The Celebration of Death

I don’t know if it’s a western civilization thing, but it seems like many of us in the States see death as a very sad thing. In fact, I do still even though I know it’s just a return Home and that we never really end our existence. I guess for me, the sadness just comes from missing the hugs, the face-to-face conversations and all the other tangible, physical experiences with them in our 3-D world. In this Best of Erik, Erik discusses the celebration of death. But before you read on, here’s last nights awesome show on narcissism. 

Me: When will we humans accept death as really a celebration of the eternity of life? When will we redefine death?

Erik: I wish that was yesterday, but that’s going to take a while.

Me: Oh gosh. Yeah.


Me: Okay. You gotta be a little more, you know.

Jamie: I know. I was asking him how long? What do you mean? Da, da, da.

Erik: That’s the whole movement of this spirituality enlightenment thing that we’re trying to do, and that shit’s gonna take a while. We can look at another, I don’t know, four years before that really catches on. You know, the Asian cultures got it going on.

Jamie: He’s going back to the stripping. Have you heard about that?

Me: The what?

Jamie: Thailand or one of the Asian cultures. They hire strippers on “Dead Day” to dance and get naked, because it appeases the spirits so it’s kind of a celebration.

Me: Mm. Kinky spirits!

Jamie: Oh, yeah. Woo hoo!

We both giggle for a while.

Jamie: Yep.

Me: All right. So, we’ll celebrate death in four years or so, but when will we, in the western culture, look at death as not the end—as just a revolving door?

Jamie: A revolving door.

Me: Not just a celebration, but a revolving door that’s not the end.

Erik: Mom, that’s going to be a while. That’s going to be a while, Mom.

Me: Well, how long is “a while”?

Erik: Oh, shit.

Me: It’s going to be a while until I eat dinner tonight, okay?

Erik: Nah, I’m talking years.

Me: Decades? Hundreds of years?

Erik: No, not hundreds of years. I’ll sign up for decades.

Me: Okay, so maybe 4 decades, 5 decades?

Pushy, pushy.

Erik: No, I’d go more for 2 to 3.

Me: Two to three decades. What will it take?

Erik: For people to celebrate death?

Me: No. Well, they won’t be able to celebrate death until they know that it’s not the end of the road probably.

Erik: It’s going to take a lot more of these kids coming in with their stories of remembering other lifetimes and them being able to link them, and then having that being part of traditional therapy which it’s trying to do now, right? Past life regression and stuff like that. Brian Weiss—how long has he been at it, you know? And it just kind of went to a certain place and went “ehhh”.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: All right? So, culture’s not ready for it. So, that will grow first. It’ll be part of therapy. It’ll be a part of healing the life that you’re in. More children will come in and talk about it, and we’ll be able to track their history and know that it’s real and that shit will blow people’s minds. It’ll be more in story lines. It’ll be more in Oprah. It’ll be more in all that, and then by more we’re like ten year into it, right?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So then maybe a lot of people believe in it but not he masses, and then we have to break tradition on “this is how you grieve”, “this is what you wear when you grieve”. “This is what the funeral car looks like”, “this is what the…” Okay, you know how some people started dancing at their weddings when they came down the aisle? That was fucked up at first! It was kind of different at first, but know more people are doing it kind of frequently but not so much. They’re breaking the traditions on how weddings are. People are wearing different colors. So the whole celebration of love and getting married, well, that’s going to happen first, then it’s going to bleed over into how do you grieve. It’s just going to take a while.

Me: Yeah. And then this book coming out will hopefully help people understand that relationships don’t have to end at death. Will scientific evidence help lift us to that spot?

Erik: People aren’t’ going to like the idea that science will actually mingle with spirituality. That’s going to really fuck with people’s heads. Easily, almost half the people are going to be so ready for it when that happens that it won’t even upset people.

Me: What?

Erik: That science and spirituality are going to marry.

Me: I’m talking about when science starts to prove the survival of consciousness after death.

Erik: Yeah. That’s when they start to marry!

Me: Okay. They’ll say their vows.

Erik: When that starts to happen, the majority will be completely ready for it, but the other half won’t even know how to define it, and the ones who are ready for it are mostly kids. The younger generation is waiting for the older people to die so that they can reshape the culture.

Me: Okay, good. Not me, though.

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Elisa Medhus

  • MasiGaHo

    I’ve lived many times and will live many more times.
    I’ve been a mother, a father, a brother and sister.
    I’ve experienced many sorrows,
    I’ve experienced many joys,
    I’ve lived them all and will continue to live them until I know myself,
    For to truly know oneself is to know God.


  • Mauigirl

    Thank you so much Elisa (and Erik). Speaking of Celebrations of Death, is John Denver coming soon?

    • Interviewing him tomorrow, then he’s in queue for 2-3 weeks!

      • JAckie C

        Sorry to slip this in as my question doesn’t appertain to the same subject, but earlier on I read someone asking you to interview a man called Jimmy Saville and I thought, my god yes, lots of people in Britain would love to hear from him. He was a massive celebrity for decades, befriended bt Margaret Thatcher, Charles and Diana, honoured with a medal by the queen and all the time he was a serial paedophile on a really horrific level. He raised money for disabled children and actually defiled them in their beds. Also reports of him being attached to a hospital through raising money, and committing necrophilia in the morgue! It would attract a lot of views, I am sure, and that would bring more attention the the C.E. website. Jackie x. P.s. I tell anyone I can about Erik.

  • JAckie C

    A very good reincarnation book to read, with proof of the previous life is ‘Destiny’ by Martin Heald. Apart from the proof, he is taken into the next dimension and shown crystal building of learning, so stunningly beautiful that I wanted to pass over immediately, is taken to meet spirit scientists and is shown how universes are created and also shown things that are to come in the future. I could go on, but that would spoil the read. I bought it on Amazon in England for a small amount and am sure it will be available in America. Please do read it and pass it on – you may convert someone.

  • Léon Vrins

    There is an interesting article written by J.J.Snyder, “Science confirms survival”. It’s about scientific experiments in England where mediums got in contact with deceased people who appeared and were observed by the researchers.

    • I think I posted that and the post title is the same as above

      • Léon Vrins

        Yes, you did and now i remember again how I got in touch with it…

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I’m always envious when I hear of people dying; I think they’re lucky. My daughter has told me, through Emma, that I will be shocked when I get there because it’s so beautiful. Until it’s my time, I’ll stay here and make the best of it.

  • Elisa

    Hi Elisa,

    Not sure if this is redundant, but was wondering if there could be a segment on Poltergeists. I know there are a few threads already about spirits and how they interact, and dark energies (so don’t know if the topic is already exhausted)

    …but are Poltergeists real or are they hoaxes, are they generated by people in fact but in the form of telekinesis, or are they actual spirits…? Also, why are troubled pubescent females or troubled young women often involved-? A few particularly interesting recent ones were: The Rosenheim Poltergeist (said to possibly be caused by a young female office worker who hated working where she was and all sorts of havoc occurred with lights and other office equipment whenever she was around) and also The Enfield Poltergeist (perhaps most famous and I think a movie was made about it).

    • I can’t remember! I know we’ve done some on negative entities.

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