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I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the YouTuber/channeler, Abbey Normal, but one of her videos came to my attention that I found disturbing. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s kind and has good intentions and she expresses her own truth, but in her video, “Healing Erik Medhus,” she talks about how he died in agony and therefore his consciousness is in a perpetual state of agony. She said because of that, he’s demonic and she’s working to heal him. If she had read his book, however, she would know that he went through extensive healing and therapy. No demonic spirit could possibly affect so many lives in such positive ways. No one knows a child better than his or her mother, and I know my son’s energy. It is happy and whole. Even knowing this, the video, at least the part I could stand to watch, upset me and my entire family. Still, it is her truth and, although I’d like for her to take it down, she has every right to free speech so I honor and respect that. Just venting is all. 

Thank you, Kristen. I needed this!

Hello I was just moved to express my gratitude for the impact that channeling Erik has had on my life. The topics that are discussed have taken me on a journey and exploration of my own belief system and have opened my eyes in so many ways. I have watched your most recent video on Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray. I have a unique perspective on these issues being that I am an African American woman as well as being the wife of a police officer. While I do feel that the topics that you bring up are valid I was wondering if you may consider incorporating individuals from the groups that are being reference involved in the recording of the videos to give a comprehensive message that includes questions from individuals from the specific group being referenced. Not just videos referencing African American people but any topic relating to race religion gender, or any dividing difference that could be furthered by bringing those individuals into the questioning on video.I think that the work that you do is phenomenal and could only be strengthened by bringing in other voices in your questioning to ensure that these important messages have the proper questions and messengers to reach the widest audience possible.

In gratitude,

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  • Beverly Oats Nation

    Regarding the story Avid Follower – I don’t plan to watch this woman’s video and I am sorry the Medhus family is even exposed to this woman’s comments. She probably comes from a right wing fundamental Christian background. I too have that background and know the disgust fundamentalists have for anything outside their dogma and belief systems. When they don’t understand something they blame it on Satan. Sadly, it is not the woman’s fault. She is caught up in a web of man’s lies and personal interpretations of the Bible. She has not awakened to the truth. The more religious the person, the harder it is to reach them with scientific spirituality. I left the church over 20 years ago because it got so insane. It took 10 years just to clear my head of the lies I was told. I hope she will take the video down out of respect for your family. Sending you much love and peace Elisa & Erik.

    • JaniceT

      Well said Beverly!

      • 403LEC

        I concur Janice T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Naomi

      This is actually not the case at all, she made videos about how Lucifer is such a loving being. But talking shit about Erik and feeling so sure about it is just wrong. She must have deleted the video ’cause i can’t find it…

  • Ellen Rich

    Amon Ros has a Healing Erik video on YouTube as well posted 2 days ago. Someone named Joseph Bradley did too but I don’t know if it’s still there.

    • Christina

      Yes, he has been harassing me on YouTube since I decided to express my opinion. Truly yucky people I never wish to associate or respond to again.

    • Hmm. I wish they’d leave my son alone!

  • Deanne

    I’m so sorry, Elisa. We here in the CE family know how awesome your son is and that how much healing HE has brought US. We love you guys! <3

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    I am so sorry you were exposed to “her truth”. Eric is such a loving caring entity in so many lives.And you are so right ,a mother knows her child better than anyone. I am going to stop know before I write something I’ll regret. Love you muchly.

  • winifred labule

    Dear Elisa,
    I am sorry that your family has to go through this.
    My first reaction to reading this was annoyance, then it quickly dawned on me, Erik will see it differently… Erik has taught us better than to react unconsciously, even though it still hurts, this lady doesn’t know what we know, she is on her own journey, and she has to walk it.
    I am pretty sure she believes she is right, so are the suicide bombers.
    We just have to love them anyway and hopefully they will learn to God in everything.
    Erik is my teacher. I love him dearly.
    God bless you.


  • T Diaz

    i couldn’t have said it any better than beverly. videos can be flagged as inappropriate. you’re really taking the high road on this one, Elisa, as you always do and which i always admire. we might not make a video of it, but maybe we can send our healing thoughts to all of those misguided folks who seem hell-bent (sorry, couldn’t resist that pun!) on “healing” erik.

    • Haha! No, she shouldn’t be flagged. Her intentions are good, I promise. Please no one report her. I just don’t like my son being called a demon, that’s all.

      • T Diaz

        No worries–I didn’t and won’t flag her – just feeling very protective and having to rein myself in a bit and follow your outstanding example of restraint. You’re the most admirable best, Elisa! Much love to all the Medhus family.

