Channeling John Lennon, Part One


Channeling Transcript

Me: Erik, what do you want your role to be with this celebrity interview book? It seems like in an earlier session, you said you wanted to do the interviewing.

Jamie: Oh, is that why he jumps in with questions like “what’s your favorite color?” and “what’s your favorite animal?”

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: So, how do you want to work this so that you’re a big part of it?

Erik: Well, we have that list of questions we prepared together. So you can ask those questions, and then at the end, I’ll ask some.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: My main job is going to be to find them and bring them forward and help them communicate.

Me: Oh, because some of them have trouble, don’t they?

Erik (chuckling): Yeah.

Me: And you don’t!

Jamie (giggling): No he doesn’t, does he?!

Me: Oh, and why is it that so many of these celebrities die at the age of 27?

Erik: Two plus seven is nine. That’s the number that represents closing or closure. Usually, that means it’s their exit point, at least one of them. 

Me: Okay. That makes sense. So, who do you want to bring forward today, Erik?

Erik: Well, we have time for three people. Give me the names, and I’ll go get them.

Me: Let’s see. I definitely want to interview Lady Di since her son is getting married now, so how about her, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix?

Erik: Mom, it’s Princess Di.

Me: Excuuuuuuse me! Okay, Princess Di. Sorry!

Jamie (giggling): Okay, he’s gone. He didn’t even say goodbye or anything!

Me: Now we need to play the Jeopardy theme song or make cricket sounds while we’re waiting.

Jamie: Oh, hi! I know who this is, because I can immediately tell by the round glasses. This is John Lennon.

Me: Oh, good!

Jamie (to John): You still have glasses on!

John: It’s part of my image!

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Jamie: Okay. He apparently likes them!

Me: And you wear them well! So John, you do understand that we’re not here to exploit, right? We just want to give you a voice.

John: Oh, yeah. I know. I’ve heard. I spent most my life with a voice. Wouldn’t you know it, when I decided I didn’t want it anymore, that’s when the people got angry.

Me: Yes. What a pity. Did you have any beliefs about death and the afterlife before you crossed over, John?

John: Well, I had very much a religious belief and upbringing. Very much a Catholic background where you go to church, you see the Jesus nailed to the cross. I remember as a child I thought, ‘Why would anybody want to be nailed to a cross?’ When you haven’t been told the stories, and you’re looking at the icon, everything seems so full of grief and disappointment. Everything seemed burdensome.

Me: Yes. And you probably were too young to understand even if someone explained it to you.

John: Right. And once we got into the stories of the religion and the Catholic background, it didn’t fulfill me. I never said it was wrong, you know? And being young, you don’t question these larger roles in life. You just say, ‘Okay, I’m taking this for what you’re telling me.’ But the first thing that really touched my life was music—

Me: Sure.

John: —and, believe it or not, Elvis Presley. I remember listening to his records.

Me: I bet you two jam together now!

John: Yeah, sure! Whenever he lets me!

Jamie and I giggle.

Jamie: He’s showing me playing, uh, his family life—apparently he didn’t grow up with his parents, or …(pause) He lived with his aunt and uncle, he says.

Me: Oh, okay.

John: They were musically inclined. And that’s where I found music. They had no children. I was the light in their life, and I enjoyed that. They let me be who I was. When I questioned things, they explained to me as best as they could, but they left the final answers up to me. My aunt taught me how to play—

Jamie: He’s showing me—not a guitar—but like a ukulele or a banjo or—

Me: Or a mandolin, maybe?

Jamie: Which one is the most round?

Me: I guess a banjo. I don’t know, really. So, John, what was death like for you?

John: Oh, a shock! That was it. I was going about my day; I had no awareness that anyone was stalking me. I had no awareness that anything was wrong. I didn’t wake up that day and think, ‘Today has danger in it,’ or ‘Today, I need to be aware.’ I loved that life! I did have some indifferences with my son.

Jamie: Did he only have one son?

