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I had such a wonderful time with the family in Destin, Florida this week. The weather cooperated only one day, but that day made up for everything. Navarre Beach was delightful: powdered sugar sand, crystal clear water and not more than 6 people stretched out in the sun there. We also went to the quaint town of Seaside to spend the day. 

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I’d like to extend a special thanks to Kate and Jesse for manning the helm in my absence. Also, thank you, everyone, for keeping your emails and FB messages to a minimum during my down time. Enjoy today’s post! 

Me: Can you give advice for the mentally ill and their caregiver? Actually, let’s expand that to any one with an illness and their caregiver, but if we need to do it separately, that’s okay.

Erik: Well, if we’re talking about mental illness, there are tons of those.

Me: Well, let’s just talk about those who are chronically ill and unable to care for themselves. How about that? I’ll simplify it for you, Erik!

Erik: Dumb it down, Mom!

I chuckle.

Erik: Okay. For the caregiver, I think it would be best if every day that they wake up before they go to dedicate their day and their life to caring for that person, they say this: “Even though this person, this child, parent or maybe their career–(You gotta take care of that, too.) Even though that person cannot do for themselves, they are still honorable and respectable on the inside.” The part that sucks about becoming incapable when you were once capable or just coming in to this life incapable is that you are truly on the inside. You’re really there. You’re still processing shit. It’s normally the fucking body that becomes broken, even if it’s a mental disease. The soul is not broken though. So the soul can comprehend, communicate, reach out, see all the goodness, see all the pain, everything, but the body cannot relay it. It’s like you need a megaphone to communicate, but the megaphone is broken. You’re carrying around a broken megaphone.

Me: Aww.

Erik: But you’re totally fine. You’re saying the words, everything.

Me: Mm.

Erik: But nobody’s ever fucking listening.

Me (with sympathy): Aww.

I know he can empathize from his own struggles in life.

Jamie: He’s talking about a girl who is, uh, her story of being mentally incapable, but the parents never gave up, kept pushing her, and she learned how to use the computer.

Me: Oh, that’s a real story isn’t it? I saw that on TV.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Yeah. Yeah.

Erik: Everyone in the world should read her fucking book. They should be forced, commanded to read her story.

Hm. Being a little harsh, Erik? Who made you dictator? Talk about overkill.

Me: I don’t think you can force people to do that, Erik.

Erik: There should be a fucking curriculum for every human being, and I swear to god, the book Nonviolent Communication should be in there.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: And this chick’s book, because it would put into perspective that no matter how the body is misshapen, who’s to say you’re shaped right or wrong, if it works great or poorly? Who’s to say what that fucking is? The way that you treat, love, care, provide care for someone should be that way you would want it for yourself.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And if you cannot do that, you need to fucking walk away for a while. You need to take a break. Caregivers, care providers often don’t know when that is, because they feel too responsible, and they won’t set up breaks for themselves; they won’t call in reinforcements.

Me: Well, what if they can’t afford reinforcements or don’t’ have those resources?

(Long pause)

Erik: Then you do what you’d do to your two year-old when you can no longer stand to be around them, because you’re not providing good care, and they’re pushing your buttons.

Me: You beat them?

I’m joking here in case you didn’t know.

Erik: You lock them somewhere safe, and you sit outside the door and you catch your breath.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Not in the bathroom where they can turn on the fucking water or pull all the toilet paper out but in their room or in their playpen, and you step around the corner and you breathe. There are ways to train yourself to take a break, but many people won’t because they feel like if they do, then they have the right to say, “I pushed myself. I am a good person. Measure me by this,” when really, you’re a dick [to yourself].

Me: We’ll it seems like most of the time it’s like, “I’m a failure if anything happens to this person. I need to do this for them. I need to do everything I can and more.”

Erik: Trust me. I don’t care if the person is two years old or a hundred or if they’ve been incapable since they were born or fell into incapability, they know that you can only go so far.

Me: Yeah. But there’s also the public. Others. Others in their lives that would see them. “Wait. You weren’t caring for them these past two hours? You had to watch your show? What the hell?”