      • Loving you back!

      • Alba Kambouris

        I reported her…..she isn’t happy that Erik isn’t using her. My son Jason wasn’t happy with her comments. She could have connected with you before she decided posting her phoney concerns. My humble opinion. I have a few people in New Jersey love Erik and his book.

      • That’s true. She should have.

  • Marq.

    What we believe to be true manifests in our reality experience.
    The degree and intensity of this is proportional to the attention and emotional energy we are directing.
    It is also so that we each incarnate intending to explore a life ‘theme’.
    Each person has their own domain.
    Their own reality manifesting around them.
    The collective co-create with each other by the interaction and ‘overlapping’ of these individual reality bubbles.
    Since you and I exist at the core/center of our own reality all others who interact/co-create with us do so by vibrational alignment, meaning they are ‘attracted’ to us and each play a role in the outworking if our incarnation plan.
    Some present experience that aligns or confirms our beliefs. Some present information that challenges or contradicts our beliefs.
    The presentation of either type of experience (resonant or not resonant)
    are equally valuable and equally helpful to us.
    They help us to home in on and furter define our own truth…
    If you can accept the veiled greatness of your true inner self you can begin to perceive that in life you are dealing with others who are manifesting ‘versions’ of themselves that always serve you in remembering who you truly are.
    You are doing the same for them.
    Your input serves them in the same way.
    The personality type we now occupy is our gift to both ourselves and those with whom we engage.
    In relation to the chaneller the way you feel about her claims is her gift to you.
    Explore the feelings honestly.
    They speak clearly when they are honoured.

  • Alba Kambouris

    The Avid Follower, that human has no right to judge…..if she reads her bible it clearly reads “judge not” I spent 12 years in a church so I know how easy it is for them to judge……so may I just say one word …….EGO…… maybe Erik can heal those that think in this ill manner….unfortunately they are many ……So close that door and any others because they are not like us and we are not like them. You are so Gracious Elisa remember Erik helps us….that’s it……
    As always we Love you and Erik’s family and Helpers. We can’t thank you enough. ALBA Jonathan’s mom

  • Lauralee Allen

    I reported her 3 times in a row. I can’t help but feel that she’s a “false prophet” so to speak & doesn’t have people’s best interests at heart. She makes me cringe. *shakes* I think she’s awfully selfish. She could have done a video about suicide w/o dragging Erik into it. She still could & take the 1 mentioning Erik down, but she refuses despite the pain she causes. Spirit wouldn’t ask her to do something that’s hurtful like that. I have trouble feeling that she’s genuine at all.

    • 403LEC

      Great response Lauralee!

      • Lauralee Allen

        I think I might have just got pranked by Erik. I was thinking about this whole thing & moving stuff around in my daughters’ room & all of a sudden a popper just came out of no where & popped. I was “alone” in the room. Nothing could possibly have been rigged up by my kids. LOL

      • JaniceT

        Yay, you got pranked by Erik!!!!

      • Cool!!

    • JaniceT

      So great that you reported her!!!

      • No, I didn’t report her. She has a right to express her own truth.

      • JaniceT

        Sorry ! Comments got tangled up here! I was responding to Lauralee’s initial comment of reporting her.

  • Leah91

    Wow Elisa, you need to remember that this girl is very young. And very judgemental, and that she thinks she is connecting, but she’s only connecting to her ingrained beliefs. Remember what Erik said about rejection and people that judge or cause you pain.… There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with Erik, she is only projecting negativity from her state of being. It’s not about you, or him, even your family. It’s only about her. The best thing you can do is detach your emotions, and concentrate on the love that you have from all around the world. I love you so much… And my heart is always with you.

  • Marq.

