Channeling Jesus, Part Four

Oops, I was supposed to publish this yesterday but left it in draft mode. I’ll  re-publish part five tomorrow. My bad!!

Happy Easter everyone! I plan to polish Erik’s marker and freshen his flowers, giving it a more cheerful, springtime look. Now, enjoy part four of the Jesus interview.

Me: How many children did you have?

Jesus: Five.

Me: Five!

Jesus: Five and two died young.

Me: Aw. Can you share a past life that most influenced your last one as Jesus?

Jesus: Past and future lives.

Me: Okay. Which one would you like to share?

Jesus: Not all of then were as clear as the life I was able to have—

Jamie (to Jesus): I don’t understand.


Jamie (giggling): Erik, my translator, describes.

Me (chuckling): He can get a job at the UN now!

Jamie: He says that Jesus was trying to state that though he had many lives, it wasn’t just the one where he was this amazing saint and son of God, that all the other lives he experienced have somewhat had that characteristic about him. He’s always been this spiritual person, the healer. The person who encourages energy work, afterlife thought and beyond. So, I asked, ‘Can you narrow it to one you want to share?’

Jesus: It was 1962. I came in as a very sick white baby in the United States. I lived my life in the hospital.

Me: Aw.

Jesus: I was never able to come home. I had a wired frame on me. My muscles would not grow, so they created a frame so I would be able to move about. I lived until the age of four.

Me: You lived four years in the hospital?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Aw. What was the reason for you having these hardships, and how did that impact your life as Jesus since we can affect the past?

Jesus: As the little boy, I was very happy; I knew no other life: to be able to run or play.

Jamie: It’s like his skin would tear and his bones would break, and he came to impact the doctors and the nurses and the family he came into, and, in turn, he finds the life of those who struggled the most impacts the community to make a change. He takes time to reincarnate as some of these beings to impact and give peace to the people about what death is, about what life is meant to do.

Me: Okay. Are you currently on the Earth in some form?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: Really? Where are you?

Jesus: I’m in India, a woman.

Me: A spiritual teacher or healer?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: What’s her first name? I don’t want to give last names, because you never know what would happen with that!

Jamie: M-o-n-a is all I can see. It seems to be a shortened version of a longer name.

Me: Okay. What do you do while you’re in the afterlife? What’s your life’s work there?

Jesus: Giving peace to those who arrive.


Me: Good, good. I hope I meet you when I get there. We’ll give each other a great big hug! 


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Elisa Medhus

  • Clau_Bueno

    aaaawwww, just love reading this… would be interesting to know how is his thoughts about loosing his kids… to deal with the grief and pain.

    Big hugs to you and i hope you all had a great “Eastover”!

  • So, I can glean from this that we can be living our live(s) here on Earth and at the same time still be in spirit form doing things there? I’ve received so many conflicting messages about this concept over the years.

    • Robin

      i just asked elisa that same question – this was her response:

      Oh yes! Just think of the higher self as having tendrils living in different time periods (but everything is happening at once) The Higher self is at the hub of a wagon wheel and the tendrils are stretching out on the spokes to different lives and the rim can represent our linear time line that is our human contract rolling along. When we die, the tendril contracts and when we reincarnate it extends down another spoke, sometimes in a future or a present or a past spoke line. Sometimes two can go down the same spoke and you can have two of yourselves on the earthly plane living at the same time! And yes, my brain hurts too. This is how Erik explains it. I hope it makes more sense when we’re on the other side!

      • Ceridwen777

        This concept was also explained quite well in the Seth/Jane Roberts books: The Education of Oversoul 7, The Further Education of Oversoul 7, and Oversoul 7 and the Museum of Time. They are fictionalized accounts/examples of Seth’s teachings and really make it easier to understand the whole having more than one incarnation in different time periods at the same time, and that there is an Oversoul that keeps track of them all…if you’ve never read them, I highly recommend them! 🙂

    • Ash

      I think this IS possible – mostly because everything is happening NOW, linear time doesn’t matter, and all of your incarnations are happening at once, so is all of your “spirit” time. This is precisely a concept I’ve been trying to grasp for the last 2-3 weeks (and also how the higher self fits in).

      I’ve been told that one of my guides is currently incarnate on earth as well as in spirit as my guide.

      It’s like playing Madden NFL on X-box – all the players on the field playing for your team are essentially you, incarnated into 20 (or however man players are on your team) different lives – when one of those players comes out of the game (or dies… in real life) – the “you” who is controlling the game (kind of like the higher self) still exists… and you experienced everything that player experienced while he was “alive” in the game and have those memories, and you could still speak for (or as) that “player” outside of the game (or in spirit)… this is kind of how it makes sense in my head anyway lol I hope that it’s not too confusing for everyone else.

      • Patrick De Haan

        I like that example a lot. Makes good sense!

