Channeling Jim Morrison, Part Two

Enjoy the last segment of our interview with Mr. Morrison!

Me: Was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Jim: Yes, and it was willed by me. I willed my own death.

Me: Why?

Jim: I accomplished what I came here to do. Death was an old friend of mine. We had talked from time to  time, and I was told I would die a young man.

Me: What do you mean, “Death was an old friend”? Is that figurative?

Jim: No, I spoke to Death.

Jamie: Well, for our knowledge—

Erik: For more clarity: Was death a spirit like a god or of someone you knew? Or—

Jamie: Morrison is interrupting him.

Jim: Yes, Death is a spirit, and he came to me and told me when I was going to die.—not to the day, but that I would be young, and it would be soon. I felt my body becoming more soft and limp and my breathing became shallow and my heart wasn’t beating strong. I knew that was when the ties were cut. I was on drugs at the time.

Jamie: He’s showing me a needle. He says it was heroin, but that it wasn’t an overdose.

Me: But is Death really a spirit, or is it a spirit that you named Death because of the message he came with?

Jim: Yes. The last one.

Jamie: That’s what Erik was describing to me.

Me: Can you tell us about your afterlife now?

Jim: It’s beautiful.

Me: Do you live in a home, or—

Jim: I like to stay in Paris with Pamela.

Jamie: He’s talking about a woman he loves. It’s Pamela or Pam or maybe Pamie; I’m not sure.

Me: And what do you do there.

Jim: I’m resting.

Erik: Really, you’re not playing any music?

Jamie laughs.

Jim: Well, from time to time we get together with others and we play, so yeah.

Jamie: He makes it sound more like a concert setting than a daily thing.

Jamie giggles.

Me: What do you know now that you didn’t know before you passed away?

Jim: I understand now that as a life on earth, everything comes from the same source. We’re not as different and as separate as we believe or make ourselves out to be.  That’s what I truly learned.

Me: When you were here, what were you supposed to learn?

Jim: I was rally here to learn how to accept love. I was never very good at giving it either, but I know my lesson was to learn to accept it, and I had every opportunity to do so. I don’t feel like I ever achieved it, though.

Me: Aw. What were you here to teach?

Jamie (giggling): At first he wanted to say to teach self-exploration through experimental drugs or whatever.

Jim: My time of living was only during the time where experimental drugs were acceptable.

Me: Such as?

Jim: Peyote, mushrooms, all kinds of psychedelics, heroin, cocaine, marijuana—everything! Alcohol. I would like to say I was here to teach people to explore, to find out who they are, but my own exploration was about hiding from myself. I don’t know if I was meant to be a teacher for anyone.

Me: So you were here mostly to learn, then?

Jim: Yes.

Me: Any regrets?

Jim: No, because I forgive myself for everything.

Me: What was your proudest achievement here on Earth?

Jim: I had a lot of good times, fantastic times, but what was my proudest?


Jim: I don’t know if I can name one.

Jamie: He’s not giving me an answer.

Me: Okay. As you look back in spirit, do you see something you can say you’re proud of? I mean, maybe it didn’t evoke feelings of pride when you were here, but—

Jim: Yeah, I guess how the band and the music we made changed people’s lives.

Me: Okay, and how do you think it influence people?

Jim: To be more free.

Me: Oh, good! Is there a life you lived that influenced your life as Jim Morrison?

Jamie: He drops his head down; his hair’s kind of shaggy, but its not really long or anything.

Jim: I remember a time I was a man, Caucasian—in the New England area. I welded heavy metals, and I was very much into alchemy. I’d take one mineral, one metal, and create a combination with another one—make it weaker, make it stronger, heat it, bang it into shape. It was such a satisfying, controlling discipline, and I always wondered—does somebody do that with us? Does somebody put the minerals together and heat us up, beat us up to shape us into something better and more useful?

Me: Wow.

Jim: I was a Catholic then and hated it. I did my duty and went to church without looking like an outcast. For me, the lives link together. Maybe by hearing it with other ears, you can’t find the similarities, but the idea of being shaped and molded by something greater was fascinating.

Me: Ah! Interesting perspective Jim! Do you have anything else you want to share?

Jamie: Just briefly, before that, he finally showed me what he was making. It’s not boards or anything . I thought horses, maybe?

