Channeling Erik Weekend of Enlightenment

I have two words to describe the event in Atlanta. Life. Changing. I’m sure those who attended will agree and add their own stories, but until then, I’ll share mine. On Friday afternoon, we learned how to read auras. Simple, really, but when it was my turn to be read, I heard a few gasps from the crowd. Apparently, there were white rays pulsating from my head. What the heck? Well, it was Erik’s version of “bunny ears.” We also learned to work with color cards to interpret our needs, wants, who we are, what influences affect us, what we should be listening to, what we’re ignoring, what are catalysts are, and much more. It’s fascinating how our emotions about various colors can define who we are.

Saturday was all about Erik. We learned how to use dousing rods to find someone’s “normal” energy field. Then, we’d ask the person to push out their energy, and sure enough, the dousing rods confirmed the expanded diameter. Then, when we asked the person to gather their energy in like a cozy blanket, the dousing rods determined a much smaller diameter. Except for me, of course. Whenever I pushed my energy out, the dousing rods measured the diameter as being much smaller, as though I was gathering my energy in. When I visualized my energy field gathering in like a blanket, the rods measured a larger diameter. Jamie had to tell Erik to behave himself because it was him messing with me. After that, the dousing rods measured my energy field fluctuations perfectly. We also used the rods to find hidden objects and even to find Erik. At first, he had all of us doing 360s, but then Jamie told him to settle down and he stopped messing with us. It was so cool to have scores of people wandering around with their dousing rods with the intent of finding Erik all coming together in a larger circle with the rods flinging apart at the boundary of his field. His energy field was immense compared to ours, probably because he’s discarnate. I can only imagine what an outsider would have thought seeing a bunch of people wandering around with copper sticks in their hands.

Saturday morning we also practiced using pendulums. It’s amazing how accurate they can be. For instance, I hovered mine over a circle cut into wedges that have the astrological signs on them. I closed my eyes, asked what my sign was, and voila, Taurus. I asked what Tammie’s sign (which I did not know beforehand) and voila, Aires. So, all the information from the past, present and future is already there. With dousing rods, pendulums, and eventually our own intuition, it’s all accessible. God, I feel frustrated that I don’t have time to share all of what we learned. Believe me, this is the tip of the iceberg!

Saturday afternoon, Jamie trance channeled Erik. As he entered her body, I could see her aura change to his. Then, we got up from the chair, ran over to me, and fell into my arms. The way he ran, the way he held his head and body, the way he sobbed and said, “I love you, Mom,” it was all Erik. We held each other for a long time, both sobbing–tears streaming down our faces. We shared how much we loved and missed each other. We said how proud we were of each other. He said he was so sorry for my pain. Oh God, I didn’t want to let go. I was holding my son in my arms for the first time since his death. I can’t describe the nature and extent of my feelings. There just are no words. Sigh.

The rest of the channeling session, Erik teased and taught and loved and put us at ease. He was wonderful.

Sunday we practiced trying to find Erik and other deceased with our hands while in groups of threes. When we got to his energy field, we all felt something. Leslie felt an intense buzzing on her left hand. I felt tingling on the fingertips of my left hand. Tammie felt Erik draw a smile on her left hand. Erik stomped on Leslie’s foot! We learned later on that our dominant hand acts as an energy transmitter and our nondominant hand acts as an energy receiver. Sure enough, when I asked Kim (who was in another group) what she felt when trying to sense Erik’s presence, she said she felt tingling in her right hand. I asked her if she was left handed and, with a look of puzzlement, she said, “yes.”

Oh, I can go on and on. The weekend was magical, Erik was, well, Erik, and Jamie was absolutely stellar. I really, really encourage you all to go to the next one. Save up the money (I promise I don’t get any from this. I pay just like you guys do,) and save up the vacation days. If you’re interested, give me an idea of when you’d like to go.