Erik: Two hours is a little too long to be by yourself. I’m talking about stepping around the corner, not leaving for two hours.

Where a two year-old is concerned, two hours is often not enough. And I disagree with him here. You need more time away, as long as the person you’re taking care of will be safe for that period of time.

Erik: There are other things that people don’t think of like turning on the fucking music.

Me: Yeah. That would be good for both!

Erik: Yes!

Me: And meditation! Don’t forget about that!

Erik: Yes. Smells. People don’t think about smells.

With his smellier pranks, he obviously thinks about it a lot.

Erik: You know when you have an incapable person and they’re calm, give them the smell they know they like. Is it a food? Is it aromatherapy, you know, an essential oil?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: And then when they’re going nuts and pushing your fucking buttons, bring out that smell.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s your way of communicating, “No, we gotta get calm.” People forget about using senses. They forget to set the mood, because they go into protection mode. The caregiver goes into protection mode and can’t think about providing any more care than protecting themselves.

Me: Protecting themselves from what?

Erik: Going off the deep end.

Me; Oh, okay. Got it. Anything else on that?

Erik: Oh, we can talk about that one forever.

Me: Well, I don’t gots forever, so…

Here’s a little bonus post for you guys, because I’m feeling so refreshed! (That feeling should last at least six hours.)

Me: Erik was there any other solution for your mental illness besides suicide?


Erik: Tons of pills and a fucked up reality.

Me: Oh, that’s no good.

Erik: So, for me, that could have been a solution. I could have chosen that, but it’s not what I did choose. It’s not what I sought. It’s not what I wanted. So, if you’re asking if there was some comparable answer to what I found here? No.

Me (Somberly): Okay.

Erik: I wouldn’t have found that relief, that release and this joy, this kind of presence that I have.

Jamie (chuckling): I’m watching his hand gestures. They’re very, um… Sometimes he has this, I don’t know what to call it, like a hip-hop way of moving. I don’t know what to, like “Yo, yo.”

Me: Oh yeah. Right.

Jamie: It’s those gestures like they do in hip-hop. Kind of ghetto talk.

Me: I know exactly what you’re talking about. With their fingers down sometimes (I show her.)

Jamie: Yes! He’s demonstrating it in front of me.

Talk about a major distraction. I bet Erik is tapping his foot in impatience.

Me: News flash, Erik. You’re a white boy.

Jamie giggles.

Jaime (to Erik): Called out!

Erik: Well, you know what? The soul of a black man is in me. I gotta let it out.

Me: And the soul of a black woman sometimes, too!

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: I love me some big, black women.

Am I going to get in trouble with this? Sometimes I regret my “no editing” policy.

Me: What were we even talking about? Seriously. Oh yeah. Anything else on that?

Erik: No. I just couldn’t’ find anything that would give me what I needed. Nope. Nope.

Me: Okay.

Next week, I plan on doing a YouTube on aliens and possibly interviewing a Tall White and/or Short Gray (which is kind of scary.) I have tons os questions, but if you think of others that you’re SURE I don’t have on my list, let me know in the comments section, NOT VIA MY EMAIL. Thanks!

Because so many people requested it, I plan to ask about the Malaysian Airliner during my next session if it’s not resolved by that time.

Also, many of you have looked for Jamie and Erik’s small group channeling calls since Jamie is booked up for 2014. These “mini-readings” are booked through March, but they have openings through July, from what I understand. I had trouble finding the link, so here it is. PHONE READINGS

There are three types: The first type of call is the famous/infamous Erik’s “Call-Outs,” which are designed for general questions about career, spiritual mission, past lives, relationships, health, etc. The second type of call is the “Group Phone Readings” which are Jamie’s gig, but you can still call in Erik if you want. Again, these are for all questions. Finally, there are the “Grievers Call.” With these, you can talk directly to your deceased loved one. Erik will bring them forward and, if necessary, help them communicate. You can use the other two types of calls to talk to your loved ones. This is nice to know if the Grievers Calls are booked for a while. As many will attest, all three are very powerful and immensely healing.