Me: Not sure. I think he had two: one from his first marriage and another from his marriage to Yoko Ono. That’s Sean Lennon.

Jamie: This would be the one who lived with him at the time.

Me: Oh, okay. So you say you had differences with him or indifferences?

John: Indifferences. Communicating, my brain was on that, uh, I lived the lifestyle of wanting to love everybody, wanting everybody to have the hope in each other that we can create a mutual language of acceptance, a mutual language of love. And I recognized—

Jamie: Whoa! He recognized the man? Okay, wait. Apparently he recognized the gentleman. He made eye contact with him, the person who shot him.

Me: Oh, boy.

John: It didn’t surprise me, either. I didn’t try to defend myself or plea for my life. Once my transition happened, it was such a blow to the body that there wasn’t really a moment of sustaining itself. I felt I was out of the body before I hit the ground.

Me: So you didn’t suffer at all, then?

John: No, no I didn’t. I remember looking at my mouth, standing above my body on the sidewalk, looking at my mouth, and it’s moving like it’s trying to breathe. My chest is pumping itself. And in that one moment, I thought, ‘It’s true! We are fish out of water.’

Me: Oh, my. What an epiphany.

John: And when I felt myself, where I was, there was an ecstasy—that I had arrived—yet I felt that work on earth, it wasn’t done. I had so many other plans to use music as the soother to make people in different cultures stand next to each other and smile.


Watch for Part Two tomorrow (hopefully.)

Don’t forget to “Like” or “Share” every post you can via any the social connect buttons after each entry. This is important to expanding the awareness. Also, the contest for a free session with Jamie and Erik ends October 15th and I’m so proud of the response so far!

Last but not least, here is my daughter’s first step in trying to make bullying illegal. I know criminalizing has its own negatives, but there HAS to be a deterrent. We have to insist on personal accountability for parents, children and bystanders that do nothing. Bullying ruins lives. Sometimes it ends them. Awareness programs have only achieved so much. By criminalizing bullying, we connect with the  bully and his or her victim as well as anyone else involved passively or actively. Even a “forced” connection is an opportunity to help both sides.  Thanks for helping and, especially if you were bullied, please help share this link:

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Elisa Medhus

  • I love these celebrity threads – fascinating stuff, and they all provide different wisdom.

    • Thanks, Steve. Plus, they’re not exploited as they were in “life.” They get to share their wisdom, often wisdom that’s gained the hard way. Of course non-celebs have wisdom too, but most people can relate better to a message if they recognize the messenger.

      • I think it is VERY cool that you and Jamie are approaching them with respect. Something the media rarely, if ever does.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Just trying to see it this works

  • Lennon was one of my adolescent heroes. Its wonderful to hear him again. He is so mellow…his message of peace reached so many. Thank you for this one…and Erik, you are the cutest damn messenger I ever did see!!!! lubya cookieman!!

  • Tracy Lamont

    Fascinating. Can’t wait to read the rest – to see if my dream ‘visit’ with John was real.
    At the time, I was reading Cynthia’s book about him – his first wife and mother of Julian – and was totally engrossed in it when I dreamed about him. He chatted with me about things and I want to see if any of that comes out tomorrow.

    As you may all recall, Mark Chapman asked John for an autograph outside of his home, (is it the Dakota building?), and John obliged. Then, John & Yoko went off to record their album. Hours later, when they returned, Chapman was still there. That’s when he approached John again and shot him.

    John’s mom, Julia, was the musician who taught him to play guitar, although he didn’t live with her, but with her sister and brother-in-law, as Jamie said. It’s a long story..

  • Andy B

    Isn’t it strange how you feel drawn to people you’ve never met, and equally repelled (not a good word to use I know!) to others?…I now know it’s a vibrational thing, like with music, some types resonate great energy with some people and none with others. Anyway…i’ve always felt drawn to John Lennon…not in a hero worshipping way…i’ve just always found him fascinating and feel a warmth and positive energy when I see pictures or film of him, or hear his voice in songs or read about him. We definately connect with some people more than others on this mortal coil, even without knowing them…but I suppose on a soul level we already do know them. A great post and I can’t wait for part 2.

