Best of Erik: Ego and Love Energy

Oh. my. god. I attended Erik’s online class yesterday: “Understanding Energy Layers and Making Them Work for You,” and it was amazing. Jamie trance channeled him, which is doubly fun. During the class, Erik read the auras of some of the members, including me, without being in our physical presence, of course. He was spot on when describing my energy layers. At the very beginning, he taught us how to see auras, and, while going through the exercise, I saw that my first layer was lime green. Later, when he talked about all of my energy layers, he confirmed this even though I never told him! That means I can be easily manipulated. Grass green, which was sort of smushed up against the lime green color, indicates compassion. It was so fun and insightful. I told Amy that Jamie and Erik ought to have a class where Erik reads everyone’s energy layers. 

I went to a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and, as part of the new patient form, they asked me for my mental health history. I wrote that I had complex grief disorder and PTSD. When I went into his office, the doctor asked me why. I told him, of course. After the visit to this wonderful new doctor of mine, I sat and chatted with his business manager. She asked me what kind of doctor I was. I told her that I’m an internist. She asked me where I practiced to which I answered, ‘I stopped almost entirely since my son died, and now I write books.” She consoled me, saying that the doctor had told her about my loss and then asked if the books I was writing were medical in nature. I was cornered. I had to tell her the nature of the book. It’s always difficult for me because you never know if their reaction is going to be like, “You’re talking to the devil, you heathen!” (We all know I am, given Erik’s nature.) But I gathered up my courage and told her my story during which she felt major goosebumps. I told her that, although it might be a reaction to the story itself, Erik is known for creating that sensation. I told her that Erik often tells callers on the group phone channeling sessions or the hosts on radio shows that he’s going to give them a hug, and, shortly afterwards, they feel goosebumps all over their upper body in a distribution you’d expect from a hug. Right then, it happened to her. She felt like she was being wrapped in a cloak of goosebumps. I think our roads were meant to cross because she has lost 5 people in one year and has had lucid dreams from some of them and feels the presence of some as well. She’s very open to spiritual matters and has intuitive gifts herself. I gave her the name of the blog and hope she joins our little family. 

This may have already been posted, but it’s evidence that I’m a slow learner. I’m going to blame it on PTSD (tee hee). At least I have an excuse!



Enough of that. Here’s the Best of Erik post for today.

I had the most incredible walk in the Arctic tundra surrounding our cabin. (I took a video which I’ll post on the blog when I get home.) Wow, what a Zen place to hike. As usual, I started to channel Erik, and he taught me a lot about ego versus humility. He and I are rather ego-weak. (I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I figure it just is.) People like Erik and me seek a different kind of energy to nourish ourselves. We thrive on giving and receiving Love Energy. People who have stronger egos derive their energy from a wider range of sources: material and financial success, competitive sports, a sense of pride for personal achievements, and other ego-driven journeys and goals.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for souls like Erik and me to become lonely because we need to surround ourselves by those who are willing to receive and give love. Such people are often hard to come by, because ego-driven people are more plentiful and maybe don’t have such strong needs for Love Energy. He didn’t say as much, but I think I need to try to learn how to absorb a wider variety of energies, because by subsisting on Love Energy alone, you have to depend on others willing to both accept and give affection. With external sources of energy, you can depend more on yourself. Since I’m not a very clear channel for Erik yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Me: You know, they say that all the universes are different, like membranes shaped as sheets and donuts and cylinders, etc. and that maybe sometimes these membranes collide and the points of collision created matter. Is that something that’s possible?


Jamie (laughing hard): Erik’s laughing.

Erik: Absolutely possible, Mom, but knowing how things are built is not going to give you more understanding about what you’re in.

Me: Oh, yeah. I know, but I just find this stuff interesting.

Erik: Why are people trying to focus all their energy on unraveling mysteries like that instead of understading why they’re in it? We gotta look at that.

Me: Oh, all right, then. So you want me to leave all that to the physicists?

Erik: Yeah, perfect.