Me: Oh!

Jamie: But he’s making hinges that go on caskets.

Me: Oh, wow!

Jamie: So he was around death quite a bit.

Me: No wonder!

Jamie: That’s probably why he got deep into that conversation how simple life is, you know. You just die.

Jim: I wanted a lifetime where I could bring all of that together.

Me: Ah! Anything else you’d like to share?

Jim: Earth is a beautiful place, but the world inside your head—

Jamie stops and tears up.

Jim: –but the world inside your head can be even more beautiful. Don’t be fooled by illusion. Only be truthful to how you feel.

Me: Very nice. Erik?

Erik: No questions, no.

Jamie (giggling): Erik’s just throwing his hands back like, “I got nothing.”

Me: Well, thank you so much, Mr. Morrison.

Jim: You’re welcome.

Jamie: He doesn’t even say goodbye. He just leaves!

Me: Boosh!

Jamie: Erik and I were both commenting how weird that interview was!

Me: Really?

Jamie: You didn’t feel that?

Me: I felt a little uncomfortable—the whole death thing.

Jamie: He was just a little creepy. Erik and I kept making eye contact like, “Hmmm!”

Jamie, Erik and I laugh hard.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Brenda

    Elisa….Do you think Jim actually willed himself to die, or was it a pre birth contract?

  • Lorraine (LP)

    wow! gave me chills… deep and mysterious man. I do enjoy his music though. : )

  • radbirdz

    Pamela Courson, Jim’s girlfriend/wife, died of a heroin overdose in 1974. Perhaps the two of them are hanging around Paris together. Here is an interesting article about their relationship:

    • Brenda

      Great article…….Thanks for sharing radbirdz.

  • Me: Any regrets?

    Jim: No, because I forgive myself for everything.

    That is awesome, and I think it applies to all of us.

    • dollparts

      It is awesome. I hope I get to that level someday soon.

  • Denise

    I appreciate the final comments between Erik and Jamie. The interview was somewhat difficult to read. I got the impression throughout the interview that there was something innately wrong with him. Can you get so fried by drugs in the physical self that it damages your non-physical self? Is that possible? Or was he constructed like that?

    • No, I don’t think that drugs can effect the spirit. ANyway, they get healing. Maybe he didn’t get what he needed but it could also be his personality.

    • I agree, very odd for a spirit. He was almost human in his thoughts.

    • I guess you had to be there to get the ‘creepy’ part. I think he just had a misunderstood and slightly somber existence while on Earth. It reminds me of Edgar Alan Poe or another tortured artist who put himself out there for his work. Leaving without saying goodbye just helped add to the mystery!

  • PeteJanssen

    If you book him, he will come… And he did!

  • Jen

    This was a difficult read, but he was a difficult man to understand.
    Any chances on doing a channeling session with Laci Peterson or Natalie Holloway? I would find that interesting as well.

  • Very strange interview, I thought he talked more like a human than a Spirit.

  • Dusty

    For some reason, Jim Morrison reminds me of James Dean. Same kind of eccentric moodiness. They don’t seem fully “grounded” to this earthly experience or something. It’s hilarious that Jamie and Erik did the old, awkward eye-play while Jim Morrison spoke. Spend a lifetime making hinges for caskets and we all might start talking bizarro too! Lol. Jim seems like a work in progress. Didn’t accomplish that “acceptance” lesson last time.

    Elisa…could you put the Black Dahlia on your long list if she’s not already there? Thanks ; )

  • Becki

    This comment of Jim’s is very lucid and true: “I understand now that as a life on earth, everything comes from the same source. We’re not as different and as separate as we believe or make ourselves out to be.”

    Love that!

  • This may sound funny, but two of my earliest memories related to drug exploration are Billy Jack and the Doors. If I remember correctly, there was a scene on TV where Billy Jack went on a vision quest in the desert. He paints himself red. Under the influence of Peyote, he enters the ‘cave of death’, and comes face to face with some poisonous snakes. In the movie, ‘the Doors’, Jim is in the desert with fellow bandmate John. After talking about seeing a snake described in various psychedelic terms, he leans back laughing and John says “Look at your eyes, man… you’re death.” He seemed to have always had a fascination and connection with death. Of course, in Native American religions, death is a natural cycle of life, and the other side is always just beyond the veil.

