Can You Really Be a Pompous Ass in Heaven, Too?

Before we begin this typical Erik topic, I’d like to make a few announcements:

1) I’m very excited about the response to the San Diego event. If anyone has any questions, please ask them in the comment thread or email me at I know one reader asked about bringing children along. I’m not sure about the answer to that, but I bet there are age restrictions. I can forward Jamie’s assistant if you all want to email me your specific situation. Another reader asked how many would be in attendance. All I really know is that Jamie can’t take more than thirty. The main thing: It’s going to be a fun and life-changing experience. That’s the adjective that everyone seems to use after these events.

2) I’m almost finished transcribing the Buddha interview. Wow, how amazing it is. As soon as we interview a religious figure from one more faith, we’ll be able to make public all the YouTubes: Jesus, Moses, Buddha, etc. Words just don’t do them justice.

3) I spoke with Jamie today about the grieving parents session. She wants to keep the groups no larger than six or seven because she feels like more time is needed for parents to communicate with their sons and daughters. It’s so intimate and emotional. She’s also considering hosting such sessions every couple of weeks if there’s enough interest. Here are some questions you might consider asking:

a) Are you happy?

b) Who was there when you passed?

c) Do you have any messages for me, your siblings, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.?

d) Was it your destiny to dies when and how you did? If so, why?

e) Was your death painful?

f) Did we have some spiritual contract and was if completed/honored?

g) Was there anything I could have done?

h) How can I best communicate with you?

i) How can I help you?

j) Have you been trying to communicate with me? If so, how?

k) Did you like your memorial service? What did you like about it?

l) Why did you do it? (if the death was by suicide)

m) Did we share a past life that most influenced the one we had this last life?

n) Was I a good mother/father?

o) Do you have a life’s work there?

p) Who are you with? Who do you hang out with?

q) Can you describe your afterlife?

r) Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

s) What do you do for fun there?

t) When I grieve, is it sometimes because you are nearby?

I could go on and on. If I think of any other questions, I’ll let you know. If you think of questions, please feel free to make comments, because it will help those parents who grieve their loss. Now, let’s see what Erik has to say today. This came from a two-part question.


Me: Erik, your individuality is very much intact in the afterlife as is everyone we’ve interviewed. If you were to reincarnate back to the Earth as another person or individual, what happens to the current individuality? Is it replaced by your new, reincarnated identity?

Erik (in a smart ass, sugary tone): Tell the kind reader—

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Erik: Tell the kind reader—

Jamie: Oh, Erik! He’s being silly, okay? So—

Erik: —that my personality as Channeling Erik has become so big that no matter if I reincarnate or not, it won’t trump the mark of this personality that has been created.

Me: God, Erik! You sure are too big for your breeches, Mister Man! Maybe you need to be taken down a notch or two!

Jamie: That’s definitely how it sounds, how he’s coming out with it.

Erik: Think about it. We’ve had these other lifetimes, so those personalities, they’re not dead. Let’s just remember for a second –TIME IS NOT LINEAR.

Me: Right, right.

Erik: If time were linear, we truly would have an ending to what was created.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: But it’s not. Just because our souls divide as we have these lifetimes and these occurrences, right? That doesn’t mean that we are lesser than or that we’re getting smaller than our existence used to be. If I reincarnate, which has already been done, I already have future lives—if we’re looking at time as linear—and look, I’m still here.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I mean, it’s already happened! I’m still here!

Me: Are you reincarnated on Earth right now in terms of our linear existence on this plane—in our lifetime?

Erik: No, it won’t be in your lifetime.

Me: Okay, because if you were I’d try to track you down!

Erik: Punch it up!

(I have no idea what that means.)

We all laugh.

Me: When we pass over to the afterlife, are we able to interact with the souls and spirits of the various individuals we’ve been in the past?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Amber wants to ask you this question, Erik: “My question for Erik would involve himself. He seems to have so very, very quickly freed himself up to do the sterling work”—I hope this doesn’t make you, you know, even more pompous than you already are! Are you pompous now, Erik, or are you still the humble Erik that I’ve always known?

