All About Boundaries, Part Two

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If you missed the radio show last night, no worries. Here it is! 

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Erik: Sometimes you have to disconnect and have those boundaries in place, Mom, in order to live the best life possible. (He squishes up his nose.) But it’s kind of sick, too, because some people think that’s a gift. It’s definitely an ability [to be connected to All That Is,] but some people want that connectedness and want to feel other people’s garbage so that they can think and say, “Oh, I can feel what you’re feeling.”

Me: Oh, god.

Erik: It’s ego, Mom, but it’s not going to do any good to feel that. It serves no purpose because it’s not your journey or experience. Having those boundaries, external and internal, is key to understanding your surroundings, your environment, and the way it plays on you, and having that internal structure is huge because when you define that for yourself, you’re going to maintain a more constant self-awareness, a truer self-awareness. And just remember, people—

Kim (smiling): He’s being a real smart aleck.

Erik: Boundaries aren’t about blocking all the time. It’s more about defining things for yourself.

Me: Yeah, maybe filtering things. “This is yours; that is mine.”

Erik: Mm hm.

Me: Well, you know I’ve had experiences when I’ve been around people I call energy vampires like my sister, Denise, god rest her soul. She wasn’t negative or anything. She was very ill. She had really bad diabetes, but for some reason, even before she had diabetes, she exhausted me. I just felt so drained around her. What’s that all about? Of course we know that there are negative people who can make you feel down.

Kim: He’s explained this concept to me a lot of times, and I’m so grateful because the understanding has changed the whole way that I channel.

Erik: Okay, I want all of you, including you, Mom, to think about the fact that you all can be and are a conduit for energy to flow to and through. Now take that thought for a minute. If you have a negative charge, it’s going to drain the life out of you. It’s basically from a lower vibrational being.

Kim: This is how he explained it to me. When I talk to Erik, I feel rejuvenated. When I talk to some clients, I feel like it sucks the life out of me. I said, ‘Erik, I don’t get it,’ and he said, “Spirit is the positive charge, and you’re the conduit. If the client doesn’t validate [what you say,] then there’s no ground. They should act as a ground for the flow of energy. The same thing goes for energy vampires. There’s no real ground so it’s like a constant draw. You’re the conduit, and you’re the negative pole. That leaves you feeling like complete shit.”

Me: How could Denise have been a ground? Give me an example of what that looks like.

Erik: That’s a good question because a lot of people don’t even realize that they do it, and it’s not intentional. Some people do it intentionally, though. It’s an awareness of the vibration, vibrational shift. Mom, there are all sorts of things that can affect it: if they’re a drinker, if they’re a smoker, if they’re just naturally a cynical or sour person or just a lower vibrational being, that’s just going to be the nature of who they are.

Me: Well, she was really cheerful! She was cheerful in spite of how ill she was. That was kind of strange, but she seemed so happy.

Erik: It could be the illness, too.

Kim: I have one person in my life that’s like this, and she’s the same way. She can be really chipper sometimes, but I leave her and I’m like, “God, I feel like crap!”

Me: So maybe it’s the illness.

Erik: You gotta think about the health. Hello, Kim? That’s why I was talking about stuff like drinking and smoking and how that affects your health.

Kim: Duh!

Erik: It pulls your energy down or rather your vibration. If they’re in poor health, that’s another reason they’re going to pull on you like that. For Denise to act as a ground, that’s not really the question. The question is, “How can I have boundaries so that that doesn’t happen?” You start by being able to identify it, being able to say, “When I’m around this person…” When you can identify it, you can shield yourself. Mom, this is no new topic for you and me. We’ve talked about shielding.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Shield yourself and keep that in the forefront of your thoughts when you’re around that person. Mindfulness. Be mindful about it. It’s hard, but you will have a better experience.

Kim: I can say that in my experience, it is hard because being mindful and thinking, “I’m going to be mindful and shield my energy” takes constant effort when you’re with those kinds of people.

Me: Yeah, of course! So say hi to Denise! Do you ever hang out with her? She was the first one to greet you when you crossed over.

Kim: He took a bow and he’s going like this.

She places her hand over her heart, then pushes it a foot away from her chest back and forth.

Kim: He’s not saying anything at the moment. This [hand movement] mean, “Yes, we’re together.” That’s my symbol for that. He took a bow to show humility or his humble attitude towards her.

Erik: Gratitude.

Kim: He corrected me and said, “gratitude.”

Erik: Yeah, Mom, we hang out. Not constantly, but we see each other a lot.

Me: Oh good!

Erik: I want you to think about –

Kim: This is funny just because you’re a doctor.

Erik: –if you walk through a hospital, you want to have boundaries because you generally go there if something is wrong. People are usually not in perfect health when they’re there! So when you walk through a place where there are so many ill people or a lower vibration, think about how that can pull from you and affect your energy. So again—

Me: Just shield yourself.

At this point, the video freezes and we get disconnected. That’s okay, though, because I think we covered what we needed to.

Beware the energy vampire!

Beware the energy vampire!

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