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  • Jaime Baxter

    lol the short grays are scary – the guys pranked me with a ufo warning when i was in front of my sliding doors – i skittered away like a frightened cat with goosebumps as they laughed at me 😉

  • Melissa Sullivan

    Typical Florida weather for you… I deal with it all day, “erray day” (as Kristina likes to say on her blog lol).

  • LIZ

    Cool, good reminder on the Nonviolent Communication—and aliens next?! It’s my lucky week!

  • Trisha

    Wow, can’t wait for the alien youtube!
    Questions for aliens
    1. Have you modified human DNA?
    2. Do all aliens have access to this dimension, or are there divisions on your planet, like just average aliens living life and then aliens that get to travel here and so on.
    3. Do you have a special connection to any particular animal on earth?
    4. Do you have any animals there?
    5. Do you keep pets, if not what do you think of humans keeping pets, how about zoos?
    6. When (if) an alien abduction occurs, is the abductee given anything in return for their participation? Like knowledge, protection, boost in health. How are these people chosen?
    7. Are different colors associated with different groups of aliens? Shapes? Symbols?

  • Ismael Salcedo Jr.

    What ever is safest, from what I’ve read the tall grays have our best interest involved, and the short grays are the “trouble makers” …. I guess we’ll find out , excited! 🙂

    • Amanda Grieme

      Perhaps they have the Napolean Complex 🙂

      • Ismael Salcedo Jr.

        haha probably

  • Iola Regnier Gomez

    this hits home for me. I cared for my sister in law who passed recently, as her sister and my husband seemed to fall apart. Its a hard road from both sides of the bed. She felt bad that I had to do so much, and I felt bad that she suddenly found herself paralysed and helpless. It has been a grueling 5 months, and I think that a caregiver role is not what I do best..the burnout is often and severe..yet I did it for my mom too..for over 8 years. Asked myself why this keeps coming up for me, but never have found the answer. Taking breaks only helps for the time away..then its back to feeling overwhelmed. But on the bright side, we got closer in those 5 months, and she left me with some precious conversations that I will keep within always. Glad your vacation was great! xox

  • Daniel Lucas

    I would LOVE to see the interview of you interviewing a Grey or “Tall White” Alien! I have so many questions I would love to ask them. I think even being in the presence of another type of evolved creature from another planet would be simply amazing. I can’t wait for this! 🙂

    Also, if you think Jamie is up to it, do you think you could bring in Bashar or Abraham (hicks) sometime? I would love to see what they have to say in regards to Erik, the blog, and everything else! Glad you’re back and had a great time 🙂

  • Lynn L.

    Does anyone know the name of the book Erik was referring to?

    • Nonviolent Communication. Everyone who talks to anyone should read this!

      • I think they’re on the list!

      • Lynn L.

        Just ordered it, thx! I also meant the one Erik referenced that “her parents forced her to learn the computer”.

      • I was wondering what that one was too.


    Glad you took a break!
    Question: Can they influence weather patterns?

  • Ilona

    The Malaysian Airliner would be interesting, maybe Aliens or Black Hole..different demention would explain a lot!

  • Cyndi

    This post comes in perfect timing for me as we are dealing with a family member suffering a mental issue and she is in complete denial of it.
    She has been starving herself as a means of acting out and claiming food makes her physically ill. Of course she has had every test known to man to try to find the culprit of her illness, unfortunately it looks like herself.
    We have taken her to the top specialists in this field in an effort to help her, but she balks at the suggestion that her illness is being fueled by emotional distress.
    She has dropped 23 pounds in a few months ( she is tiny to begin with) and when I stopped by her house the other day, she had piles of clothes all over the floor she was going to give to charity…Red flag? I think so….but what can you do when you provide all the help you can and they still refuse it? Time to walk away?

  • Lorraine (LP)

    I am glad you had a nice time away with your family. : )
    As always, great stuff here and am looking forward to the alien interview and of course, any information on the Malaysian airliner.. (hugs!)

  • Deborah

    Would love to hear an interview with Bill Hicks.