Steve attended the second day and so graciously took copious notes. I’m glad, because after that hug, I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything that followed. Here are those notes:

Hi All,

I wanted to share with you my notes from yesterday’s channeling session with Erik. I’m sure I’ve missed some things, and I’ve paraphrased liberally here, but please feel free (Jamie and Elisa) to post this wherever you’d like, edit it, etc.

Saturday July 9, 2011 – Channeling Erik Trance Session (Jamie Butler)

Note – quotes are paraphrased.

“I am only here for my mom.”  Erik and Elisa hugs, and they both release some big sobbing cries. (it briefly starts to rain hard outside). Everyone feels awkward as this is a private moment for Erik and Elisa. “That felt wonderful,” says Elisa. (the rain stops and the sun comes out).

Erik – “When you die, you’ll miss hugging someone you love. Nothing beats touch.” Erik brings in some kleenex for everyone. “My mom raised me to be polite.”

Question about monogamy – “created here for control. Greeks had it right. We went backwards with gay people.” (By not accepting same sex love and LOVE.)

For Steve – “New career will blend innovation with intuition. This job will get you to the next career.Your mom is keeping me from punking you, she’s a control freak.”  (discussion about Steve’s mom holding Erik back due to some other plan Steve’s guides have for him so he’s not distracted with paranormal activity right now).

Erik – “I’m on the learning curve. I knew that my work was on the other side. My contract – I help blog members. Everyone has contracts. God will only give you what you can handle – this is true, and things come TO you for a reason. What is free will verses destiny? They go hand in hand. Do you know that energy affects you? Your emotions control your thoughts. Thoughts/emotion produce energy which trigger your chakras to perform or not. Chakras resonate out and affect someone else in your energy field. Chakras put energy internally into your body and DNA. What was in my HEAD was stronger than myself.  Destiny = lessons you want to learn on Earth. if you don’t learn the lesson, it will come around again (note from Steve-  and the lesson will be tougher each time). You will only attract what you can handle.”

“Emotional being” sounds better than human being.

Elisa comments that the hug was exactly like when Erik was in human form (alive). 

How to find your contracts! “Look at what is being blocked from you! See it as a lesson. Therapists are more fucked up  than the people who see them. Find a life coach instead. This creates a “community” with you and them to help you find out who you really are.”

Elisa asks, ” How do you feel about Jamie?” “You could have found a dude!” says Erik. “I love teasing and frustrating her. She lets me be me. I have to work with Jamie to say the F-word. She doesn’t want to get used to cussing so she won’t slip up and say the F-word in front of her kids.”

Erik was asked if he sometimes doesn’t click with other mediums. “Yes. Sometimes the message isn’t as accurate. Hard to get through and misinterpretation is frustrating. They could hear me say “bitches” and they repeat back “witches.”

Steve asked about working with Robert and Erik said it was Robert’s hesitation to start trance channeling Erik that was slowing that down from happening.

“I saw Mom filming me at the funeral home and it was surreal, she was so relaxed about it.” Elisa responded that it was surreal for her, too, and she felt dissociated from herself, like she was two different people: one who was keeping her shit together and the other who was screaming in pain. 

Caylee Anthony – “She’s disgusted and upset about her mom’s negligence.” Margaret asked if someone (her son) was in the room and Erik responded, “He is.”

Erik – “For communicating with loved ones, find something that links you to that person, hold it, and talk to them. Do it  your way. Set a date and time, spirit will remember to join you. We even like to chat with you when you are zoned out in the car. We will not interfere with your destiny! If you ask for help, we will try to step in.”

“When someone dies, they can communicate immediately after death – no need to wait. As spirits we see everything here on Earth clearly. We can divide ourselves easily and multitask. This comes naturally to us. How to cross into their dimension? That is what we were supposed to be talking about here!”

“We communicate wherever you are comfortable. Our voice are below the chatter in your brain (flying monkeys). Imagination and intuition share space. Imagine that green purse. Where is that in your mind? Out front? In your third eye? That’s where imagination places things. When we communicate, it just pops into your head – that is intuition, not imagination. You have to try to imagine things, takes focus. Our communication show shows up, pops in.”