    • Whoa, very cool!

    • Denise

      When I was a teenager I read Carlos Castaneda’s books and they scared the crap out of me and any desire I might have had to experiment with drugs.

    • shari&thefurryangels

      I love your story…. very cool. I love studying with the Native Americans & the Shamans. Shamans say many run all their lives from death in fear of it. They say once you turn & make friends with the angel of death…. then she leads you in life, nothing can touch you… ? BC you have no fear of death. I had a gun pointed to my head in the city a long time ago over a drug dispute. I was told to kill one of my best friends to prove how strong i was. I handed the gun back to the man who would take my life & looked him right in the eyes with much peace & love. I should have never walked away from that, but i did.
      I have had a lot of near death experiences but was not thru with my life. We came here to learn there is no death, fear of death can rob you of your entire life.

      • Wow. Just wow. I have shivers. You should write a book.

      • shari&thefurryangels

        Thats cool you said that. But I have things left to do & a part of me is just too tired, really. I am 52 & feel very old. I understand so much when Whitney Houston said she was just tired.

      • Preaching to the choir girl!

      • shari&thefurryanimalangels

        lol….. 🙂

      • Callies’ Pet Human

        I know what you mean. I have the same feeling. Must be something that’s going around… 🙂

      • Probably a good idea you did walk away… there is courage, and then there is playing it smart! Anyway, reminds me of something that happened last year. I had a friend living in Bangkok doing some contract work. She stayed in a lavish old house wish she believed was haunted. So I decided to try to help out and focus on the situation. I could perceive an older male asian man still hanging about there. He struck me as a ruthless businessman, or someone who dabbled in drugs, etc. As I was telling her about this individual she actually heard a creepy whisper in her ear as to the effect of “I’m still here”. I Told her to set a quiet time alone to inquire into what the spirit wanted or needed. When she finally found that time, she sat alone, and just as she started to open her mouth a giant mirror fell off the wall and shattered.

        Anyway, that is only partly related. I was trying to help her with her psychic abilities. We were discussing the “zozo” phenomenon, and I told her to target her focus toward a certain negative individual, the feeling of which creeped us both out. The next morning I awoke to a dark male figure standing at the foot of my bed that was rather ominous in nature. I also had the lyrics of “One Night in Bangkok” going through my head (“…I can feel the Devil standing next to me…” etc.). However, it was only there to observe and then leave, as if it were a dark spirit that hung around for the longest time causing strife, but also ironically offering some limited teaching through negativity, and saying a final goodbye – i was also shortly before I started getting more into Reiki, which has kept most ‘negative’ energy pretty well at bay). What I gained from the encounter was that even the furthest darkness is a part of you and me, since we are all connected. And if that is true then to fear it is only to fear yourself (in an ultimate sense).

        I hope this reply was not too convoluted sounding and long.

  • louise

    I always loved their music as well!! Would love to have a channeling session of Princess Dianna. Thank you yes it was weird but I enjoyed it.

  • I never got around to reading much, but I hear much of it was fictionalized. I have done some of my own experimentations. I think its only for a certain type of person with the right frame of mind, though everyone could likely benefit from it in some way. There is a resurging interest in researching psychedelics for use in mental illness and with other conditions.

    • I guess you’ve read what Erik has said about using psychedelics for mental illnesses, etc.?

      • I think I vaguely recall it being mentioned. I first started following it some years back when it was starting to pick up steam again (for instance mushrooms being used for migraine headaches, LSD for certain mental illnesses, Salvia for depression, etc.) and I was well into my own experimentations. DMT the Spirit Molecule is an interesting read of course (I explained once in an email exchange with the author how similar DMT is to Salvia); it continues to be of interest and inspiration on rare occasions. I had considered going back to school to get into this area but decided against. I believe it still holds a lot of promise.

  • Here is a channeling with Jim Morrison that is supposed to have taken place back in 92. Have a look:

    • jargen


      Do you believe Jim Morrison is alive in Spirit form and that he can be reached and talked to in the afterlife?