    In times to come our means of perceiving reality and each other will shift.
    Now… many feel the need to oppose what does not align with their own beliefs and values.
    Active opposition requires judging, rationalising and even co-ersion.
    Passive opposition requires distancing and holding back the heart conection to another.
    Both responses will ensure similar circumstances continue to manifest going forward.
    We shut ourselves off from or close down one source of discordant experience and another similar one replaces it.
    The thing is,.. our willfulness to ‘push against’ what is non-prefered to protect our own beliefs and values keeps us ‘wed’ to circumstances that we would prefer not to experience.
    Perhaps the ultimate realisation we will one day
    merge with,.. is that to allow
    What is non/resonant (unpreffered) to simply exist is the key to it retreating from our reality experience.
    Allowing in the pirit of non judgemental love is what lifts our vibration and disvonnects us from attracting more of it going forward. …
    The key to creating the type of world around us that we prefer is to focus on it whilst not giving our energy to opposing the present reality we see around us.
    To visualise a prefferred reality and overlay it across what is.
    To connect with what could be as life presents you with what is.
    In the higher vibrational non -physical realms reality is manifested and sustained by focus and intention.
    Reality is created individualy or/or collectively by spirits of similar intent and vibrational make up.
    Non preffered experience related to lower vibrational states cannot manifest and hold ‘ground’ in higher vibrational realms….
    The emeging humanity will come to understand that where we place our focuss, fears or desires produces the reality around us.
    To live through the heart is all that is needed.

  • madhub1

    There’s is only love. And obviously this person has a misguided agenda. Compassion and understanding are the only things called for here. Elisa, you know in your wisdom this is simply nonsense.

  • Elisa

    Isn’t there some saying like “You don’t get great without making enemies”-?
    Perhaps take it as a sign that you are making a significant impact in general and do your best not to let it affect you negatively.

    Whatever may come, I think you should hold true to who you are and what you are doing, based on “emotional logic”. Forget about the mind, so much, and the Conscious/Known World/Ego etc – This is like a time when you’ve got to let go and be like Luke Sky Walker, trusting in his feelings. …Didn’t Erik say something similar, about feelings being really where the truth is?

    It’s too easy for others to screw with our minds, anyway -that’s why the Spiritual world is impossible to “prove” to a non-believer. It needs to be that way, because it has to be something that a person experiences for themselves -it is Self Deliverance that is crucial; and then “those who have eyes, will see” etc. Like Dorothy needs to realize that she was wearing the ruby slippers all along, and had the power in her self to save herself.

    So there has to always be given room for doubt, or for the unknown and all the people who question or go against a belief -just like Atheism has it’s place, doubt has it’s place. People have to discover everything for themselves and this means they have to be able to doubt. And the better we are at accepting doubt, and not being perturbed by it, the more sure we are of what reality is. So, it isn’t actually opposed to our truth at all, but a part of what can make the truth more realized. “It’s All Good”, as they say.

    I’m sure, also that any profit has gotten the same treatment. And anyone who stuck their neck out, period.

    This woman’s ideas don’t prove anything. You’re familiar with Neale Donald Walsch, and he is similar to you. Pretty sure he has faced the same sort of flack from people, as well as being very popular. And he also even writes about how people will call you evil and of the devil if you dare to say you communicate with God and our Higher Self. …So, again, expect this kind of thing. It is pretty ugly and can be upsetting, but don’t let it bother you more than a bit. Another person I can quote is Joseph Campbell (think I mentioned him before) but he mentions that to really live (creatively) you have to stick your neck out and all heroes, no matter what story or tradition, venture into the unknown without a map. You can’t be a hero otherwise. It’s the unknown world that you are chartering.

    There is a lot of positive, inspiring and peaceful ideas here, coming from the spirit known as Erik. Without such encouragement (even just the notion of their being a grander scheme to everything) I would be at something of a loss and would be searching for such support. I find a great deal of comfort and much needed support from your blog.

    There is a lot in the Neale Donald Walsch books that could be applied to Channeling Erik; things like, asking ourselves whether the words ring true for us? …And I completely agree with this. Proof isn’t necessary. A person can confirm the truth within the message, period. That’s all that anyone really needs to understand.

    Here is a particularly relevant excerpt from Book 1 of CWG…

    It takes great courage to announce oneself as a man of God. You understand, the world will much more readily accept you as virtually anything else—but a man of God? An actual messenger? Every one of My messengers has been defiled. Far from gaining glory, they have gained nothing but heartache.

    Are you willing? Does your heart ache to tell the truth about Me? Are you willing to endure the ridicule of your fellow human beings? Are you prepared to give up glory on Earth for the greater glory of the soul fully realized?

    You’re making this all sound suddenly pretty heavy, God.

    You want I should kid you about it?

    Well, we could just lighten up a little here.

    Hey, I’m all for enlightenment! Why don’t we end this chapter with a joke?

    Good idea. You got one?