“Here are some techniques to calm the physical body – mind/body/emotion:

1. Mentally, ignore the chatter in your brain

2. Emotionally, be in a nice place – a good feeling place.(we can’t connect with you when you are steeped in negative emotions)

3. Physically, rock your body. Rocking your body for awhile (lying down or in a rocking chair) then stopping, relaxes your body.

Only then can we truly communicate with you.”

“Aliens. Four races are interested in us. The “contract is about to end.”

(note from Steve – this contract is the agreement of non-interference with our species since we’ve been here.)

The world is not ending in 2012. There will be weather changes -hunker down and learn to be self sustainable. One month of food and water would be wise to have on hand. We need to have secure households, create communities in your neighborhoods. Electrical grids will be blown out across the globe via magnetic shifts and solar flares in the near future.”

“Beware of marketing. Before buying anything, listen to your heart and do your research. There’s a lot of crap being marketed to us, constantly. We are bombarded with EMF fields, too, from our technology. In the spirit realm, we create energetic homes. “

Note – it starts to rain heavily outside of Jamie’s studio now, and Erik spent some time answering some very personal questions from blog members. These are private and will not be posted here, but they can feel free to post their experiences if they want. 

“Physical touch is something I miss in spirit. We don’t have the stop action of hitting hard matter here. Passion is what drives us – take the direction in front of you. The easy path is not usually the best way. (paraphrasing liberally here).”

“The blog will grow – books, TV, more people will be involved.”

Elisa and Erik hug again and cry, many kisses.

Erik departs and Maitland comes in through Jamie (9 year old girl who died in a car crash in Chicago in 1933). I forgot to take notes at this point.

Have a great week everyone!


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  • mike maze

    Elisa, I enjoyed reading your post and was upset that I could not attend. I cannot take vacation during a ratings period and we are currently in one. When will the next event like this be? I certainly will make it.



    • Maybe the late fall or spring? It depends on when everyone wants to go. My husband and my daughter, Michelle, will definitely be there.

  • Randi

    AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have been there! xoxo

  • GeorgeN

    Wish I could have been there, it sounds wonderful. Steve, thanks for taking such detailed notes. I look forward to reading other attendee’s reports and observations. I hope to attend the next one.


  • KateC

    Oh, how I wish I could have been there. So very much love to all of you.

  • M and M

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Thank you Steve for the notes. Would love to hear from anyone who cares to share, about what they learned.

    Elisa, I am so touched by your experience with hugging Erik again. I know we are all connected because I felt such an incredible sense of joy just reading that, got goosebumps on top of goosebumps. May the future hold even more amazing and unexpected experiences for you, and for everyone who is looking for more.

    • @ M and M: (grin)

  • Susan

    In one word WOW!!!!!..What an amazing experience you all had. It would have been great to have been there. That hug must have been so wonderful and healing for you Elisa 🙂

    Light and Love Susanxoxo

    • I’ll never forget it. It was indescribable!

  • Joanne

    Hi Everyone, that sounds like an amazing week-end. So glad you all enjoyed it and learned and experienced loads, well done. And thanks Erik for all the help and advice, thanks Steve too for transcribing. Next one is definitely on my wish list. xJoanne

  • Candis

    Wow! I am definitely going to try and get to the next one.

  • Liz

    One day I will get to meet all you wonderful people at a special event such as this…

    • I hope so, Liz! I’d LOVE to meet you, girl!

  • jemerio Miller

    Sigh I wanted to go but i forgot but i will go to next one!

  • Kerrie Aus

    Wow! sounds amazing. Wish I could have been there.I am so glad for you Elisa that Erik was there for you.

