Ask Erik Questions, Part One

I had the coolest session with Kim and Erik this morning. At the advice of blog member and dear friend, Steve Trask, I asked Erik to bring in my Higher Self. First of all, I had a bone to pick with her. Why, girl? Why did you throw your mini me to the wolves? It was so enlightening, and I think each and every one of you should have Erik bring your Higher Self forward to channel. There’s so much to learn. I asked my Higher Self what she thought about Erik, and she said so many things that make me even prouder of him. I can’t wait to share the YouTube, but one thing I will put out there as a teaser is that his energy is very close to that of an archangel. That’s incredible!

Many of you weren’t able to afford or didn’t want to buy a copy of the Sedona Journal of Emergence in order to see if your questions to Erik were answered or not. Since it’s been several months, I thought I’d share the first edition of the column to give you a taste of how valuable his answers are. If you submit a question in the future, I urge you to pick up a copy in most any bookstore, especially the metaphysical bookstores (which are always pretty cool anyway,) order one HERE or subscribe to the magazine. It’s really meaty and full of enlightening information. Ideally, it would be wonderful to write a column for a magazine that’s free and fully supported by advertising, but those seem to be far and few between. I’m posting this column over two days. Enjoy Part One. Even if your questions are not here, I’m sure you can glean something valuable from the answers. 

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.


Dear Elisa,

Thank you so much for the amazing work that you are doing. I’ve been praising your blog and YouTube videos to everyone. Erik has pranked me, and I’ve also spoken with him during one meditation. Wow, he speaks a lot! Here are my questions:

  • Why can’t my girlfriend find a restaurant place and start working for her dream and passion? She has been looking for a spot over a year now, and when we finally found one, someone else got it (with more money.) Is this what she is supposed to be doing or are we just not supposed to move to Turku in Finland?
  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life, and now, after losing our apartment and not working, I would like to ask about my life purpose or at least what I’m supposed to do for a living for the next 5 years

Thank you so much Elisa, Erik and Jamie

Much love and light from Finland

—Elina Mäkelä

Where you’re looking is not the right location, and it’s not the right time. The time is near, though. It’s the right purpose for her to be in the restaurant business and everything that falls under that umbrella, but you need to move to a town that’s more rustic. Your girlfriend needs to live in a rustic environment in order to put herself out there in a way that’s true to who she is. Good things will happen when she’s more comfortable in her own skin and more authentically herself.

As for your life’s purpose, first, when you have things stripped away like that, unemployed and without a place to call your own, nothing on the outside gives you satisfaction, so you’re forced to reflect inwardly more. You need to look within yourself to find security instead of looking for that in the external world. You’ve had trouble with this in other incarnations, so you designed this life in a way that would help you learn to find the security you need internally, not externally. People often think, “Oh, I have a comfortable home, and that provides security.” Well sure it does, but you have to find security inside first. These recent events are gifts that offer you this valuable lesson.

You’re a good cook, so you need to use that talent in the restaurant business. You’ll work with your girlfriend at the restaurant in the beginning, but then she will move on to something else.


Hello Dr. Medhus,

My name is Umasankar, and I’m from North Carolina. Thank you for starting this Ask Erik column. I discovered the Channeling Erik website last year around this time, and since then I am hooked. I am no rookie to matters concerning the afterlife and the spiritual, but I feel I have more clarity and understanding after stumbling upon your website. Thanks a lot for it. Here are my questions for Erik.

  • My right hip has been aching for over a month. I have been to the doctors, and they suspect it is a groin strain, and I am following their advice, but my hip pain is taking time to recover, and the pain comes and goes. It is frustrating as I am not able to carry on with my duties. Can you ask Erik if I am on the right road to recovery and what else I should be doing for a full recovery?

You need herbal remedies that attack internal inflammation. I’d start taking turmeric and drinking Chaga tea daily. I always want to talk about the spiritual side of shit, you know, so here it is. You’re not only limited physically, you’re limited spiritually. This reduced mobility you have because of your hip is your soul’s way of telling you to become more independent and mobile, spiritually. In other words, your spiritual immobility is manifesting as physical immobility. If you want to get well faster, move forward in your spirituality. When I talk about spiritual mobility, I mean progress in your search for spiritual understanding and share it with your family. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences and beliefs, and don’t be afraid to dive deeper to gain more spiritual awareness. 2. What is my spiritual contract? I have been trying to find it myself but am unable to come up with any concrete ones. It would be great if I can get it from the horse’s mouth himself.

