Channeling Dolores Cannon, Part Three

Well, yesterday I had to break down and book an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to take a look at my knee. It still hurts and is swollen after I injured it during the warm up phase of kickboxing. Basically, I was jogging slowly around the map and ten steps in a heard a pop and felt burning. I hope it’s nothing that requires surgery because that would mean I’d have to put kickboxing on hold for quite some time and lose all the gains I’ve made to this point. Wish me luck, people!

Before we delve into Part Three of our interview with Dolores Cannon, don’t forget to mark your calendar because tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I messed up yesterday thinking it was Wednesday and posted this in error. The radio show will always be on Thursdays!

Robert: Well, goodness gracious!

Me: We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties, but that’s okay. We’re back in the saddle again, and I have two more questions for Dolores. I’ll just splice this to the first video.

Robert: Did she finish her last answer? It kind of froze midway, and I don’t even remember what the question was.

Me: Oh, any messages for humanity? Just a brief message.

Dolores: The only thing I would say is you should keep doing what you’re doing. We have to keep doing what we’re doing. That’s how we grow. Don’t be disheartened by all the things you see on television. You’re lives are actually much better than you realize.

Me: Yeah.

Dolores: You need to focus on that and stay in the present.

Me: Yeah, think about the Black Plague! We’ve been through worse times. We’ll get through this.

Dolores: Absolutely true.

Me: All right, I have two more questions from blog members. “What can she tell us about what is likely and/or possibly in store for humanity in the next 50 or so years?” Is there anything big coming up in the next 50 years?

Dolores: Growth. That’s the only thing that’s possible.

Me: Okay, but what kind? Can you give me any specifics?

Robert: She was getting ready to elaborate.

Dolores: Growth is the only thing that is possible for humanity, and you must understand that with growth there will be challenges. Those challenges are necessary. When a baby learns to crawl, for the baby, it’s very difficult, but as they become stronger, they become more self-assured. Then they move on to the next step and start to walk. When they do, they may fall and hurt themselves, but they ultimately get back up. Eventually, they’re able to walk on their own. Then they get older, and they can run and ride bikes.

Me: Okay.

Dolores: So growth is necessary and inevitable, and there are always things we need to overcome. For humanity, those things, over the next several hundred years, will be there just as they have been there in the past. There will be new kinds of experiences that will compel us to grow.

Me: Well, I think what they’re asking is are there going to be any new technological advances or new abilities as humans or anything? Anything specific?

Dolores: Absolutely. Of course.

(Robert listens for a while.)

Robert: Oh, that’s neat!

Dolores: Humans will have learned how to tap into the energy where we are.

Me: Oh, okay. Good!

Dolores: And communication with spirits will become ubiquitous.

Robert: Does that word mean like—I’ve heard that somewhere.

Me: Everywhere.

Robert (chuckling): Okay. I feel silly all of a sudden because I know what that word means, but I forgot in the moment.

Me: So in 50 years. That’s awesome because maybe then we won’t be mocked so much for what we’re doing, Robert.

Of course I’ll probably be gone by then, but I’ll watch our progress alongside Erik.

Me: It’s like, ‘I told you so!’

Dolores: Absolutely. What scientists will come to understand is that the human brain is like a radio receiver, and there are some people that are able to tune into certain kinds of frequencies. Once scientists learn to tap into what that frequency is in the physical world, they’ll be able to build equipment that will allow that communication to be with no need to interpret. It’ll be just like you’re talking to them.

Me: Oh, good!

I’ll call Erik every day.

Dolores: What we send you is an energy pattern. Then your brain translates that based on what it is that you, as a human being, have experienced and what you know and words that you’ve learned. We send that pattern in there specifically so it’ll match up with your brain. Human beings will learn to create technology that will translate that for us.

Me: Imagine the ramifications. If somebody gets murdered, you can call them on the “spirit phone” and say, “Hey, who killed you?”

Might clear up the clogged court docket.

Dolores: Yes, but there will be a period of time when human beings will no longer find that necessary. Retribution will no longer be necessary. Why would it be if you can still stay in contact with that person?

Well, it’s not like you can hug them, so…

Dolores: What will happen is the spirit will come back and teach the person who killed them what happened and why they did that.

Me: Okay.

Dolores: Eventually, humanity will evolve out of those behaviors.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Dolores: Judgment will be gone. Judgment only exists because you believe that you are in a finite experience, but your experience is not finite. As I have told you before in this session, you’re infinite.

Me: Yeah.

Dolores: You’re expansive. You’re one soul, and since you are one soul, why would you want to punish yourself for hurting yourself?

Me: Ah, I see.

Dolores: That’s like doubling the pain.

Me: So we’ll come to that realization, too. All right, last question. “What does she now know about alien encounters? Are there still loving as well as negative alien encounters?