  • Patrick

    If bullying is made illegal, what will the “accountability” be? Many roads to perdition have been paved with stones of the noblest intent. Is there an effective deterrent to curbing this horrible behavior?

    I don’t believe children who either instigate the abuse or join in can be deterred by the spectre of illegality and accompanying punishments such as jail & fines. The behavior must be stopped at the source, its causes identified and treated. A gram of prevention is better than a kilo of cure…

    Red light cameras, gun “control”, prohibition, narcotics laws…..the hits just keep on comin’….

    One effective deterrent is a swift, painful dose of pay-back for the bully. Modern societies have, to our collective detriment, turned away from human nature and the need for this. It is folly to expect teenage miscreants to respond to a methodical procedure. Jane, John and Jimmy will bully Josephine because of what’s out-of-tune inside the bully ringleader combined with his/her ability to enlist assistants, for similar shortage of mental tuning PLUS Josephine’s perceived attractiveness as a target. Just like rape, where there is NO intimacy aspect to that act, it is the corroded mind of the attacker and a target that cannot effectively resist. I have – since I was old enough to understand it – believed ALL law abiding women should carry a handgun, all the time, for this reason.

    Children must be aware of the bully aspect of adolescence and be prepared by their parents to avoid it and, if necessary, respond. Other parents – where there are reasonable parents involved, a moving target unto itself – must wake up to the possibility that their little princess or prince is NOT budding royalty, shall we say.

    How many fathers today would take his bully son to task publicly? How many teenagers even have a father around mush less one who gives enough of a rat’s backside to get involved?

    We as a society would stand aghast at a father berating his son in front of the boy’s peers, but it is just that sort of response that’s needed sometimes. A teenage boy that shouts degrading insults at his mother in front of his father earns mush more than a time-out; he earns, as we say in Texas, some whoop-ass.

    Please, nobody misinterpret my comments as approval of bullying. I don’t imagine it, I remember it. Illegality will produce side effects that erode any positive results achieved.

    Sorry John Lennon, sorry Erik and sorry Elisa, I know the subject isn’t about this issue.

  • Simonadkins2

    Very interesting ,ask John what his thought is on David & Simons friendship,this is very relevant as there is a connection here ,he will know about this

  • Simonadkins2

    He was a very clever man.

  • Su

    Love it! How sppoky, was just watching the John Lennon feature Nowhere Boy the other night.

  • Simonadkins2

    I don’t understand what your doing here but you seem genuine enough ,all my love to you

    • Patrick

      Simon: Please read from the beginning. WWII can’t be studied from June of 1944. You’ll be very glad, welcome aboard Planet Earth.

      • Simonadkins2

        Hi Patrick,I have read from the beginning,what I don’t understand is the purpose of channelling these famous people,iv just never seen this technique ,I find it very difficult getting a connection with a family member or friend and I will only believe that as when I’m shown an image or am told something only I know,the John Lennon is a very interesting connection. Anyway it’s all good stuff and you never stop learning about spirit.

  • Anonymous

    I love the comment “fish out of water”, John was a great source of inspiration for me growing up…funny enough just yesterday I heard the song “woman” on the radio and thought boy that is a song you dont hear very often…and here you are today !!!! I love it when everything lines up !

  • From Susan: Hey Elisa

    I’m so embarassed. I haven’t updated my browser yet so I still can’t make comments on the Blog. Elisa can you please post this comment for me today?
    So wonderful reading these celebrity interviews with John Lennon today and espcially Michael Jackson :-). I’ve been having problems with posting, but hopefully I’ll be able too soon again….. Love and Light Susan xoxox

