Astral Planes and the Nature of Death

Since it’s Thursday, today’s post is a “Best of Erik” one. The medium is Jeannie Barnes. I know that I haven’t used her much, and most of you have never read any posts with her, but she’s very good and very inexpensive. I have her link under the “Favorites” tab. Tomorrow, I’ll post Part Two of the Scaredy Cat post!

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Enjoy today’s post!

Me: Are there different astral planes, Erik?

Erik: Yeah, absolutely! And another thing that I’m learning, uh, I’m just having such a good time learning things—

Me (laughing): You never used to, except things you were really, really interested in!

Erik laughs, too.

Erik: Yeah, I’m having a great time because this kinda shit just fascinates me. So, I’m just having a blast learning all this cool stuff.

Me: Aw, that’s awesome, Sweetie. So what are some of these astral levels based on? Does it have to do with vibrational frequency? Density? How are the different astral planes differentiated?

Erik: It IS by frequencies, energies, and each one has a different grid work. For example, the earth has its own grid work.

Me: Hm!

Erik: So when someone works to change the vibration of the earth, they can go up into the grid work and work from there.

Veronica: A lot of lightworkers—I’m only speaking because Erik is just now learning these things—so I’m speaking for him now.

Me: Oh, yeah, sure!

Veronica: There are lightworkers who are able to go and envision the grid work and work from there, which creates a change in the earth’s frequencies and vibrations. Each astral plane has its own level of frequencies, usually much higher than the earth’s.

Me: Okay, interesting!

Erik: Yeah, so every astral plane has its grid work that we can work on and through by visualizing, using our thoughts and intentions. And we can travel to any astral plane we want to except those ones where the vibrational frequency is higher than ours. Once we raise our vibrational frequency by opening up our awareness, we unlock that door, kinda like a Playstation game!

Me: So earth’s vibrational frequency is the densest?

Erik: No, there are planes with lower vibrations than the earthly plane.

Me: Jesus, I can’t imagine living there.

(There are some days when I feel like I’ve dipped my toes in the dark water of those lower planes. Shudder.)

Me: You know, I just got through watching the most fascinating DVD by a physicist, Nassim Haramein, called The Black Whole. He talks about the unified field theory, sacred geometry and other things, and he define reality in a way that really makes sense. It’s too much to go into now, but something he said in that DVD particularly sparked my interest. He said that there are black holes in atoms, there are black holes in just about everything from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. So, I mean, we’re essentially living in a black hole, and that’s why everything we see in space is black. But if we were to go on the other side of the event horizon, we’d see this beautiful white light. So, I’m just wondering if death is just a matter of crossing the event horizon from a black hole to a white hole.

Jeannie: Okay, this is Erik speaking now, because he says he has first-hand experience. (She chuckles softly.)

Erik: It’s exactly like that, Mom. You remain with the physical body for a time. It’s like a time of adjustment. It’s not immediate that you get “sucked up” and that’s exactly what it’s like, a suction. But you can see. You can see. You’re still on the earth’s plane, and you can see family and friends. You can look at your body and then there’s a sense of freedom. No gravity. It’s a lightness that’s difficult to explain. It’s as if you get sucked up in this tunnel of bright light passing through the earth’s density. And you do come out on another side, the other side. It’s beautiful. It’s light.

Me: So I do think this guy’s on to something. You cross an event horizon.

Erik: Yep, exactly. And it’s what they say when you “cross over the veil.” It’s a very thin veil.

Jeannie: This is Veronica talking now.

Veronica: It’s just a thin veil that separates those sides, but it’s dense, particularly towards the earth.

Have a wonderful Thursday, peeps. Hope to talk to you on the radio tonight!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Laurie

    Great conversation ladies, and Erik! 😉 I really enjoyed it!
    I was just asking Kim about this very topic today!

  • Léon Vrins

    I mentioned the book before: a must read! X3, healing entities and aliens by Adrian Dvir.

  • Sabrina Reyenga

    I have seen this grid pattern Erik speaks of. Another visual I was given is of the Earth surrounded by a bubble. Inside of this bubble are an infinite number of mini earths within their own bubbles. Each one representing a soul on the planet. As I looked at this picture I was being told that as each being finds the truth within themselves they will begin to connect with each other. They will begin to connect emotionally then mentally. This will continue until all are at the same level of understanding. One heart and one mind…telepathy and telekinesis become a foundation of understanding throughout our species. When we no longer see ourselves as being separate from each other. When we can see ourselves within our brothers and our brothers within ourselves. To see that there is absolutely no difference between us. We are all human, within a meat covered skeletal wagon, screaming through a universe in search of the truth of who we are and where we think we may have come from….

    That vision I was shown was amazing for me. It showed me how we are all connected. That our thoughts and feelings connect us one to the other energetically. We are all a point on that grid Erik spoke of. Some of us are at different levels and layers within the grid itself. It simply depends on how much work we have chosen do to get there. Hugs and love. Namaste

  • Robin Kincaid

    Very good conversation about Astral dimensions. Erik mentions that our current vibration (is denser) so we can only travel to the astral dimensions closest to that dimensional density. I wonder if he’d have any information regarding how we can protect ourselves better when we naturally all OBE (astrally project) while asleep and generally end up in the lower Astral closest to earth. I was actually kicked by a guy (spirit) that I met in the OBE dimension who had the nerve to ask me to “Help” him after he kicked me to get my attention. Stuff like that happens and for some people even worse. Any ideas on a topic about Astral Projection and How to Protect Ourselves? I’ve heard master OBE guy, Mr. Buhlman talk about calling for your Higher Self to get out of these predicaments.

  • David Cohan

    Hello all, here is something I have still my difficulties with, perhaps someone can help me out again. Erik once said this reality is not real at all, as I understand the universe only exists because it was created by many souls or overminds on the other side.

    Bashar once also confirmed this reality is not real, but he goes further, he says our idea of having a soul caught in a physical body is not right, in fact our body is in our mind, or better to say everything we see and feel is a creation by ourselves and can be different from anybody else creation/experience of this physical reality. Im really confused with these concepts, perhaps someone can explain better?

  • Alex J Campbell

    Does anyone know if Erik has ever commented on Scientology? I would like to know if it is true that L Ron Hubbard started the cult as a bar room bet

  • I see the grid – been able to see if for about 18months. It’s very interesting to say the least and this is a great read – thanks xoxo

    • You’re so lucky!

      • Alison Ailfinn Allan

        Maybe try looking at a clear blue sunny sky and un-focus your eyes – you kind of look past the realness of what’s there – I discovered it can be seen that way, I see a Diamond grid pattern 😀

  • Lauralee Allen

    What does Erik say about the whole Aaron Hernandez & Odin Lloyd thing? Did Aaron kill him? Did Aaron kill himself? I’d like to get some verification on some things that have been coming to my mind about this situation if possible. TY

    • Such a sad thing. A bit too narrow a subject for a youtube though. Maybe you can ask during the next radio show?

    • Zaira Resendez

      I would like to know what was said please and thank you.

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