Channeling George Carlin, Part One

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Before we start with the ever-raunchy Mr. Carlin, please make sure your children are not peering over your shoulders. Better yet, make sure they’re in the other room. If you, personally, are faint of heart, step away from the computer and save yourself. This guy makes Erik look like a meadow full of frolicking puppies. Deep breath. Here he go.

Me: Erik, let’s go ahead and ask George Carlin some questions. Is he still there with you?

Erik: Uh, just give me three seconds. He must’ve wandered off.

Me: Okay. I’ll put the stopwatch on.

Jamie (giggling): One-two-three!

Erik returns with George Carlin

Jamie: Oh!

George: Hello, ladies!

Me: Hello, George!

Jamie: He’s got his hair—everything is shaved and cut short.

Me: Oh, okay! Well, thank you for coming!

Jamie (laughing): My heart is racing!

Me: Brace yourself, Jamie! This is gonna be wild!

Jamie: I know. Wow, it’s really racing.

Me (concerned): Why do you think that is?

George: It’s because she’s hot in the pants for me.

Jamie (laughing): No, George, that’s not it! What are you doing to me?

Me: Oh, how funny! Poor Jamie.

George: Don’t you wanna know how I died or how it was like with my death? Isn’t that what we’re here to talk about? I thought I’d show you.

Jamie (to George): No, I don’t want to know what that’s like! No, no, no, no, no! We’re just going to talk about it, and if you need to go to the other side of the room, you can!

Me: Hint, hint.

Jamie (obviously hurting): Aw, it’s such pain!

Me: Leave her alone, George. Just tell us what your transition was like. We’ll start with that one to get it over with.

George: Yeah, let’s just talk about it so we can get over this one.

Jamie: Oh, god, he died of a heart attack.

Me: Aw.

Jamie: Yeah.

George: It pretty much failed in every sense it could have. It kept teasing me; I had several heart attacks and heart failure. Eh, I could never seem to stop what was—

Jamie (sweetly): You have to slow down some, now.

George: I could never really stop the addictions that were creating the heart problems anyway, so I was very proud; I got to do what I wanted. I knew how I was going to die, and sure enough, I fulfilled my own premonition of my death—death by heart attack.

Me: Mm.

George: I lived a pretty long healthy life.

Me: So, it was a good trade off for you, then.

George: Yeah. I worked up until the day I died. I just continued working.

Me: And you loved that didn’t you?

George: Yeah, I did.

Jamie (giggling): Erik and George are deciding how many time we’re going to hear the word, “fuck” in this interview.

Me: We’re gonna give poor Jamie a ride for her money.

Jamie (breathing shallowly): He has GOT to let go of my chest. That’s the first thing that has to happen.

Me: Let go, George, or I’m going to put you in time out.

Jamie: God, the pain is up under my arm, running down my arm and wrapping around my ribs. It feels like it goes straight through on one side of my sternum all the way.

Me (very concerned): Erik, can you handle this? Can you get him to stop?


Erik: I’ll stand in front of you to block him.

Jamie: Aw, he’s just quickly going to be my hero. But now I really can’t see George. Erik is directly in front of me.

Me: Good!

Jamie (with a sigh of relief): Ah, that’s better.

Me: Okay, I guess it’s safe to proceed then. How was your actual passing, George?

George: Do you know if you take medicine—?

Jamie (laughing and stunned): Oh my god. (She clears her throat and composes herself.) Okay, I’m just going to set aside all of my little hang-ups.

Me: Oh, yeah. Just go ahead and drop those F-bombs. I don’t care. God knows I’ve heard it plenty of times from Erik.

Jamie: Nah, he’s talking about getting his d*@$# hard and all the blood going to his d*@$# and away from his heart, so of course his heart would fail, because his d@*$# was so big.

Jamie, Erik and I burst out laughing.

George: That’s what you get for being well hung.

Sigh. See what I mean.

Love this YouTube where George talks about his atheist views. Boy was he surprised. Wait until that part of the interview!

If you have any general questions for Erik, feel free to submits them, and please spread word of the blog do we get more members!

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  • Gotta love this..the 2 rowdy boys hard at it!!!!! thank you for the smiles.

    I havent had any probs so far..will see if this goes on ok…….luv you all!

  • JillR2009

    Saw George in Vegas years back. He’s always been one of my favorites. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Erik may have met his match! 🙂

  • Lorraine (LP)

    lol!!! I have been waiting for George Carlin. Can’t wait for the rest of the interview!

  • OMG! This made my day! More please!

  • Jane5

    ok i have always loved george carlin’s commentary but what the hell George – leave Jamie alone! What was that about!?

  • Mekaylah

    i had a problem the other day with disqus telling me i was banned or suspended for inappropriate behavior or something like that. i thought it was because i tried to post from my phone or something.

  • Well, I guess I better watch out for heart attacks in the future… just kidding, hmm that was entertaining.

    • Jane5


  • Let me know if you have problems now. I hope I fixed it.

  • Louise Isom

    I used 2 really enjoy George Carlin. Erik & he are quite a match!

  • PollyMax2010

    Aww, this guy is very funny. I’m a bit naive though as I didn’t really know who he was, but enjoying the interview 🙂 xoxo

  • LinT

    Really funny & uplifting,thanks for that George. The video is so poignant too.Looking forward to part 2.
    *Hope this comment box is working now.

  • Liz

    Aww-right!! Carlin, one of my favorite standup comedians/thinkers. Think Bill Hicks will come by too? He’d be GREAT!