    • Kroulston

      Hey, nice to see you here Susanxoxo

  • AmyPal

    I don’t belong to Facebook but will add that I do “Like” your efforts at preventing bullying. I did not respond in yesterdays post about bullying, but I will now. I was bullied terribly as a freshman in high school, and the threat even involved violence. As in, “Next time I see you, I’m going to beat the crap out of you,” type of stuff. My bully also threatened all of my existing friends with similar treatment if they ever talked to me or hung out with me so I rapidly was ostracized from all of my childhood friends. This girl and her posse even found out my home phone number and called me up there, so it felt like no place was safe. The bullying lasted all that freshman year, and continued for a month or so into the next year, even though I had changed high schools to get away from it. It took me years to understand how troubled this girl probably was. Frankly, it took me years to even care about whether or not she might have been troubled; I could not be compassionate about her situation until I stopped feeling so scared, troubled, and insecure about what had happened.

    While I agree that it might not always be possible to legislate these things away, I definitely can’t condone ignoring it. I think that as adults get busier and more stressed, they take their stress out on their kids who, then, take their own stress out on vulnerable fellow classmates. At the very least, a call for legislation might put this issue in the limelight before depression and low self-esteem become something of a public health issue.

    • Totally agree, AmyPal.

    • I agree. Bullying is often “tolerated” at school. If it wasn’t, there would be less of this going on. Plain and simple.

    • Patrick

      @ Amy: Your sentiment is wonderful but the legislation solution will fall as flat as week old beer. Where were the bully’s parents in all this? Let’s assume you complained to the Principal or Vice Principal at the school; would they take you seriously enough to do anything about it OR in today’s social climate, would they shy away from even mentioning it to the bully’s parents – assuming she even had any – and if she did have one or two, would they care? More than likely, if we even got to this point, they’d threaten legal action. The Almighty All Knowing courts, Peace be Upon Them. Hallelujah!

      How about if you took the little “witch” up on her offer (“witch” spelled with a “b” of course) and met her after class with a stick and then beat her face bloody? Who’d be in hot water, her or YOU? She’d treat you like Kryptonite after that, that’s for dang sure.

      How about if YOU were the bully? Would your parents have paid serious attention to your behavior OR would they have defended you as their little precious princess, bless your cute little heart, not my little darling, and HOW DARE YOU YOU!! YOU OVERBEARING, SELF-ESTEEM DAMAGING, OPPRESSIVE RACIST SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS FOR TELLING ME MY DAUGHTER MISBEHAVES !!!!!!

      Bullying is generally ignored because we have self-castrated, we’ve legally and surgically removed our ability to confront malice; we have this far fetched idea that we can encourage civility by being “reasonable”. A well thought out rule, with penalties and everything, about which the wrongdoers don’t give a royal crap.

      Here’s a novel concept; when bullies go looking for trouble, how about they find it? We have traded peacefulness for pacifism and paid a huge price. Where were your older brothers in this? You might not have brothers; fair enough. How about if you do, but they believed they couldn’t act for fear of serious punishment?

      When my younger brother was bullied, I was next on the list as soon as they believed I wouldn’t step in. When they came after me, I laid them all out like pancakes, bloody body parts and everything. They got religion as fast as shit gets smell.

      The bully acts because s/he extracts a perverse, suppository like pleasure from provoking fear in the victim. They require control, and usually do it out of the same abuse visited upon them. Maybe it’s part of a life plan for bully and victim alike but above all, we have free will and the ability to make our own choice. We can choose to cower in fear or resist.

      I can empathize with your freshman HS situation, I faced it myself several times. If you had beat that little bitch’s face bloody, you’d have stayed in that school and the bad actors would have kept 6 football fields between you and their lockers.

      Does that thought turn your stomach? Make you think I’m vile? If so, it is just such a perspective that spurs the bully into action; they scan the populace for a good victim, exactly as the rapist does, and they act when they encounter a soft enough target that reacts in fear. I was bullied again at age 36 and my wife and children were threatened with a pick axe. That bully went to prison and he’s dead today. (Prison by my hand, dead by his own)

      Forgiveness is our eternal salvation and our entry into the Kingdom of Peace. It is the liberation that frees us from all worry; it is the answer to our concerns, it is the solution to our worry. It is also the best choice after the mess is over and finished and ONLY when it’s done and gone.