      • Jane5

        NICE Ash! Good example!!

      • Anonymous

        The computer game analogy. Love it. You the person controlling the character. I think it makes sense. How is one going to shoot, drive a car in a virtual world without a person’s hand controlling the PlayStation, Xbox, Keyboard and mouse controller.

    • Patrick De Haan


      All true however one reason is the absence of “here” and “there” as seen on Earth. It’s all together. This is a part of the time concept also. Passage of time is perceived to take place on Earth; distance between locations creates it; time as we measure it doesn’t exist so being in two places is easy. Everything is both simultaneous and distinct.

      I just posted something similar on my website so please forgive any redundance: The moon revolves around Earth always showing the same face; we never see the “dark side of the moon” (which isn’t always dark, but it’s never seen from Earth) and takes about a month, so it revolves around the earth 12 times for every revolution the Earth makes around the sun, one year. Except for clouds, the sun rises annually 365 times but on the moon? Guaranteed 12 times, and we promise no clouds or double your money back. On earth we measure each day to be 24 hours long and then we subdivide that into hours and minutes (and seconds, etc.)

      [Sidebar – notice all the sixes in these figures; 12 = 2 x 6, 24 = 6 x 4, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, etc etc. For accounting purposes, a year of 360 days is used, 6 x 60. None of this is coincidental.]

      Assume an atmosphere & conditions for human life existed on the moon. There would be 12 days per year. So what “time” would it be there relative to the Earth?

      So Jesus and any one of us can be on Earth just visiting, incarnated, in Heaven and/or both or even all three. Once one experience is complete, it’s a simple matter of rewinding and proceeding again from a different place. Just as a computer file can be opened modified and saved with the changes and all versions are always available, all the time by travelling out from the center of the hard drive to find and open the file. (The structure and arrangement of files on a circular computer hard drive are, just like peanut butter, Heaven sent.)

      On Earth in a human bodily existence, “time” passes based on the pace of the Earth and the alignment of our circadian rhythms with it but only within the limited vibrational range of humans. Alter the vibrations, rise into more dimensions and time does not apply; therefore distinct locations also don’t apply.

      In case anyone hasn’t seen and wants that link, (my bool sheet is free; FYI, bool sheet is where one writes a crap list, in Texas vernacular)

    • Amber

      He said in the previous interview “If I were able to walk the Earth today….” which seemed to imply he wasn’t incarnated. Now we learn he is. Perhaps he is incarnated into more bodies he didn’t mention. He is able to do this. Jesus, as he said, lived many lives in a spiritual-healing sense. As Yeshua he practised a form of ‘cheating death’ over the physical body. So God-Realised, Jesus radiates himself/his Godself all over the place at all times (which to him anyway is ‘no-time’ -past and future are NOW) “Giving peace to those who arrive” makes me think of the work Mother Teresa did with newborns. Perhaps he’s in a maternity unit. How many Mona’s in Indian maternity units? Don’t let this out..he’d be mobbed!!!

      • Maybe he just stays put and isn’t on tour. That’s the impression I got. He wan’t to live a quiet, anonymous existence. (or existences). Robert says there are several facets of the Christ Consciousness that include Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, and many others. It’s called the Omnichron. There are many who are incarnate here on the earthly plane working quietly among us. Anyone else know about this?

      • Lilla

        Yes. There are Christ sparks working on Earth right now. Hundreds of thousands. He always tells us that he is here on Earth in many human beings who all belong to and came from his Almighty Soul.

    • Amber

      Just correcting my error in the previous reply where I thought Jesus was giving peace to newcomers here. I see that Elisa was asking what Jesus does in the afterlife and, of course, he welcomes newcomers. How many near-death-experiences have we heard of where they meet the radiant light and love of Jesus.

  • Lanier3221

    I am so enjoying this whole dialogue with Jesus. I knew he was out there.

  • M and M

    Thank you so much for your courage in bringing this to us, Elisa. We all have our own filters, so as I see it it’s not about blindly believing everything that is written but about finding the pieces that resonate and bring comfort, and taking strength and encouragement from that. These posts paint a picture of Jesus in a more human light, which makes him and his message more real to me. Looking forward to more.

    • nikki6278

      oh you are very welcome Mike. I think I was asleep or passing notes too. IT took lots and lots of years to finally catch on. And that was only after finding this blog. 🙂

  • mike m

    Nikki, I’d like to thank you for giving a concise, understandable historical capsule of the culture, belief system and legal issues during the time of the Joseph/Mary scenario. (I think I was asleep on the back row during History of Religion class.) You put it all in perspective for me. thanks!

  • George

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m suffering from “Jamie envy”.
    I wish I could do what she does OR I wish she lived closer to L.A.

