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Erik has done so much to help us peons here on Earth. Oftentimes, our struggles compel us to flirt with suicide, so when Erik offers his wisdom and insight, it lights our way with hope and a newfound desire to continue our human experience, however trying and burdensome. The next several posts will include submissions from readers to the “Ask Erik” page and the responses Erik provides. First, let’s look at Pascal’s submission. As always, I have eliminated or changed certain identifying factors to protect privacy.

Dear Erik and Elisa,

I’m very touched by your story and I feel completely dragged to ask Erik for advise in my overwhelmingly difficult situation.

My name is Pascal. I live in Germany.. but now sitting on the sofa in my parents house, 43 years old, feeling like a tortured baby. I’ve lived a beautiful life as a “fire horse rebel” into music and crafts and love and joy.

I had a beautiful childhood and enough courage to build my own “freedom enterprises” to create a life with a lot of joy and success. I’ve shared a million laughs with dear friends and inspired my close ones to believe in their goals and approach life with love, courage and positive attitudes.

In 2002 a had a tick bite that gave me lyme disease, depression and panic attacks for a good 2-3 years.. I made it out of that disease by a lot of help and information online. Besides some minor signs of lyme disease I was fully happy and functioning again. I was feeling somewhat the good old Pascal and all his energy and vitality back in place. Then in March 2009, I had a sexual contact with a pleasant, beautiful woman – no big love affair – but a nice encounter. After this I got so sick – well sick isn’t even enough of an explanation – it was as if my blood was extremely polluted with the worst horror creating drug on earth, that made me suicidal from the first moment the disease unfolded, and I’m suicidal to this day. Now the worst thing: I’ve seen about twenty doctors and had all the tests for STDs etc. done several times with no result. Nevertheless I had the right antibiotics but the disease is still with me. And it’s just like torture!

I’m speechless, I’m trying about every alternative doctor I can find, but to endure this state is practically unbearable. I mostly feel in a toxic mist that drags about every last piece of vitality out of me plus I feel completely anxious and hyper and have no inner peace what so ever, I wake up with anxiety and stress and suffer feeling weak and drained at the same time. I try to meditate on health and peace, but so far I’m still trapped in this “death on earth”

It’s not that I long for “death” – I long for health and life as I see it around me and as I’ve experienced it for many years – BUT: this disease might as well be chronic and I’m sure I can’t live with it much longer. If my parents hadn’t been here to take care of food and loving company I would have killed myself months ago. I’ve read a lot about the afterlife and especially the consequences of suicide. What Erik is telling the world is about the most loving and positive attitude I’ve found.

Why I’m still here is that I’m aware of the pain I would cause for my family and friends and I’m scared of death of the consequences of my suicide. If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t have made it through the last year!

I’m asking Erik what in the world I have to do to get some kind of quality life back or if in this situation I’m far better of leaving this dimension?

I’m sorry for the heaviness in this report, but please understand my situation and ask Erik what he thinks.

I send love,


Now here is the transcription of my question to Erik, through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill.

“I’d like to ask a question submitted by one of my readers. His name is Pascal. He currently lives in Germany. He suffered from Lyme Disease for a few years in the past, but was treated and started to feel like his old self again. Then he had sexual contact with a woman, and since then he’s felt terrible. He feels like his blood is full of toxins. In fact, he feels so horrible, he’s strongly contemplating suicide. He’s asking Erik if there’s anything he can do. Is there any hope for Pascal’s future? His decision rests on Erik’s answer.”

Kim says, “Oh wow! Okay, let’s ask Erik if he has any information.”

Erik’s response:

Hey Mom! Hey Dad! He’s perfectly healthy. This has to do with a past life. It’s connected with a past lifetime in which he knew that same person. The person passed along the “bloody plague” to him. Connecting with this person again allows those feelings to surface so he can let them go, because they are very overwhelming to him. He’s convinced he’s going to suffer a lot and die because of what he went through before. You know what he needs to do? He needs to go through some hypnosis to look into that lifetime. It was in France in the 1300s. Past life regression will exorcise all these overwhelming feelings he is burdened with from that past illness and death. He’ll be just fine. He can channeling me any time he wants. I’ll always be there to help him. I don’t want him to make the same stupid-ass mistake I made!

After I relayed this information to Pascal, he and I had the following email exchange:

Pascal’s response:

Oh my GOD, Elisa! Thank you so much. You and Erik rock. !
I’m crying for I “know” this to be true. Although it’s plain unbelievable how physically sick I’ve been for this last year, this being “only” spiritual and not physical. it’s just “amazing”.

I’ve already mentioned to you how I thought and felt that this was “karma”. When I got sick, I even recognized the disease – dejavu like – and “knew” it would kill me horribly, and I better kill myself to avoid a horrible, torture-like death.

I recognized it and expressed this to my family. I just don’t know why in this universe one has to re-experience such horrors of the past to grow beyond them, but I must accept that there must be something “good” for the soul about this. I most definitely now am looking for past life regression hypnotherapy asap to help solve this issue. I guess without I’d be pretty stuck.

Elisa, you’ve helped me so much, that whenever I feel good again am willing to show up in front of you with the biggest bunch of flowers you have ever seen. I keep you posted about the hypnosis session. Let Erik know that I send my love to him and thank him from all I am.

Big hug for you,


My response:

I know, Pascal; I was so excited to give you the news, because it makes total sense! When I heard what Erik had to say, I felt this weird “knowingness,” the kind you get when you recognize an absolute truth. Sometimes, when people have their past lives uncovered, all issues associated with it disappear, so you might not need regression hypnosis.