Me: Okay, here’s another one then. It’s from a blog member. Is it possible to bring into our family, the Channeling Erik family, the healing talents of interested medical personel on the other side.  He says, “I can see it: Medhus Metaphysical Clinic of Healing and Regeneration!” It would be cool to work together with such spirits to help heal people.

Erik: Absolutely! But ya gotta find the right channel. The channel has to have no ego, they can’t accept the healings as his or her own.

Me: I see.

Erik: If you find the right channel, trust me, healers over here would jump right into that.

Me: It reminds me of that psychic surgeon from Brazil, Arigo. Some deceased German spirit had picked out another channel before he wound up working through Arigo, but there was too much ego involved, so he backed out and went to Arigo who was just an uneducated peasant working as a miner in some remote village in Brazil. Dan sent me the book about him. It’s really good; you should read it. Anyway, Arigo was very humble, no ego and refused payment of any sort for his services. I guess that’s why he was so successful.

Erik: Exactly.

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  • Deborah Underwood

    Elisa, it’s wonderful that you met the woman at your doctor’s office; that was surely meant to be. You did the right thing by following your intuition and telling her the truth about your books…so great! Your books and this site will be of tremendous help to her.
    Speaking of channels and having no ego — I’ve had close relationships with several mediums and rarely do they not interject their own beliefs into their channelings. It would be great to be so clear that you just convey what you’re being told.

    • Being human can wreak havoc on our filters.

    • Judith F.

      Deborah, that’s one reason why I’m still putting off scheduling time with a medium to try and communicate with my son (or whoever from my family comes through). Budget is another reason. I’ve watched a number of mediums who’ve appeared on YouTube videos. Maybe I’m too skeptical, but the readings seem quite general, and the sitter either says ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ or shakes their head one way or the other. I haven’t been real convinced by what I’ve seen. From what I’ve seen of Jamie though, and we’ve all seen and read a LOT on this blog, she either has little ego, or she manages to minimize it in her channelings with Erik.

  • Linda2749

    Loved the video Elisa:) Seeing you like that makes us realize our very human side. Fearless and careless (:> Loved the post as well. I call on Erik but I never feel him like in gosebumps, smell or any profound way that tells me he is tuned in to me? Not sure why.

  • Madison Marrow

    Hey Elisa, maybe Erik could talk about how we can identify the ego within ourselves. I think my ego is kind of strong but I’m not sure. I have a feeling of interest when it comes to my own individuality. I dunno if that’s ego or if it’s bad

  • Widdershins3

    The class yesterday was fascinating. I loved being able to see Jaimie channeling Erik! Wish I’d had a question ready, but it was my first experience with the class, so next time I’ll be better prepared. (BTW, I’m not sure how I did it, but my posts here come up as “Widdershins3” a screen name I sometimes use, but on the class I was listed with my name, Patricia Davis) I wish Erik would visit me, but so far no luck–he must be very busy with people who need him much more than I do. My son died so many years ago that I’ve made most of the difficult adjustments and just need to learn how to forgive myself for not having been a better mother back then.

  • Judith F.

    Oh, mercy, Elisa! Bloody visuals to go with your landscaping-from-hell story. Take some good antibiotics! 😉 I was present at Erik’s class last evening; it was my second one. After the initial audio malfunction/ear blaster entrance, it was another amazing, information-filled hour. I’m in awe of Erik’s knowledge and his really fun way of explaining things. I’m eager to try the methods he clearly explained for practicing seeing my “make and model.” Ha-ha! I took notes. Plus, we can go back and re-watch the recorded video at the site.