  • I guess that raises the question of whether Erik is incarnated on earth at this time as another life? For that matter, any of us? Wouldn’t it be wild if there were more than one incarnation of the same soul on earth at this time and they were able to meet?

    • Ash

      I do believe Erik has covered that topic 🙂

    • Dixie Chic

      That’s absolutely crazy talk. You’re either here or there.

  • Jane5

    I am so excited every day there is a new Jesus post! They are so interesting and moving! i’m very happy he greets people when they cross over, b/c SO many of them come with the expectation and desire to see the Jesus they spent their lives trying to serve or that they loved. It must bring them such joy and relief.

  • JoAnn

    i love these sessions,,,thnx guys.i have always felt a love for Jesus,,,i consider my religion if i claim one by name to be christian. The bible to me is very much true in its lessons,,,and when i would read the bible i would always use my own judgement/understanding of what each lesson was intended to teach me. so Jesus found a special place inside my heart,,figuratively as by big brother when i needed advice in life and also as an instant fulfillment in my heart for feeling and expressing love to and through BABY Jesus. I never did have this feeling inside me for GOD as the father ,,,maybe b/c the bible represents God as unlike me/human and Jesus is flesh and therefore i always believed it was the flesh and life experience of Jesus that set him up in my eyes as an equal,,,,someone that had lived the human experience and set the best examples for me to try to follow..years ago ,,,i had a vivid dream with Jesus in it,,,, the dream was very indepth spiritually ,,,but at the time i did not feel privy/adequate to follow him through the curtain he had went behind,,,,i was too polite i suppose and was waiting for the curtain to be held aside or for him to make more of a jester for me to follow,,,but it never happened and so i woke up,,without having followed him through the curtain,,,,i always felt regret for not doing so in that dream,,,or looking inside the book on the pedestal or did i have the courage to open any of the doors we passed as he led me down the hall with the curtain at the end,,,,but looking back on that now,,,,,me feeling undeserving/inaduquate was the reason i didnt go ,,,and fear ,,,,theres that dirty lil’ devil again,,,,everytime i learn a lesson it seems to be fear,,, ,,, that has been behind every undone deed and every missed oppurtunity,,,,,,,Thank you so much Elisa for giving us all these wonderful readings,,,i would have never been able to learn all that i have if not for your generosity,,,Love To All!!

  • Tracy Lamont

    Well, at least those of us who have lost children can say we know how Jesus feels…and he really know how we feel as he gave himself that same life lesson and many, many others. What a truly special soul….

  • mike m

    Hey, Clau – Eastover! I love that!

  • mike m

    We’re CE people because we’re struggling with those persistent, head-scratcher issues- where are we, who are we, what does this all mean, why are the Kardashians famous. For me, there’s just no other resource out there that remotely compares to Erik, Jamie, Elisa and this community of ours. I mean, come on, Jesus and Amy Winehouse!? I so love this. And all of you.

  • Su

    I wonder if the M-O-N-A sounding name could be Amma? She is a spiritual healer (revered as a saint), also known as The Hugging Saint. Great documentary with Louis Theroux, he was blown away by hug , see from 1.13 minutes in video. 🙂

    • Amber

      I LOVE this video. I read about her in a newspaper article a few months ago. I don’t think her very long name shrinks down to Mona. There are probably a lot of contenders for healing Indian women. Head of Brahma Kumaris University is a woman, Dadi Janka, so it’s not just male gurus and avatars who are worshipped by millions (as was Sathya Sai Baba until his death last year) but I guess Jesus will surely know about Amma . They may even have hugged! 🙂 Jesus, however many bodies he may inhabit, just can’t afford to reveal his identity. Can you imagine the mayhem? He just wouldn’t have a life worth living. He has to remain incognito, as so all the other God-Realised Ones of Light.
      I’m about to rewatch the video………

      • Su

        Yeah, total mayhem if that happened! I discovered Amma about a year ago, truly amazing. Yes, it could very well be so many others. I honestly cant get my head around Jesus or anybody for that matter being in two more plkaces at the same time. The wonders of life I guess…love that vidoe too 🙂

    • Amber

      I’ve watched loads of Amma videos on YouTube since my last post. I defy any of you not to be tearful. She is surely a top candidate for reincarnated Jesus. Pure Love. (Thanks for the link Su). Thanks for this website Elisa!

    • Praveen Desai

      Yes, Indeed it is Amma. Great, awesome. Meeting Amma is truly a Divine experience.