    No, but you do. Tell the one about the little girl drawing a picture…

    Oh, yes, that one. Okay. Well, a Mommy came into the kitchen one day to find her little girl at the table, crayons everywhere, deeply concentrating on a freehand picture she was creating. “My, what are you so busy drawing?” the Mommy asked. “It’s a picture of God, Mommy,” the beautiful girl replied, eyes shining. “Oh honey, that’s so sweet,” the Mommy said, trying to be helpful. “But you know, no one really knows what God looks like.”

    “Well,” chirped the little girl, “if you’ll just let me finish.…”

    That’s a beautiful little joke. Do you know what’s most beautiful? The little girl never doubted that she knew exactly how to draw Me!


    Now I’ll tell you a story, and with that we can end this chapter.


    There once was a man who suddenly found himself spending hours each week writing a book. Day after day he would race to pad and pen— sometimes in the middle of the night—to capture each new inspiration. Finally, someone asked him what he was up to.

    “Oh,” he replied, “I’m writing down a very long conversation I’m having with God.”

    “That’s very sweet,” his friend indulged him, “but you know, no one really knows for sure what God would say.”

    “Well,” the man grinned, “if you’ll just let me finish.”

  • JaniceT

    Just a quickie sharing: Whenever I come across someone that is not so nice to me, I tell myself that we need these nasty people in order to realize how nice I am ahahahaha! In this case, since we wont be able to change Abbey’s mind at all (nor is it our business to do so), my suggestion is to thank her of reminding us how ultra fortunate we are in having Erik around us, education us, and Elisa sharing him with us. We are truly truly very fortunate! I use to go to book shops 25yrs ago ,looking for Buddhism books in the “Occult” section at bookstores! I made sure no one was around before I went down that aisle in fear of someone might bring out a wooden cross and throw salt at me! ahahaha! Hearing about Abbey Normal made me appreciate Erik and Elisa even more, and happy to be in such a wonderful era we are in! All these lovely comments in this blog~! happy happy!

    • I don’t think Abbey is a nasty person. She means well. Her truth can be respected, but that doesn’t mean I can’t react to my child being called a demon. She just wants to heal him, even though he’s already healed.

  • Nehaa

    Elisa..i ve known Erik since the beginning of this blog. Every time i need help..even if i dun ask for it. He comes. You know lately i was so immensely grateful to him as i got so specific guidanve ftom him that even my spirit guides were unable to provide. I had tears of gratitude pouring down my face.
    In the life of famous & influential people like Erik is…there is always a time when a group or individuals will bad mouth them. To Erik and such evolved souls..it is still positive as it’s spreading Erik’s name..even if its not in the best way. Once ppl hear if him n think if him or invite him..they will experience the truth themselves. As Erik always does that.
    Hugs and luv to you and your family n Erik.

    • I don’t think she meant to bad mouth Erik. She genuinely wants to help him, but, in my opinion, religious filters are getting in the way of the truth.

  • Marts

    I have come to the understanding it has been the egos nature is to keep us in a small state of being, by holding us back in fear, this is the fear that keeps us from the availbility in reaching the higher energy vibrational frequency, fear itself feeds of fear, if our choices of paying attention to lower energy frequency’s is in fact is what holds down the collective, the many traps placed out in trickery by the ego..

    As we are all made up of energy, beyond our biology 3D we all hold the energy frequency, made of the same stuff, in truth, our divine truth we are all incredibly powerful, we are eternal beings from the higher realms where fear does not reside too… fear has only been the manifestation of the human experience and the lower vibration, however, as we are in transition we hold the key to the power that is within us to change things and see past the ego for what it is..

    By focusing on and feeding from the positive nature of who we are in truth, “Divine beings” every feel good moment that is available will have us playing more in happier tunes, this in turn benifits the collective and propels us all towards the higher dimensional planes that embrace the higher energy frequency, now, if ego ever try’s to makes an appearance we can and will hold in our authority to dismantle or brush it off, as it will be seen for what is really is, that of only the false truth and holds to no worth.

  • Ikenna351


    Abbey didn’t do anything wrong with that video on Erik and you, even though I didn’t watch it. It was her opinion or perspective which is her truth. So if you are telling her to take down the video, it means you want to control circumstances to please you or make only your truth to be Universal accepted truth. It’s only human that defines circumstances or conditions as bad or negatives. Source doesn’t, same as Erik.

    The good thing or positive about the video for you is that it showed you old belief system you still held unto Erik has been teaching you. And that is, needing circumstances to be reason to be happy or relying your happiness on other peoples opinions or validations of you and your actions. Erik transition to non-physical was to teach or remind you to stop looking for love in wrong places but yourself. Abbey played a role on that video to help teach you that.