Erik (laughing): No, no, no, no! I’m still humble. I just play the role of being pompous.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Okay, good, good. Okay let’s see, “To do the sterling work for humanity and want to help his mom with her grief so that she can share this work with him. So, I just don’t know how it is. My dad went over two years ago and said that he was in the spirit world learning. I guess that someone like him, who didn’t believe in the afterlife, adjustment would be harder than for someone who did.” So, I guess she wants to know why you so quickly evolved to be this person doing all of this humanitarian work, and other people who have passed over haven’t evolved to that degree. I guess—

Erik: It was my purpose!

Me: Okay, so it was your purpose; other people have different purposes.

Erik: It was totally my path and my purpose, yeah. With some people, their path is a little more personal.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And with mine, it wasn’t. I didn’t want to be as quiet as when I was on Earth.

Me: Oh gosh, you were quiet.

(This is so true. While he was “alive”, Erik was so quiet, so under the radar and, well, invisible, really.)

Me: And of course there are probably countless others who are doing work on a grander scale like you, Erik.

Erik: Sure! Of course.

Me: Anything else on that?

Erik: I’m not a pompous asshole.

Me: Well that’s good to hear, Sweetie. I can’t imagine you being so, because you never ever were.

The Pompous Cat

The Pompous Cat

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  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    And, you can / will be able to also interact with your alternate selves.
    You often do so in your dreams and OBE’s now. Think of your soul as a giant computer running a ton of software. Some
    is old, some is new, some is weird, some is cool, some is boring, some
    is freaking scary, etc. but it’s all running, and you can look at all
    the processes at once, or one by one. It’s all about consciousness focus.
    And, you can have multiple operating systems as running as well. Only
    in this current view of this present software, your screen shots and
    print outs are gonna be kinda skewd due to the data your generating….

    • cc

      Thats a nice way of putting it jason,coz I understood, theres no linear time and us having multiple personalities.I just didnt understand if someone is an ass,is their personality still an ass in every race,every century etc or are they just an ass in the time they are re-incarnated to be.When celebrities come through,they were a celebrity maybe just in this century,maybe some of them come off as asses in their interviews,why is this so even after they have died,even after they realize Im not really that celebrity anymore,maybe I dont need to be an ass or come off as weird to us?

  • JoAnn

    i have been having alot of mind chatter/visions/ideas ,,,,all about an idea to invent ,,well not invent but put together and make an online experience that is totally different than what we have today,,,,i have alot of the aspects envisioned inside my head but really do not know where to start to bring things thoughts out and ge them on paper,,,,,,imo this idea i have had ever since i have been here on the blog,,,,would help all of us,,,and anyone in the world that wants to raise there vibration and learn themselves,,,,,,but,,,,with Erik and the commitee talking baout computers going down,,,energy sources as we know them now changing,,,i am wondering if it is not feasible to re-do the internet and make these concepts i have been seeing come to life,,,,,i would love to ask Erik and/or the commitee,,,,because i feel as if i am being nudged to go forward with all my ideas,,,and actually start asking people to help me with the organization and getting the equipment ,,,,is this something i am supposed to be a part of? everytime i ask my guides /spirit this question,,,,i get a big yes,,,,,,,but i don’t know!! if we could ask Erik or the commitee their thoughts on the situation,,,maybe it is something we as a blog/family are all rounded out professionally/intellectually and can make the idea real…..Love To All!!

    • What are your particular ideas. Joann?

      • Wow Elisa, I can’t even imagine Erik as quiet. He’s SO talkative with me. I’m not complaining. I absolutely adore him, as he knows.

