Bittersweet Sunday

Yesterday was a brutal day. A bittersweet one. We finally cleared out all of the yellow crime scene bags (and there were a lot of them) from Erik’s closet. In a way it was a relief, but I still had to cry because now I’ve let go of the last physical part of him. I really don’t feel like posting anything today.

Hearing Erik’s voice always makes me feel better, so let’s have a little contest. Anyone who finds his voice on a YouTube recording (or any other type of recording) other than what’s already been found will receive a signed copy of the book to keep for themselves or pass along to others. You can let me know, timestamp and all) through my email,

It comforts me to know that I have my lovely children and husband, so I’ll post their pictures here.

My Grand daughter, Arleen

My Grand daughter, Arleen

My Youngest, Annika

My Youngest, Annika

My Eldest, Kristina

My Eldest, Kristina

Rune in His Norwegian Folk Dress (Bunad)

Rune in His Norwegian Folk Dress (Bunad)

Rune Doing What He Loves

Rune Doing What He Loves

The two photos below are of my third child, Lukas. He looks eerily like Erik.

Lukas with the Babes

Lukas with the Babes

Lukas in Norway

Lukas in Norway


My second eldest, Michelle


Despite the tragic loss of my son, I am truly blessed. My you are see the blessings in your life. They’re there whether you realize it or not.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Judith F.

    Yes, Elisa, you ARE truly blessed. Your children are absolutely beautiful and handsome. When my son took his life, having my wonderful, loving daughter by my side was my blessing. She continues to be a dearly beloved daughter and friend.

  • Siret Torres

    I’m sorry. I love you Elisa, Erik and the whole family. Imagining those yellow bags breaks my heart. But as Rumi said, “the wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

    Wish you Peace beyond all understanding

    • Wow, that gave me chills! Thanks for sharing it. So profound.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    When my son passed, he lived with his brother and my nephew. We had to clean out his room, because we thought it was best that my son move out ASAP, because also my son that passed, his daughter would still be coming to visit often. Nobody wanted to be in that apartment no more. But as we sat and cleaned out his room, we felt he was right there with us, and we made jokes and made fun of him about how he kept those things you put into shoes to keep the shape….it was hard, but we just joked and laughed to keep from crying. I am sure my son appreciate us making fun of him!

    • I think Erik was probably hiding to keep from getting into trouble. His closet was packed to the brim and very, very messy.

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Your family is beautiful. Arleen is blossoming and becoming even prettier. Your girls look like models and they have your intelligence. You have done so well and accomplished so mush already and now are doing Gods work. It is a blessing to be humble. I am glad you are realizing how great you have done and what you have. I know because of your past that it is hard to feel comfortable with accomplishments. Know that you have now which is safe and that your guides and angels are there to guide you and you are supposed to enjoy life and embrace it. The best thing is when you do this Erik is able to reach you more clearly and it makes him joyful I went to a trance channelling development class two sat ago. The master guide that came through taught us that the most important mission for us as humans at this time is to choose joy and not fear. That was the entire message. Very important right now. It was the instructor mediums master guide, ashtar. I have thought about it daily. Choose joy not fear. This is for the worlds well being right at this moment. You have done so well!!!!!!! Embrace that!!!!! Joy not fear face any fears, hand them over to God, and choose joy

    • That reminds me of what Lincoln said: You’re as happy as you’ve made up your mind to be. I’m working on following that message and focusing on what I have rather than what I don’t. Can’t say it’s easy, but it’s sure worthwhile.

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    I needed to add. I’m glad those negative yellow bags are gone… Erik has flown into being a guide and more. All positive. Feel the lightness of his spirit and share it. Soar and be happy. You deserve it. May you fly in your dreams…

    • Jacqueline Orszulak

      Sorry probably too bold. I can’t begin to imagine

  • Elisa, loosing a child is never easy, this month will be my son’s death anniversary and even though it’s been years and years, my heart hurts just the same. We never let go of the love we just understand it better. Sending you my love and Blessings<3

    • Love and blessings to you as well. I’m here for you, as are all these wonderful blog members.

