Channeling Bruce Lee, Part Three

The Ask Erik magazine column for December is finally out on the Sivana blog and soon to come out in the Sedona Journal. You can read it HERE. I’ll be calling for the next round of questions the third week of this month, so be sure to read the blog daily if you want to submit a question for Erik!

Tomorrow, Rune and I are going to Dallas to his CMRA awards ceremony (for his motorcycle racing.) He’s so talented and faster than almost all the guys who are in their twenties. It’s amazing. I hope he gets an award. The only thing is that we’re not taking Bella with us because Rune is afraid someone will steal her from our hotel room. I hate being without her. In fact, we’re taking her on her first airplane trip next week to North Carolina to visit my daughter, Kristina, and her husband, Houston. It normally costs a couple of hundred bucks to take a dog inside even though we’ll stuff her under the seat in front of us as though she was a laptop. But she’s actually certified as an emotional support dog. Since Erik’s death, she has helped to heal me so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her. In order to get that certification, I had to be interviewed at great length by a licensed therapist, and after hearing my history, she thought it was a no-brainer. Bella isn’t considered a “service dog” so we can’t take her into restaurants, but I think I can keep it together, emotionally, for the length of a meal! Haha. 

Enjoy the last part of our Bruce Lee interview!

Me: Did you have any insights once you actually crossed over?

Bruce Lee: Well, I didn’t know that it was my time to go, but I had already left my body while it was still alive when I was in the hospital. Everything went really smoothly. I was greeted by family. My grandmother was there, who I loved to bits, and other family members. I had a pretty big family. It was just like coming home. My ideas about Heaven didn’t change. I already had a good understanding on how the universe worked, and I was very good at understanding energy. That’s why I seemed so powerful. It wasn’t about technique. It was about controlling your energy. That’s how I could knock somebody over with one finger. I would imagine energy flowing through me and through my hands, and that’s how I could push them away. So I was actually in control of my own energy, and I used that knowledge in my martial arts.

Me: Oh, Interesting!

More interesting than my vast repertoire of witty retorts.

Bruce Lee: So, I understood that everything was energy and how to control it. Well, not really control it but have a relationship with it. It’s more like a mutual beneficial relationship, like a mutual respect.

Me: Well, do you have any regrets looking back at your life?

Bruce Lee: Yes. I should have spend more time with my family the last year.

Me: Can you share another life that you think has most influenced your life as Bruce Lee?

Emanuelle: He is showing me a dog.

She giggles.

Me: Okay, well tell me about that life as a dog.

Emanuelle: It feels like England, like hopopop (??). Sorry to the English people. That doesn’t mean anything, but you know the English are a little bit stiffer. Uh oh. Now I’m really in trouble. That’s just how the energy feels. Sorry if I have offended anyone. That’s not my intention!

Me: No, no.

Bruce Lee: I was female dog. I was a performing dog in dog shows.

Emanuelle: I can see him parading around with a man.

Bruce Lee: I was an award-winning dog, but I was always locked up in a kennel. When we were trained, we were whipped a lot. When my owner got older, he started forgetting things, the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. He would forget to feed us and things like that. So I was always locked up, and the only time I was allowed out was to train or to perform. After I got too old for the shows, I was used to breed with. As a price winning award dog, they got more money for my puppies, so I became this breeding farm until I finally was put down by a gunshot to the head. So my whole life, I didn’t have any say in my life. I didn’t experience any love. I didn’t control anything, not even my death. They wouldn’t even let me die at my own pace. So that resulted into really wanting a life where I was loved, where I could do what I wanted to do, where I was in control of my own body and mind, but especially love. I came into a wonderful family. I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, a wonderful mom and dad, and then I met my wife and had kids and people loved me.

Me: It was full of love.

Bruce Lee: Yes, it was full of love and love for myself and where I was. I admired myself. People thought that was cocky, but it was all about self love, too.

Me: Yes what is wrong with self love? You wanted to become the person you admired, of course . That’s awesome. Well, do you have any messages for the world, for us? Any advice?

Bruce Lee: Stay true to yourself. It’s the only truth and the only reality there is. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Me: Do you want to share anything new about yourself that we don’t know about and that we haven’t covered?