You’re a guide. You’re here to share what you learn about spirituality as you’re learning it, particularly with your family.

  • My mother recently had a stroke, and she is on her way to recovery. Can you also ask Erik if she has to do anything more for her to regain her old strength?

The answer here is pretty similar. Strokes hamper mobility, so your mother is in the same situation as you are in. The only thing your mother has to do to physically regain her strength is to believe that she can. That’s hard for her, but believing in your own power is a huge spiritual milestone. When she does that, she’ll be moving forward, spiritually and physically.

  • What is the deal with my brother? It is very difficult to get through to him, and any attempts made end up only with more frustration on my side.

Frustration comes from expectation. When you want to get through to somebody and you expect them to react in a certain way, it doesn’t always work, so drop the expectations first. You’ll be less frustrated. Also remember that everybody has their own personal journey. Whatever your brother is going through, if he’s meant to experience it, he will, and you have to allow that. If he’s going to experience A, B, C, and D, you have to let him. As hard as you try to get through to him, it isn’t going to fucking work. All you can do is provide support along the way.

  • Final one! Ever since I started reading My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven, a sparrow comes and taps on my front window almost every day. Can you please confirm with Erik that it is him who is saying, “Hi?”

Yeah, that’s me. I send many animals and insects to let people know I’m around. Some people can’t handle certain signs like when I make the lights flicker, when I manifest in front of them, physically or when I do other things that are pretty loud. Some people can handle that shit; some people can’t. I’ll send animals and insects to the people who can only deal with the subtler signs.

Once again thanks a lot for all you are doing and bless your heart.

With Regards,

—Umasankar Natanakumar

Now for another stellar review of Erik’s book, My Life After Death. Buy your own copy today! It’s just ten bucks and change.

I sometimes laughed and sometimes cried and sometimes did both at the same time! Loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Erik gives us great lessons/advices for all us, emotional beings, on how to make the most of our time on this earthly plane.

Erik and Mrs. Medhus; you are doing an amazing job!



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  • sadonarag

    i tried to order the sedoan mag online since i dont live in the vicinity of sadona. i didnt receive the ecopy, no reply to my inquiries, never, so now awaiting paypal to do something about it. on other words, a fucking hard time thanks to sadona rag. i fully understand why ppl dont wana buy it when you can and should just post the info on here that reaches a wider audience anyway. sadona erag is a backwards step in my opinion, meant fior the darker ages of no internet..

    • sadonarag

      i only wanted to get it for the erik material, screw the rest of the so called enlightening content..

      • No, it’s a great journal. I promise there’s a lot in there.

    • Diane E. Goedeck-Gordon

      You need to go to the site to read the e-copy. Its a great magazine and you dont need to live near Sedona to subscribe. It has not a magazine about the city of Sedona. They are a small office…….usually only one or two people there. If you call…youll get good service.

  • steveatl

    I am so looking forward to your higher self reading, Elisa!

  • Joanne Jerome

    Eric. Were you treated differently as a suicide. I have read much of souls having to return immediately or going through stages of self forgiving for breaking the So called chain of order Also when you said you sometimes go to haunt as you said how does a spirit APPEAR as they were on Earth to loved ones or others if they wish to do so

    • Chené Jansen

      Hi Joanne, there is a video where Erik explained what happened when he passed over. It was in his contract to go as a suicide. You will find this video in the Channeling Erik channel on youtube. 🙂

      • Joanne Jerome

        Thank you. I have been “searching” 40 years. I have a vast library as well i have some very popular after life channeled books in which the channeled spirits all say it is a broken contract. And there are consequences.
        I have never read of suicide being a part of a life contract. So it begs the question Does the deceased cross over with their same life phiilosoohy they had on earth and then act and react accordingly? I will listen to the section you describe.

