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Since Robin William’s death, a lot of people have been wondering about why he made the decision he did. Personally, I think a lot of comedians, including Robin, Richard Jeni and others, have their dark side, and feeling lost and sad compels them to balance their lives with humor. Let’s revisit the suicide issue again.

Me: Erik, some of my readers who write in say they’re so depressed that they want to commit suicide. I’m not sure how to handle this. After all, they read your description of how your death was so painless and how the afterlife is so beautiful, what’s to keep them from taking the leap like you did?

Erik: I dunno. It’s fuckin great over here. It’s an individual choice. You know how we all choose when and how we return to the earthly plane? It’s the same thing with returning to the spiritual plane. Do you do what I did and get here earlier, or do you let your destinies play out and get here when you’re meant to? It’s always better for us to stay on the earthly plane and fulfill our destiny, because our life has a ripple effect on so many others. Without us, other people are not going to be able to do what they’re supposed to do.

I can certainly vouch for the ripple effect Erik’s suicide has had. It has all but destroyed me. I have a deep dark hole in my heart that can never be filled. Everyone who knew him and loved him has suffered phenomenally too. Has it stopped me from fulfilling my destiny? Possibly. Perhaps had I been left whole I could have had the confidence, the energy, the motivation and the power to help thousands of others. Perhaps I could have transformed a life, a family or a community in some positive way. As you will read about in an upcoming entry, one young suicide victim Erik channeled realizes now that his destiny to be a powerful healer has been cut short. For that reason, many will be deprived of his abilities. Without him, many will die.

Other suicide victims Erik channels realize that their problems still haunt them in the afterlife. They may have shed their bodies but their depression, their angst, their poor self-esteems, all survive death and are, in fact, only aggravated by the remorse they have for their fateful decision. They are well aware of the grief and pain they’ve created for the loved ones they’ve left behind on the earthly plane. And with their destinies cut short, their spiritual progress has taken a huge step backwards. The therapy and work they’ll have to do in both the afterlife and in future earthly lives will be long and arduous. Hmm, not worth it.

Erik continues…

Erik: I’m worried that you’re taking on the weight of the world, Mom. It’s so typical of you to want to prevent or help minimize the suffering of other people. You’re so nurturing; you wanna mama everyone. Just don’t take on the weight of the world. Just say what you believe and what you’ve experienced and leave it at that.

Kim: Can I ask Erik a question, Elisa?

Me: Of course!

Kim: Erik, is…Oh, he’s shaking his head no but wait, wait, let me just finish asking the question, Erik! He keeps shaking his head no and telling me I’m wasting time. (She laughs.) Erik, could…and I appreciate you saying that. Is Mom supposed to be…He’s shaking his head vigorously!

Erik: No! Mom is supposed to be sharing information, her thoughts, her beliefs, her experiences, period, end of story. She’s not to be giving advice, Kim, because that is not part of her earthly responsibilities. You have enough responsibilities as it is. Mom, Mom, you don’t want to get yourself into a position where your guides or guardian angels think, ‘She’s bored and has got nothing to do; we’ll give her something to do!’ The blog and the books are all going to be about what you see, hear, believe, and experience. You’re also going to be doing web-isodes on YouTube where you are going to be channeling me yourself. You’re going to be doing little programs on YouTube.

Prime Source, God Source, Life Force - Channeling Erik

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  • Daniel Lucas

    Absolutely beautiful post today. Something I think a lot of us needed to read again! Thank you, Elisa.

  • Gail Glass Allulli

    Oh Erik! Wisdom. Elisa, I can’t wait for you channeling Erik videos!

  • Judith F.

    I applaud Erik on being really specific and clear in his comments. I think that if it were me getting that advice, it would help me see my way forward without getting caught up in the distractions, or to recognize “ah, this is one of those issues Erik pointed out to me to avoid.” And you’ve done a brilliant job, Elisa, in all respects. Actually, I was unaware of how Robin Williams died. I’ve been ignoring the news, and we do not have cable TV; we just pick and choose our Netflix DVDs/streaming video. You’re right. Many comedians ARE comedians because they see the absolute contradictions in life and peoples’ behavior, and they pick up so wonderfully on them in their comedy. But there is indeed another side that many grapple with their whole lives. Robin Williams is now somewhere in the afterlife, and well…who knows what’s next for him. It’s bound to be better! Thank you, Robin, for all the fantastic acting and comedy you blessed us with.

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Well said on Erik’s part. Each of us is here on earth for a reason. I was saddened by the news of Robin Williams. I have many of his movies and one movie that is my top favorite is “What Dreams May Come.” Every role he played in was how he felt inside but could not share it on the outside. I have a very dear friend who is still having a difficult time over her son’s suicide. I share your post, told her about your book, written to her and I know one day she will open your book up. It has been a year so I don’t want to push her but I know that Erik has talked with Ethan. Peace!

