Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment

I know this is the second post in one day, but I just got this news and I want to announce it. Jamie Butler and Erik are having this year’s first Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment April 24-26 in Denver. Many of you who have participated in past ones, and EVERY ONE of you have told me it was life-changing. (Plus it’s so much fun, especially when Jamie trance channels Erik.) Don’t miss it! I’m coming, and I’d love to meet all of you! Here’s the LINK.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Jaime Crawford

    Wonderful! But Booooo, I’m in the UK.

  • My daughter and I loved the weekend last year in Atlanta! I encourage everyone to attend if possible! It’s fun and spiritual growth all in one! 😀

  • Jen

    I’m like right there, and I love Denver. I just don’t have the time. I’ll be there in spirit.

  • Just booked!! So excited!!

    • You won’t regret it! See you there!

    • Melissa Catherine

      Looking for a roommate? I posted above & below. Please let me know if you are interested.
      Melissa C.

  • Jody

    So tempting—-I just looked up the cost of a ticket. ..have to sleep on this idea. Is anyone around Orange County, CA thinking of going?

    • Melissa Catherine

      Hi Jody,
      If you decide to go would you consider sharing a room? I posted a comment about sharing a room. My comment is 7 up from yours.

  • Kat Gardner

    I signed up and am so excited! While signing up, Erik gave me a prank. A password that I was copying and pasting mysteriously changed to ‘t’s 2 be.’ I was a little unsure of going, but now am coming for sure. Thanks, Erik! I am very much looking forward to meeting you, Elisa. Thank you always for all that you (and Erik) do!

    • Boy, I guess he really wants you to come! He’ probably just wants to give you shit! No, really, there must be some reason he wants you to come.

      • Kat Gardner

        I can hardly wait!

      • Hannah Maloney

        Ha ha the more I get to know about Erik the more he reminds me of me lol. He doesn’t best around the bush, that’s exactly how I am

    • Melissa Catherine

      Hi Kat,
      Please let me know if you are interested in having a roommate. I posted above. Erik pranked me last night. He flicked the lampshade on my lamp, which is very close to my bed. I know he was just letting me know he was there. He made me laugh. Pls let me know.
      Thank you,
      Melissa C.

      • Kat Gardner

        Hi Melissa,
        If my daughter decides that she won’t join me, then I can. But I don’t know yet. Sorry. I’ll let you know.

      • Melissa Catherine

        Hi Kat,
        I had to go ahead and book a room for Fri, Sat, and Sunday night. I am having trouble getting a flight out Sun. If your Daughter is unable to make it please let me know. I am sure we could figure something out, as long as there is time to change some arrangements.
        Thank you,

      • Kat Gardner

        Just wanted to let you know that my daughter will be coming (She’s never been to Denver and is checking out the town. I try to be with her as much as I can after losing my other daughter.)

        Sorry I can’t help, but hope you had luck getting a flight out.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s booked up. The spots went fast!

  • Kayra Sun

    Can’t wait for this!!! Nov 2012 in Delmar was amazing and I just got confirmation that my sister wants to join me. Elisa is Laura coming? She is just lovely!

    • I don’t think she is, but I’ll ask her. My hubby is coming though!

  • Carol Walker Cline

    I would so love to go, just trying to figure out if we can make it work. About how many people attend these? Do Jamie and Erik ever do these in Atlanta? – we are just a couple of hours drive from Atlanta.

    • She’s done 2 in Atlanta (where she lives) and anywhere from 10-20 attend. Jamie and Erik want to make the event intimate and personal.

  • Melissa Catherine

    Does anyone want to share a room in Denver for the Weekend of F——Enlightenment with Jamie & Erik? April 24th -26th. There is a King bed & I can take the pullout couch. That would be 64.50 plus tax thats divided by two. Anyone?

    • Wow, I wish it was cheaper. Maybe you can find a room in a hotel close by?

      • Melissa Catherine

        Maybe, but it would have to be really close to the center. I will not have a car. Other wise, I will just have to book a room.

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