    • jargen


      Do you believe jim morrison is still alive in Spirit Form in the afterlife and can be channeled or reached directly by a medium..the REAL jim morrison?I have been trying to have him channeled by a medium and was looking for a really great,reputable one online to channel him but can’t really find that many to do it.Plus they all charge a fee..which sucks.I just wanted to give and send him some personal messages and support from here in the physical world but do it in a simple way with no group conference calls or phone call readings and not get charged.

      • Of course they charge a fee, Jargen. They have to eat and put a roof over their heads. I’m sure you charge for whatever work you do, right. And her fees are very reasonable for a medium. You just have to make the decision, really. I think it costs 40-50 bucks. You can probably save up for that. If you won’t do it, then I don’t really know how to help you. I’ve done all that I can. It’s up to you now.

      • Deborah Underwood

        Why would you expect anyone to provide you with a service and not be paid for it? Would YOU work free of charge? Anything that you really value, you will be willing to pay for.

  • Just as Erik says, Evil is just the extreme on the spectrum of light (Love). It’s dark, but it still has light. Love/Light is all there is. And since we are Love, that includes, in part, all parts of the spectrum of love, including the darkest extreme. So, I’m with you, John. Great, great story.

  • PollyMax2010

    Coooool 🙂 xoxo

  • Malika Snow

    Dear Elisa,

    I have been reading your posts from the beginning. Not sure how far through I am. I was drawn here due to being in one of my deep fear of death states, which gets set off by trauma, shock or other triggers. There has been so much happening on an inner level, it just hasn’t left me alone in sleep or waking state, I know my soul is pushing me, to places I’d rather didn’t exist because it is where my deepest fears lie. I am slowly uncovering things, but it’s a deeply painful journey, maybe I’m clearing lifetimes of loss and grief and separation. I have been having so many synchronicities. I wasn’t expecting any when I was reading your blog, I have just been in a bad state. But at certain points I had shivers: your guide, the eastern European gypsy, I have been told I have Hungarian gypsy on my mother’s side, so my great, great grandmother I think. It was suppressed due to shame in the Second World War in Germany. Like Erik I seem to also have a past life in a concentration camp as a little girl who was taken to the gas chamber amongst all these strangers and left my body with all the shock and despair of all the others. Then I read Erik’s Medieval lifetime with Transylvania. This again sent shivers with medieval connections and someone I met recently on Earth who is from Transylvania and feels like soul family. All this is coming hard and fast for me and at times I’ve felt like I’m leaving my body due to shock and overwhelm. All the emotions coming up related to terror and deep fear of losing loved ones, due to how deeply I love and how sensitive I am. I am blessed with my beautiful little family but fear what feels inevitable in life; death and the great illusion of it all revealing itself. I was further overwhelmed by this most recent post with Jim Morrison. My husband is a Rock Musician and our 5 year old daughter has been talking of her love for Jimi Hendrix and how she would love to see him and she is so sad he is no longer here. She is awakening to ‘death’ due to a recent loss of a family friend and I’m sure she’s picking up on what I’m going through. So more I do not know right now, it will reveal itself in time but I am feeling some unexpected strong links or sign posts here. Sending you much Love xxx

  • Malika Snow

    It just popped into my head…a boyfriend I had some time ago. He died at 28, he always knew he wouldn’t become 30. He died due to drugs. I feel we met a few times in spirit after he passed, in my dreams. He was big into motorbikes, rock music and computers. I just wonder if he has anything to do with this. As I wasn’t expecting to come across this blog in my search.

  • Our loved ones, guides and of course Erik often nudge people to the blog.

  • Sweetie, I really think it might be helpful for you to look into past life regression. It sounds like you’ve had some really difficult lives. If you can’t do that, maybe you can ask Erik what some of your most difficult ones were at one of the next conference calls, but the best thing would be to have a past life regression so you can discover that for yourself. Do you know anyone in your area that does that? I think it would be very, very healing.

  • Malika Snow

    Oh my goodness, I’ve just seen your channeling with Jimi Hendrix! I wasn’t expecting that! This is getting stranger by the minute!

  • Can anyone give Jim Morrison messages from me in the afterlife?
    This is indeed the REAL Jim Morrison from the 60’s band “The Doors” right?

    A psychic medium who he connects with or a medium who can make contact directly with him?

