Channeling Elizabeth Taylor, Part One

Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Looks like the consensus is: the Channeling Erik book first, then one of the non-celebrity books shortly after. I’m not sure which of the categories to do first of the four, but I’m wondering if maybe I should just mix them up. I could have a series of books, each with 50 or so non celebs and celebs. What do y’all think? I can send you the list by email if you want.

Also, please send love and healing to our sweet Jason. He has a serious concussion, and, on top of that, he struggles with getting through the holidays, emotionally. Love you Jason. We’re here for you.

And now for the queen of Hollywood herself: The Eternally Beautiful Liz Taylor:

Channeling Transcript

Me: Who do you want to interview next, Erik? I’ll let you pick this time.

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, what do you mean. Okay, Elizabeth Taylor?

Me: Oh, good!

Erik: Yeah, cuz she knows Rock.

Me: She does! She does indeed! And if I remember correctly, she was very fond of Rock Hudson. Very supportive.

Jamie: She’s that old, too?

Me: Yeah. So can you go get her, Erik?

Jamie: Oh, don’t worry, she’s here.

Me: Oh, hello, Ms. Taylor!

Jamie: She is young! God she probably looks like she’s in her late twenties, early thirties, very much a woman.

Me: She was so beautiful. How are you doing, Ms. Taylor?

Liz: Please call me Liz.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Aw! Okay then. So, Liz, first of all, let me congratulate you on your passing, your travel back Home.

Liz: Thank you. Whoever would have thought I’d live so long!

Me: Aw! Yeah, you had a lot of health issues later on in life, didn’t you? But, you were tough!

Liz: It was very disappointing.

Me: What was?

Liz: All those health issues and quietly losing my mind.

Me: Oh, okay. I see. I’m going to ask you some questions if you don’t mind. Can we begin?

Liz: Please do! I find this so entertaining!

Me: Good. Hopefully we’ll do you justice for “your” public. You’re so adored. I feel like you and Michael are from other planets, like starseeds.

Liz: Aren’t we all?

Me: Well, I guess you could look at it that way! So, can you tell me, Liz, what your beliefs were about death and the afterlife and whether or not they changed after you crossed over?

Jamie listens for a while.

Jamie: Wow, she talks very easily, and it’s weird, because she almost has kind of an English accent, but not quite. I thought she was purely American, but there’s a bit of an accent on a few of the sounds.

Me: Yes, exactly.

Liz: I had many beliefs in religion and spirituality during my life, and it was something that was very strong with me.

Jamie listens more.

Jamie (to Liz): Judaism?

Me: Oh, really? Okay.

Jamie: She was Jewish?

Me: I have no earthly idea. Seems like I remember her getting into Kabbalism.

Liz: Yes, well I was Christian, then I converted to Judaism.

Me: Oh, I think I remember that.

Liz: Yes, I felt closer to their rituals and beliefs, but if you were to ask me at any given point, I would say my roots were more in spirituality than any other structured religion.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Liz: Everywhere I looked for spiritual answers, so much of it was where I wanted to be, and then it would lead me astray. I found that we are each our own best shepherd. An organized religion doesn’t come close in guiding us, spiritually.

Me: Exactly.

Liz: And that’s what spirituality is based upon. So, I felt very comfortable stating that I was spiritual.

Me: Did that change after you died?

Liz: Most of it did change. It very much grew to a stronger belief for me, because, upon arriving after my passing, it was almost a childish laugh I let loose.

Me: Really?

Liz: Yes, because the mystery was over! Now I know, and what you end up knowing is that any path to the enlightenment within yourself is correct. But there I was, blindly searching several different paths until I found one that had more light to it, that felt more attractive to me. I don’t really know what I had been searching for, and so my laugh after my passing was a release.

Me: Like an “a ha!” laugh.

Liz: Yes.

Me: Well, you don’t have to grope in the dark any more.

Liz laughs.

Liz: No, God is around us. God is everywhere we look.

Me: Yeah, even every place we don’t look, probably!

A True Hollywood Beauty

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