Dolores: There are three types.

Me: Okay.

Dolores: There are loving; there are very unloving, and there are those who are neutral. Those are the three main categories, and then you have species that fall all over the map within that. I prefer to stay with the species that are loving a neutral.

Me: Yeah!

Dolores: Those that we, as human beings, define as negative, I also enjoy hanging, conversing with them.

Robert: Hanging. She said, “conversing” but I said, ‘hanging.’

Dolores: But only when I want to have experiences that are meant to challenge and are meant to destroy what me, as Dolores, can and want to deconstruct. That’s because fear is a very necessary emotion.

Robert: I guess she was the one who was talking to me this morning.

Dolores: Fear is that element of energy that is meant to break things down, break them apart.

Me: Ah!

Dolores: And then love comes in a rebuilds it.

Me: Oh, interesting. I like that! Fear breaks things down so that love can rebuild it. I bet we can all find many instances of that happening on a micro level in our own lives and on a macro level in the world.

Robert: Yeah, when she said that, it gave me chills all over my body!

Me: Me, too!

Robert: She’s exactly right. It resonates.

Me: Is there anything else you want to discuss before we close?

Dolores: Just briefly, I wanted to say that anything, whether it’s love or fear or even neutrality, we have to find a balance between them because if you stay too far on the side of fear, you destroy yourself, but of course you will be rebuilt. But you will create a lot of pain for yourself that you might not necessarily need to go through. If you’re too far on the side of love, you can be oblivious to what everyone else is experiencing because you’re very comfortable in that place. It’s not that you’re indifferent to it; it’s just that you can’t see it. Love can make you blind if you’re too far into it. By love, I mean this place of peace and security. There, you have no motivation to try to grow as a human being.

Me: Sure. Yeah, that makes sense.

Dolores: And if you’re in a neutral place, then you’re indifferent to everything. Just like with fear, you can become very static. You don’t grow, and you can lose a sense of empathy. (Placing her hands palms together) Empathy is ABSOLUTELY important.

Me: Okay, so you have to be a little bit of all. Thank you so much for this interview!

Dolores (taking a shallow bow): Thank you.

Me: I’ve got to go read your books now!

Dolores: It’s not necessary, but I appreciate that.

Me (with a note of sarcasm): I’ll do that in my spare time. Bye, Erik! Thank you for bringing her!

Dolores gives Erik a hug. Erik nuzzles himself against her chest, and she wraps her arms around him.

Dolores: I love Erik.

Me: Aw!

Robert: She hugged him like when you see your aunt or grandma or something.

Me: Kind of a maternal hug.

Robert: Very, yes.

Me: Okay, well, thank you so much to everybody. Please pay attention to all the messages that follow in this YouTube and thank you for joining us!


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  • Denise

    I enjoyed that.

  • Enos Anderson

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us. Very interesting. Can you channel the part of a soul that is home even if the other part is here?

    • Patrick

      Can a room in a house be reached when nobody is in it?
      Only a human body is “here”, our souls are everywhere we want to be.

      • Enos Anderson

        While our human body is here it has an occupant, the soul. We however never take all our soul energy into one body, a portion called the Higher Self stays at home. The amount of energy taken here is dependent upon the life plan and the needs. I wanted to know if it was possible to channel the portion of soul left at home.

  • T Diaz

    Ouchie – Take care of that knee!

  • M&M

    Thanks again for interviewing Dolores Cannon, just love her on both sides of the veil. Best wishes on a healthy knee, hopefully it’s just a little rest that is needed, which you may decide to use to read Dolores’ books. Be careful though, they can be quite addicting.

    • 403LEC

      I agree 🙂

  • Betts

    Better double check the photo identified in this blog post as a young Dolores Cannon. I am 99% certain that the photo is actually of actress/nun Dolores Hart, and not Dolores Cannon.

  • 403LEC

    “…Fear breaks things down so that love can rebuild it”……repeat to myself over and over!!! Awww…I just LOVED this one…almost made me cry a little. I liked the part about hugging Erik like a grandma…omg I miss my family SO much.

    • I love that sentence!

      • 403LEC

        It is profound and easy to remember.

      • angelo

        all this can come only from the spiritual world…

  • Léon Vrins

    I hope Dolores is right about what’s coming up the next 50 years, growth.
    So the interview I saw lately must be a hoax. It concerned a human being who came from the future to observe the situation on earth now. He told about a nuclear war that almost destroyed mankind. He was a descendant of the few survivors. He looked a bit like an alien, big head, small body

    • David Cohan

      Don’t worry, a big nuclear war will never come to happen, because the aliens then would intervene and halt it. Because the set free nuclear energy would interupt space and their ship navigation, they already told humanity, they would not accept it.