    • We had Kurt Cobain “come when called” for someone during one of Jamie and Erik’s conference calls. Ended up he was one of her guides! YOu can try that route. is the site to sign up.

      • Elisa,

        Is erik your dead son?He seems he can make direct contact with jim morrison from the afterlife?Can erik send jim messages for me?Should i just go to the above website?I already contacted them.Maybe this is just all pointless.Why would a spirit i never knew or person want to talk to me anyway?Anyway…you have been very helpful.

  • On the Other Side, a spirit is a spirit. Who knows, you may have been a rock star in a previous life too! We’ve all probably been all sorts of things. So, Jim is not some special celebrity there. You should try to connect if you feel the urge to. Urges are signs. Maybe they’re coming from Jim? See if Erik (yes, he’s my dead son) can bring him to you. I’ll try to get him to bring Jim to you in a lucid dream. If that doesn’t work, try Jamie/Erik’s small group phone readings and Erik will bring Jim along. You can ask questions that will confirm it’s him too.

    • jargen


      I emailed the website regarding contacting Jim Morrison from the afterlife.Jamie’s assistant Amy emailed me back saying or mentioning that Jamie would probably be able to send him messages for me in the afterlife but that in order to do this i should or may want to look into/schedule a private session with her or maybe join her for one of her group conference calls.I’m not really interested in any of these..jamie is in Georgia and i’m in another state so none of these works 4 me at all.I was wondering if your son erik in the afterlife could possibly pass along any messages i have for jim directly to him from me.All i want is a simple way of getting in contact or in touch with jim and sending him messages from me to him either by your son or by a medium if necessary..that’s all.I don’t want any sessions or to join any groups..just to find someone who can get in direct contact with jim…the REAL Jim Morrison…no fakes!!to send him my messages or anything else i might want to send him in the afterlife.Can or would your son be able to help me with this?Also..could you ask your son erik a question?
      Do or can spirits in the afterlife see things and do they ever appear in the physical world or earth as if they were still solid form?Can they do that or is that only in the movies?By the way..this is still argenmunrogal.

    • jargen


      I emailed/contacted the website and Jamie’s assistant Amy emailed me back saying that jamie would probably be able to contact jim morrison and pass along messages to him for me and that i should look into or may want to schedule a private session with her to do this or join one of her group conference calls.Well,i’m not interested in any of these at all.All i want is a simple way of contacting jim morrison from the afterlife directly…the REAL jim fakes!!!to pass along any messages/comments that i may have for him directly to him either by way of your son erik or by a medium.Would your son erik be able to pass my messages to jim directly from me to the afterlife?Can your son do this for me?

      Also a question for your son erik.Do or can spirits in the afterlife see things clearly at all like regular,living people?

      Do they ever appear in the physical world or earth as solid forms..meaning such as if they were still alive physically or is that only in the movies?By the way,this is still argenmunrogal.
      Also,do you have an email address where i can reach you at or no?

      • Well, since I pay for every session, that costs me money too. Every question costs me money, and I can’t afford to honor requests like I did in the past. Everyone wants their personal questions asked and I can’t do them all. Plus, it’d be unfair if I asked your questions but not the other blog members. It’s a matter of who pays, you or me? The conference calls are cheap and if you really want to talk with Jim, you’ll have to do that. And trust me, Erik won’t bring in fakes. As for the other questions, I’ve already asked them so they’re somewhere in the blog. I’d make my way through the archives bit by bit. BTW, you can send messages and comments to Jim yourself. Spirits hear everyone that talks to them.

      • Erik would never be dishonest with me. He has no ego. Spirits don’t have egos over there. If they want to feel more separated, they can for a little bit, but it’s impossible for them to hold onto those lower vibrational energy. What you’re seeing from Erik is they: He’s presenting a personality so that we can recognize it’s him. And when he was alive, he had both feminine and very macho parts to him. He loved to smell the flowers, show affection to friends and family, Comment on a woman’s hair or dress. But of course he had that macho side: loved motorcycles, army gear, guns, muscle cars, etc. I think you’ve got the wrong guy.

      • jargen

        i feel like people are being mean to me(argenmunrogal)
        i don’t know how to talk to jim..i don’t have those powers.

