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Hey guys, I’m going to keep this post short because I’m down with some god awful virus: fever, cough, stuffy nose, conjunctivitis, and the feeling like I got hit by a Peterbilt truck. The radio show is still on for tomorrow, though, and I’ll leave instructions below. Please send healing energy if you have any to spare!

This short video is an amazing display of how dynamic our auras can be. Kari Mena and Alison Ailfinn Allan experiment with Kari’s auras by engaging in various thoughts. I’ve never had this happen on my YouTubes, so Kari is very special indeed. It’s clear to see why she’s such a great energy healer because she’s auralicious!

Tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. The topic will be about colors and color therapy!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Alison Ailfinn Allan

    She’s my auralicious gal ♡♡♡

  • T Diaz

    Feel better, Elisa! I watched this one the other day on Alison’s channel (no pun intended) and loved it!

  • Johnny de Haan

    Dr. Medhus, have you tried Vitamin C therapy?? Just take 1 gram of C every hour and you should start feeling better within a day or two. Also stay away from ascorbic acid, take Calcium Ascorbate instead, its easier on the stomach

    • Yes, I’ve read about the miracle healing powers of IV vit C, too. Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know! I take lipospheric Vit C because it gets intracellularly much better.

      • Johnny de Haan

        LipoC is indeed better, but its just so darn expensive. Especially if have to megadose it

      • That’s true.

  • M&M

    Feel better soon, Elisa. Sending healing vibes your way, since we are all connected. Interesting video.

    • If we’re all connected, I hope I don’t get you sick!! 🙂

      • M&M

        Ha-ha, hope not!

  • Heidi

    Healing thoughts and energy sent your way, Elisa. 🙂

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