Life is good. So glad Erik could help. I’m just the messenger, so no flowers necessary. I’m just glad you’re going to be fine and that you’ll live many many years to spread love and wisdom to others.

Pascal’s response:

Hi Elisa,

My mum was at her art class yesterday, and they had a medium as a guest. He did readings on all of the ladies there. Sure my mum brought photographs of my sister and me and asked for advice.
When he saw my photo he sensed a heavy karmic load and heavy depression and grayness. Also he said that I do need help, because I can’t make it on my own. He also mentioned that I am very gifted with spiritual and mental abilities. About a year ago I saw this same medium and had a session with him. Then he mentioned that there are issues with a former life in France, but didn’t go into detail!

So I decided that I need to find help, and today I found a brilliant past life regression hypnotherapist through his website. He’s trained by Michael Newton (!) and has 25 years of experience. I called his number and he picked up the phone. I briefly told him about my story and the information I got from Erik – and my feelings and experiences since I caught this “disease.” To him this made a lot of sense, he explained to me that he will bring me back to this medieval life/death experience to heal it right there. He said that he can feel that I need to come see him, because there’s no “medicine” that can solve an issue like that. Most surprisingly, he felt the urgency and gave me an appointment for next Monday!

I so hope that I will experience a healing from this incredible ordeal, I’ve read some beautiful testimonials on his site. I have a good feeling and look forward to the session – also I’m a little scared it won’t “work”, since this whole thing has been so mean and scary from the beginning… let’s trust Erik’s advice.

May this year of death come to an end and may life continue amongst the living.


P.S. When I went to bed yesterday I talked to Erik… before reading his invitation to do so =). I told him all about how much I appreciate his message and how scary and horrible this experience has been. I guess us humans down here, we just don’t get the whole picture. You know, this whole thing might even be very positive for me (my soul-growth), but I tell you, it damned feels ridiculously negative, gross and horrible – until one finds the happy end. I hope to do so asap.

I’ll let everyone know how Pascal’s hypnotherapy goes, if he gives me permission. Until then, if anyone has any questions for Erik, feel free to submit them through the “Ask Erik” page. There no charge. No flowers necessary. This is all very healing for me for two reasons: FIrst, helping others has always been balm for my soul. Second, as a mother, I want my children to be fulfilled and happy. Usually, we want to guide our children to this end while they are alive. In this case, I have to give Erik such opportunities and guidance after his death. Death knows no boundaries where motherhood is concerned.

Erik may have saved a life–a life clearly worth living. I’m so proud of you, Baby Boy.

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  • Tom


    • Tom, I’m going to post the transcript from your question. I can’t remember, did you get my email?

  • Tom

    Hi Elisa,
    Your last email came in on 4/29 @ 5:20 am you’re a real early bird! It states that you would be posting the transcript when you got the CD from Kim.I sthat the email you are wondering about?? or did you send another that has yet to arrive?
    Let me know,
    Thank both you and Erik so VERY much =D


  • Dang it, I remembered after I replied that I did email you already and you responded. I look forward to sharing the transcript with you!

  • Tom

    Thank you, I look forward to reading it! =D

  • Amber

    I put ‘hypnosis’ in the search field and came up with Pascal’s incredible story and Erik’s incredible reply. What happened?!!!! Do you know?

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Wow!!that is amazing!! I am so glad to read this. I have been so ill for so long and want to get well again. I wish Erik would tell me too what is up. The latest Dr thinks it is all stress and has caused the infections. Wow!! I will ask on the Erik page!!God bless him!!xoxoxo

  • Lizzy Darling

    Wow. Incredible story! Good work, you three!

  • Kiwi

    So how did Pascals regression go?

    • I don’t remember if he ever got one.

      • Sophía-Lucía Chingchong

        Dear Elisa,
        I am a 21 year old female living in Toronto, Canada and have been suicidal for 8 years!! I’ve been very happy in the last few months since learning more about non-physicality! I am so eager about tuning in to the spiritual realm and i am experiencing heaven on earth the more i relax! 😀

        I do have a question for Erik to be asked at your convenience, which is, !!! 😀 My brother(born feb.03) and I(born nov.03, like how you and Erik are born on the 21st!) have been estranged from our mother since we were 5 and 6 in South Korea. Is there a way we can connect with her or psychically send each other our whereabouts? LOL! 😀 No doubt, we are missed unbearably and tremendously. I also think I have potential for being a medium or psychic, can this be confirmed by Erik? 😛 Thanks friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I would love to ask those questions but I don’t do the Ask Erik column anymore. It got to be too expensive, especially since Jamie’s sessions have gone up in price. You can ask Erik on one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls if you want. Or we have great and reasonably priced mediums on The Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook page. I feel bad that I can’t do it. The blog and everything it involves is expensive and I refuse donations, etc.

      • Sophía (Ki Hyun) Kwon

        I’m elated by your integrity!! No worries at all, there are so many paths to get to where we want as Source energy is eternally supportive. In fact, even the mere visualisation of the people i care about feels soo good to me !! 😀 Thanks for your voice!!!!!! I <3 you!!! 😀

      • Hi Sophia,

        I am a CE medium. You can send me your question on

        I will get back to you with an answer from Erik.

        Much love,

  • So touched by this. Erik has saved so many more lives and Elisa you are the strongest mother I know. Its a privilege to know you in this lifetime. I know Erik gets his strength and unconditional love from you. Shruti xxx

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