    You are source energy currently having physical experience in this physical time space reality on Earth, same as Abbey and everyone right now on Earth. We all came to live different lives and explore different beliefs, perspectives and experiences. So, I am selfishly living that live and would suggest you do so by not giving fuck what anyone thinks of you. Your definition of you and your actions is what matters in reality, not other peoples definition of you.

    Also stop expecting sympathy from others. It seems you want others to feel sorry for you about Erik transition. What for? There is no such thing as death. So why perceive death as something bad? The more people feel sorry for you, the more you depower yourself if you listen to them and feel their sympathies.

    Erik is happy. Be happy and have fun.


    • Christina

      expects sympathy? I think this is a far stretch…perhaps it’s your perception, but Elisa is still human… and I find that statement to be hurtful as it is quite obvious how much Elisa gives of herself to us. I’m not saying your message was meant to be negative but it certainly didn’t feel right to me.

      • mp

        As a follower of both Eriks and Abbey. As a someone who does not let my emotions and anger get the better of me when discussing Polictics,religion or spirituality what have you. I agree, basically Elisa is using her platform here amongst her followers inciting or rallying up your friends on the playground so to speak. This is what is happening here against Abbey. It is not fair. And I am quite ashamed to even read the immaturity coming through these comments from adults. This is life, people/perspective are all different. Yet there is this mob mentality coming thru on this subject, putting Abbey vs Erik. Grow up!

      • I didn’t ask anyone to come to my aid.

      • Christina

        It’s true. I felt compelled as a MOM. .. and i’ve never felt anything but love come from you. No one asked me to stand up for something I believe in. But I dont think you ask for sympathy. I stand by what I say.

      • Christina

        Hey Elisa, I am so sorry for getting involved!

      • Why are you sorry?

      • Christina

        So.. you dont let emotions and anger get the best of you, but this sounds very emotionally angry. You should try some grounding.. and should also take your own advice. Thanks!

      • mp

        thanks for the spiritual input on grounding oneself. your verbal takedowns in little comment boxes are exactly what I am addressing…. hostile and defensive. spiritual, not!

      • Christina

        I actually haven’t said anything hostile, nor did I make “verbal takedowns”.. you need to move past this! I reject your negativity! Please stop harassing me now.

    • What? I never expected sympathy! Why would you even suggest that? I’m no victim. I’m a very strong woman, made stronger through tragedy, but I have every right to express my own truth just as Abbey has a right to express hers. I can’t be responsible for how people react to what I say.

    • T Diaz

      May you never lose a child.

  • Angela

    Dear Elisa, We love and support You, Erik, your Family……plus all the Mediums you use. Your videos have and are helping so many people across the world, myself included.
    (My one of many personal experience:…Erik was with my Dad when he was ready to transition. He spoke to my dad…..I know, I was there…. my sister was there when Erik pranked dad and her. (With Love…of course) then my sister believed….)
    I’m a medium myself and there is always someone around the corner trying to debunk, say the words are of Satan and so forth…. (yes, it’s their truth)
    Send them love for they are not there yet and they’re scared. There’s so much love in the words spoken by Erik…..and I believe everyone should read the books.
    Sending you Oceans of love!!

    • Don’t get me wrong. Everyone, including Abbey, has a right to their own truth. I would never take that away from her. But I have a right to mine and my own emotions. No one needs to take care of my feelings. I’m fine. Love you all.

      • Angela

        You are an incredible woman Elisa…..with so much strength, love and insight. I’m honored to be a part of this journey with you. You inspire me!!
        One day I’ll have to show you a picture of what Erik did before my daughter and grandson came to visit me from England. I know he loves to prank me. He sooooo funny!!!
        Love you and all you do!!

  • Chris M

    Just now I was responding to a posting I left on Abbey Normal’s video on “Healing Erik Medhus” when I went to hit the reply button I found she disabled comments. Rather than remove the video she simply shut everyone up. So I’ll share my part of the conversation here. I originally asked her to do some research on her channeling for a little validation and stated she would clearly see how far off base her channeling took her. I said her ego seemed to be clouding her channeling way too much, This is the response from one of her followers, part of it anyway:

    The Awakening replied: “Abbey’s words were channeled from spirit they
    were not her own. They came out the way they were supposed to. There is
    no validation needed as it was the truth of spirit. It do what it is
    meant to d…”