  • Nate

    So much to say, so little space. First, a relative takes nonviolent communication classes to learn more about how to communicate with others. Unfortunately, she’s not a naturally open person to liberal ways of thinking so it kind of gets cancelled out.

    Secondly, last night I had an unusual dream that answered a recurring issue I’ve been having. We were in teams and following clues to get to a reward at the end of this contest, but the clues were very vague. My team and another one were just racing around til we happened upon a roomful of jewelry and fabrics that we shoved in our pockets, unsure of which item the organizer actually wanted us to present to her. As it turned out, this host (with long flowy hair and dress, very prudent) was holding a huge gem in her hand and said the winning team was the one which didn’t get to the “treasure room” at all, but rather communicated with each other every step of the way. That was more important than anything else.

    Lastly, I just happened to be watching a youtube video about this one alien crop circle that purportedly contained complete information about the ET’s who left it, where they live in relation to the rest of the solar system, their DNA structure, and the satellite design that sent the signal. It was really cool, and I don’t normally look those kinds of things up.

  • cristina

    welcome back !!!! <3 We missed you and we are happy you had great time! 🙂

    Questions for next week:
    – is Bashar a Short Gray ? What is his agenda? How many Short Gray races are there? (I understood are several)
    – are 2 aliens working with US government ?(something about reducing pollution?)
    – what are the 3 races guarding the earth: short naming and description
    – who is Ashtar [race, short description] and who is "Ashtar command" and which races are under that command? Are they [Ashtar command] also working with the spirit world [Jesus, moses etc].
    – anyone heard about the "brotherhood of light" ?
    – this guy Van Tassel worked with Ashtar before? (he wrote few books including communication with Ashtar)

    Wow, Elisa, I just realized how much "stuff" I'm reading as long as I have such questions :))))))))))))))))

  • Kim

    About the aliens… Jamie (or someone else) going to be channeling an alien spirit. Is that how this will happen? My question would be to ask if they (or any other species) is currently working with our government. And if humans are a product of alien intervention from the past.
    Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Thank you.

    • Yes, Erik will bring the alien to Jamie to channel. Great questions. Thanks!

      • Yes, one question creates many more! We might have to have more than one session for all of this!

  • jupiterblue

    Hi Elisa,

    First, I want to apologize for the length. Cut it if you want, that’s okay.

    What does Erik say about those groups of people who believe all aliens are
    the true fallen angels? The Archons? And the nephillim we have all read
    about? There are groups saying that nephilim are not the result of
    angels mating with human women but actually alien/human hybrids?

    I am asking these questions because of a disturbing article I was sent and
    read today. Unfortunately, it gave me a lot to ponder and I’ve thought
    of little else all day. Then, a miracle! I read you were going to ask
    Erik about alien stuff and I thought, “yes! I might be able to get some
    answers and peace!”

    This article claims we’re being duped into a
    false sense of security. That the big dream of ascension and the hope for a better future and a safe, loving world for all to enjoy by a nefarious plan set into action thousands of years ago. Like, during the time the bible prophecies were being written.

    This writer says that one day, mankind will fail to
    discern the truth and see what we think are angels coming from the skies
    to save us, but are really aliens and their hybrid demon children! At
    first, all will be calm and we will see the world’s governments and rulers dealt with and their establishments will crumble. But in truth, only the
    minor players will be dealt with. The real leaders and the cabal will be
    safe. For now anyway. Even they are under the false belief that if they turn
    over their fellow humans to the demon aliens, they will be eternally
    safe and rewarded greatly!

    But first, the aliens will force all the rest of us to take their
    seal (an implant for mind control) or be executed for refusing their
    mark, which is the 666 in the bible. I guess it’s some code on the
    implant, who knows?

    This writer claims the air waves are being
    bombarded by messages from these alien species, promising all good
    things and that the governments and cabals will fall soon. Of course
    these messages will be kind and loving, in order to gain our trust. And
    the more channeling minds they can control, the more their messages
    will bombard the internet and books and conference halls. The internet
    is supposedly alien technology to serve this very purpose. It’s their
    first line of mind control after television and video games. That is why the governments haven’t taken away our technologies or the internet. Because these things are doing the work of the Elite, through subliminals and continuous flow of their channeled messages.