      • well,,,it is a few different phases or parts,,,,one being a virtual world online with its own operating system,,,different than the way we do now,,,,,and their are alot of virtual things to do within the world,,,,,the game ,,,,life like,,,,is inside the virtual world,,,but it is where people interested in learning and healing and raising their own vibration can work through levels,,,using actual scientific attachment to the computer via usb,,,,that will measure vibrational/electrical output from our bodies,,,as our avatars in the game experience the environment,,,,so the way you feel while in certain circumstances within the game,,,will be measured and you can learn where you are,,,are you in synch with what you feel vs what you see,,,or do,,,,do your energies you manifest equal the intent you have for them,,,,is your LOVE vibrating fast enough,,,,how dense is your HATE?,,,,,it is very complex in its all round functioning,,,,and in my minds eye,,,i even had visions that it Might in some way be a baby step in the AI field,,,somehow,,,,although i am not a science or physics buff or any buff,,,lol,,,,what i see in my mind is way above my technical knowledge,,,,but that hasn’t stopped my brain from seeing the workings of it. i would need alot of professional tech peeps,,,i know there is scientific equipment already out there that measures certain energy outputs our bodies make plus devices to monitor heart rate and other physical effects that emotions we feel have on our bodies,,,,i know the game world technology is out there,,,because i played World of Warcraft,,,(awesome game) ,,,,there is alot of the technology already inplace,,,,so that leaves the operating system///with its own software etc,,,,to be written up.i was thinking about learning computer languages and learning how to make it myself,,,but that could take the rest of my life,,,,so i need help.,,,but i did want to get a word from Erik,,,because i have had positive dreams and visions about the idea and also some negative ones too,,,so i wanted to get an inside scoop from our spirit family before i even put more thought into this than i already have. Love To All!!

      • Dang you’re smart. I wonder what your past life was like? So you’re interested in training software that would raise vibrational frequency? I just want to make sure I understand.

      • yes and other qualities to help people,,,and for it to be seen in science terms,,,,somethihng concrete we can look at and measure,compare,,,etc. all the human things we are so stuck with,,,,,

      • Jan Drake Bakke

        Wow!Sounds cool!!!

    • Joann, before a house can be built it must be drawn out. We must put the pieces of the puzzle together to manifest the big picture into reality. You can do it. 🙂

  • Jason

    Hi, everyone. I feel like I’m trapped in an M.C. Escher drawing. If Erik is interacting with the spirits of his past lives – who have their own unique individuality, different from Erik’s – what is the individuality of, if any, his soul, which is the sum of his individual spirits? I can’t reconcile the nonlinear time thing. How can you determine what your life lessons are going to be before you’re born if there’s no “before”? Who/what is the “you” mapping out the life? Was it the Erik we know and love who decided who he was going to be or another spirit from another life (but from the same soul)? I’m going to be chewing on this one for a long, long time.

    • Ash

      First you have to grasp the concept of the higher self and it’s relationship to you and your other incarnations. Read here:

      You are correct in that the higher self is the sum of it’s individual parts (each incarnation) but it’s also independent of those things. The incarnations (including Erik) are like cells in the body of the higher self. They are each an individual in and of themselves, and operate of their own accord. And your body operates without necessarily having to think about those cells… and yet you are all one physical being.

      Individuality is, more or less, an earthly thing. The idea of separation is just an illusion. We really value individuality here – but in spirit, it’s not so much a big deal. Most souls and higher selves recognize that they are in unity with one another, and with Source.

      As far as the time thing, imagine it this way – there is no time. Only events. All events are there, waiting for you to push “play” and experience. Which one you see depends on which one you focus on. You have multiple screens with which to experience these things, and you can watch six at a time like people watch football at a sports bar.. .or you can just focus on one if you want. It’s more about space than time.

      The “you” mapping out the life is your higher self. It was the Erik we know and love, only because the Erik we know and love IS Erik’s higher self. (see link above).

      Lol I feel like I probably just confused you more. This is a very simplistic explanation, though.

