Channeling Karen Carpenter, Part Two

In this part of the interview, Karen’s bubbly personality shines.

Me: So what thoughts did you have when you realized you had crossed over?

Karen: Oh, I was mostly just surprised! I felt surprise and joy.

Me: Do you think it was your destiny to die when and how you did? Karen: Oh, yes. I made it my destiny. Definitely.

Me: Why?

Karen: It was my own internal battle with appearance and food and nurturing oneself. I was very nurtured by my career—by fame, by people, by applause—that fed me to no end.

Me: I can only imagine.

Karen: But I could never be exactly what I saw in my mind, physically.

Me: Why?

Karen: I don’t quite know! It was just a tick I could never get out of.

Jamie: A tick?

Me: Hm. Okay. Can you describe your afterlife and what you do there?

Karen: Beautiful. Just beautiful. I’ve learned to play all kinds of instruments, and I still do music. A work a lot with younger talent—worldwide, not just the United States.

Me: On the earthly plane, obviously.

Karen: On the earthly plane, yes, especially with vocals. And it’s not about being famous; it’s about the joy of singing. That’s what I work with them on.

Me: Ah! Now can you give me a more specific visual description of your afterlife?

Karen: I have an amphitheater I love playing in, and we have places for concerts on the lawn, music, and art. I spend most of my time there if I’m not spending it with younger children on earth encouraging them to follow their heart’s song.

Me: Aw! How beautiful.

Jamie: Aw, I love that!

Me: You’re amazing, Karen. What insights did you gain once you had this new perspective from the other side?

Karen fusses with her hair a little bit and looks up to the side, thinking. Then she abruptly looks at Jamie and laughs.

Karen (giggling): Well, I guess my insight was that I was a bit crazy when I was alive.

Jamie and I burst out laughing.

Me: Aren’t we all, though?

Jamie (imitating Karen): I was a bit crazy!

Me: You sound so happy, Karen.

Jamie: She does, doesn’t she?

Me: Yes. Now, what were you here to learn and to teach?

Karen: I’m really proud that from my death came a lot of publicity about eating disorders.

Me: That’s right! I remember that.

Karen: It was the first time, really, for anorexia and bulimia to go public, educating people about the dangers. I’m happy my death made that come out.

Me: Okay.

Karen: I really think that’s why I was here.

Me: Were you here to learn anything?

Karen (giggling sheepishly): I know I was here to learn about love.

Me: Nurturing yourself?

Karen (still giggling): Yes.

Jamie: She’s smiling so big!

Jamie (to Karen): Why are you smiling?

Karen (whispering): Cuz I don’t think I got it!

Everyone laughs.

Karen: I think I’ll come back and do it again!

Me: Well, you said wanted to do it all over again—die, that is.

Karen: Absolutely. There’s no feeling in the world like it!

This is one of my favorite Karen Carpenter songs, but she looks a bit thin here:

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Elisa Medhus

  • Steve

    I had to share this really nice mix of Goodbye to Love – if you use headphones, it’s stunning:

  • Lorraine (LP)

    awwww, she is awesome..ox

  • Cindy

    This was an interesting post for me to read. It was much different than I expected. I’ve enjoyed singing Karen Carpenter songs all of my life, but find that when I do I tend to become melancholy because most of her music is sad. Much like Kurt Cobain’s music, her music foreshadowed her short life a long time before she actually died.

  • Allen

    One thing that I really appreciated seeing in this interview (in contrast to some others) was Karen’s desire and intent to come back and do it again. :0)

    As I recall, Kurt Cobain was not interested and said it was too hard. Maybe a couple others that I can’t remember at the moment also implied that they felt they were done with it. But this one was refreshing to read into her happiness with both where she is now AND also a desire to come back for more, new experiences. I liked that.

    Obviously, all of us reading this blog made the effort to come back (and supposedly, many Many MANY times), even though some profess now to be done with it and have no desire to repeat Earth again and again. Yet on the other side, the perspective must be different, so desires must change at some point.

    Thank you, Elisa, for posting this.

    • Steve

      When Jamie brought my mom forth, she also stated that she really didn’t want to come back and was “staying.” However, our souls are eternal and we are always growing, so the soul will certainly want to project out new personalities to experience more, whether it’s on Earth, other physical or non-physical realms. The expansion, the experiencing, the knowledge gathering would seem to be infinite.

    • I totally agree with your post Allen. I find myself thinking before I go to sleep, “what the heck made me choose this life? I’m definitely not coming back here for another one.” But then I think, when you’re back home and you see how your life played out and what you were to learn, you gain a different perspective and think, “perhaps I’ll do another round after all.”

      Nevertheless, I do truly feel in my gut that this is my last lifetime though.

      • Erik says that once you’re in the afterlife, you look back at the life you just left behind and see the hardships in an objective way with no more emotional attachments. It’s almost like the losses, etc. are trivial–ho hum.

  • M and M

    What a neat post, so glad you chose to interview her, Elisa. I was a little young when she was in her prime but I do remember her wonderful voice.

    For the past several days, since the first post, I have felt the most amazing joy, innocence, and easy feeling and she keeps popping into my mind. It’s like I keep reliving the fun and easy days of the 70s again. I just love her upbeat attitude, what a wonderful personality. So happy to be able to share in it.

  • Tracy Lamont

    So beautiful, Steve. My favourite Carpenter’s song. Just close your eyes and listen to Karen’s faultless voice… mesmerising..

  • Mlslowik

    I loved Karen Carpenter!………..what a good choice to interview! She truly was and is the voice of an Angel!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • PollyMax2010

    Aww, this was a lovely interview to read 🙂 Susanxoxo

  • Pamie

    Karen is still so loved by so many of us that grew up with her music. My hubby and I went to see Dark Shadows last weekend and her music was used in several scenes. I got chill just hearing that beautiful voice over the theatre sound system…my hubby and I just looked at each other and started holding hands. Karen will forever be missed but I am so glad to hear how happy she is!

    Thank you so much, Erik, Jamie and Elisa.

  • Allen

    I saw Dark Shadows Tuesday night, and was amused by the scene with Karen Carpenter’s music. Then to see the channeling posting on here the next day… I thought that was interesting!

  • I want to know who she’s working with here on earth… and in what capacity. As a vocal music teacher, that is Super Cool!!

  • Aww, it really does sound like her! Karen was very into sports and pitched for the Carpenters’ charity softball team. She did have a bubbly personality, big smile, and great sense of humor, as seen in this 1978 “Tonight Show” interview:

    Even though she was too thin there, she was actually still healthy in that “We’ve Only Just Begun” clip you posted from 1971. It was just a case of unfortunate lighting/hair/makeup. Thanks so much for this- I hope you get to talk to her again! I wonder when she’s coming back?

  • Adriana

    I’m amazed anyone would want to come back to a world that is so full of violence and stress.And the human body is such a prison! I hope I have the sense not to come back.Give me heaven!

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