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I’m still bummed about the family drama. One of my closest family members has shut off all communication with the rest of the family for reasons I don’t understand. No one knows what has upset this person, and I think it’s always best to communicate and to air everything out with love and emotional honesty. Plus, I feel it would be catastrophic for this person to not have a single family member in his/her life. (I can’t give away his/her gender out of respect for his/her anonymity.) I feel like this is another loss for me, too. I lost Erik and now this person? What does God want next? I’m so sad that it’s hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning. Please pray for this person and, if you have a little extra time, for me and my family, too. 

On a happier note, enjoy this wonderful Erik Encounter:

Erik often plays pranks on me, and I don’t always realise straight away because there are times when there’s alternative explanations to what’s happening; so anyway three weeks ago a client made an appointment through my booking service – all booked in ready for the evening of the 5th May. And then a knew appointment for the same client mysteriously appeared at a different date and I thought the client rescheduled but they hadn’t, so I fixed it and discovered it was an extra one because the original was still there so gremlins were in the works, I changed my password to be safe then it happened a second time, so this was frustrating both me and the client as she needed the original booking time to coincide with a public holiday. I complained to the booking company but their system was down so they didn’t reply. Then came the prank of a spoof appointment for “Captain McDingus”, well this time I got through to the booking company and they couldn’t explain how all these mysterious bookings had come about – now most people know Erik the friendly ghost likes pranks and so after some thought I realised it was Erik because of Ron Ledereh’s 17 second expansion program in my group he has a thing he calls an “Erik Ding”…..that’s the connection to the Captain McDingus name and the mysterious appointment mover – because yesterday the client who’s appointments had been messed with twice had to reschedule as it turned out her original booking clashed with a special event she’d forgotten about, but there’s even more to this booking being moved twice – later that day I realised her appointment, had it remained, would’ve been while I was heavily grieving with my family across oceans and wasn’t fit to do readings anyway – just before I got the news at 2.45pm on the 5th of May we were on our way to an appointment, Abraham were with me and I heard them say what can we do to help Alison which was odd as they’re helping already and then my mum rang from the UK and gave me the news that my brother had been killed in Tenerife; as I got out of the van to go the the appointment I found myself standing next to a car with my brothers nickname as the number plate “Ch4rly”. So having shared this story in my group a friend, Samantha, messaged she said look what popped up on my feed and it was a link to a song “Etheral Dreams” Eric Dingus type beat – so many references under our noses that the spirit world is helping us in one form or another and this was too synchronous not to share. I love you Elisa for all that you do and for giving Erik to us through this blog – my life would not be the same without him.

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  • Awww, I’m so sorry to hear about the family drama. I have lived it too. Sometimes time helps, you haven’t lost this person permanently.

    All our love, to you Elisa, to Erik, and to the whole Medhus family.

  • Michelle Schill

    I am so sorry you are going through this, Elisa. We have a lot family drama also. As grieving mothers we certainly do not need this, especially at this time of the year. I know it may be harsh, but I just completely remove myself from it. Praying for you all.

    • We sure don’t.

      • Michelle Schill

        Love you, Elisa. Hope it all works out well.

      • 403LEC

        Elisa you are not alone with THIS kind of family drama. Hang in there darlin 🙂

      • I know! Still, it hurts. I don’t like alienation, triangulation and a lack of honest, loving communication.

      • 403LEC

        I completely agree with you! I live with this every day and it is profoundly painful on EVERY level.

  • Lorri

    Hope. Hope says that this isn’t a permanent situation.

    That said, I’ve been there with the family drama too.

  • cristina

    my darling Elisa <3 I'm wishing you a blessed Christmas and A Wonderful Year ahead!
    I did go through the same thing for the last 7 months, slowly one by one I shut down to any communication, because it was too much for me to handle it anymore 🙂 I needed peace and quiet to heal and to find out who I'm becoming – it also allowed me to see who really cares for me and who is there for me only when they can use me.
    All this made me reconsider all my relationships, including the one I was having with myself and very deep healing occurred for me. It was also a time where I realized how much some people and my family loves me – which until now I've never really felt it 🙂
    So…. in the end, it will be fine. Just let this person know you love them more than they could ever imagine and you are there for them when they are ready to talk again, and in the meantime just pray: for you, for this person, for everyone
    I'm sending you all my blessings <3

    • cristina

      and you didn’t lose Erik or this person 🙂 Erik you just gifted him to the world, to help us and heal us <3
      This other family member needs to find his own answers too and sometimes quietness is the best place where answers can be found
      Besides, with mercury retrograde…. communication may not help anyway

    • Thank you for those wise words.

      • cristina

        always remember how loved you are 🙂 By everyone in body or spirit, even if they can not hug like before (but they do it with goosebumps) or they don’t want to talk, because they need to figure out things (but they still love you with all their heart)
        When you remember all the love, you’ll understand how blessed you are <3

        And when I'm telling you these things, I remember how loved I am too 🙂

      • 🙂

  • Thank you/

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