Channeling Jack the Ripper, Part Three

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Jack the Ripper: I was so misunderstood—because I took people’s lives—

Me (to myself): Ya think?

Jack the Ripper: –the work I do now is so praised.

Jamie (stunned): He really doesn’t consider himself a murderer!

Me: Well, do you not think that every life has value?

Jack the Ripper: Every productive life has value.

Me: Aww. Well, from a spiritual standpoint, don’t you think otherwise now? Oh, were your victims part of your spiritual contract? Did they sign up for this? I mean, was this a higher spiritual goal?

Jamie: Erik’s explaining it more detail.

(Long pause)

Jack the Ripper: Yes. Yes.

Me: So, your victims signed up for it before their last life. Is that what you’re saying?

Jack the Ripper: Yes.

Me: So, what is the whole spiritual aspect behind what you did? Was it meant for you, individually or for the collective?

Jack the Ripper: I don’t think it was a spiritual lesson for the collective; I did it for the sake of science, and I think it did help science.

Me: Hm.

Jamie: Just ignorance, here. Can I stop for a second?

Me: Sure!

Jamie: Was he—I just never read about him—did he cut the bodies in a certain way?

Me: I don’t know. I really don’t know anything about him. (I read about him as a teenager, but that horse left the barn a long time ago.)

Jamie: Me neither. I chose to read about Helen Keller, not Jack the Ripper.

Me: Exactly! Sorry Jack.

(Sometimes I cringe at the thought that these comments hurt that entity’s feelings. Then I feel guilty for feeling sorry for such a monster. Can’t win for losing!)

Me: Do you have any regrets, “John,” I should say?

Jack the Ripper: I regret that I was so misunderstood; I regret that I came into a time when it was not appropriate to work upon the human body for discovery reasons.

Me: Okay. (It’s all about him, obviously.)

Jack the Ripper: If I were to come to life now, the work I would have done would have seen as very brilliant, very intelligent. I wish my legacy was not based on murder, but that it was based on knowledge and scientific exploration. I did not have the craving for death itself; I had the craving for understanding what life was.

Me: Do you think you could have accomplished the same thing—of course I understand you couldn’t do to dead bodies what you did to the living back then, but do you think you could achieved the knowledge you wanted by working on the dead, if that were possible?

Jamie: Uh, he just got tons of energy! He leans in front of me and says, “NO!”

Jack the Ripper: It would not have been the same discovery. I needed tissue that was alive. The body is dead within minutes, and you only have a certain amount to time to see how the organ is functioning—

Jamie (to Jack, frustrated): Again, would you PLEASE use words that are—


Jamie: It’s something about the tissue structure; it breaks apart when it doesn’t have the oxygen.

Me: Necrosis? Necrose? Does it start with an “n”?

Jamie: What is it?

Me: It starts to die; you say it starts to necrose.

Jamie: Is that when it doesn’t have oxygen?

Me: Yes. Or he might be saying “anoxia.” So, John, you’re saying that you wish you could have lived in a different time like today, where you could have had a person who had just died, and (with permission) you could have quickly done an autopsy (in a way that you think would yield the knowledge you were seeking.)

Jack the Ripper: Yes.

Me: Okay. Do you have a past life that you think influenced your last one?

Jamie: He’s talking about being an African in the heart of Africa itself. The landscape is really interesting. He’s showing me that it’s jungle that turns into this desert. It’s like a fine line: jungle, desert. (unintelligible for a few seconds.)

Jack the Ripper: I learned how to train and work with the monkeys.

Jamie (laughing): In my head, I asked if there were monkeys in Africa, and Erik just started laughing!

Me (laughing): Oh, no! Erik, be nice!

Jamie (giggling): I wasn’t thinking!

Me: We had a monkey in our family , and his name was Erik.

Jamie: A ha! So, the monkeys would die natural deaths, and out of curiosity, he’s ask the gods’ permission, and he would ask the tribe’s permission to remove the skin and use the skin, the muscles and the bones for tools. It was the discovery of how the animal was actually working that encouraged him to want to learn how to do that to humans. But that was never offered to him, ever!