  • suphouse

    I have recently wondered about actors.. And the ones who “really” get into character. Can they get so into it that they take on the vibration of that? LOA doesn’t realize when someone is acting, it just responds to the vibrations that we are putting out. So when there is an actor, who researches, rehearses, and really becomes the roll (some actors blow me away) I have to wonder how all of this weaves in and out of their vibrational escrow.. Hundreds of hours put into a roll.. Its just got to have some impact.. Don’t you think?

  • suphouse

    On suicide.. I attempted suicide when I was 14.. There was so much sadness and confusion and pain in me that I just didn’t know how to sort it. I wanted that to stop. I didn’t “really” want to die. I just wanted it all to stop, I just didn’t know how. But boy do I see now how those ripples would have affected those around me. Sometimes I felt everyone would be better off. That thought haunted me for many years.

  • teresa

    Wow so very powerful…………Thanks Elisa xxxxx

  • Michele

    Elisa did Erik’s suicide fulfill a destiny for you? You are helping thousands in a positive way – nothing you would have even thought about before. I know you would not have chosen this , but you have made a positive out of a very tragic event ( for lack of another word) I know with my son passing from suicide it has taken me on a journey I never would have thought…. And maybe Robin’s death is taking many more thousands on a journey to ask about the life and afterlife…

    • Cherieone

      I totally agree. Very well said.

  • ..Princess Maxine Lane..

    Beautiful, i agree with erik, to not take on the weight of the world, you have such a loving and caring heart, your soul shines with so much beauty, it’s so easy to get swept up in everything, i personally know how draining it can be to take on everyones problems the outcome isn’t very shiny, i personally think you are amazing and i love the blog, your helping in so many people in so many ways your a true blessing to all of us and erik to of course 🙂 XxxxX

  • Oceanpearl

    “Just say what you believe and what you’ve experienced and leave it at that.” Love that!!! Thank you Elisa, thank you Eric. I can’t wait for the videos.

  • Stephanie

    I think sometimes even though people don’t like to say it, suicide is a selfish choice. It makes me mad that people choose it over life. It’s a bad example for other people who are depressed too. I think it’s a cop out. I felt like that too sometimes, like just giving up, but it would have been so hurtful to so many people. Plus, it’s true, we don’t know if things will be better or not after we die. It may just be a different type of struggle continued. Why not just play it out here and see what happens next? Life is hard for everyone. We can’t give up just because it’s hard. We need to learn how to deal with it.

  • Stephanie

    If it’s great in the afterlife, and there are no real regrets according to Eric for taking his life, wouldn’t that encourage more depressed people to do the same? Many don’t care about the ripple effect, only about if it will be better for them. Where should I or they read about how he regrets what he did? What he wished he’d done instead to want to stick around. I think that’s what many depressed people need to hear. Not that it’s awesome on the other side.

  • HSB

    Elisa, this quote from you stopped me in my tracks: “Has it stopped me from fulfilling my destiny? Possibly. Perhaps had I been left whole I could have had the confidence, the energy, the motivation and the power to help thousands of others. Perhaps I could have transformed a life, a family or a community in some positive way.”
    I think this was an old post and at the time of the session you probably didn’t know what was in front of you in terms of this blog and the books. But I want to make sure you recognize that, through your pain and its very real effects on your life and your family, you HAVE helped thousands of others, transformed lives and families, and you created a wonderful community.
    I need to thank you, Erik and Jamie for getting me through some rough times and helping me recognize that we and our loved ones live on even though no longer alive. That recognition for me and for others on this site profoundly affects our lives in ways you might not even be aware of. Even though you may not feel like it because you’ve encountered so much suffering, you are already experiencing your destiny. Love you!

    • Cherieone

      Another great post that has been so right on in my opinion. Doing what you do, Elisa, you are helping many people. Looking forward to your videos!!!! Love you all.

  • Catherine

    Elisa, I don’t know if this is an extract from an earlier post but I just wanted to say that you have changed the lives of thousands. I was thinking about Robin Williams and how only the purest souls can convert deepest pain to love and laughter. You are one of those souls. Nothing is worth the loss that you endure but perhaps your intended purpose has become eclipsed by something greater. Before I found this site, I was lost. My mum was dying, I’d lost the love of my life and any faith or hope that I’d once held had vanished. Just tuning into your connection with Erik and hearing these subjects discussed in such a straightforward way gave me back what I had lost. I’d had psychosis previously and if this hadn’t been so human and real, I would have been too terrified to ever believe in something that I couldn’t see again. I guess I just wanted to thank you. And how terribly sorry I am that this gift was born of the pain which you carry.