      • jargen

        This message is for jim morrison.Jim how are you?I’m not a Doors fan but i really find you quite interesting and unique compared to most other celebs out there.I would like to know more about you,if possible.I think it’s quite sad that you died so young because i feel had you lived you could have been such a great person,writer or well…just had gone on to bigger and better things.

      • I told Erik to give him your messages, but I’m sure he heard you anyway. Maybe he’ll visit in a dream.

      • jargen

        Just wanted to say i’m sorry that you lost your son Erik.I’m sure he meant a lot to you and i hope that even though he’s in the afterlife,the mother and son bond will never be broken.

      • Thanks, Jargen. It’s so hard to not have him here, but love knows no boundaries, even death.

      • jargen

        If erik manages to get any messages from Jim Morrison,please let me know or i hope he will let me know.
        Also..i had made a special tribute vid for Jim a while ago that is saved on my laptop,but i don’t think i would be able to share it with him or that jim could see it either from the afterlife.If i see jim’s image in dreams what would that mean?

  • Okay, but I don’t think he’s going to do much more than what was said in the interview. You can ask Erik to bring him to one of the calls. I can’t ask him anymore messages because I have so many other questions and that alone is going to cost me a small fortune. I’m pretty much finished with celeb interviewing. I hope you get the messages you seek. If you feel so compelled, that might mean Jim is trying to connect with you.

    • jargen

      Ehhh.I don’t know what to do Elisa in regards to Jim really and that is kind of sad.Erik..ok..could you please bring Jim Morrison to one of those group conference calls and tell him that there is a special person who wants to talk to him or to connect with him and finds him quite interesting as a person.Elisa,you said you are pretty much done with celeb interviewing?Then,i guess what is the point of me going through with all this?What i’d like is to have Jim be another one of my spirit friends..i have two others.Maybe he just doesn’t care since he’s finally free or at peace in the afterlife.Sorry..if i’m getting on anyone’s nerves.Should i just post messages directly to your son Erik to give to Jim in the afterlife here on the website?
      Would that be better or does that still cost you money?
      Jim would never connect with me..i’m a nobody.

  • Oh, if you just want to send Jim messages with no anticipation of a reply, jut tell him yourself. He’ll hear you. Or you can ask Erik to. That’s no problem. It’s just that when I have to get Jamie to channel his response, that costs me money.

    • jargen

      Gee..that sucks!!!Well i don’t know what to do then if it costs you money when you have to get jamie to channel his replies.I’d really love to know what his replies would be to my questions,comments,messages.Would jim be able to answer my messages in dreams or some other way?How much does it cost you..a lot?You said jim will hear me but…will he answer me back?I’m starting to get frustrated with all this…:(

  • You can certainly hope he’ll answer you in dreams. Just keep your mind open and it might happen. As far as my costs–yes, it is expensive, but also, it takes away precious time where I need to be asking questions that benefit the entire readership. If I took requests like yours openly and freely, I’d be besieged with thousands a week and would have no time to ask other questions. I’d have to deny some and I’m not about to pick winners and losers. Sorry. I wish I could help. Your only avenue (that I can think of) is to ask a medium to channel him for you.

    • jargen

      Dear Jim,
      I hope that as well as hearing things that spirit are also able to see or read things too.I really would love to talk to you jim from the afterlife and send you messages as well as perhaps images or vids or anything else i would like for you to possibly see but well….i don’t think i can.
      I’ve been trying to see if i could find a reputable and really good medium online that can channel or make direct contact with the REAL you but seems that there are not that many people who do that or that i come up with less than satisfying results.Hope you can read this message somehow..don’t know if you can or you know of any good online psychic mediums who can channel or make direct contact with the REAL Jim Morrison online that would be able to send jim my messages to him in the afterlife?I have tried to see if i could communicate with jim in dreams but well….that seems really hard 4 me to do.I’m not gifted with those powers and don’t know how to do that sort of thing like gifted people who do channeling can.
      Anyway..i’m writing this to you jim in hopes you might and i quote MIGHT be able to see or read it.

      • jargen

        Hi,how are you?Something happened last night when i was asleep.I had a weird dream with Jim but well it was…a kind of inappropriate dream.Plus..i would also hear weird noises around my room.Could this mean anything?Does it mean anything if i keep hearing “Riders of the storm”or “The end”which are two Doors songs over and over in my mind as well?
        Also how do those open group conference calls work with jamie?Is there a fee?Do i have to be there in person cause i can’t really.Do you think when i post comments or messages on here jim perhaps sees or reads them?If he should ever answer my messages would he do so in a post on here or how exactly with jamie’s assistance?

