Channeling Heath Ledger, Part Three

Me: Is there a past life you can share that most affected this last one?

Heath: That’s a very clever question.

Jamie laughs loudly.

Jamie: That’s so smart!  He’s comparing talking about other lives to the secrets in your closet.

Heath: Like when you’re alive, your sexual orientation is kind of what you keep in the closet. But when you’re in spirit, there’s so much honesty and veracity, that the only secret you keep in the closet is, “What lives did you perform or love.”

Jamie: He’s joking with it. He finds it to be similar.

Heath: I remember the life when I was an Irishman in a war. 

Jamie: He’s showing me a horse and a sword and armor that looks completely handmade. It doesn’t look fancy like what we’d see in really awesome movies. It’s like something he made in a backyard blacksmith shed!

Heath laughs.

Heath: I’m a younger man in that life. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, and I’m excited that I’m going off to war with a few other younger kids my age as well. It was a fine age to be on a horse and fighting, but apparently there was a law passed for boys of that age to stay behind, because that particular war was so gruesome.

Me: Oh gosh.

Heath: And they wanted enough young men behind to run the villages and so forth. But no, I didn’t listen.

Jamie giggles.

Heath (swinging his arm around acting a bit sheepish): I didn’t listen. Me and four others strapped our horses, took what we thought was good enough, and just when you think the story is going to get good, when we reach the battlefield and charged ourselves up for what we were going to do and how we were going to mask who we are and our ages, we pretty much chickened out!

Jamie (chuckling): He sort of laughs at himself.

Heath: With all the best intentions, fear got the best of us, and we retreated. We retreated and vowed to keep it a secret. And we created a lie about a small battle we fought, won and went home. It was in that camaraderie that we could trust each other enough to have this lie and know that it would never be found out. This helped me believe in people, but it never addressed my fear—conquering something I think I needed to do. That has really carried over into many lives. I know I’ve done it again and again and again and—yet again.

Me: Not conquering fear?

Heath: Not conquering one’s own fear.

Me: Well, do you want me to keep this a secret? I don’t want to out your secret here about you bailing out of the war!

Jamie laughs.

Heath (chuckling): I think right now, the cat is truly out of the bag.

Me: Okay. Well, we’ll honor whatever you want. What was your proudest accomplishment when you were alive, and has that changed since you’ve crossed over?

Heath: I’m very proud of how I was able to reach a level in my career but also maintain a sense of privacy. I worked hard on that, and I asked several other people about it, you know, how they balanced their life in that way.

Me: And now that you’re in spirit—

Heath: Now that I’m here, it doesn’t seem that important. Your perception shifts a bit.

Me: I suppose so. Now, looking from the afterlife, what would you consider your proudest achievement?

Heath: There isn’t one that I can single out.

Me: Surely one of them is being a father to Matilda.

Heath: I agree with that, but I never really got a chance.

Me: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Heath: But I am proud that she was conceived out of pure love and how strong her mother is.

Me: Good. Good. Now, do you have any messages for humanity? Anything you’d like to share with the world?

Heath: It’s fine to put on other people’s clothes, but it won’t mask who you really are.

Me: Ah, so very true.


Me: So Erik, what would you like to ask Mr. Ledger?

(Long pause)

Jamie: Erik kind of went for a personal question.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Hey! (pause) That’s weird! I know he was asking a personal question, but all of a sudden, instead of hearing them speak, it sounded like static or computer malfunction noises.

Me: That IS weird.

Jamie: I’ve never, ever had that happen before.

Me: Ooo.

Jamie: And so they were specifically making it to where I couldn’t listen.

Me: Oh my gosh!

(All I can think of is that “Cone of Silence” from Get Smart.)

Jamie: That’s my first experience with that! Erik!

Me: Yeah, Erik! You’re going to have to share with the rest of the class!

Jamie: I know! That’s not nice!

Erik: No, it’s cool.

Me: So that’s it? You’re leaving us hanging?

Erik: Yup.

Me: Okay. Well, thank you, Heath!

Jamie: Thank you.

Heath: Thank you for your time.

Me: Oh, thank you for your insight! Hopefully others will learn from what you’ve shared.