  • Amy c

    I will share in greater detail when I relax but words do not do it justice. The group was amazing and these tools were so useful the dousing rods can be used to find keys spirits or money. I have used them for all three and Jamie well she is the real deal. We need to meet at least twice a year. I had to borrow money from my daughter to get home but I got my monies worth ten fold. I will share more soon

  • iola

    Wow, I knew it would be incredible. When you spoke of Erik’s hug, big tears ran down my face..but they weren’t sad tears..just very emotional happy for you ones. Such a special gift for a special lady.
    Hope all of you who went will post your feelings and experiences. It helps us all….am so happy for this chance to relive your moments with each other, Jamie and Erik. light and hugs!

  • Liz

    Oh, I’m so glad, me too! One day!

  • mom2bzs

    Ah Elisa, I had tears when you talked about hugging Erik. How wonderful!


  • Steve

    It was hard to take literal notes. I’ve missed so much here, these are really just a summary, hi-lights. I had to condense things or I would gotten tired from all the writing. We learned so much about dowsing, pendulums, energy – Jamie hosted the best class I’ve been to yet that Saturday.

  • Shawna

    Awe…I’m in tears. That is so cool! I wish I could’ve been there. I will intend to make it to the next one. Amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear more.
    Love & Light,

  • Ryan

    Erik wouldn’t let me read this post until I said sorry for not even trying to go. My smartphone kept killing the link and then wouldn’t open the browser. I had to take a timeout and admit that I probably could have gone and shouldn’t shut down ideas so quickly to get anything to work. The stories are awesome. I’m glad it was such an amazing experience for everyone. :jealous) I hope there are more coming.

  • Alesa Smith

    Hello Elisa,
    I was able to go to the channeling Erik portion of the event on Saturday. I started to read your blog a month ago and became fascinated by Erik, his channeling and the thought that any of us can get these messages. I was blown away by what Erik shared with the group and how his personality came through. I can only imagine what a treasure he was in life.
    My own 22 year old son struggles with life and we have had to watch him carefully. I can never shake the feeling that he would consider ending it all they way Erik did. I spoke to him about the subject and he wasn’t into it. He started coming around and now I am slowly able to let him know that problems in life do not end on the other side. I really hope as I learn more from reading Erik’s thoughts that I will be able to share with my son and he will see he has so much to live for.
    Thank you so much for sharing your son with us and Thank you Jamie for hosting the event. I was not let down by any of it. ~ Hugs… Alesa

    • I was glad you could come Alesa! I missed giving you a goodbye hug!!

  • Jennifer

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Do you think they will always be held in Atlanta? I am on the West Coast and would love to have one a little closer, can’t wait to hear all the stories.

    • I’m not sure where it will be held, but Jamie’s Center is amazing.

  • Wow – what an amazing experience for everyone, including Erik I’m sure! Elisa, I had tears running down my face when you described your hug(s) with Erik! What a gift! Thanks to Steve for the wonderfully detailed notes! Someday I hope to be able to travel to one of these – better work on my abundance and prosperity magic! 🙂

  • Jane

    Oh Elisa, there are no words. I am so happy you got to hold your baby boy again. I wish that for every parent who has lost a child (in the temporal world.) So much love to you and Erik.

  • Christi

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Elisa, I’m so very happy for you that you had the opportunity to hug Erik again. What I wouldn’t give for a chance to hug Tom just one more time. I very much hope to be at the next event…please let us know details as soon as possible so we can all save and make vacation arrangements. Hugs to all.

  • Laura

    It would be great if you had one in the Pacific Northwest. That’s about the only way I’d be able to attend! At least we get to hear about what you manage to write down of what happened!

    • I told Jamie she needs to videotape the whole thing next time. She could sell it as a teleseminar for a nominal fee if she wants.

  • Carol (Chris’ Mom)

    Wow! Sounds soooo amazing! (I hate being broke…) I was reading along feeling so happy for all of you until the part when Erik hugged Elisa…out came the gasp and then the tears. I’m sooo happy for you, sister! Yay, for you! I remember the dream/visit I had that I could hug Chris, it gives us poor ol’ Mom’s so much energy to hold our babies once again.