Me: Well, I guess not! He could have chosen to be a cannibal. That would have been a better choice.

Jack the Ripper: Never.

Me: Do you have any final messages for anyone out there: maybe the victims’ families—anyone?

(Long pause)

Jack the Ripper: My final message is this: The power that you put behind your own judgment maybe falsely placed.

Me: Okay.

Erik (to John the Ripper): Don’t you want to tell us more?

Me: Yeah!


Jamie (sternly): Listen, you don’t have to be mysterious, John. Just talk.

Me: Yeah, time’s a-wastin’, John!

Jack the Ripper: I’m disappointed how one respectable person judges another for something that might have not been done wrongly. Then, the masses agree with that one judgment, and power builds behind it.

Jamie (to John the Ripper): You’re talking about yourself, aren’t you?

Me: Durr!

Jamie: He feels like what he did was for the right cause.

Me: Yeah. Now, how would you envision the perfect world to be, John?

Jack the Ripper: Open. Open communication, open honesty. Open knowledge where everyone is able to learn whatever they want.

Me: Interesting. That makes sense (but not at the expense of others.) Erik, do you have any final questions for Mr. Ripper?

(I laugh.)

Erik: Nope.

Me: Okay, well, thank you very much, John.

Jack the Ripper: Thank you for having me.

Jamie: He does this kind of (Jamie wraps an imaginary cloak round the front of her body.) I don’t even know what you call it. A cape? A loose jacket?

Me: Okay, well, thank you again.

Jamie: He’s slinking out of the room.

JTR at Work

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Elisa Medhus

  • Steve

    I’ve read that our human morals are different from our spiritual ones. However, taking a life is supposedly spiritually immoral, too, right? So where are his guides? You’d think by now that he’d have had counsel about this. He’d have remorse about feeling the pain these victims’ families and friends felt.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about creating your own reality!

  • Ash

    I know what you mean about wondering if you’re hurting feelings. I tend to make fun of Bill, but because its so simply, it’s almost absurd, and then I think, “I wonder if that hurts his feelings?” And then I apologize, but then I think, well, he wouldn’t be assigned to me if he didn’t have thick skin 🙂 Well.. I guess he doesn’t have skin, literally… but… damn the physical metaphors. They just don’t work in the spirit realm. lol

  • Kandelmer

    How about interviewing one of his victims as well? Perhaps she would have a different perspective on the matter.

  • Kandelmer

    His misguided cruelty and arrogance is heartbreaking.

    Jesus preached to turn the other cheek and love your enemies, but for people like this, those who prey on the weak, that is something I simply cannot do. And I cannot forgive a man who won’t accept what he did is wrong and try hios best to atone for it.

  • eupeptic

    Quite an interesting (to say the least) attitude he has towards human life. Ideally he would have simply experimented on plants as plants are biological life forms as well, or at least only experimented on worms/insects. (Sadly, people often have narrow definitions of what life is – such as only humans [based on the assumption that a soul is required for life {it is not; one example discussed by Erik being when a soul reincarnates into a body – if a soul was required for life to exist then babies who have not yet had a soul reincarnate into them would not be a form of life}] and possibly not animals and/or plants…) I asked my spirit guide if the guy who was Jack the Ripper has since reincarnated (shortly before reading Elisa’s comment about Robert saying that he was also a Nazi) and he replied that he had. So the attitude we are presented with here was very much likely to be that of Jack the Ripper prior to the life he has since lived as a Nazi and one more (according to my guide) that he is currently living on Earth (who are hopefully more spiritually evolved than John was).

