Channeling Amy Winehouse, Part Two

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And now for the next segment of the one and only Ms. Winehouse:

Me: Okay, Did you have any particular belief about death and the afterlife before?

Amy: I was raised mostly Jewish, but I really didn’t put all my beliefs in that one basket. I really came out a contradiction of myself.

Me: Can you explain that?

Amy: I came out a girl, and people have the expectation for you to behave like a girl, but I was very much like a boy. People felt that I should have done something more soft and feminine and in control, when all I wanted to do was to be loud and aggressive and without boundaries. Everything that was expected of me or everything that I learned from an outside source, I kind of made it my business to contradict.

Me: So did you believe that there was an afterlife.

Amy: Uh, y-yes!

Jamie (chuckling): She kind of stutters over it. Y-yes.

Me: You probably didn’t think much about it, did you?

Amy: No. I don’t think it was any big secret that I had a big addiction problem.

Me: Yes.

Amy: And I think that was because I couldn’t find what I really needed in my family unit. (chuckling) God bless my grandmother!

Jamie: I wonder how her grandmother fits in.

Me: Was she a source of support for you?

Amy: Yes. Yes.

Me: Good. So she was probably one of the ones you most identified with and got support from? Is that what you’re saying?

Amy: Yeah. She was the one who pointed a finger at me and told me what I was capable of doing and not really confining me.

Me: She didn’t make you march to someone else’s drum?

Amy: Yes. She was the one who shoved me into theatre; she was the one who put me in front of a crowd, an audience, and that was when I realized I needed that; I wanted that.

Me: Yeah. Well, usually those who want to contradict things have to have a platform so that they can express that through song, poetry, theatre, whatever. So, yeah, that was a good thing your grandmother did.

Amy: I tried anything and everything. I was not afraid.

Me: Was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Amy: Yes.

Me: Why?

(Long pause)

Jamie: She’s explaining, and between her accent and her—I don’t know if I’d call it a mumble or if that’s really her accent. But, I mean, I’ve heard English accents, and they can be really clear.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: But her voice—

Me: Is it hard to understand? Is it the dialect?

Jamie: Thank you. The dialect.

Me: Yes, sometimes I have trouble with certain English dialects.

Amy: If I were to live longer than this—I saw myself having a child—and I would have led a very destructive life and full of guilt because I wouldn’t have been able to give what the child needed. So I’m very happy—like relieved—to be cut loose from that responsibility.

Me: Yeah, and you were about to adopt a child, right?

Amy: Yes.

Me: So is that what triggered your exit point?

Amy: It wasn’t the right thing to do.

Me: Okay. Yes. Now, tell me about your place in the afterlife. Obviously you don’t live in that big blue-floored warehouse, right?

Amy: Insect box? No. I don’t. I live mostly close to my parents, my band mates.

Me: Do you have a house, or do you just crash at everyone else’s pad?

Amy: Odd to say, but you don’t really need a house. And until I loosen up and don’t have to do so much damage control, maybe then that’s when I’ll get my house.

Me: Yeah, and settle down. So, you’re doing damage control by helping those you left behind?

Amy: Yes, because it was a sudden exit.

Me: Well, sure, and you died when you were 29, so that points to closure in terms of numerology. I guess that supports the fact that it was your destiny.

Amy: I was younger than that.

Me: Oh, okay. Or 27?

Jamie: She’s nodding her head yes.

Me: Yeah, because 2 + 7 = 9 and 9 means closure. I had two cups of coffee; I don’t know what the heck is wrong! 

Here’s evidence showing she was a bit difficult to understand:

And a poignant Amy Winehouse song showcasing the inner angst so typical of many:

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Elisa Medhus

  • thank you guys for posting this! i was looking forward to reading part 2 all day. She had a wonderful voice. 🙂

  • Kurlione

    Bless You Amy….Be Happy tiny songbird x 🙂

  • Steve Trask

    It’s interesting that these folks come back from spirit and they usually seem content where they are. I would think it would be hard to die suddenly, so young, and you’d have regrets on the other side.
    But perhaps you see the bigger picture when there, and you are truly ‘home,’ so you go with it.

  • Guitarlinda M

    maybe her future looked like more of the same…..more concerts, more recording, more touring, more drugs, more rehab
    seems pretty good decision not to try and bring a child into the mix

    I don’t think there will ever be a voice like hers again, I just loved it

  • Maria

    Thank you for this look into Amy and her life. I find her face to be so intriguing..those eyes! She seemed to be very focused when she was being interviewed, and honest, up front. Very interesting that she was considering adopting…and I wonder if she would have been successful, given her addiction problems. But then, sometimes money will get you anything. Steve, I know what you are saying about the contentment…..the peace…they seem to have made peace within themselves, while also recognizing that there is some “damage control” to do. How I wish there were more peace on this earth….not only in terms of lack of wars, etc…..but peace within us as individuals…and knowing….I guess it comes in the next realm to most of us…although there do seem to be some humans who have come to it here. As to myself, I feel that I am being “spoon fed” at this point….little by little, but I want more, MORE!!

  • Tracy Lamont

    Yes Amy has a very strong cockney accent… takes some getting used to even for a Brit!
    North n south (sarf) = mouth (marf),
    daisy roots = boots,
    would you Adam n Eve it! = would you believe it!
    I could go on…

    Adam was 18 , a closure number. The road he was on was the A9. He was born on the 27th, died in 2007…. a lot of numbers that add up to 9.

  • Milla

    Thank you all for the effort and kindness sharing Erik’s and Jamie’s and Elisa’s time and love here!!

  • Wallace Brown

    Hahaha. We have many dialects/accents here in London never mind in England. Amy’s accent was what we call a form of blackney. That is, a mixture between black street and cockney. God bless her. It didn’t come as much of a surprise when she passed. Good to hear she’s in a better state all round.

  • madesoul

    thank you guys for this but why i ever can´t see the youtube video? i use the “proxytube” too but nothing to see! 🙁

  • EJ Gilkey

    I love Amy Winehouse. I even have a AW Pandora station. Ok I’ll continue reading…. BTW the Anne Frank interview was sooooo good.

  • may johnson

    Having seen the Amy doc, her grandmother was a huge support system in her life. Bless you songbird.

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