Heath: I think the book, overall, will provide a sense of (chuckling) mild entertainment, but also some security in seeing so many spirits recount their journey and how similar yet truly distinct each one is.

Me: Yes, absolutely. Well, thanks so much and goodbye!

Jamie: He gives kind of a stiff wave, almost military in a way.

A Younger Heath


Daddy with Maddy

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Elisa Medhus

  • loved this one. He makes me want to reach out and give him a hug. Thanks, Elisa. Oh, and I remembered the like button too. Even when I forget the button, I am still here daily reading.
    Oh, and tell cowboy he better let us know that question! Now he has me wondering…bet it wasnt fav animal…teehee. luv ya all!!!!

  • Linda

    Elisa you need a facebook link. I read your post daily and look forward to them. I have shared with many. The subject matter some find a little unreal. But I think it is a very good eye opening for those who are of a sipirited nature.

    • I thought I did have a Facebook link! When u hit the Like button does it post on ur Facebook page? I’m not too tech savvy!

      • yes..when i hit like it ends up on my page…not always the home page, but always on my indiv page..when you click on your name..
        interview was great…my favorite so far. xoxo

  • Rose

    When are you going to interview Natalie Wood?? That interview should be on the top of your list!!!

  • Nonamegirl990

    I don’t know why, every time I hear anything about Heath now, I get all teary eyes. I guess it was his innocence (‘thrown to the wolves in Hollywood without some sort of protection from the drug world) and his death was too early. And he does remind me of my son because of his innocence and looks and I feel sad for him as a mother. He looks like he is a beautiful spirit. God bless him. And also I am from Australia. Love some of the words he used.

  • Great work, Erik. I’m a medium also who has interviewed Heath Ledger. On Google my interview comes up after yours. I need to edit and some practice – yours is a great standard to aspire to. We’ve talked to many of the same celebrities. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • cristina

    :)))))))))))))))))))) is NOT fair ! they can see everything and mask whatever they feel like ! Naughty Naughty 😛
    “Jamie: That’s my first experience with that! Erik!
    Me: Yeah, Erik! You’re going to have to share with the rest of the class!
    Jamie: I know! That’s not nice!
    Erik: No, it’s cool.
    Me: So that’s it? You’re leaving us hanging?
    Erik: Yup.”

  • Eminem1205

    Hello, I have recently been reading the book Columbine and I was wondering if Eric could speak to the victims/perpetrators of the crime.

  • Helene Remøy

    Sooo hooked reading all these! Love and thanks!

  • Shronn Schuelke

    Can you put Terrence Mckenna on the list?!

  • Carol Walker Cline

    Dr. Medhus, I have to admit, I don’t really share these on facebook because I live in an area that is very ultra conservative (in a religious way) & I’m afraid people will think I’m a little crazy. I do tell people about the blog and the interviews who I think will keep an open mind. I always share them with my husband, brother, and the few friends who I know won’t judge me. I will try to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit more. Please don’t get discouraged – As the word continues to spread, I think people will become more and more open to stuff like this.

    • I know. If you need a place to share, the channeling erik facebook group is private. 🙂

  • Heath in Brokeback Mountain was such an inspiration to me. As being homosexual, I struggled with it my whole youth and felt alone and separated from everyone else, almost alien even. He made me realize that not only does love come in many forms, but that I am not alone and to follow my heart insted of trying to “change” myself for selfish people!

    • Loved the movie. It teaches us that love is love is love.

      • Aw, you made my day. It’s nice to know Erik’s death was not for nothing. As for your question, I can’t afford to ask personal ones for people because it takes time from the sessions which are pretty expensive. As you know, I refuse all donations and any other form of monetary compensation, but Jamie has small group channelling calls you can get on the ask him that and other questions. Just check out her site. I think it’s under personal growth and maybe her calendar too. It’s

      • Oops, wrong person!

  • Alice Oh Jesus

    Heath was from where I live ,Perth Australia . There is an beautiful arts and theatre building named after him in Perth City and a memorial plaque overlooking the city From a georgeouse part of the swan river. His family in Perth still have a great connection with his daughter and her mother and travel to America to visit regularly .

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