    (I personally hold the view that spirits are a part of a really powerful computer [if that’s the case then it’s entirely possible that no amount of experimenting with the human body would show any definitive evidence of a soul], but that’s only based on my own views. If that’s the case then that would allow us to communicate with any individual from any point in time. [Similar to how a picture {or any other kind of data} from the past can be viewed in the present – it’s not a form of time travel {from the perspective of the picture/data} but a recording of past information.] What I’ve read from others [Neale Donald Walsch and of course Erik] is that spirits can freely travel through time. Going by the perspective that souls can travel through time perhaps one should view this as a communication from his soul’s past.)

    Some other experimentation that was in attempt to see if the human soul could be measured was from 1907. Duncan MacDougall weighed the bodies of five people who were close to death to see if their weight changed in a way that could only be explained by the exiting of a soul. Apparently he measured a sudden 0.75 ounce (21 grams) change in most patients (one was half an ounce) that he attributed to the exiting of the soul (and the weight of fifteen dogs did not change as they died). I personally am skeptical that the soul has any mass under most circumstances, though I do feel that it is possible for a soul to have mass if there’s a need/desire for that to be the case. Unfortunately I haven’t heard of anyone else measuring the mass of people as they die.

  • Denise

    He is not so unique. He is no different than people I read about in the newspaper every day. The cruelty and heartlessness that is displayed by some parents toward their own children curdles the blood. And then there is anger and ignorance acted upon against perfect strangers or by spurned lovers. I skim the headlines these days and sometimes even that is too much. We count ourselves among the enlightened, so how can this occur? Ignorance, fear, arrogance, ego, anger, entitlement, control, power, greed, envy, meanness……..

  • Patrick

    Outstanding idea!

  • Anonymous707

    No, I don’t agree with him at all. I know you’re supposed to be non judgmental, but this is taking it too far. Remember to follow your heart and that even spirits can be very misguided.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the comment about him being a Nazi? That is very interesting and disturbing.
    I don’t think anyone thinks we should look to John as an example of how to live one’s life, although I do think the message he gave was very good about not putting so much weight behind one’s own judgement – he certainly would know, as he took it to the extreme. Nobody is endorsing his behavior or views, this was just an interview, a chance for him to speak for himself.

    It is always good to remind ourselves though to surround ourselves with light and not to be just open to any spirit that comes along to speak to us but rather only those who are angelic and/or are allowed by our guides to interact with us. If anything it is a reminder to stay in communication and connection with our guides I suppose.

    • Robert channeled that. How awful. It does seem likely.

    • I wonder if his spiritual mission was to confirm the existence of the soul as the true source of life and perhaps he just got lost.

      • saissann

        i wonder if he learns anything through his own life entering and exiting experiences. he seems overly intellectual and scientific, whilst- 😉 -very much lacking intuition and emotion, and humor. joyless.
        i guess we all gotta do what we gotta do.

      • Simon

        Sounds to me he became psychotic, he ripped his victims open, not neat surgeon behaviour, but maybe he needed to act fast. It makes sense, why the murders, well now we know. Actually in Victorian society people were categorised in the way he did, as useful or not useful. So it makes sense what he said. The way Victorian society was structured, the one’s he killed would be seem as deposable and useless lives. So tragic, I get the feeling the murdered girls were reincarnated as Jews in Nazi Germany and he was Doctor Mengala or worked with him.

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear Elisa and CE family,
    Wish you all a very happy Christmas.
    Well, I must confess Jack or John has filled me with disgust; he’s given me a nausea that comes not from my personal beliefs or moral needs but from deeper inside. I’d dare say it has its roots in my very heart and soul.
    What he did to human beings many labs do it to animals for the sake of investigation nowadays around the world. People who care about animals are doing what they can – I’m one of them- to stop the abuse. Did these poor creatures sign up for abuse in the form of torture before they came here? I don’t know but be sure I’d do almost anything to save their lives and return them to nature where they belong. We, animal lovers and people committed to animal welfare, know that there are other forms of research that are already at hand which don’t involve torturing animals. Why are those techniques not used at the labs everywhere right now? I have an idea but I need to do a bit more research on the subject to be sure I’m right.
    As I see it, love is creative whereas evil repeats its choreography over and over again, that’s why it’s so boring. Haven’t we had enough of every form of evil in our human experience since we’re here? Do you think there’s more to learn from something that’s always the same and that will never change? Maybe we could add more science and technology say to torture, human trafficking, pollution, etc., but I don’t think we can add any other form of evil to our ancient list. These are not rhetoric questions. I’m actually asking you to help me reason on this particular issue.
    Elisa, since I found out people don’t change when they’re in the afterlife, I feel afraid for my son. Can people like Jack or John influence highly sensitive, intelligent young people like our sons? Can they harm them in any way? Sorry if my question seems weird. I thought people like John received some kind of counseling after their life review but it seems it does not work that way. From my point of view John’s victims are not too far from what I consider definitely evil and deserve some sort of heavenly therapy. Thank you for reading my post.