    The government meanwhile are in on this! So is the powerful church elite!
    These groups don’t care if they are portrayed as the bad guys! But, by
    agreeing to the aliens demands, these powerful men and women are
    promised to be rewarded. Greed drives them. As does fear. Meaning,
    once they’ve tasted that promised lifetstyle, they can’t turn their
    backs on that promise. Even if they tried, and some have. Perhaps because they finally allowed their consciousness to change their beliefs. But because they know too much, they can’t be allowed to walk away. So, they are brainwashed into committing suicide or someone else to commit the murder. Like so many who are being killed off now, the bankers and executives.

    The cabal leaders are the alien hybrids or alien humanoids. These beings
    are ancient, have been around forever amassing great wealth and armies
    for this very purpose and to make way for their people to invade earth!

    Now I’m not saying I believe this…I just want Erik’s perspective on this
    bible prophesy stuff and how aliens fit in with bible speak.

    This writer states that we have over the centuries been so controlled by
    powers greater than us and over time, we’ve given away our own powers. Our
    weaknesses are ingrained now. Even the church preaches scare tactics or
    burn in hell. God forbid you refuse to tithe! Sinner…going to hell
    for sure.

    The article claims we are all controlled by
    something similar to the Matrix. Everything is a made up hologram, an elaborate illusion.

    Both sides make us believe what they want us to believe. Good vs. evil,
    with the aliens and angels being the heroes in the end. The writer
    says there are true angels, but there are NO fallen angels. That’s a
    myth. He said fallen angels are really aliens and or demons. Angels haven’t fallen, according to this writer. Is this true, Erik?

    I could go on and on about what the article said, but I don’t want to annoy anyone. All I want to know is who to trust?

    Whatdoes Erik say about these bible prophesies that the human species will
    fall prey to a false god (we all know this story) and he will come in
    the form of a great, bright and glowing being…but it will be one of the aliens and because we are all now comfortable with the alien species by now, wefully
    trust this savior to be our leader. But then, they’ll soon turn on us and enslave or murder/imprison us.

    Which explains this next statement:

    The writer claims that the millions of black coffins
    stockpiled all over the country, conveniently located by train tracks
    and the newly built FEMA camps (which Obama claims are there in case of
    terrorist attacks with massive casualties/deaths, due to toxins or
    atomic explosions, The FEMA camps are to hold people who loose homes
    due to those attacks…yeah, riiiight)

    It’s all being done massively, worldwide, by simple reverse psychology. I.E., Governments are bad. Aliens are good. Since we can’t trust our own biological species, the rest of humanity runs to a place of safety, a haven
    promised by our kinship with the aliens.

    But humans are like cows beingled to slaughter. Running from the herders (government) right up the ramps of the slaughter house, semi trucks, (alien ships) all the while thinking “we’ll be safe now!” Then….surprise!!! We got punked!

    Our minds are malleable. I can agree there. We are capable of being
    brainwashed. Especially, if the motives seem pure or as in desperation,
    we want to believe in the goodness of others.

    And the only reason I would even listen to what
    this writer said and why I was disturbed by it, is because a channeler who seemed to have a big following, was actually duped a year or so ago. Big time! His name is Wes. Can’t remember his last name. Some of your readers probably know who I’m talking about.

    Anyway, for years Wes channeled the Pleiadians. They sent loving messages of hope, which he daily reported on his blog. He gave speeches and blog radio talks. Then, his messagesbecame dark. Then they were peppered with warnings and admonishments to the human race for not adhering to what they were telling us to do!

    Wes stopped writing and shut down his blog immediately. He was shaken by
    this experience. Everyone on the web was trying to find out what
    happened to him. I kept my eyes open for signs of this man and his
    mystery disappearance. Then, months later, he reappeared. He told the
    world that he had been led by a group of negative entities. He told how
    they finally admitted to being in his mind and shaping him to believe
    everything they said. These beings had control over his thoughts! That
    is damn scary! Wes naturally was distressed. He wrote a long detailed
    report of the horrible things they said to him, belligerent things. They said he was so easy to fool! Wes might have been torn whether to admit to such things, but he did what any honorable man would do. He informed the world that this can happen. To anyone!