      • That reminds me of what Lincoln said: You’re as happy as you’ve made up your mind to be. I’m working on following that message and focusing on what I have rather than what I don’t. Can’t say it’s easy, but it’s sure worthwhile.

  • George

    Could Erik find out the whereabouts of the passengers and plane of Flight MH370 of Malasian Airlines?

    • Maya

      He did long time ago.

    • He did and now they think he’s right. Search for Malaysian or Malaysia on the blog. He said it is off the coast of India and he gave some other details too.

  • Carol Walker Cline

    Dr. Medhus, I am so sorry for your loss. I stumbled across one of your videos on youtube a while back after a good friend and his wife both took their own lives. I have since read your book, and have had many encounters with Erik. Thank you so much for the comfort you, Erik, and Jamie have given me. Like you, I had always feared that there was not life after death. Thanks to you and Erik I am now certain there is. You both really are changing the world, and I’m so glad that I found some of your videos that day. The first one I saw was the interview with Erik & Jamie & Jesus. I could never thank you enough.

    • Would you mind sharing some of those encounters?

      • Carol Walker Cline

        I’d be happy to. The first encounter was immediately after I watched the video on youtube with Erik & Jamie & Jesus. At that point, I didn’t really know anything about Erik. I stumbled across that video on the internet while researching near death experiences. Shortly after watching the video, I left the house to pick up my oldest son from school. When I walked back into the house I noticed an awful smell. I actually remember saying out loud, “what is that horrible smell?” At that time, I wasn’t even aware of Erik’s pranks. Later on that evening, as I was checking out your blog, I realized what that smell was. I told my husband about it and he was immediately skeptical. Ok, so that was the first one. The second encounter was not long after that. We had gone to visit my brother in Memphis for the Christmas holiday. My brother is an ER doctor at Methodist downtown hospital. At some point we had been discussing religion, and the subject of Erik came up. I told my brother and his girlfriend about everything. It wasn’t long after that that we all had Erik encounters. I had a tingling sensation on my cheek while taking a nap – a “kiss” on the cheek. My husband had a tingling sensation on his lips (totally hillarious because we were joking about my husband being a homo-phobe) and my brothers girlfriend heard someone “tapping” on a 2nd story window. There was also a light turned on in the attic. When I told my brother about Erik’s pranks, he laughed and said that he thought maybe it had been one of his patients who had died and followed him home from work. Since then, I have had several whiffs of stinky sock smell after reading the blog. I guess that’s about it. Talk to you later – oh, and I have asked Erik to help me with something. I have a friend who is in the final stages of cancer. I asked Erik to meet him when he crosses over to help him out. Hopefully he’ll be able to do that. – Carol Cline

      • Carol Walker Cline

        Dr. Medhus – I remembered a few more in the middle of the night that I forgot to mention. So, while we were at my brothers there was one more encounter after the first round. My husband was still skeptical, so I asked Eric out loud to make himself known in some way while my husband and I were together. Later that day, my cell phone let out a beep – the noise it made was supposed to signal that i had received a text message. Adam and I both heard it, but when I picked it up to check the voice mail, there wasn’t one there. So that is my cell phone incident. We have also had two dog incidents. Our dog Brownie ( a 4 lb. chihuahua) has acted like he could see someone in the house that we couldn’t see – one time for me, and another time for Adam. When my incident happened, I was standing in the bathroom at the sink. Brownie was leaving the bathroom, and when he got right outside the door he seemed startled. He looked towards a bench in the bedroom, barked at it, growled briefly, backed away for a second, and then seemed to perceive no danger and walked towards the bench wagging his tail. I was so sure he saw someone in there that I walked over there, waived, and said, “hi whomever is here!” Adam swears the dog saw someone upstairs while he was putting the kids to bed. OK, so the last incident was my husband smelling the sweaty sock smell in his car one day. I think that wraps it up. :0) take care.

      • Well that should convince your husband! Are you going to put all of those in the Erik Encounters page under the About Erik tab? That would be so great. You can just copy and paste if you want. 🙂

      • Very cool encounters! It’s amazing how Erik can spit himself infinitely to spread his punkness all over the world! That’s cool that your brother is taking this all in. Not too many docs are open minded. Did you say you were going to copy and paste this into the Erik Encounters page?