  • Gwen

    Just finished listening to the video….hahah..a good laugh! I remember yrs back listening to Carlin and knew there was something different about him …..Can’t wait for the second interview….Poor Jamie! …. she handled it well and Erik too…

  • The 7 words they can’t say on TV and we shouldn’t put on CE….but Erik says do it anyway:
    1) Sh** 2) pi** 3) cu** 4) co** 5) co**suc*** 6) moth** f***er 7) t*t*
    35+ years and I still remember ’em…thank you, George!
    Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!

    • Amber

      I really like openness and honesty but just really cringe at these derogatory words., especially what I consider misogyny. I’m not giving up my feminism to laugh at this stuff. I thought we are supposed to thinking about what we say and do?

      • I know, but I still have a no edit policy. They’re just words and society/religion has brainwashed us into thinking we’re going to hell if we say them. I don’t like the misogyny though, but listen to today’s YouTube and you’ll see he’s not misogynistic.

      • Amber, I apologize if I offended, annoyed, bothered or insulted you or anyone else. George Carlin’s stock in trade was political incorrectness before that term was born, just as Elisa says. He used his list of seven television prohibited words to underscore a bigger issue; thought control and censorship. There was no misogyny in any of George Carlin’s work and feminism remains intact and independent of his comedy. (Of his seven words, 2 are gender neutral, 2 refer to feminine anatomy and 3 to masculine issues.)

        Consider honest openness that’s unpleasant, offensive or just rude; this underscores what freedom of speech really means. Popular speech never needed protection; it’s the unpopular idea, word, term, expression or concept that requires it. I believe this is what George Carlin meant to say all along; words and ideas behind them only have the meaning we collectively decide; nobody blinks an eye at hunting woodcock yet a phallus made from a tree trunk – a wood cock – would raise more than a hunter’s eyebrow.

      • Amber

        Thanks Patrick and Elisa for your comments. Please know that not in the least do I expect or desire to quelch free speech!!
        Neither did I consider George to be mysogynist , nor that I think I’d better not hear or speak swear words lest I go to hell or whatever. So I guess I’d like to explain myself. I know they are ‘only’ words in one sense, but in another sense words(and thoughts) truly have power. (Take hypnosis or NLP for instance). Just taking those words I consider mysogynystic, it’s like how culturally women as second class chatels of men are demeaned into body parts to be fucked. It’s not like folk consciously think that way when they find speech containing them funny, but if we think about slipping the word nigger into a joke we’d maybe think about it first. Being Politically Correct has, I believe, gone overboard in lots of ways, but fundamentally I agree with it’s concepts. Changing words changes how we think. It questions our meanings behind it.
        Anyways, I guess this issue could be expanded but I’ve probably given you the picture from my perspective.
        But please, do talk your talk. We learn from each other that way. I love this website.

      • I completely see your point. When Erik says his bad words, they feel like just empty, harmless words. Almost like filler words, But when a person uses the words with hatred behind them they become as evil as weapons. It’s what kind of energy or power you put behind the word. So it’s not really about the string of letters, it’s the intent, the energy the person sends to you while opening his os her mouth and uttering the words. Gotcha. Totally understand.

    • LinT

      Wow! All 7 expletives you mentioned Patrick are used on UK television…only after 9pm.I guess we’re somewhat immune here 🙂

  • Nancy Antia

    Disqus did the same to me twice and I was posting from my computer as I usually do. It was my first time to be banned :))

  • Nancy Antia

    Lots of fun but, Elisa, there’s something that’s entirely new for me here: spirits can provoke pain in us. Poor Jamie! What would have happened if Erik hadn’t been there?

  • I didn’t know who George Carlin was either. I thought he might have been a political figure maybe. He’s a bit rude though, isn’t he? (in the naughty senses that is) I thought when one passed over, one was above all that sexual/physical stuff! I love checking my email inbox now because I have subscribed to the blog so I will never miss a post! This is way better than the morning newspaper, and more truthful too. Tsk tsk swearing in the hearafter. What would the holier than thou God botherers say? And I thought after death we would all be sitting on a cloud, playing our harps and singing praise to the old man with the long, white beard behind the pearly gates.

  • Marian

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! TRULY AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! My son LOVES George Carlin and because he “relates to” alot of what George Carlin said about atheism, now believes he too is an atheist —— I simply cannot wait to read about George’s thoughts and beliefs now! THIS IS SIMPLY PERFECT — CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW MY SON!!!

    • Wait till parts two and especially part three!! He’s gonna LOVE it!!

  • Poor Jamie indeed. It only gets worse.

  • Hicks is definitely on the list!

  • Slygirl

    I’m already here waiting for part two!

  • Erikajozsa

    This was funny 🙂 I didn’t know who this guy was but the poor man died on the day my daughter was born.

  • Gochadt1

    Hi Elisa, I have a general question about alkohol/alkoholism. I have father who is an alkoholic and I think I was once close to it too.. I also think that it is very easy to become one. My question is what is the lesson in alkoholism and what happens with our brain once we are drunk?And how best we can help to those we know or suspect to have this problem? Thanks

  • donknight70

    It’s so ironic that I came across this site so soon after I just recently watched George Carlin’s interview on Inside the Actor’s Studio, where he was speaking from his heart. I’ve gotten used to some incredible synchronicities in the past two years. I’m constantly shown number synchronicities (especially 144, 22, 222, 000, 333, 444, and more recently…..442).

    I would like to request a channeling with Bill Bixby. Bill was not only an extraordinary actor, but an amazing director as well. He went through some very horrifying tragedies in his own life, first with the sudden death of his young son, Christopher, and then Chris’ mother, Brenda Benet, a couple of months later to suicide.

  • Sabine Davis

    Hi Elisa. Was this just part of the interview, or the whole one?

  • Blood – Line – Fresh

    Lol a meadow full of frolicking puppies

  • Simon

    Guy was so funny

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