        As we must be aware when we are here in body, it is a heck of a lot different going through life tragedies than being in a spirit state and planning that life – easy to say when planning a reincarnation – OK I’ll take that disease or … I’ll deal with it when I get there ….then you get here and have found you have bitten off more than you can chew. It’s called our reality. That’s where suicide can often enter their overwhelming lives.

        Religions famously degrade suicide and attempt to give people guilt or other church based conceptions which only adds to the overall question, making it even worse for the living. They don’t know any more than we do!
        I’m just trying to get the most complete scenario I can on life after death I have read Eric’s first book and found – barring the swearing – one of the most descriptive of a ‘day’ in the other dimension. Many spirits so want to talk to loved ones but there not enough talented psychics to translate what they are truly saying. We are getting closer to lifting the veil, however.

      • BonelessSausage

        Erik had a mental disorder. That is apparently looked upon different. Child suicide also, because the brain is not fully developed. Eric was a young adult not a child obviously. His guardians could not get to him in time because it happened so fast. He did his own life review because he was enlightened. It was his time. So now he teaches the living.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Thank you for your opinion. Guardians I believe know before we do. I believe we ALL do our own life review as part of the crossing over process I just do not think that suicide was a part of his ” time” when he initially began his planning of his reincarnation as Erik.

        Another question I would have for Erik – through his mother, if I may. I have heard so many scenarios of ghosts who have not crossed over – souls who may be confused, not know they’re dead, or numerous other reasons.

        Would like to know WHY no loved one who has crossed over either tries to assist them or asks for angelic assistance to help them cross. Why are millions still hovering in this plane in this limbo state? When does the cruelty end?

        It’s been shown some souls including the mentally ill and confused small children – have been “here” for hundreds of our years.

      • Maya

        On Erik case, suicide was not his contract, but it’s more like, on his reincarnation planning, the council told him, “There’s a huge potential of a short life on this life as Erik. The Earth energy will only match your vibration for a good 10 years, and afterwards it won’t be compatible anymore. But it will be a potential of a very happy 10 years. Do you want to take it or not?”

        And Erik maybe says, “Oh yeah, I’ll take it, it’s better than my past life as Jewish concentration camp boy anyway. I will have a good mother, loving family, and all of this goodies and good stuffs. Short but worth it. Why not?”

        But then the council says, “OK, but don’t tell your mom you will die early, OK? Otherwise, she’d freaked out the rest of your 19 years, and you cannot enjoy your life, you’d probably watched, imprisoned and couldn’t make decision on your own, etc.”

        And Erik maybe said, “OK, deal.” (read: I will be selfish)

        Similar like Jesus, the contract was not to be crucified, but it’s huge probability of a short life, due to low Earth frequency energy vs. Jesus high frequency energy.
        So once the energy was incompatible, the choice of exit was in Erik’s hands. It was his free will.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Thank you Maya. And you personally know alll this how?

      • Jesus EFucking Christ

        Thank you for comparing Erik to Me. Your opinions are as always, yours only

      • I think they have to ask for help first. It has something to do with having to have a higher vibration.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Elisa: Guess that is yet another question – I don’t have that many. I do feel even after 40 years of searching I am in no position to give advice but still to question I hear a lot of personal philosophy but it means nothing. Spiritists often look to the other plane for fulfillment answers. I joined Channelingerikmediums but can’t seem to find where to ask a question. Thank you. You are so fortunate to have found some peace and answers through your family tragedy.

      • Every Monday Kim calls for questions so check today.

      • Chené Jansen

        Hi Joanne. It is indeed fascinating and the veil is allready being lifted. You should join the facebook blog member group, it is a great group where you can exchange ideas and get answers. Have a great day! etc.

      • You might want to check out the first book, My Son and the Afterlife because he discusses it there. You should also try to make your way through the archives because there’s a lot of information about this and a lot more!

    • My Higher Self talked about his particular situation. Can’t wait to post that YouTube.

      • Codyko

        Wait so your higher self is archangelic in nature…. so they do incarnate!! right, or, what?

      • I don’t think Erik is an archangel. His energy is very similar. Archangels don’t incarnate.