      The only people that will be helped by legislation are lawyers. Elisa’s efforts to eradicate bullies are altruism of the highest order. Legislation will not put the issue into the limelight; we have scores of laws ignored as a matter of course.

      • AmyPal

        A well-said argument, Patrick. But it still seems to me that there are too many exceptions to the proposed “Well, just kick their a@#” rule. At 13 years old, I could hardly define myself as a pacifist (or define myself as anything, for that matter) and certainly hindsight gives me a better view of what I could have done if I was buff enough (or had had older brothers). But even then, the idea that I–or any bullied teen–would or should feel compelled to face the situation with violence might not be realistic. And, yes, lawyers will stand to benefit mightily from the next “AmyPal vs. Disturbed Girl” case, but–to advocate in terms of the trickle-down theory–at least the salesperson for their new Mercedes will be able to make the sales goals that month. 🙂

  • Stacey

    I was thinking….. If one plans their script for this life before arriving…… and makes agreements with those that choose to participate in their ‘performance/experience’, would it be possible to ask John if he was aware of what his particular agreement with Mark Chapman was? (As a spirit, of course). What was the reason for ending his life in the manner that he did? As opposed to a car crash or plane crash, etc.?

    • I think I asked him that question. We’ll see if it comes up in parts two or three.

  • amy cavanaugh

    this is called channeling Steve Jobs-well done-I am quite sure that his creative quirky self will be visiting us soon-cant wait

  • Elisa, thank you for sharing the link to the facebook page to make bullying illegal. My 3 kids attend schools in a school district where teachers hit students with thick wooden paddles to inflict pain as punishment just outside class where classmates must overhear the blows as a knee-jerk reaction to minor infractions like not turning in homework or horsing around, known as “Corporal Punishment”, without parental consent or notification, not required per TN state law!

    Almost daily for the past 4 years, I’ve worked to raise awareness and demand equal access to safe and healthy learning environments in our taxpayer funded schools.

    Paddling is Bullying, Outlaw It, Says U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who introduced a federal bill to ban corporal punishment in American schools on September 22, 2011.
    “Bullying is enough of a problem among students; the teachers shouldn’t be doing it, too. There’s nothing positive or productive about corporal punishment,” McCarthy said on her House website.
    The bill would ban paddling, spanking and all other forms of physical pain as punishment of students K-12.
    Search Tell Congress to Support The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act and complete the simple form to email an automated letter to your Representatives in Congress urging them to Support H.R. 3027 “The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act”, which can be sent Daily.
    Corporal Punishment/Paddling of Students is Illegal in Schools in 31 U.S. States.
    School teachers, coaches and administrators are mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse, yet are not held to any safety standards to protect students from paddling injuries when they hit students with wooden paddles to inflict pain as punishment for minor infractions that put taxpayer funds at risk due to lawsuits against school districts. Several “School Paddling States” have “Teacher Immunity Laws” to protect school employees from criminal/civil action.
    Pain, Fear, Intimidation and Humiliation are not positive “Disciplinary Tools” nor do they create equal access to safe and healthy learning environments.
    Search “A Violent Education” for disturbing Facts.
    Please add your voice to support Rep. McCarthy’s Bill to Ban Corporal Punishment of Students at donthitstudents dot com

    • How barbaric! Maybe I’ll tip Michelle off about this McCarthy so they can support each other.

  • Elisa, another thought on bullying is that empathy and personal responsibility should be taught to our children and reinforced in every grade level in schools. Children are naturally friendly and helpful and want acceptance. Sadly, many costly societal ills have their root in indifference and violence experienced by children. We all have the power and responsibility to make our world a better place. I hope as a society that we will stop buying into the mean spirited “reality” shows that currently dominate our media.

    • Almost all ills of the world have to do with bullying, even corporate greed and political corruption, so yeah, that’s an amazing idea you have!!

