    will have to take the momentous leap to true empowerment,
    which means to really believe in yourself

    • God! Everything in this sounds like me and many others on this blog!! Craig? Danielle? Skoshi? Sherry? Stanley? nearly everyone else! I agree that older souls are measured in terms of experiences. Erik said many souls are much older in terms of “time” but choose not to challenge themselves with difficult human experiences on the earthly plane. Some rarely if ever incarnate here at all. I also agree that lightworkers aren’t “superior” or more elevated. They just have a certain destiny/role which requires a different skill set. For me, I have no ego any more in that I have no problem identifying and talking about my many flaws and mistakes. No false pride like I had as a younger adult. Humility has replaced that ego, thank God. I do feel shy, timid, and lonely sometimes, like I really don’t belong here. And even as a child I felt like the odd duck. I have a terrible time being “in the present.” I feel drawn to helping others. I sense their feelings and emotional needs very strongly. Not crazy about authority. Hate the thought of trampling on an insect. I mean, everything on that list fits: the good and the bad! It helps give me a sense of purpose knowing why I am the way I am! I hope it helps you other Lightworkers too. Thanks so much Shawna!

  • Sue

    I love that Erik’s advice for one person fits so many people. I guess that is due to so many of us in this dimension having similar obstacles in our path. A fresh start, new friends who support us, and living the life we know we need. Great advice Erik! Thanks.

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