      • marlette782

        I am probably going to commit suicide soon. could you ask Erik if he has a specific solution to my problem or will I be seeing him soon. I have spirit visits from someone named Kyle Hall. Can Erik tell me the message Kyle was trying to send me I do not understand him

      • Please know that if you found the blog, it’s probably because you’re meant to be here and it would be a disastrous mistake if you took your life. Talk to Erik first. You owe yourself that. Contact Kim. Maybe she can help. Meanwhile, please talk to a mental health professional. You might suffer from some form of depression, PTSD, etc. Most people who take their lives are very disappointed and angry that they did when they cross over.

      • Jesus FcKing Christ


        Its better if don’t committ suicide. All people who commit suicide are all going to be reincarnated on earth-like situation planet. Including Erik. period.

        Your soul development ceases when you suicide. Your desires still remain. Your greater self has other plans compared to you, the personality.

        I have a very easy way to process suicidal thoughts: Consider that you are already DEAD. Every single day, imagine that you are dead and are now living a bondage free, pain free, joyfilled blissful, electrically stimulated life. Because that is how you live in afterlife. Read NDE accounts to get a good idea on afterlife and imagine that is possible in real life.

        I can tell you more that will help you. But that will cost you $$ on a minute by minute basis

    • Codyko

      I would recommend reading this blog and book.

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    I had a reading with Kim and Erik yesterday. I had been feeling anxious and fearful for a long time . After the reading I feel so centered,I feel great,back on track. Most of all I feel the love Erik and Kim have for me, for all of us. Thank you again buddy. Thanks Kim.

    • They make such a great team.

      • Chené Jansen

        Indeed! I always look forward to the Kim and Erik sessions! I think it is also because Kim has a very gentle, loving soul. Of Course you are always included in the terrific Erik-mojo- team Elisa! Love you <3

    • Maya

      Interesting. I will have my apt with on Feb 19.

  • Diane E. Goedeck-Gordon

    Im a long time subscriber to Sedona Journal and was so happy to see that youre there! Its a wonderful edition to a great journal!

    • l chaney

      hey Diane I was looking to see which ones he’s in or is erik now a regular feature. not sure how I missed this initially I thought I was always on here haha

      • Diane E. Goedeck-Gordon

        He is a regular feature now! I love that I have two friends who contribute to the journal now! Love it!

    • It is a great journal. Perfect material for the CE peeps.

  • Paulette Roberts

    I have the the Sedonia E version , actually just go into the web site and from there I think you can get into each month if you have paid for it.

    • And it’s reasonable considering how much you can get out of it.

  • Kaylie

    Erik!! Tell my brother garret I say hello!! Also can you please interview Kurt Cobain? From Nirvana? I want to know of his death was really a “suicide.” Thank you much love!

  • cece

    I can’t wait to see the video of your Higher Self Interview. I think I would say to my Higher Self… WTF????

  • Shannan

    Hi, I just discovered you and Erik a few days ago and I’m finding the material so fun and interesting to read and listen to. I think I might have had some help from Erik in finding my pedometer that had been lost a couple years. This pedometer had an app that showed its location and it was somewhere in the house, but it might as well have been on the moon because I never could find it. A couple nights ago, I felt my attention being drawn to the base of my desk chair, and there was my pedometer, stuck to it–it’s magnetic. I’ve passed by that chair every single day but never noticed the pedometer. Thanks, Erik!

  • daniel

    Erik. You inspired me to reach out to family and talk about spiritual stuff. Would you ever make a video clarifying on what happens when you die. Like why exactly do you pass and visit your family? Is it to be grounded? Also Does anything happen when we are not grounded and pass or spend to much time onto something. Maybe like the internet idk kinda like someone puts their energy on it? So what happens if theres to much energy on it? Like its not like we get pulled in when were not grounded? Lot of questions…just wish i could figure out a way to contact my higher self to not bother you. Or maybe the Divine Force. Hope all is well with you and all this is for the right loving intentions.

    • Chené Jansen

      Hi Daniel, there is a video from Erik on this subject matter, just can’t remember which one. Im sure you will find it on youtube on the Channeling Erik Channel. 🙂 Happy exploring. Erik always has great insight and information.