      • Amber

        Ash, thanks very much for your link. I have said before how I have read in so many ways lots of books on this subject and every word you say is understood. If I use soul to represent ‘Higher self’ with its incarnation experiences, any of which, on passing over, it can call on -looking at a multi-screen in it’s cinema of ‘lives’- I guess it’s just semantics as to whether I ‘perceive’ them, watch them on a screen,or ‘meet’ them in some other imagined way. Personally I prefer to stick with simply ‘knowing’ them.
        These ideas always remind me of a book I read about a USA woman who had multiple personalities (16 I think !). They spoke and behaved in completely different ways/roles. Of course, this phenomenon is intriguing to psychology, the subconscious seemingly spilling over into the conscious, but in years that followed it occurred to me that these may have actually been her past, -and now I realise, her future lives too? Perhaps her present one was battling for dominance amid other lives that wanted expression for some resolve. Perhaps it really was a hiccup in the breaking of the veil of amnesia, but then I’d have to ask myself if even that was chosen before she came here, for some reason!?
        I guess my deep doubts are always to do with why we would choose to experience absolutely horrific events, such as child sexual and physical abuse,etc, in order to learn about our higher selves and Source. When we watch that screen, where’s the soul’s intelligence and heart in this matter? It’s not surprising we feel like we are playing a sick game and therefore cannot make sense of it. I’d think that any soul with any sense, like we on this blog, when in the spirit world, would say “I’m having done with that”. I thought caliguy92’s question a desperate and gallant one, born of need for the common sense of things but which seem from our current personality/aspect life perspective to be a hideously cruel and stupid decision on the part of the soul, (and other soul’s involved with us in this ‘play’) .Patrick’s “I’ve changed my mind!” – I want of this planet please, thank you, I made a mistake, resounded big with me.
        Yes, I get that it can take this much suffering to get us to see ‘the Truth’ though it seems so often to work in the opposite degree, many folk get farther away from trust in Source- your Self, a sorry state of affairs I suppose we will aim to put right in the eventual ‘remembering’. SEEMS such a circuitous path and very unreasonable. What does Soul me think as little Amber types this? Soul me is in amnesia and through Amber’s contact with you is trying to find a way to remember Itself and what for. Thank you Ash and friends, one and all!! Love xxxxx

    • Patrick De Haan

      Jason: Look at time this way: you are floating above Earth, which rotates underneath you. The angle of the sunlight reaching you does not change. Because you are above Earth and see the shape of the globe, there is no sunrise or sunset for you. What time is it?

    • Amber

      Gotya Jason! I’ve already been chewing on this stuff since it first came to my attention. Upto now, you seem to have understood this holograph stuff about being in different ‘places’ at the same time. I can only vaguely get this. When you get to the causal plane (beyond yin and yang) I get that Jesus and Buddha and the like are wide spread, ubiquitous-like. Talking of the spirit plane though (not yet Source-realised by a long chalk) I have always thought that we are simply ONE spirit with multiple lives experiences and that when we pass over we become aware of those we have had (when the veil of amnesia has dropped). Because I’ve been thinking linear-like, it’s still like I’ve been thinking further lives on Earth are future and that it’s in a linear fashion that we progress (or not, by our actions/responses). After all, deciding to reincarnate is understood as taking on Earth’s ‘time’ and ‘space’ in the process.
      But trying to think non-linear spirit I have had to consider that all lives are just a right old mix of experiences without any real cohesion, simply experiences to be had in no particular order(?)
      With my undivided soul idea I guess I’m the little human clinging to a sense of order and thinking that much as my personality feels like Amber, when I pass over (although Amber may linger) I will understand my bigger me, the whole faceted ‘personality’ of an ancient soul. I haven’t been expecting to meet up with some other ‘part’ of me floating about there..”Hi Amber, I’m Marilyn from your previous life, (or next!) -how ya doin’?”
      I confess to not yet making sense of it and realising perhaps I’m not meant to!!!! Part of me is a little sceptical. I sometimes think there might be differing ‘truths’ that I cannot fathom because they are paradoxical. The only real Truth is Source, which knows all that I can’t know. I am in the land of frustration Patrick’s post from the Committee said is all part of the deal! Big deal!!!!

  • Tiggg

    Another wonderful dialogue. When I’m on my computer at night and I hear my email ring I get excited hoping it’s Erik mail. And as usual I’d love to hear more about personalities and especially the main personality we have in spirit.
    Hoping to hear more from Erik on raising our vibrations and talking with our loved ones and spirit guides. Thanks again everyone.

  • He gave me the answer yesterday and it all made sense. Coming to a Channeling Erik blog near you soon.

  • BRAVO!

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    I don’t know if this gets here twice. Trying to sign in here now. I love what you say and ask. Thisis what I mean also and you say it. Thanks!!Sincerly, Janx

  • Su

    Speaking of assholes, saw this on facebook today, haha!

  • Jason

    Great comment thread! Thanks, everyone. I’m still confused as hell, but a little less so. And more enlightened. Ash, you are a very wise woman.

  • Ash

    Someone posted this in the facebook group yesterday and I thought it was ver pertinent to this topic. Have a watch!

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