Channeling Gautama Buddha, Part Five

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Me: Have you reincarnated already, or do you plan to? Are you on, I mean, in terms of earthly time are you here?

Buddha: I am in everyone.

Jamie chuckles.

Me (chuckling): Oh, that’s amazing!

Jamie: But I know what you’re talking about. We’re talking about a specific life. Is he in one body, right now, a character, a personality and so on, and he says no.

Me: Okay. Now, tell us about your afterlife and the work you do there.

Buddha: I am continuing my teaching.

(Long pause as Jamie listens, then looks at me, and shakes her head in disbelief before saying the following:)

Jamie: He’s continuing his teaching, and he kind of quietly told me that he reads the newspaper, and I just don’t even know what to make of that.

Me (laughing): Which newspaper do you read?

Buddha: All of them.

Me: All of them! I don’t suppose it’s the sports section, is it?

Buddha: No.

Me: I didn’t think so. So, what do you think about the state of humanity now?

Buddha: Many people are choosing to drown themselves.

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Buddha): Um, say it again.

Buddha: When the individual is ready in seeking guidance, I will be there, but I neither find their enlightenment nor their struggle good nor bad.


Jamie (to Buddha): Why are you laughing?

Jamie burst out laughing!

Jamie: I stopped breathing! He told me I was holding my breath.

Me: Oh!

Jamie (trying to collect herself to proceed): Okay. Yes.

Me: Not a good idea, Jamie.

Jamie: No, it’s not, but it’s intriguing that he, not only is he noticing that I’m holding my breath, he’ll say something about it like asking me to breathe, asking me to not be nervous, asking me to relax—

Me: Aw.

Jamie: –asking me to keep it, like we’re just hanging out and talking. He told me to reach out my hand. He held my hand for a little bit. He’s just nurturing in a very average, very calm way, and it’s—it’s nice.

Me: Oh!

Jamie: Lost my thought.

I giggle.

Jamie: Humanity. And I’m breathing. (She takes a deep breath as evidence.)


Jamie (to Buddha): You go!

Jamie (laughing): It’s kind of, I don’t know, what I would imagine, I’ve never hung out with the Dalai Lama, but it’s what I’d imagine that would be. You wanna put him on a pedestal, but then when you hang out with him, you find out that he’s an average person with an extraordinary way of seeing life.

Me: I think you just found yourself a new BFF! (“Best friends forever” for those not in the “know”.)

Jamie: I would love, god, oh my god!

I chuckle with delight at Jamie’s Buddha-crush.

Jamie: I might just start studying Buddhism. I haven’t done it.

Me: Yeah! Don’t say “might” right in front of him! Say, “You will”!

Jamie (looking embarrassed, then laughing): He doesn’t take offense by it; are you kidding?

Buddha: I’m hoping that through this interview that whoever is watching or listening will find it intriguing enough to research the teachings and the concepts that I presented so long ago and see how timeless they are they might find it valuable, and they might learn it for themselves.

Jamie: He does talks to anyone, everyone. He’s very obtainable, available—

Me: Approachable.

Jamie: Approachable, right. He won’t let you put him on a pedestal. He just won’t—it—there’s just no space for that. He won’t let it happen.

Me: Aw, that’s nice.

Jamie: It’s so freaking cool!

Me: I think you’re star struck!

Jamie: I’m a little bit, yeah.

Me: Anything else on that, or do I go on to the next question?

Jamie (with a tittering laugh): I have no idea. I think we should go on, because I just lost it.

Me: Yes, you just lost it. Do you have any messages or advice for us, Buddha?

(Long pause)

Buddha: It’s beautiful to be human. You do not know how long this life is offered to you. Why wait to find eternal joy? Do not place external materialistic goals before the practice of disciplining the mind, before dharma, before protection of the mind. Choose to have that joy and enlightenment now. This is the message that I want to share with anyone who comes across my path. Your race, within the term “human race”, is not external. There is no start nor finish. The value is in the quality of the joy that you will allow yourself to experience. Again, as the mind believes, so the body becomes. And when the mind finds joy, it will follow you like a shadow that will never leave. This is the ultimate presence of human life. This is what we all can obtain.