  • Stanley


    John is so funny. I have heard his music over the years, but it’s nice to hear from the artist in his own words. I broke out laughing when he was talking about the fish out of water thing. I guess when we die our mouth does kind of move like a fish out of water trying to breath. The mental image is funny.

    As for Kristina’s battle to end bullying, I posted on the Facebook page, but I think Facebook ate my posting. I was saying that I fully back the mission. I was also saying there is a site where you can make free petitions for causes. The site is I have made a few over the years. You can choose how many signitures your shooting for, and how long you want to give for people to sign. I think it would be good for everyone to have a place to sign and be heard. If you go ahead with a petition, do let me know, I am all for signing it. Me first! 🙂


  • I’ll send this to Michelle! Thanks Stanley!

  • Cualquiera

    Hi there, i just wanted to say that:
    – It was her mother that taught him how to play.
    – He didn’t die “before touching the ground”. The taxi driver asked him on the way to the hospital if he was really John Lennon and he said he was.

  • sebastianlundh

    Wasn’t Lennon an Anglican? I

    • Bronwyn

      Also, Lennon wasn’t nearly so nice. He had a very biting, caustic wit. If the job of medium is to bring out the personality of the deceased, I’d say she failed in this case.

      • He’s shed his human ego, so I’m sure he’s not that way now.

      • I think I commented after the wrong comment. Lennon has probably shed his human ego, so he might come across differently.

      • Bronwyn

        I want to apologize to you. I can’t imagine what you have gone through. I’ve never gone through the pain of losing a child, at least in this lifetime. I believe firmly in life after death and I’ve had experiences that prove it, at least to myself. I’ve never put my cherished beliefs on stage for people to criticize or mock. I’m sure that if I did, I would get heaps of skeptics and naysayers. At the end of the day, we are all doing our very best to make it through this life as best we can. It’s a tough road, and ALL of us human beings are fragile. I apologize for not empathizing with you.

        I didn’t like what Erik/Jamie said about the Sandy Hook shootings. I disagree strongly with what’s asserted in that interview. So I don’t care for your medium, and I went looking for other ways to discount her. However, it was unfair of me to make that snide remark.

        I wish you all the best on your journey. There is so much good in the information posted in your blog. God bless you. Peace be with you. 🙂

      • No need to apologize! You were honest and I admire that. There are times I disagree with what Erik says, too and I know that no medium is perfect.

      • Simon

        Well John wasn’t always nice but maybe he wants to come across in this way.

  • Rab Howat

    It wasn’t his Aunt Mimi who taught him the banjo,,It was his mother!…Not something you’d expect him to forget…Puts the truth of the
    whole thread in doubt…

  • Rab Howat

    Furthermore…John’s body was never lying on the sidewalk…he managed to stagger into the vestibule where he was covered by a coat…If you are going to make stuff up at least do the research!!

    • Simon

      If it was made up she would have done research. In other words, it’s not made up. I’m not saying you’re wrong about what happened to John but I believe Elisa is genuine.

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  • Simon

    I love John

  • You got one thing wrong..he was indifferent with his first son, Julian and there was a long time they did not communicate but Sean he was so in love with, his son with Yoko, that he wrote “Beautiful Boy” for him…and he doted on him, was more the mother than Yoko, sat home and played with him and baked bread for those first 5 years of Sean’s life…he could never be “indifferent” to him. If you lived during that time, you knew that…it was all over the papers how much he was a doting dad at home and only started recording again with Double Fantasy before he was horribly shot. Bless him.

  • Adriana

    I really like that said he wanted to use music to sooth people and make them stand next to each other and smile. He had so much more to give had he lived.Chapman was wrong to kill him and I don’t care about this contract business.People should be allowed to live their lives in peace.So too should animals. Lennon was right when he said we are fish out of water! I’ve long felt that way! I would love to use music to sooth people, make them feel good, get them to be more loving.I hope that if I’m ever able to get into doing something with music, there will be people on the other side helping.

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