    My skills have also been dramatically increasing…had an interesting and long conversation with a young man that lived with me and the kids for about 5 or 6 mos. when he was 17. He died Fri. morning from a heroin over-dose. His first comment to me was, “Can you really hear me?”. I laughed and said, “I think so…”. David (his name) then started asking all kinds of questions about “the other side”, what would happen to him next, etc. Pretty cool. Maybe I was infusing into my aura everyone’s good vibes while you all were learning, too!

    My congrats to everyone who attended…spiritual growth is always so mind-blowing.

    My love to all,

    • Carol that is SOOOO cool! How are you doing it??? I want to learn how to pierce the veil so badly!

  • kateb

    Thankyou so much for sharing sounds like an amazing weekend.Elisa when I read about your hug with Erik I cried and cried with happiness for you and Erik…that special powerful emotional hug is something you have to hold in your heart and mind forever.Amazing xoxoxoxox love to you all

  • Bette

    The weekend sounded totally awesome!!
    Would you consider doing a weekend in the Boston/New York area?

    • I’m not sure, but Jamie’s Love and Light Center is amazing. She’s got a psychomanteum and everything so…

  • Elisa! This sounds staggeringly healing and sublime!! I’m so happy you had that experience. And I’m regretful that I wasn’t able to attend afterall. Seems like everyone learned and felt and saw so much of the truly cool stuff in this world. Thanks for putting this on, and I certainly hope to meet you and be able to attend the next one.
    Much love, xoxo

    • No worries. We’re doing it again in the fall. Maybe in Austin? Also, Jamie may be doing it in LA the first few days in August! She has a family thing going on there and is considering doing a public channeling and other things for the California CE fam. I’ll let you know if that materializes!

  • Mary

    What a wonderful experience you all had! I’m so glad you got to hold your beautiful son once again. Thanks for sharing…..How about Boulder as a future meeting ground?

    • Boulder is beautiful!

  • amy

    Alesa-glad you came by and glad you shared so that I now know a bit more about you.

  • amy

    at first i was like we should have theses here and there-but Jamie’s place is so amazing it really adds a great deal to the experience. All sorts of energy floats around that place. I really couldnt afford to go-in fact I had like $500 less then I even thought I did, but I just figured it out (and still doing so). There is an airline Allegent Air-flights are as low as $10 plus tax sometime-they fly into nearby cities-we can get you the rest of the way. Lets have one in January (if not sooner) and lets just all get there. I am going to start offering classes in some real low level stuff at a Yoga Studio and I am going to take a portion of those profits and set up a Channeling Erik Scholarship Fund. Money should not ever prevent you from attending-the universe is full of it!!!!

  • Stanley


    I enjoyed reading the details of the latest meet. I do hope to one day attend and meet the CE family in person. This group we have is something very special. And if it changes just one life, then it’s worth all the work Elisa and everyone puts into it. And it’s far surpassed changing just one life. I am glad to be a part of it. 🙂


  • amy cavanaugh

    changed my mind on Jamie’s space-we need to learn that these happenings can happen anywhere. I wrote an episode about our joint experience-it adds just enough humor and sex to appeal to the masses. lets keep it going!!!!!!

    • Oooooo hubba hubba Amy! Are we talkin’ naked cabana boys? (tee hee)

  • amy cavanaugh

    suggestion for the next session-start paying now-whether you put a few extra dollars in an account-paypal-or send it to Jamie/Elisa or someone you trust. These are truly not to be missed. Also assuming that my finances improve-which they are-I am going to fund a scholarship that Elisa-Erik-Jamie can determine who should be there. Its just a few 50 starbucks-put it in terms of something obtainable-I am speaking to myself as much as too the group

    • Personally speaking, I don’t feel comfortable dealing with money unless I make it because it can be so misconstrued by “outsiders.” (I put this in quotes because we’re all one.) I want to remain pure for myself and to others. This is why I don’t allow ads on my site, as popular as it is. But if anyone else wants to handle such financial matters, great!