    To which I responded, or tried to before getting shut out: I’ve
    heard many channelings from many talented mediums and have learned to easily
    identify when the message is effortlessly brought through from spirit rather
    than siphoned through a clouded mind or worse yet so spotty that the medium has
    to fill in a majority of the message themselves. Wisdom
    of source connects directly to the heart, it not only makes sense to your
    intellect but your very being can feel its connection to source. Our ego is a
    tool that helps complete the illusion of separation along with the density of
    this physical realm. We can feel wisdom through this dense low-frequency realm
    simply because we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Physical realm or
    spiritual realm it makes no difference, each one of us is an expression of Godsource
    forever infinately rediscovering itself in inconceivably dynamic ways. My point
    is that when the illusion can no longer fool you it is painfully easy to see
    “truth” of source
    and the struggles of the ego. Yes, I agree this convincing illusion can stay
    with us after we leave the body especially before our originally planned exit
    was fulfilled and we can sometimes punish ourselves by staying in a low
    frequency realm or area of source because free will to experience all
    things allow it, but escape source we cannot, it’s simply impossible to truly
    separate yourself. Although I digress, back to point, I’ve heard many messages
    from Erik and they do not come from a lower frequency dense part of source,
    you can feel it connect deep within. Messages from the lower realms have the
    hollow quality that compares to the separate feeling of the ego, the ego has no
    capacity for compassion making it exceedingly easy to spot.

  • Yvonne Cloete

    Elisa, her name Abbey Normal should tell you all about her. Abnormal!
    Erik showed himself to me in such a beautiful way on multiple occasions and he helps me with some of my work too. Your son is amazing and you have all the right to be so proud of him! The prank I loved the most is when he broke my hair band in half, then when I saw it, I looked at it puzzled thinking “who would break my hair band and just leave it like that at the same place I left it the night before and not throw it away at least?” I looked up, started brushing my hair, and when I looked down again to look for another hair band, there was my hair band, all well together like it was never broken! I immediately knew it was Erik, and I felt him behind me laughing… You have an AWESOME son!

    I went to see what she looks like and wanted to comment on her video but did not feel a good energy and closed her video. Someone who is not willing to allow comments like you do is not truthful. You are right in leaving her in her own truth and her own stuff. Treat her like the child she is, not knowing any better! Believing in Angel Lucifer tells you her level of understanding. Evil was created by man not Source, so was Lucifer. Man created to control the masses with fear. It is hard for most to comprehend that evil, hell, and the devil doesn’t exist where Erik is, and will only exist, if you believe in it. If you give those kind of energies power it will have power because you are creating it. I have a recording of a channel that came through me clearly discussing suicide, saying all death is suicide. You decide how you leave this Earth, whether as an old person alone in a bed, in a car accident, with cancer, in your sleep, or with a gun to your head. You are creating your own reality. I so enjoy you and your son and I am so grateful you have the guts to share him with us! Keep doing what you are doing and let that girl play in her own imagination… we know she is the abby normal like frankenstein said…the abnormal one….:)

  • HR

    Hey remember what Erik said if you don’t like something or how things are going just throw it in the “Fuck it bucket” and move on “ding, ding, ding, next “.

  • Amanda

    Lol, what a waste of this woman’s energy. She should focus her energies on more immediate needs for her fellow human beings. Or perhaps Mother Earth. Maybe Erik can help to heal her and change her limited understanding and perspective for a more positive and healthy one. People are so unelightened sometimes! *Sigh*

  • Marie Cole

    Dr. Medhus, I’m no empath but I feel like I’m inside of you and experiencing what you are feeling. A big hug for you!

  • Terry A.

    Erik has helped people so much and inspired so many, but I think the question Abbey poses is a fair one. Are we giving Erik the space and permission to continue on his journey if he so wishes? None of us are only one thing….Our eternal selves are not chained to but one time period, life story, or personality. We love a perpetual teenager. We hold him in or minds in the shape of a fidgety youth, a curious scamp, a loving son. But of course he is more than that! People around the world call forth this particular energy constantly, asking this soul to present in his Erikness so that we can be assured of an afterlife. But “Erik” has been gone a while now. What if wants to move on? What if he is tired of being bound to this particular thread? Are we calcifying this being in some way through our need and attachment? Are we trapping him? Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t but if we truly love him, we need to ask him this without fear. He’s a kid. He’s just a kid.

    • Oh I’m sure he’s doing what he wants. If moving on means staying in the spiritual realm, he has. He’s there, but he’s also here at the same time. He can split himself off infinitely.

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