    • Oh my. Your words have opened my heart and filled it with joy. It’s really hard to do this, some days more than others, but just knowing that Erik has helped you and others in pain makes this all worthwhile.

      • Catherine

        I’m glad that I could do a little for you, of what you have done for me. This is a hard world to hold an open heart in. I think Erik might visit me occasionally and when I wrote that last night I got major chills 🙂

  • mary wallace

    So sorry for your loss Elisa.

  • Heather Duncan

    Erik, you’re a great guy. God is certainly showing his mercy on you. You knew you screwed up when you killed yourself, but yet you are able to take the blame and learn from it and help your Mom at the same time. Keep up the Good work Erik, Elisa, Kim.

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, Santi was there upon Erik’s arrival. At least that’s what I understood he said. He asked Erik to come visit me in 2.009 and he did. Then I found the blog guided by Erik. This blog is one of the miracles that happen in my life everyday. What would I do if you were not here?
    Did I ever tell you that Erik and Santi turned on my dad’s TV? There were three of us in my dad’s kitchen that afternoon: my dad, 85, Griselda, a 26 year old who makes his meals (she’s a great cook) and myself. We were talking. The TV was turned off and the remote control was on the table. The only person sitting at the table was me and I was at the opposite end regarding the remote control’s position. If I was to use it, I had to get up in order to pick it up. I never got up or even came close to it. Suddenly the TV turned on by itself. Later I asked Santi about it and was told Erik induced him to do it and they both did it. It was funny because Griselda and I looked at my dad in silence as if asking him if it had been him knowing it was not possible. He was sitting in his armchair not near the table at all and all of us could see clearly the remote control laying on the table where he always puts it to have it at hand. The control was turned off, of course. He said: -“Why are you looking at me? It was not me.” Nobody tried to explain what had happened. I got up, grabbed the control and turned off the TV. In my heart I knew it had been somebody’s hand from above 🙂

  • Su

    This YouTube video is such a beautiful moving tribute to Robin Williams

  • Deb

    Hi Elisa,

    “Perhaps had I been left whole I could have had the confidence, the energy, the motivation and the power to help thousands of others. Perhaps I could have transformed a life, a family or a community in some positive way.”
    Seems to me you’ve been there done that already)))))))) Thank you Erik & Elisa, for helping us down our own paths. Love you both!

  • Nanne

    Helllo! I have just heard that Robin Williams didn`t die from suicide….so what is true? 🙂

  • Maya

    Robin William suicided because, he understood people, but people don’t understand him. Family loves him, but they just don’t understand the depth of his darkness. Only people like Erik, and bipolars understands the depth his darkness, therefore only people like them could help someone like Robin.

  • angelartist

    inspirational. have a child soon leaving for university on another continent and feel very depressed; your words put things in perspective thank you

  • Video skyping really helps me with things like this. It’s almost like having them home again. Knowing your child will return some day helps too. We’re here for you.

  • Jo

    I disagree with people who call suicide selfish. Depression is a horrible mental illness. I lost my father to it and struggle with it, myself, every day. Robin and others who commit suicide do not wish to hurt their families. They just want to make the pain stop. If you’ve never been severely depressed you have no idea of the torment. To say suicides are being selfish is like telling a diabetic who loses their limb to their condition that they were being selfish for losing their limb. Nonsense. The selfish “trump card” also implies that Robin was making a conscious decision to hurt people by leaving the way that he did. Another ignorant assertion. When you’re that severely depressed, suicide feels like your only option to remove yourself from the pain. It’s human nature that one would elect to do that..keep themselves from having to continually suffer. Another thing many people don’t realize is just how long victims have BEEN suffering before they commit suicide. It is rarely impulsive. Robin suffered for years, as I have and many others.

    We need to get people to understand just how deadly (literally) depression is, instead of continuing to stigmatize it and be ignorant about it. Statistics don’t lie..and those who are severely depressed very often attempt suicide and half the time succeed. Hopefully, Robin’s death won’t be in vain and more people can become educated as to this deadly disease so that there won’t continue to be more Robin’s in the future.

  • Elisa

    I did a search on Billy Connolly and Robin Williams. …one of the pictures that came up was of Dudley Moore, Billy Connolly and Robin Williams. Most likely from the 80s.

    I immediately thought: ‘Wow! Two of them had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and the third, Dudley Moore, spent his last years battling “Progressive Supranuclear Palsy’, a rare illness that has similarities to Parkinson’s!!

    I then did a search on commedians and parkinsons, and then on ‘bipolar and parkinsons” …and the latter came up with more than one article saying that there may be a link between the two. Including one study.

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