Best of Erik: Frickin’ Love Lasers

So far the vacation has been going well, but the weather looks iffy, so we might have to come home early. 🙁  I’ve been packing in a lot of video for my next vlog much to the dismay of my family. I’ve never heard the word, “stop!” more times per day than on this trip. I love annoying them though.

Me: We’ve been sending you love lasers, Erik. Every day at around noon central time, lot’s of us have been sending you love and gratitude. We’re all wondering if you felt anything. So what did you feel?

Jamie laughs hard for a long time, then shares what Erik said.

Erik: It’s like a warm bus just knocking me over!

Jamie (still laughing at his choice of metaphors): So apparently it has a lot of force, strength, but the idea of it being warm makes it feel comforting. I guess it all comes at once, then? Boom!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: It’s amazing! Why can’t we all get together and do that with the earth?

Me: Well, that was my next question. Do you think we, the Channeling Erik family, are meant to come together in this way to heal other subsets of people? For instance, one person told me about being in a waiting room with women who are cancer survivors and they just wanted to stay there with those women because it felt like such a spiritual moment. Maybe we can join forces and send people like that some healing prayers. So I was wondering if that is something we are meant to do or can do.

Erik: Well it really hard, because then you’re gonna get into, uh, it’ll feel like a random act of kindness, and then you’ll get into, “Well, who should we help, who shouldn’t we help? How do we pinpoint who needs the help?” Why not get to the root of the whole cause: our earth?

Me: Okay, so just send the frickin’ lasers all over the world?

Erik: Frickin’ lasers! Yeah, send them to the core of the earth.

Me: The core of the earth? Okay!

Erik: The heart of the earth. Dude, dude, dude!—

Jamie laughs.

Erik: —Let the visual be to the heart of the earth—the core—and let it radiate up through the crust, then let it radiate out to the bottoms of the feet of those who need healing—through the soles of those who need it.

M: Ooo, I just got that visual. Very powerful. Wow!

Erik: So, we don’t have to pick one special waiting room. We don’t have to pick, you know, one country or one government asshole.

Me: Yeah!

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: There’s not just one government asshole, you know that!

Erik (in jest): Yes, there are many! Too bad the rule, “Off with their heads” has not resurfaced, cuz we could really use that again!

Me: I know, I know!

Here’s a bonus round:

Me: How does one raise their vibrational frequency?

Erik: First, change what your eating. Eat natural foods. Meat is natural—I’m not trying ot be mean, but, um, stop the processed foods; stop the sugar.

Me: Jesus, I’m gonna starve to death.

Erik: No, seriously, Mom. Processed foods and sugars slow down the vibrations. Oh, and stop the caffeine.

Me: Okay, now I draw the line on that one. One of my simple pleasures is making myself a latte, but I can’t stand decaff.

Erik: Once you stop all that, then you need to tackle your brain!

Me: Brain? What brain?

Jamie laughs.

Erik: No, really. Like go down for a tackle, because your brain absorbs everything that it’s told.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: And some of it’s just not true! You gotta treat your inner thoughts like commercials. You don’t buy everything that the commercial says, right?

Me: Ah! Yeah, that’s right.

Erik: But nobody tells us to o that.

(Long pause)

Me: anything else?

Erik: Well, once you wrestle your brain and find out what you believe in and what you don’t, then that’s when you’re gonna realize: how much does your ego have a hold of you?

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: Some people might buy a certain sweater, not cuz they like it but because they think they look really good in it.

Me: Oh, gosh!

Erik: A lot of people will do things, say things, and behave in certain ways just to get approval from others. That’s an ego thing.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: So first, I would tell them to clear the body.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Get that habit down first before you even take on the mental struggle of what’s to come. Once you find out what your ego’s doing, then and only then can you find out how good you are at loving someone else.

Me: Ah, good—beside yourself, I guess!

Erik: Yep, that DOES have to come first. And believe it or not, the people with the most stubborn egos are the ones that have less self-love. They ego sort of prevents them from becoming aware of what they don’t like in themselves. It’s kind of a survival tool.

Me: Makes sense.

Erik: Yeah, so when you love yourself, your ego can fall away and you can give and receive love from others. And I don’t mean just other people. I mean trees, plants, animals, even the socks you’re wearing, the things you’re experiencing. That is how you feel joy, and THAT is how you raise your vibration.

Me: Hmm. I’m okay with loving my socks on day one, but after that, all bets are off!

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