    These dark beings joked about the human race, as a species, capable of
    being brainwashed and many entities are doing that right now to millions
    of us! They tormented this poor man!

    I trust Erik more than anyone else to tell us the facts,
    (because I had a reading and Erik told me things I knew were
    true…thank you!) How do we know anything we hear anymore? I know we
    are told to trust our instincts. If we feel any sense of darkness, to
    demand the entity leave, etc. To use discernment about everything we
    hear or read. But when one hears or reads about how easy it is to
    infiltrate our minds and make us believe anything they want us to
    believe, how do we shield our minds from the lies? Can Erik tell us
    anything about what groups to trust, i.e. Galactic Federation of Light
    (I’ve heard there are other groups that call themselves Galactic
    something or another, but it’s a rouse for a negative group of aliens
    and is not the same group as the original Federation)

    There is also the Silver Legion. What does Erik know about them? They say they are a group of many species, mostly lightwarriors and healers, all based
    on different dimensional planes but close enough to be here in a
    thought, when the time comes.

    Kryon, (Lee Carroll is the channel) said we (humans) are all seeded from the main groups of aliens that are here now, waiting to come in and help us during the ascension. Kryon said every group started out like us, being seeded by another planetary species who had ascended and were granted a chance by God to seed a planet with a new species and watch over them (us) through our growth and our ascension when it will be our turn to do the same, seed a
    new planet with our children, and so on.

    Kryon said the human race descended from the Pleiadians. The Sirians and Arcturians were their parents, the Andromedans and Orions were their parents and so on. So, we all have DNA from all these species of alien beings. Although, Kryon did state there are other species represented on earth, seeded bytheir own DNA, but he didn’t mention that group. Only that they were either granted permission to do so or did it on their own.

    I totally feel the love and integrity from the messages from Kryon, so I
    listen to his channels the most. Oh, and of course Erik’s! Love you
    Erik!!! Your message to me still makes me smile!

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    can’t wait to find out about the plane…..they are now saying that the communication system, two separate ones were shut down 7 minutes apart. so hi-jacked???

  • Mindy

    Does anybody know the name of the book about the girl who was mentally incapable and learned to use the computer?

  • His brother vetoed it. 🙁

    • Deborah

      Oh, how disappointing! Thank you for your response.

  • Good one!

  • I think he meant “encouraged her.” Maybe Jamie translated it wrong. She occasionally does that with words but not with the message.

  • Sometimes you have to walk away, especially if you’ve done all you can. To continue could even mean derailing what they’re hear to learn and often walking away is what’s done when YOU’VE learned whatever lesson learn from them. Just be sure to give her a list of resources, local or otherwise, for mental health services and professionals, social services, nutritionalists, energy healers, or whatever else you think she might need!

    • OMG I love your dream. It brought chills! As for the crop circle, I know which one you’re talking about. I even put it on one of the posts about crop circles. (You can search for that under the categories pulldown menu if you want.)

    • Cyndi

      A very difficult decision made a bit easier…Thank you 🙂

  • M&M

    Welcome back. Can’t wait for the alien channeling! I’d love to know how they decide who to “visit”. i.e.- when an alien visits a specific human, what is the relationship, or why did they chose that specific person to come to? And for those humans that are from other star systems, do their alien friends come visit them here ever? Such a fascinating topic, so many questions… can’t wait!

  • So cool that things like this appear in such a timely way. This sounds like some scary shit (as Erik would say) and seems to be related to the contract Erik talks about. I think a lot of your questions will be answered in the coming interview, but I can’t, in the interest of time and expense, answer them all. We’ll always want more!