  • ron

    Are you talking about the healer they call “John of God?” Yes, he does use surgeons and doctors from the other side. There was a clinc in Florida too that uses surgeons from the other side and they can actually be seen by those who are sensitve enough. It is definitely something that has been done and is being do and there is no reason why it couldn’t be done again.
    Elisa, I was also on the channeling sesión with Erik yesterday and he did my aura colors, and described my nature based on the colors. I’ll tell you folks, he was spot on. For me he got Green, yellow then red and he related Green to me seeking knowledge for communications to help and assist others; yellow as ego needed to get up and express myself to move that communications to others, and then red for being ground to earth. All fit because I have been researching and writing on the subject the process we call “life review” or looking back on our lives and I just recently began writing about this and making presentation of my work. As for the red or grounding color, I would have been surprised had that color NOT been there because I grow bamboo and use the bamboo to make Chakra healing and mediation flutes. I’m as grounded as anyone can get when you look at it as actually being in the dirt (like Elsa this past weekend). I know Erik has been working with me on many of the issues I have been investigating and his “advice” has really helped me move forward. Erik seems to be moving together with us in his capacity to share and receive information….he is quite a resource to all of us. Light, Love and Sound

  • D Mom

    I am not sure what you were referring to regarding a medical meta-physical clinic, but Bernie Seagle MD is a lovely person. I used to see him at workshops, but don’t know where he is now. I am also not sure if I spelled his name correctly.

  • Ginger

    Fascinating! You guys could start something huge with that idea, and I hunk it’s so cool that it’s allowed and no one makes use of it in this way! An online doctors office or sight like webMD for the spiritually gifted healers to connect and help us with our medical more doctors offices, I’m in! And with your experience being a doctor yourself Elisa makes it all the better…please please consider something like you can finally charge us and not have to pay everything out of your pocket! Not fair, we want to help contribute to these readings. Xoxoxoxo Ginger

    • In my spare time! haha. I just can’t see doing that and keeping up the blog/books too.

  • guest

    I think we can test several people to find few channels … they may be great channels and not even be aware of it …. Would be wonderful, just like Eric Pearl does it 🙂 … Wondering about consequences, do you eventually burn out if channelling energy?

    • Good question. My guess is that the energy that runs through you invigorates you or just passes through with no effect. I would think that trying to keep up filters and the resisting the natural flow would burn you out. (But that’s just a guess.)

  • Ginger

    I totally here you Elisa, everytime my husband and I think we have met new friends that will embrace a friendship based on giving and receiving and just love and light in general we feel dupped! The ego always seems to crop up, the materialism becomes the focus and then we start to loose sense of ourselves until we back away from the friendship and keep things in perspective. It’s so frustrating to find few friends whom are like minded. We have many acquaintances but we keep a safe distance…the same with family..uggh! I’m so happy that Erik said this is changing, I really can’t wait ⭐️

  • He is lovely. He wrote the forward to one of my books.

  • I had so much noise in the room I was in from my family that I couldn’t get it all, but I plan to listen to the recording today. It’s nice to have those to review.

  • A lot of mediums do that whole, “He’s showing me a rose. Does that have meaning for you? or “I see someone who’s name starts with an “m.”) They’re just fishing. At least Jamie, Robert, Kate, Kent and Cindy translate directly. Plus, Erik helps keep their filters down and helps the spirits communicate. He’s a big part of the success, so, no matter which medium you try, ask for Erik to join in session.

    • Deborah Underwood

      We are very fortunate to have access to Jamie and Erik. Jamie really is amazing and does a wonderful job of hearing and conveying the information in as clear a way as possible.

  • Ego is what maintains our sense of separation without which the human experience couldn’t work. There’s no good or bad. A great book to read that Erik recommends to explain the ego is Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth.”

  • I just thought it was cool that he could read our energy without being right there with us or knowing our full name (except in my case. He knows what my name is!)

  • Ilona

    Elisa have you heard of John of God? He is also from Brazil and does healing, surgery and distance healing/surgery. Wayne Dyer was among one of them. Here’s a link I just watched today
    Maybe you can ask Eric about him?

  • Ilona

    Here’s the link from Wayne Dyer – 2 parts

  • Ilona

    What happened to my post?

  • It takes a bit for me to approve all the comments. I try to keep up with them though.

  • I think I’ve seen him on Oprah. Very cool!

  • Terri

    LOL, just saw the weeder video, that was quite a sight. Love you silly lady! Have a much needed vacation and RELAX and ENJOY! Much Love!

  • Judith F.

    Thank you, Ginger! I will respond to your email address. Cheers! Judith

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