Bruce Lee: No, not really. I was a good dancer. I was good at a lot of things.

Me: Yes, you were a good dancer. I didn’t know that about you before.

Bruce Lee: Let me share one of my favorite memories as a young man. So, there was this girl that I really liked, and then there was this other girl who really like me, but I didn’t feel the same way about her, and there was this dancing competition. So, they were both looking at me like, “Who are you going to pick?” I couldn’t choose who to take because either way one of them would get hurt. So, I taught my little brother the routine, and we did the competition together, just him and me.

Me: Oh my gosh, that’s too funny!

Bruce Lee: And we won too. It was just really funny because everyone was dancing boy girl, boy girl, and there we were, me, this taller, skinny guy and my brother, half my size dancing away. It was amazing. and I love my baby brother so much.

Me: Well keep teaching Erik those smooth moves.

Bruce Lee: I’m trying but, man, this boy has two left feet.

Erik : What? I’m a smooth dancer! I walk back and forth.

Me: Yeah, there we go! You can’t be good at everything, Erik. Or maybe you can, according to Bruce Lee.

Erik: Mom, I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m a great dancer.

Actually, I never saw him dance while he was alive.

Me: Well, maybe you are I don’t know. Maybe you are now. Okay, one more question. Can you tell us some information that will enable humans to evolve to their greatest potential as a whole and individually, which is really the same thing? It might be what you;ve already said, be true to yourself, but is there any other information?

Bruce Lee: Well yes, be true to yourself, but also allow others to be true to themselves. Don’t try to control people. Let everyone be who they want to be and accept that. Accept the differences in others.

Me: Yeah, allow people to be who they are. No drama.

Bruce Lee: Yes, if only everyone could have love and compassion for one another, even if they don’t like the other person. But if that’st what they really want to do, let them do that, and send them the love to fullfill their dreams. Then we wouldn’t have so many struggles, trying to overrun each other, trying to prove something to each other.

Me: Erik, is there anything you would like to ask to Mr. Lee?

Erik: Let’s just skip the dancing lessons and go straight to the Jeet Kun Do.

Emanuelle struggles with the words. I have no idea what he’s talking about!

Me: Okay, well, Bruce, will you help me with my kickboxing because it’s pretty bad?

Bruce Lee: Totally, but make sure you put ice on your knee.

Me: I will if I can sit still long enough.

Bruce Lee: You’ll be fine, It’s all about finding that self discipline to keep going.

Me: Oh, I’m not going to stop. I just can’t do it right now. Emma, do you want to ask anything to Bruce?

Emanuelle: Bruce and I talk every now and then. He’s actually one of my guides.

Me: Wow, what a great guide to have!

Emanuelle: He wasn’t originally my guide, but my husband and I were doing the eBoard one day, and we were talking to each other about who we wanted to bring in. So my husband likes his movies; I just can’t watch them because they’re not my thing. Sorry, Bruce. I didn’t know much about him, but he really sounded like such an interesting person. I felt like I could learn a lot from him, so I just asked him very kindly, ‘Hey, do you want to be my guide?’ and he said, “Yes.” So, there you go!

Me: And now you can be my kickboxing guide! All right. We’re going to keep him busy.

Emanuelle: Yeah! He just pops in every now and then, he and his son. Brandon is very nice, too. He’s a funny, short, skinny guy, and he really cracks me up sometimes.

Me: Are you talking about Bruce or his son?

Emanuelle: Bruce. His son looks taller then he is. When my husband used to talk about him, he just seemed so serious all the time, but he’s really pretty funny.

Me: Well, thank you, Mr.Lee. We really appreciate it. Is there anything else you want to say before we close? Here’s your opportunity.

Bruce Lee: Just stay true to yourself, and tell my family I love them.

Me: All right. Thank you. Will do and thank you, Erik. I love you.

Erik: I love you, too!

He throws me a big kiss.

Erik: And I love everybody!

He blows everyone a big kiss.

Me: Thanks, Emma. Go out and enjoy that sunshine, girl!

Emanuelle: Bye, sweetie. I know. I’m going to go get a tan. Bye

Me: Bye.

Sweet Family

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