  • Sure Jamie has to charge but it’s a nominal fee. She has to put food on the table and a roof over her family. I record the sessions for free and send everyone a copy, Just a volunteer things to help everyone out. It is over the phone. I know that Jim “knows” every message you send. They don’t need to read anything. We’re just a giant web of information–sentient energy, if you will, and spirits can freely tap into it: all thoughts, knowledge, memories, emotions, etc. They just have to focus their intent.

    • jargen

      Well..ok.You say jim knows every message i send..ok..i hope he does.I wish i could get some responses from him back though..would be nice.How much is the fee that jamie charges for group conference calls a lot?Do you think jim would ever reply to anything i ever write to him on here..this website or not really?I just feel so bad for him cause i feel that people never fully respected him or appreciated him much as a regular person they only saw the rocker/musician in him really.I feel bad for him because most of his life seemed lonely,sad or depressed,dark.Like he longed for true happiness but couldn’t really find any perhaps?I would really love 2 be one of jim’s friends in the physical world i feel.I feel like nobody seemed to really understand him that well and like he needed more than just a few good friends in life mostly

      when he was still alive..that is.I myself struggle with quite a long history of bad depression as well as to be liked or loved in this world for who i am.I also have a hard time meeting new people and making friends in life but i try to.Maybe jim struggled with the same kind of stuff when he was still alive perhaps?I wonder.

      Oh,jim…i would love to hear from you somehow.

      • jargen

        Erik..could you possibly help me with passing along these messages/posts to jim Morrison.Well…i guess i should give up with trying to channel you directly jim along with a mediums help.From what i hear you aren’t getting in touch or wanting to connect with mediums to talk or say anything or be interviewed again?Something like that from the email i got from loveandlight today.Guess you don’t want to talk to me either.It looks like you don’t want to be bothered really by least that is the feeling i seem to be getting from you and perhaps miss jamie butler.It seems that you don’t want to make contact or don’t have anything to say by way that can be channeled through jamie.Erik..could you possibly let jim know about all of the messages i have been posting on here to him in hopes of contacting and talking to him.Could you do that erik?This all makes me feel bad…:(
        If you know about these messages i am writing why aren’t you saying anything in reply jim or wanting to say anything through another person?It seems even dead people mistreat me?I was tormented practically all my life by the living and now i get tormented/mistreated by dead people too?Erik..does jim talk to you ever in the afterlife or answer any of your questions that you might have?Is he a mean person or cold?Does he only talk to who he wishes to talk to?Will i ever get answers from him to my messages,comments,questions that i leave on here?Erik could you pass messages to jim yourself from seems that is all i can do.Hopefully,he does answer you?Tell jim..i feel bad cause he doesn’t seem to be interested much in answering my messages or talking to me when all i wanted is to be among one of his many supporters here on earth and also include him along with my two other spirit friends…John Lennon and George Harrison.I’m a HUGE,IMMENSE Beatles fan and i talk or connect with john and george almost on a frequent basis in the afterlife.They answer my questions or will follow-up perhaps on a comment as well as watch my tribute vids to them and through the help of a medium will tell me things or share things with me if they want to.

  • Jargen, it’s not just the spirit’s side of things that results in successful communication with you. You have to be aware, have little or no filters and you you can’t have a lower vibrational frequency that negative emotions, even expectations, will cause. There’s nothing more I can tell you except go to a medium (one that’s good) and have him or her contact both Erik and Jim to find out what’s up.

    • jargen

      Miss Elisa,
      Could you possibly recommend a medium?I don’t know who?I have checked or browsed online for a good one but come up with no results at all.

      • I think the only ones I know of that can bring in celebrities are Felix Lee Lerma and Jamie. Both need Erik’s help to do so. I’m sure others also do, but I just don’t know them. You best bet is to sign up for one of the channeling calls on Jamie’s site as I’ve been telling you.

      • jargen

        how do i sign-up?