      • Carol Walker Cline

        I’ll have to get my hubby to help me later – I have a chromebook, and it’s not working like a normal computer – could not copy & paste…….

      • Carol Walker Cline

        I’ll try to put them in there. Sometimes my computer skills can be a little sad. My husband is still a skeptic, but I can see him starting to wonder. The other day he was working on his laptop, and a picture of his deceased grandmother that we had taken ages ago randomly popped up. I told him that either the computer had gremlins, or his grandma was trying to tell him hi.

  • Heather

    You have such a beautiful family. You are truly blessed. Sunday I had this nagging feeling to email you. I don’t why, but I felt like you needed someone to send a nice letter full of love and hugs. I didn’t do it, but I know now not to ignore those feelings anymore. I’ll be thinking of your family today, and sending positive thoughts of love your way 🙂 You are so strong.

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    These pictures are so lovely Elisa!! And so are you!! Thanks and your family is always in my heart forever!~! You have changed my life!! xoxo

  • Dani

    Elisa, what a beautiful family. Thanks for posting those photos. I am sure Erik is proud of them too!

  • Joan

    You have a beautiful family. thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  • Lelabelle

    You are doing it Elisa! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Ceridwen777

    Dearest Elisa – I am glad you got rid of the crime scene stuff – objects have an energy imprint, and I’m sure removing that stuff from your home will be a healing thing for you (eventually). Your family is amazing – all so beautiful and loving – and a testament to your (and Rune’s) parenting abilities! You are all blessed to have each other! I’m sending Reiki hugs and comfort to you, dear friend… <3

  • Lorey Brown

    Eliza…My heart aches for you and your family, you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers, big hugs from Canada…I thank you for sharing all your experiences with us and sharing Erik with us as well, I only wish I could express to you how much you have changed my life….much love!

    • You’re so sweet.

      • That’s true. I also saged the room right after his death. I never heard of doing that before. My older sister tipped me onto it. She also suggested writing a message on the wall and then painting over it.

  • reesenewman

    I’m sending love, light and healing to you and your family.

  • Diana

    Beautiful children! Thank you for all you do!

  • J. Patricia

    You have a beautiful family Elisa. I’m sorry today was such a painful day for you. Sending you peace and comfort to help you through it.

  • Dani

    Who is the mom of your beautiful granddaughter?

  • Mike Neal

    I’m curios, was the Bono interview left off the blog because of the mistakes Jamie made?

    • Of course not. See the other comment i made to you. You don’t have to believe in any of this. All I suggest is that you keep an open mind.

  • Justin Casey Zakop

    Very well spoken. Blessings are where you find them. It is said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Also we don’t miss what we have never known. If I had to choose between Knowing then loosing…or not ever having known….I would choose the memories even if they painful. Some will say that ignorance is bliss, I don’t believe that we must join the “drooling academy” in order to know bliss…I’m sorry I’ve lost my point, anyway how blissful to know that he[Erik] & we all survive.
    Never having had children I don’t know the loss you do but I have lost parents and siblings ….oh, pay me no min d i’m soap bopxing again…everyone

  • Gloria

    Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  • Maya

    All are so pretty!!

  • Lisa Sowers Macke

    These beings are simply Gorgeousness, interconnected and so much a part of Erik, all of you. Love you. .. tendrils and peace.

  • It should have been cleansing, but for some reason it wasn’t.

  • Gosh it’s hard to say. It kind of sounds like feedback.

  • Maggie G.

    Hi, Elisa –
    Just wondering if the date on each post could include the year? I’ve been cruising around to different posts by topic (fascinating, by the way), and I’d love to see what year it was written in! Thanks and keep up the great work! – Maggie

    • I don’t know how to do that!! 🙁 Any WordPress pros have suggestions?

  • Amanda Grieme

    Elisa… what a LOVELY family!!! Sending love…

  • Amanda Grieme

    Elisa… as I am reading this… my little River is singing… making up fantastic four-year-old songs. “When you get a…little bit angry…you have to dance around…” her lyrics – I thought you and Erik would appreciate that!!! She GETS it!

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