  • Natalie Cummings

    I have not posted before, but I have read the blog as well as your books for sometime now. I believe that Erik knows of me and has made his presence known. I would like to have a link to ask a question regarding effects of pitocin in induction , on the brain of the baby. I frequently talk with Erik and other deceased family members and this seems to be the answer I got in regards to one of my questions.

    • You might want to call in Thursday to our radio show and ask him. I’ll post details soon. Or you can ask Kim on her Monday’s with Erik. She calls for questions via the Channeling Erik Mediums Facebook page. And of course I’ll call for questions for the next Ask Erik column soon.

  • Maya

    Hmm… I am not here to judge or criticize or anything, but isn’t Higher Self is the one you suppose to connect on your own, not come from other people’s mouth?

    I mean, a psychic can assist you to connect with your own HS, but if you ask a psychic what your HS says, they can lie, they can say inaccurate things. How can you ask people about what you think about you, something that you yourself should have access on your own?

    I am pretty much connect with my Higher Self most of (all) the time. But connect with Higher Self doesn’t mean I know everything, because it can only see from my soul perspective, cannot see other people soul perspectives. Basically HS can see straight to the free will zone. So I only have access/power to my own free will, but cannot have access/power to other people’s free will, that means the future is still undefined.

    But anyway, great answers from Ask Erik. Thanks.

    • Yes, you should be able to connect to it but that doesn’t mean it can’t be channeled too.

  • Codyko

    Wait Elisa, so are you saying your higher self is a he that is archangelic in nature, or that Erik’s higher self is the archangelic one?

    • No, Erik’s energy is similar to an archangel.

      • Codyko

        ah I see. Ever think we’ll get Erik to bring in those “big ones”: Gabriel, Michael, KRYON. If Erik brings in Kryon…. wow I’d be so fucking happy.

      • Kathy

        Elisa, I would not go as far as putting Erik on some pedestal and even say he is similar to a Archangel energy. Archangels are not supposed to have soul or come to Earth as a human. That is going too far. Erik would never be a kid on Earth even close to being that powerful. That is like saying he is like Jesus or God. I am not religious, but even that remark makes me feel not good to hear.

      • Joanne Jerome

        I agree wholeheartedly. Perhaps Elisa might explain the type of energy she is referring to. We are all on this site searching for answers so clarity from Erik’s angle is so important. As I said previously, I began my search 40 years ago – having begun with Ruth Montgomery’s”Search for the truth” and it changed my life in the paranormal direction.

        This subject is really not discussed publicly because of a person’s religion or … they stare at you like you have three heads when you speak of spirits, channeling and even reincarnation. Imagine how it was when I brought it up decades ago!!! Enlightenment is coming to lifting the dimensional veil.
        But everything we discuss must try to be consistent and cannot be off the wall especially for us trying to grasp the entire picture or even attempting to explain ourselves to others. There are still not that many I can have this subject with.

      • Kathy

        I have been there where you are for 40 years with the spiritual side of things. In the middle 1970’s I was going to psychic classes after I had my own personal experiences earlier. I saw my first channeling by a teacher, and it opened up doors for me to just take it as a natural occurrence. Of course I was and forever will be considered weird by people that are not into these things.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Kathy. Going to psychic classes in 70’s??
        So was I and I dragged my husband!! I also had a regression that didn’t go too well. Bet we have tons in common. Thanks!

      • I’m not putting him on a pedestal. He’s still first and foremost my son. But energy is energy and his is enormous. That’s not to say better. It’s just very big.

  • TrulyTrue

    BRILLIANT idea regarding the Higher Self reading – virtual High-Five to Steve!!! I’m going to try that too and I’ll keep you posted – xoxoxoxo

  • Joanne Jerome

    To Maya. Is this your own personal interpretation? Why would a pre-life counselor tell him ” Don’t tell your mother you are going to die” when it is a fact we do not remember anything upon being born, save a few exceptions.

    • Kathy

      Joanne, I love them Children who remember their past lives. Although Erik says that there is no such thing as a past life, and that it is all going on at the same time.

      • Joanne Jerome

        Read his book and must have missed what you said about all going on at the same time and no reincarnations. That is confusing to me.