Me: Wow. Well, it’s kind of hard to follow that with any other questions, but I must I suppose. All right. 

to be continued…

Have a great weekend guys! (And click those socializer buttons!!)


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  • Mommazee

    The “In The Forums” feature isn’t working either, it used to show the 5 most recent forum entries with activity/comments.

    The picture made me laugh LOL I think it’s so cute how Jamie is all lost in the clouds with Buddha 🙂

    I’m going to read about Buddhism now 🙂

    • I know! I’ve been working on it and communicating with for several weeks. I think they’re trying to get a fix. It’s a known problem.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Aah, Jamie, that’s so cute……………….
    Jamie and Buddha sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!
    Can’t believe what i’ve just written……………
    This blog is just surreal…

    • Wait until you see how star struck she is in the video!

      • Ceridwen777

        I think it’s so interesting that when she was talking to Jesus, she kept asking him to move back, away from her, the energy was so intense. And now with Buddha, she’s holding hands with him! Just interesting, that is all! I really love the Buddha interview, and can’t wait to see the video!

        Elisa, I hope you’re feeling those mellow Buddhic energies surrounding and permeating you as you relive this interview – you could sure use it! 🙂

        Lots of love and Reiki hugs,
        Ceridwen /|

      • Ceridwen777

        P.S. I named one of my cats “Buddha”, because he would just sit there and look like he’s meditating, like the “Buddha of Compassion”…his brother is named after the Welsh Trickster God, Gwydion, LOL!

  • Jane5

    I LOVE that we have an extremely talented medium finally interviewing THE Buddha and we discover that he is in the afterlife reading the newspaper!! hahaha!

    This was a great section and I loved Jamie’s wonder and joy at Buddha’s kindness and energy. Makes complete sense to me!

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    That was so sweet!! Andso cute with Jamie and Buddah!! I am touched!!I love what Buddah says and so agree!!Need to expereience happiness now and not ait for it later. We are aloud to be in paradise now!!Love it!!Thank you!!xo

  • Maria

    …”It’s beautiful to be human…..why wait to find eternal joy?”……………how is it that some of us question that it is beautiful to be human? When did it happen…how did it happen that we lost the sense of it being beautiful? ……finding eternal joy……seems like a tall “order” to me…!!! I need a tutor!!!!

  • Maria

    Also, Elisa, what happened to the “Forum” ? It doesn’t seem to be available, either.
    I haven’t been able to pull it up for some time now.

  • Finding joy in life. why is that so hard? Why do we tend to focus on the pain, the negative, how people are different from us, and then focus on that? It’s so easy to find the faults, the negative, yet why is it so difficult for us to focus on the good, the similarities, the joy?

    • Rocci

      Perhaps our programming is so deep on insecurity, fear, survival, suffering, etc. Like the Buddha said” Do not place external materialistic goals before the Practice of Disciplining the mind”. When I become more complete within myself, then the mind will not have the power to create suffering. When we go to Point Zero or that inner space, there is no judgement, all is divine.

  • PollyMax2010

    That was very cute.. Loved it 🙂 xoxo

  • Still working on it. Just the sidebar one doesn’t work. The main one on the top is okay.

  • heather

    beautiful<3 invitation to walk with the enlightened. what an amazing gift you have opened. love.

  • Linda

    Is there a “Buddha for Dummies”..LOL

  • Thank you so much! What wonderful information; I just want Bhudda to keep on talking to us:)

  • Me: Have you reincarnated already, or do you plan to? Are you on, I mean, in terms of earthly time are you here?
    Buddha: I am in everyone
    Dhammakaya says “when you meditation and concentrate at stomach or center of the body.then you success the golden yourself god or buddha will be discovered in your mind”
    but I’m not yet 🙂

  • Using Riku and Sora from Kingdom Hearts to display the connecting between Jamie and Buddha. *nods head* The more I explore this blog, the awesomer it gets. (Elisa did someone (you know) make that or was it a picture you found on the Internet?)

  • Yep, on the Internet. Thanks for liking the blog and being a part of it.

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