  • amy cavanaugh

    sorry to be so “loud” today-I am on fire with excitement about this-something else I am doing is since I am moving I am creating a Jamie like place in my new apt. Nothing comes in unless it will facilitate health and growth even if it takes a storage unit to house questionable items. LESS IS MORE-color counts-cleansing is essential. This will facilitate the movement of energy

  • amy cavanaugh

    its me again-for our next one I can get a discount at a place called Hotel Indigo-part of the Holiday Inn family. How perfect is that-is there one in Austin?


  • M and M

    I think the first who learns to pierce the veil (out of us newbies) needs to teach the rest of us. (smile)

  • Elizabeth Schrader

    The Atlanta trip sounds like it was amazing. Elisa how wonderful to be able to hold your son again. I really need to learn so much more and I’ll make it a point to attend the next gathering of the CE family.

    Love & Light to All


    • I’ll keep you posted Elizabeth!

  • Victoria

    Elisa, I’m not sure where to begin. I guess I should start by thanking you for the opportunity to meet you and everyone else this past weekend. It was a mind blowing experience. We learned a lot & got to meet some pretty freaking awesome people. Each person had the most interesting story & I truly am honored to have had the opportunity to meet each of you beautiful people. My mother was the initial reason I attended, but visiting again with each of you is why I will attend in the future. (Or I guess I should say present/past/future…I’m still on the learning curve, but I’m sure you know what I meant.) 😉 Steve, hopefully I’ll have forgiven you by the next time we meet for spending such a small window of time with us. I so badly wanted to learn more about you. (Rain check, right?)

    Now to the nitty gritty. Elisa, I’m talking about that hug. My, oh my!! There wasn’t a dry eye (yes, I rhymed) in the house. Steve recorded in his notes that even the sky couldn’t hold back the tears. It literally began to rain at the same exact moment of that beautiful embrace. It really was my favorite part of the whole weekend. Again Elisa, thank you for that. It was incredible to witness. I was & still am so happy for you to have had those moments with Erik. I know how long you’ve waited for that.

    Also, I know I forgot to hand out my contact info. My Mom or Lesley were going to forward it along to everyone else, but if you know of another way please let me know. I definitely would love to see the pics!!

    I gotta run for now, but look forward to our next opportunity to meet up. Oh, one last thing! Amy C., it will forever be burned in my mind your inquiry as to what all the ‘alien encounters’ could/would entail. You are a trip!! As a reminder to Elisa, you must must must rent the movie Earth Girls Are Easy. Too funny!

    I miss you guys already! Take care of yourselves & keep in touch!! Xoxo


    • Victoria, you being there was like icing on the cake. I didn’t know you had signed up. Here you are, so young, yet so open and wise. I can’t tell you how many conversations I overheard and engaged in about what an amazing spirit you are–surely an old soul. Your mom is an amazing woman too. After this weekend, I feel a deep connection to all of you. I can’t describe it, but I feel like that connection runs very very deep, like a big fat river of love. Corny, I know, but true. I know that love will continue til the day I die and beyond. Thanks for being a friend. Of course you know what this means, right? Erik is surely gonna prank the hell out of you. He’s telling me he thinks you’re cute.

  • nina

    AMAZING!!!! hugging Erik again– what a gift. I am SO happy for you, Elisa!!! Love, Nina