    • Amber

      Yet another post on this subject…. Amma’s long name is Mata Amritanandamayi, but reading Wiki I learn her birth name was Sudhamani Idamannel. Perhaps the ‘mani’ bit was remembered by Jamie if she heard it? Mani…Mona?
      Anyways, another blogger says the Jesus interview resonated with some stuff she read in Sylvia Browne’s book Th e Mystical Life of Jesus. In this book it says that Jesus lived for ten years in India learning about Hinduism and Buddhism. Now wouldn’t THAT former life have had a big influence on his present one if he is the reincarnated Amma singing Hindu songs of devotion while maintaining LOVE is the world religion, and, has millions of adoring followers and people working with her/him devoting their lives to her works?
      Is Jesus prepared to reveal himself to a selected few Erik-followers? Is it safe with us until the greater revealings come to the world? Love ya Jesus. Love ya Amma. Love ya Erik and Elisa and Jamie and team 🙂 xxx

  • Edie

    Hi Elisa. I bet the fresh flowers look beautiful. Will the Jesus interview be more extensive in your book? When it comes to Jesus, I can never get enough. Thank you for all that you do. Sending you love and peace.

  • Cbowker1

    Elisa: This is you! “he finds the life of those who struggled the most impacts the community to make a change. He takes time to reincarnate as some of these beings to impact and give peace to the people about what death is, about what life is meant to do.” I feel this is our gift and our burden. Love you

  • 🙂

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Just so cool!! I am wondering about the second coming of Christ now?xo

  • April C.

    Hello, Im new into the site and
    honestly devouring all the information that has been shared as I’d
    define myself as a truth seeker. I am not sure, but I found about this
    lady in India who is a spiritual yoga teacher Mona Anand when I saw her eyes and smile smtgh resonated inside me. she might be the one?

  • April C.

    By the way on the video interview the description is a bit wrong, you can hear him saying YES at 16:29 when he states there are many ways to God. And I think you can as well hear his voice at 33:20 or so, just before Jamie says about he didnt have blue eyes….it seems he is saying I dont jut before it =)

  • April C.

    I wish some other time you could ask Jesus what is the true meaning about drinking his blood and eating his body thing, if this really could give us eternal life somehow and also if he is aware of a certain type of race called the geryons related to some kind of alien vampire race. ( I know this might sound weird, but there is a reason why I ask). Thanks.

  • I’ll check it out!!

  • Maya

    I’ve been just really curious. Is AJ Miller the real Jesus reincarnation? (search youtube “jesus chanelling”). It won’t be much problem if he sounds fake just like many others. But the problem is, I’ve been listening to him for months, and he seems real to me. Everything he says feels so true. I watch the youtube video titled “20081011 General Discussion – Interview With Cornelius P1”, it seems all the Law of Attraction things have a very logical explanation.

    I believe you will like his videos as well. Because he talks a lot about processing emotions, permanent healing, addressing the real cause of the issue, worthiness of the soul.

    But I remember Erik has different account about Jesus death. Erik says Jesus had 3 children, AJ said he(Jesus) had 1 daughter. That’s why I am a little confused, because I believe both Erik and AJ. I am curious what Erik thinks about him. Is AJ the real Jesus reincarnartion?

    • He can incarnate as multiple people I’m guessing. I think Erik said he had five kids but two died.

  • Sangeeta Handa

    Hi, I write from India, and I dont think Lord Jesus (Sananda) would be in a famous lady’s body in India, or anywhere else, this time over. This time over it would be incognito, uknown for sure. Quietly doing the God’s Plan in peace of anonymity. I too at first thought Amma, but then knew naught. Most God’s Beings on earth, this time or right now, are not engaging spirituality as a business tool and not famous at all.

  • Scott Daryn Tillett

    One thing I don’t understand , and I hope someone can clear this up, Jesus stated about mid way of the interview that he did not die on the cross. That he was taken down and resumed his life under a different name but at the end of the interview he stated that the image of the shroud of Turin was made by his body. The image that is on the shroud is that of a deceased person. How can that be. Hope someone can answer that.

    • I can’t imagine how they can verify that it was a deceased person’s. If was probably just him with his respiration and pulse rate so slow that they thought he was dead.

      • Scott Daryn Tillett

        That’s a possibilty. Thanks for your reply.

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    woah! I missed this part previously, when I read this interview two months ago! O_o’

    So He (really today She) is currently breathing and walking in this world. In some very deep way, I feel really happy 🙂

    What a great news (even it is 4 years late, for me XD XD )

    Better late than never 😀

  • Mimi

    I love listening to the channeling of both Jesus and Mary and was greatly excited when He stated that He was incarnated on Earth! I would love to hear more from Jesus on His love for and/or relationship with Mary Magdalene. Bible readers across the world and scholars have always questioned their true relationship. He has stated in one channeling interview, and correct me if I’m wrong, that she was His “only true love” and that she was also a disciple. He has spoken about His relationship with Mary, vice versa, and Judas Iscariot has explained his relationship with Jesus as well. I think this relationship is also worth exploring as well as the channeling of Mary Magdalene. It would be awesome to gain her point of view of her relationship with Jesus and her experience during their time on Earth.

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