      • Léon Vrins

        Well, I didn’t worry, but I wonder what we must think of that interview. Probably a hoax.
        Somewhere I read that aliens already sabotaged nuclear weapons. On the other hand, if it’s true aliens already told mankind they will not accept a nuclear war, why do all nuclear nations maintain their nuclear weapons?

      • Good question!

      • Léon Vrins

        Maybe Erik can tell us something more about this issue…..

      • What issue?

      • Léon Vrins

        What I mentioned before: Is there going to be a nuclear war? Did aliens already sabotage nuclear weapons? And a new one: I saw maps showing the U.S.A. with big parts of the country turned into water. The east coast, parts of California, Florida disappeared, all of that between 2020 and 2025.

      • I’ll put this on my list!

      • David Cohan

        Aliens sabotaged nuclear weapons to show the military they are able to do it and they did send a clear message to all leaders, they will not accept a full-scale nuclear war. But they would not interfere, if there were a limited use of nuclear weapons, that is our thing.

        Every object in this physical reality has a hidden x- & y-coordinate in their energy pattern, which defines the position of the object in this reality. Aliens travel space by changing the coordinates of their vehicles, the ship then directly disappears in their current position and emerges at another position, for example next to the earth, so they are able to overcome great distances in just a few seconds, but they need to have those space coordinates in their computer to know where to go.

        A full-scale nuclear war on earth would send so much energy into space, that the coordinates in near space would change and therefore their ships were all stranded here, they did not know where to go and how to travel back home.

      • Léon Vrins

        I know aliens can do things we can only dream of, I read about their skills in that book by Adrian Dvir, X3 healing entities and aliens.
        But there is one thing I don’t understand and in my opinion is not logical. If they are able to sabotage nuclear weapons, why not sabotage all of them to eliminate the risk of a total nuclear war. Allowing limited use means they must take control and stop the use when it goes byond certain limitations. In that case there is a chance they will be too late to stop it.

      • David Cohan

        Well, you look at it from the human perspective. First of all there is not one alien species dealing with earth but dozens and they all have their own agenda. Some species look right like us, because we are related to them, so they see us as some kind of “family”. Aliens have bases on earth, moon, mars and they know more about humanity then we do.

        Aliens regard the universe more from a spiritual perspective, they do not interfere into our mass incarnations, we have to make our way into light, alone. Earth is one of the most tough and most solid places in creation, nearly no where else in creation souls put so much limitations on themselves, which is good for us if we are back home in our spiritual world, our trip here extends our consciousness a lot and that is what all is about. In fact souls incarnating on earth might be toddlers on earth, because we just put like 10-20% of our full consciousness here, but in spiritual view we complete our master degree in creation here!

        By the way Elisa, did you ever ask Erik in what astral plane he actually is in (maybe I missed it). As I understand, he did not yet cross over to the light plane to unify with his higher self but stay Erik and lives in the astral plane to can better stay in contact with you and earth. If you die and cross over to the astral plane you stay right who you are, you only have some expansion of consciousness before.

      • 403LEC

        David…interesting information…thank you 🙂

      • Léon Vrins

        If it’s true that aliens know more about humanity than we do, they must know that we human beings often continue wrong actions too long, so once a nuclear war is started the possibility of a full-scale nuclear war is there. Maybe they should show themselves on a large scale to the world in such a way that it is not threatening. For years they try to communicate by cropcircles, but only a few people are able to decode some of their messages. They could simply talk to us, for example in English or in a digital language.

      • David Cohan

        Just wait 10 more years (max 15 years) and you will have full official contact. Their ships will land on earth and they will be on TV. The first species to show up will be the Yahyel, another hybrid humanoid species, other (more alien-looking) species will follow..

      • Léon Vrins

        David, I don’t want to contradict you, but how do you know, who told you, what are your sources?

      • David Cohan

        Well Aliens do channel as well..

      • Thank god they have our backs! We’re mere children. Toddlers.

  • Lana Bazeley

    I was intrigued by the photo of young Dolores as I thought she looked very different to the older Dolores, so I googled for others. It appears that the one you have used is not Dolores Cannon but Dolores Hart, an actress who became a nun.Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of Dolores Cannon but I’m still a great fan and hope to chat with her one day too! ; )

  • Mauigirl

    This may sound silly, but isn’t the picture of young Dolores that is posted with this interview actually Dolores Hart, the actress who became a nun back in the early 60’s?

  • Anonymous

    This is so cool! I love the part about spirit communication becoming common and widespread because it is already happening! There are many people (Steve Huff and Josh Louis come to mind) that have gotten to the point where they pretty much have real time communication with spirits. They both use a variety of spirit boxes and are always experimenting and trying to improve the quality of communication. They just affirm what mediums have been doing and talking about for centuries, but it is exciting that anyone with a radio or access to smartphone apps can communicate with other dimensions.

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