Best of Erik: How ’bout them psychics’

Here are a couple of things that so many people wonder about where psychics are concerned.

Me: Here’s another one from a reader. “How can spirits who speak in foreign languages communicate through mediums who don’t speak that language?”

Erik: You’ve gotta remind people that the medium is a tool.

Me (laughing): Did you just call Jamie a tool! Erik! “Jamie, you’re such a tool!”

Jamie bursts out in laughter.

Erik: So, they’re going to use the tool however the tool knows how to work, right? So if the medium speaks English, they’re going to hear everything that’s coming into them as English.


Erik: It’s like the language of emotions. You don’t have to learn—

Jamie giggles at whatever he just said.

Erik: –the grammar specifics to know how to feel love.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You can do that beyond language. Communication in the afterlife is beyond language, but when we’re communicating verbally to a medium, they’re going to use the intellect, the knowledge they know to be able to communicate back or to give the message forward. (Putting his arms out, and speaking in mock self-importance) Language is no barrier for me!

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: So, a Spaniard, for example, would communicate to Jamie in ideas and emotions and no words?

Erik: No. He’d communicate to her in Spanish, but she would hear it in English.

Me: Oh, okay. Got it. Got it.

(But not really, come to think of it.)

Jamie: Here’s my two cents. What I’ve found is if there’s not an English word for that Spanish word, I’ll hear in Spanish,

Me: Oh, interesting. Wow.

Jamie: Like when I’m talking to the Japanese clients, we’ll be cruising in English and all of a sudden it’ll be just this foreign word.

Me: Oh gosh. What do you do then?

Jamie: I’ll sound it out and then I’ll ask the spirit, ‘Well, what does it mean?’ And they’ll come talk around it until I get the concept and it’s, ‘Oh, it’s a duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.’

Wow, what foreign language is that?

Me: Why can’t psychics get the right numbers on the lotto and make a killing in the stock marker, and why can’t they predict the future for themselves?

Erik: Such is the curse. Why would you think they’d want to use these abilities to profit? They use them to help. Don’t you choose to put this in or not? (What he’s about to say next)

Jamie (giggling): He’s saying the person that put this information is a little bit of a fool but he means it in an endearing way, because he thinks the question’s good.

Me: A lot of people think that psychics must be frauds because of that.

Erik: He’s an ignorant fool to think that you’d want to use something such as this gift that’s more pure for what humans desire. It’s not always “the humans know what’s right or know better.” There’s an amount of respect that comes with the work. I think they often have dreams with the numbers and then dream that they fucking full on win everything. That’s great, because that’s what they’re needing. That’s what’s their time. (??). But for you to come in and say that you want the lottery numbers and that you can win and do good with the money or do whatever you want with it doesn’t mean that you should fucking win. We’re all trying to stick to a goal that we chose before you came to this earth.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Hey, man. I’m not going to be the one to fuck that up. Over a few numbers? Hell no. I’d never live it down over here.

Me: Okay, on the respect side—what if you had a psychic who just really wants the money? Your whole thing is that other spirits aren’t going to give them that money because of your respect, right? For the purity of the—

Erik: Yes!

Me: Okay. Got it. Got it. Is that the same reason why they can’t predict the future for themselves, or can they?

Erik: Sometimes they can see it crystal ass clear.

Jamie laughs, then says, “That came with an image that was pretty funny.”

Me (chucking): I can only imagine.

Erik: And that’s great, because those are the moments that they need to connect to, to show them that they’re ability is, you know, on. Everybody has doubt, I don’t care who the fuck you are in this world. You have doubts about yourself. That’s the human experience. So, even psychics, who can connect to everything, can have doubts that they’re actually doing it.

Me: Oh, sure. I can imagine.

Erik: But for them to walk around with all the answers for themselves, you have to ask yourself why they fucking decided to become alive anyway. The whole point of being on Earth is the mystery of who you fucking are—getting to know yourself, learning about love—those are still applied to those who have the ability to see beyond.


Jamie (chucking): He’s making wiseass joke. (Whispering mysteriously) “Beyond the veil.” Like a bad magician. Ta da!

Erik: It’s beyond what humans can see. It sounds like this guy—

Jamie (to Erik, sternly): Uh uh.

Erik: It sounds like this guy is fucking jealous, really.

Me: Might be. So, how can psychics peer into the future? Is it because there’s no time?

Erik: Because time doesn’t exist. Yep.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Well, at least not linearly.

Me: Yes. Exactly.


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