    • Ginger Kellar

      My son Jonny who is 12 wants to ask if there is alien life on Kepler 22B, a planet with an 83% chance of life?? Also Joony wants to know if it was Erik he saw last night saluting him? He saw him come out of the clouds outside his bedroom window and showed him many images than showed himself 🙂 thanks Elisa, Ginger

  • NH1994

    Elisa, this is so amazing. When I channel Erik to my 18 and 12 year daughters they say he comes off like a “thug” or “hood”. This is so funny, because I am a 38 year old African American woman who is somewhat conservative. My daughters tell me that when I channel Erik I become a totally different person which is how they know that it is not me talking (I don’t remember what I say when I channel Erik). My 18 year old daughter has also told me that Erik calls her his “brown sugar” and that he loved black women when he was on the earth. My daughters swear that Erik was a black guy in a former lifetime. LOL. Erik is the first spirit that I have ever channeled and he comes through so easily. He has truly become a part of our family! 🙂

    • Amanda Grieme

      That is so amazing! I LOVE it!

  • He loved the matriarchal, firm but loving black woman! I think his first crush in middle school was a black girl. He adored her.

    • cristina

      well, i think as well that black people are the sexiest 😛 Hot bodies, sexy walk and dance 🙂
      So cute that he is calling the girl “brown sugar” <3

    • Amanda Grieme

      Elisa… this is so much fun! I am soooo intrigued! Uncanny timing, again! As a caretaker Elisa, take time for yourself . Although intellectually stimulating… This can really pack a pony on your psyche. Stay light! Lately… I find that advice from Erik in a post about calming autistic children/tantrums in general is helping me. Inundated with life stuff, face riddled with painful shingles that have now covered my throat (swallowing water is a challenge – yikes) and taking care of a little girl with a flu for days… sans sleep… the white light that sparkles on water… crisp, effervescent… helps. It truly heals. I wrap my little girl in it like a blanket, and she calms. And I close my eyes … and see it when I am overwhelmed. It really helps. Close your eyes and picture it. It will make you feel light… even if for just one, sweet moment.

  • I can’t wait too!

  • Sue

    Loved Erik’s advice for caregivers. This blog has helped me so much with caring for people and animals who need care. Sometimes I get frustrated with the “demands” on my time. His advice to use the senses is spot on. I have done this with animals, but forgot that it also works with people. Time to get out the essential oils. Thanks!

  • Ah, yes! That was a pretty interesting post!

  • April C.

    Oh my, those pictures look so amazing! so bright and warm, beautiful indeed.
    for the aliens sounds really interesting! I’d suggest you to ask about
    the children’s abductions, if those are real, because one of my
    daughters used to dream a lot about her being taken until we had the
    suspicion even they acted gently (the grays), their true intentions
    must be related to make some experiments about a hybrid (human-alien) race,
    they even used to tell me (in dreams) what I should say to police, etc.
    about her disappearance!! finally I said firmly NO to them and they seem
    stopped bothering us…along with the grays there was this very tall white
    skin, kind of reddish hair lady with them…she had a good vibe…

    • Creepy. I bet I’m going to devote a couple of sessions to this alien interview. I already have 36 questions!

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    i eboarded bashar and yahyel today. i fucking love my eboard.

    • Very cool. I love mine too! It’s hard not to become addicted. I wish someone in my family could do it with me. 🙁

      • Kari Silver Lining Mena

        Mine won’t play with me either. Let’s hook up, get hopped up on caffeine, and play together. Also, that psychic lawyer, Mark Anthony, invited me to be his royal red carpet guest on GDH. Being an alumni yourself, perhaps you’d care to join? It’s in the beginning of May.

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    hahahaha! that’s hilarious! but BACK OFF, BROWN SUGAR, this WHITE SUGAR girl is crazy mad jealous! J/K. man, i bet your girls crack up at whitey acting like a thug through conservative black mama. now that is a youtube video i’d like to see. ;0)

    • NH1994

      LOL! Yes they do! 🙂

  • Deborah

    Would love to hear from Christopher Hitchens!

  • Becky

    I’m emotionally completely unable to help with my aging, dying parents. My siblings are okay with it, and do their best. But the guilt and sadness I feel…

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