      • jargen

        How do i sign-up?and where?Also do you talk to Jamie?Are you close friends with her?Does she know of my issue with Jim Morrison?

      • jargen

        How do i sign-up for one of jamie’s channeling calls?
        Also,there is this thing on Twitter called spirtofjim.Could that be the REAL spirit of jim morrison answering people’s tweets on twitter?Can spirits even use social networks like twitter to communicate with people/followers?

      • Go to

  • I already put it in my last reply: Also, she doesn’t know anything about you. We’re friends, but I don’t divulge anything about the blog members.

    • jargen

      k..i can see that i’m not getting anywhere here.sorry,to have wasted anyone’s time.

  • jargen


    I wanted to do i sign-up for one of the channeling calls on Jamie’s site?

  • jargen

    Elisa,i just felt i needed to write this with jim in mind,

    Since i was told that spirits can hear in the real world,listen to this if you can.
    A medium who used to contact you or channel you a long time ago said you wouldn’t make a good spirit guide for me cause you were/you are a bad influence so to speak,you did a lot of drugs in your time,you are weak and had a underdeveloped soul.That really makes me sad when people put you down so much like that.Sure,you weren’t mr.perfect or a prince but nobody is perfect.We all have our dark,wild sides,our addictions to booze and drugs of every kind,we all are fragile,vulnerable beings on this earth,we all need guides or a sense of direction in life,We all make mistakes but people sometimes can change and learn from their mistakes..even become better people at times.You were young,outrageous,were into quite a few drugs and booze but nobody is perfect in this world..jim.I don’t know..i guess i just feel kinda bad for people only seeing the dark and crazy somewhat lost part of you sometimes.There are people out there just like you and probably worse..what about Kurt Cobain then?Guys from heavy metal bands?Don’t people tell me they are saints and perfect in every way.

  • Elisa has the patience of a saint, but you’re pushing the limits. You’re begging to talk to a man you admitted your not a fan of but are fascinated with.

    I love Kurt Cobain, but I am not begging this poor lady to get messages to him for me!
    Dude, chill and stop out. You are creeping ppl out with your stalker vibes!

  • Deborah Underwood

    It is very possible to will oneself to die. Many people do it. I was told by a medium that I did it myself as a female in a lifetime in China. I was frightened because my life and my children’s lives were at stake because of a passionate affair between myself and a man who was in a powerful position. If the affair had been discovered, I would have been killed. I overheard my grandmother discussing her suspicions about my relationship with this man, so I hurried home, laid down and, with the help of a medicine woman, who pressed different acupressure points on my body, willed myself to death.
    So, yes, Jim willed himself to die and it was also a pre-birth plan.

    • Simon

      I think I had a past life in China but I have never been there so not sure.

  • Jim Morrison

    What a load of shite

    • You know, you can disagree without being rude. That’s what grownups do.

  • I feel like Jim was holding back. I know I’m probably overstepping, but the weirdness that Jamie and Erik felt from him was probably due to him not fully giving in the interview. I read excerpts of an interesting book by medium Jacqueline Murray called “A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence” in which Jim talks very much about his life and his feelings in regards to how he passed, Pamela, his encounters with sexual abuse as a boy, and his real soul mate who he waits for in heaven. I’m sorry to say that I read this channel with Jim and expected him to validate more about his life. I don’t know why he speaks of being around Pamela but in the book he talks about how much he hates her for what she did to him. My only conclusion is that Jim held a lot back from you guys. But who am I to say? I don’t really know what’s what and I’m certainly not trying to be contradictory. I’m just confused by his spirit. I’m only wondering why a lot of Jim Morrison channels don’t match up. Maybe we can ask Jamie? That would be cool to find out. Peace and love to you Elisa, Erik, Jamie and all the other ErikHeads out there! <3

  • Adriana

    He is right that it was heroin that killed him.But he didn’t take it willingly.According to what he said to a medium at divinejacqueline, he was murdered by Pam who he planned to leave.She injected him with heroin while he was a sleep.The combination of that drug, alcohol and illness killed him. As a result he is bitter towards her and wants nothing to do with her on the other side.He didn’t love her and even Pam admits she knew Jim didn’t love her.He says in 10 years he would have met his soulmate and been happy.Pam robbed him of that experience so, its not likely he is hanging out with her in Paris!

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