  • Michelle

    Wow, that weekend sounds like it was very special, truly amazing. I have been having some experiences that I would like to explore some more and I would be so grateful if I could join you for the next time you have a gathering like this.
    I’m one of your members that never posts comments but I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning! I feel so connected to you all. I think Erik visited me before too. And the more I read this blog, the more I’m able to tap into my abilities. Every time something happens (in a way where I know a spirit is communicating with me) I get scared and don’t think about it for awhile. I’d like to get over this fear because some amazing things have happened when I meditate. I don’t tell many people about it because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m weird, so I only tell my closest friends. I should ask Erik about a recent experience I had. The other night I was in the bathroom washing my face. I looked up and I saw energy whirling around, right above me. It almost looked like a flickering so I checked to make sure it wasn’t the lightbulb. I just kept staring at it, knowing it was a spirit, but I was just in awe, and a little frightened. I called out my boyfriend’s name, and as soon as he answered, it disappeared. That night I had a dream that I was looking through an old camera. Then a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and holding a coffee in a to-go cup sat down right in front of the camera. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was my friend, Jeff who has passed away. When I realized it was him, I became aware that I was dreaming. I felt fear at that moment and came back into my body but I couldn’t wake up for a few seconds and I was shaking violently. When I was finally able to open my eyes I heard a loud sound and felt like I had an out of body experience. I wonder if that’s what happened. Then the next day after my yoga class, I was driving home and I was thinking about Jeff. Then I felt as though someone pulled my shoulders back to make me sit up straight. Then my left hand got tingly (that’s what happens when I meditate and my fingers start writing letters on my leg, like someone is guiding them) and I felt him controlling my hand. I asked if it was Jeff, even though I knew. And he started drawing hearts on my leg and then just rubbed my leg and I felt so much love. It was so powerful that I started to cry. And then I began to beg him not to go, and of course, that’s when he left. Then I changed the radio station and of course, then one song he and I always used to listen to came on. It feels good to tell this story to people that will not judge. I guess I’m just looking for confirmation that what has happened to me is real!
    Anyway, count me in for the next time you have a gathering like this. I will do my best to attend! I live in San Francisco, so I’d probably have to fly out to meet you all.

    Much love to you all

    • Oh my, Michelle. That DOES sound like an out of body experience! You and Jeff must have an amazing connection. It’d be cool to find out what past connections you’ve had too. Don’t be afraid. Spirits are just us with no bodies. There’s not much difference otherwise. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency that is in the visible spectrum and our spirits do not. As for a get together, Jamie may be planning one while she’s in LA for family business the first few days of August. Otherwise, we might have a three day weekend in Austin sometime this Fall. Love you!

  • Su

    magical! The hug gave me goosebumps. Wish I was there. Please come to London one day!

  • Maria Grasso


    I’m so happy for you, you got your hug! It’s what you said you wished for when we met in LA. I’m glad you all had an amazing weekend and Erik was enlightening, as always.

    xo Maria

    • Oh, that’s right!! Hey, Jamie and Erik are coming to LA August 1,2,3,4th. (probably) so I’ll keep you posted so you can get your own Erik hug!

  • Michelle

    Thank you Elisa. You’re right, I shouldn’t be afraid, and I don’t really have a logical reason why I experience fear at those times. I’ll meditate on that.
    I absolutely love Austin! Keep me posted, I can’t wait! 🙂

    • Okay Michelle. Can you imagine a room full of us with pendulums, rods, and trance channeling? Talk about keeping Austin weird! (That’s the city’s motto.) We’re just doing our part, right?

  • Michelle

    Michelle – cool experiences and it’s too, too bad for your immediate family and friends who might think you’re “less than all there” because of them. It all sounds pretty normal.

  • amy

    well keith will be a hard act to follow

    • HAHA. Plus Erik says aliens don’t have penises. What fun is that?

  • laura Vanden Bosch

    Hey, It sounds like such a wonderful fun time. I was also unable to attend. I am going through left and right ankle replacements. Long process. Hopefully there will be many gatherings and I can catch one another time. It feels like everyone was energized from the experience. Peace and love laura

    • Have you had the surgery, Laura?

  • Noah

    I’d like to meet Jamie when she comes to LA in early August! Too bad I missed the Atlanta weekend, sounds like an amazing time was had by all. Next time – my vote is for hosting it somewhere on the West Coast. Maybe San Francisco or LA.

    • Probably gonna be in Austin. That way it’s central enough for CE fam on both coasts.

  • Maria

    Fantastic! I’d love to see them, and when we talk next I have to deal you about my dousing experience, one of the strangest in my life. Safe travels. Enjoy being in Norway.