  • Kelley Hudson

    I found this site last year and it has helped me so much in terms of reconciling my relationship with my late mother and other areas of my life. So thank you for that. I’m sure it is somewhere on this site, but I have been unable to find it; how do you submit a question for Ask Erik?

    • I used to take Ask Erik questions but it got to be too expensive for me since I don’t accept any donations, etc. and the blog/sessions are costly but you can ask questions on the radio show we’re starting next Thursday. I should have the link and other information today. You can also watch for when I call out for questions for the Sedona Journal Ask Erik column.

  • Joanne Jerome

    Is it a closed group? I’d love to join.

  • Kelly

    WOW! The communication that Eric provides is utmost invaluable and totally incredible. I’m so glad that you are ALL still connected. Thanks be to spirits of a higher calling. I’ve been captivated reading these posts tonight and relishing in the concept of the beauty that is Eric. You’re one blessed Momma! Thank you for sharing your experiences through story. I look forward to reading more in the future. 🙂

  • Lfah1

    Hi there, I am new to this and am loving every second…. Thank you so much for all of the good work you are doing!!! I have just shed a tear for your tragic loss, although I feel happy you have such a beautiful connection still with Erik 🙂 you are truly blessed!

    I was just wondering if there has been anything done already on marijuana?!!! There are so many negatives surrounding this topic, however recent years have been painting it in a very different light… Hoping for some clarification as it is something that I am struggling to understand!!!

    Looking forward to everything you guys are doing!!

    • Yes, you can look it up in the search bar or under the topics list. Erik is very pro-marijuana.

  • Gail m

    Hi I’m a registered nurse in Santa Barbara Calif. and I’m new to Channeling Eric. I viewed Kim speaking about Prince in the afterlife and it helped me immensely with my grief. It seemed very real to me and I can say I’m a believer too. Is it possible that she can channel him again with Eric’s help and it can be put again on Utube? I’m requesting that and would even pay you for it as its helped me so much:) Thank-you. Gail

    • It is in queue to post as a YouTube as well. I hope you slowly but surely read your way through the archives. They might help you in many ways.

  • Tess Muth

    Hi, I joined this site a few months ago…..Love it. How do you get Erik to send you signs, messages?

    • All you have to do is ask! Then be vigilant but try not to let expectations get in the way. That’s a very dense energy that’s hard to get through. Let us know when it happens!

      • Tess Muth

        Thank you:)

      • Tess Muth

        Soon as Erik gives me signs I will let you know.

  • Allie Janson

    Hi Elisa

    • From what he says, every spirit has access to all information. All they have to do is be aware that the information exists. For example, they have to know that dimension X exists to absorb all the information about it.

      • Allie Janson

        Thank you!

  • Tess Muth

    Hi Elisa, I had some Erik Encounters. We just moved from Washington DC to Ohio and it has been really hard getting settled in our new home. My husband kept losing keys, box cutter, and other things. I told him to ask Erik, for help in finding them. He is not into all this metaphysical stuff. So I asked Erik for my husband and each item was found immediately. My husband would yell out “found it’ My repsonse to my husband would be “Thank Erik”!

    • Wow, it’d be great if you could post them through the “Share Your Story” button on the righthand sidebar. You have to scroll down to find them. 🙂

      • Tess Muth

        I just tried the ” share the story” and it said I needed to get a api key…and so I proceeded and it got complicated. I am not very computer savvy…I will have to get someone who knows computers to help me.

  • Nickie Horn

    Dear Dr Medhus and Erik
    I have enjoyed reading the book ‘My Son and the Afterlife’ and dipping into the blog. I was talking to a friend of mine after listening to one of Erik’s radio shows on YouTube and we were contemplating how we can cause our own fear by thinking about situations before they have or may happen. What we struggled with was how can we stop the human part of us worrying and causing the fear in the first place? Erik maybe you could support us in this dilemma please.
    Love and light

    • There’s a post somewhere on the blog called Fear vs. Intuition. (Or something like that.) Search for that. If you can’t find it (because I’m terrible at remembering the titles) then go to the topics dropdown list and look for intuition or fear. Read all the related posts and let me know if you still have questions. 🙂

      • Nickie Horn

        Thank you I will do that. Xx

  • Hello!

  • Great! Hope you enjoy them.

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