  • Nancy Antia

    Addendum to my post: I just wanted to say that I do not give the word evil the same meaning as religions do, especially the Catholic (I was raised as a Catholic). I don’t see it as an entity separated from God or God’s kingdom that’s waiting for sinners to arrive to push them to eternal fire and flames. I’m not sure I can give you a definition of what evil is for me because it’s something I recognize when I feel it. I know there are many forms of evil or better to say many manifestations of evil behavior and thought. Some of them are exquisitely subtle.

  • Tom

    Not ‘quite’ “sychronicity”, but I saw this in Facebook and thought I would post it here. it seems the ‘book’ hit the shelves today 1/19/12, if that or it means anything. *shrug*

  • cc

    I thought this interview to be very interesting.I find it difficult to understand(jack /john) when he does not own up to what he did.As a soul who crossed over he responds as a living human will do.Well there are many people that passed on that dont really answer the questions as you want them answered like”channelling other celebrities.They hold back some truth.Its not just jack the ripper.
    We must also not think in a human mentality.The evolution of science exists because of others who entered a timeline when they did and had to.Because of past scientists and doctors,their curiosity evolved to finding cures for diseases.
    There are many firsts.There are people who invented the telephone,electricity.They entered a time when nobody understood them and thought they were crazy.They had to enter at this time.I read a book “THINK AND GROW RICH” by napolean Hill.In this book he explains how all these people became millionaires,society titled them as crazy for their ideas!!!They go on to be millionaires in their own right.It reminds me now of what we are doing.Mocking john?
    Those are the people who were laughing stock of their time but got to be recorded in history books.I am not defending jack the rippers actions.We must not mock people we dont understand and appreciate this interview and the time John allowed us to see why he did what he did. The good and the bad.Remember Jon Ramsey.Although she was murdered,her murder as well as Tupacs puts a shining light on many hidden topics(problems).Sometimes brutality has to happen in order for humanity to evolve for expansion of our hearts.I hope you all would not tease the people that are labelled bad.Earth is a learning ground for everybody and bad is just as important as good for all of us.

    • I know. The guy has absolutely no accountability. DId you watch the YouTube video of Jamie channeling this? Just search for Channeling Jack the Ripper.

      • Simon

        He isn’t in Heaven obviously maybe he was between lives at that point.

  • bluewhiteviolet

    He has no compassion towards life as of yet. He still has to learn compassion. He is still in a place of ego. He himself deemed a certain human being not ‘viable’ to society. So John himself may judge others, but he may not be judged? He speaks from the rational mind, and not from the heart.

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    So it seems that John is sort of an incarnation of the “amoral and unhempathic scientific researcher”. Same that can be found in some Nobel’s medicine prize winners, who dissected living animals (vivisection, dude) to discover things. I suppose that same people could easily do the same thing as Ripper did, if put in the right context.

    Being a science man, I cannot subscribe this vision.
    Citing Gandalf, “He that breaks a thing to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom.”

    Nonetheless, even Leonardo da Vinci cladestinely dissected corpses to learn anathomy.
    But I suspect that he did not hang around at night in the slums, with a knife under his vest.

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