    • @ Maria: (smile). Take care of yourself and don’t work too hard.

  • pamie

    It sounds like it was such a wonderful weekend, I’m so happy that so many of you guys got to meet and hang out. I hope that next time, I will be there too! Love and light to you all.


    WOW! I listened to Eric on the Sheila Show. I have SOOOOOoooooooo many questions… OMG! I would love to be able to ask them all !!! I know Eric is here in this blog to help people, and I know he loves his Mom. She is a Darlin’ for sure! I wish to ask with full love and respect, is there anyway I could “email” Eric with all my questions? Has he ever come through in an email? I know he is a prankster and loves to play which is AWESOME! I have heard he can play with the electricity?? your computer? is that true? I have heard that some people have received phone messages or emails from loved ones who have died – is that possible? Sounds wacky doodle people in this dimension get emails from loved ones who have passed – just wanted to know if that is true and possible. Has Eric ever sent an email from the other side? Or only channeled by using his Mom and Jaime? Has Eric ever channeled with any other human being? ……..I just had to ask for my own personal knowledge. If Eric could share if spirits can email us? I have physically seen the presence of my Dad who just passed away a few months ago and I have seen my grandmother, and my aunt and my cat after they died. I also had another being show up in my bed last week, it was female and the being put their arm around me to comfort me. I don’t know who that was? I would love to learn to channel with spirit or a guide as I have sooooooooo many gazillion questions to ask about life here AND about transitioning when we die. I would love to communicate or ask them all to Erik cause he seems SUPER COOL! I only ask in full respect to his family, and to Erik personally. I don’t know what is possible but I like to believe that anything is! I can handle potty mouth and straight up honesty. I am not sure where to ask questions here on this blog or if anyone will read what I am typing. Thanks for sharing all that you do and I think this is the coolest thing ever! Love and many blessings. Renata in Canada.

    • Hey Renata! Erik does communicate with tons of other blog members directly. He messes with phones, leaves messages, opens cabinets and drawers, plays with pets, leaves a variety of smells, and much much more. I asked him if he could do a chat thing online and he didn’t really give me a direct answer. I’ll ask him again! It might take too much energy though. (But what do I know?)

      I suggest you sort of memorize his voice (check out the videos in the media gallery) and at night, start up a conversation. Say, “Hi Erik” or something like that and see if you can hear him answer. His voice is very distinct and he’s very chatty, and you might hear your own voice coming in and out with his, but practice every night and then ask your questions. Everyone can channel. If you have trouble with mind chatter just say, “Brain shut down” until the chatter goes away.

  • Michelle

    Haha, that WOULD definitely keep Austin weird! Any chance you know what the dates might be so I can start searching for an airline ticket? I can’t wait!!

    • I’m not sure, because I know Jamie is going to Japan to teach something. I’ll shoot her an email!

  • Michelle

    Thanks Elisa! By the way, I’ve been listening to this beautiful song and it reminds me of you and Erik. It reminds me of your love for each other, and how his voice is heard louder now than ever. You’ve probably heard it, but here you go.

    Much love.

    • MY. FAVORITE. SONG. I would want that in my memorial service if I wasn’t so damn old. Sigh.

  • Michelle

    LOL. An old soul, yes. 😉

  • Cyniraholt

    OmWow!! I was lead here!! And you have Held Erik.. awwwh!! Me and Roland are spending time here tonight.. This is our Treat. Thank You for Sharing. oh yeah.. I got a call tonight and almost what I was feeling the early morning of.. My cousin called me and repeated what I wrote to you Mrs. Medhus. She’s Better and We all just had a Ball.. Tonight. Roland and I was just about on our knees the Energy was so light and Hilarious. Roland says, Well now we know where some of the “Energy” was picked up from. Thanks so much!! Brightest Blessings~ Cyniraholt~ aka Barbara and Roland

  • Eileen Duhne

    Hi! Did Caylee Anthony talk about her mom and say she was disgusted with her? Not clear. Who did the taping at the funeral home?

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