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When I mentioned in a previous entry how I sometimes have trouble locking in on Erik’s voice but less so with Jillian’s or Andy’s, Jason so sweetly offered me his insights. He said it was okay for me to share, so here ya go! Enjoy Professor Jason in his “Channeling 101.” Please hold your applause until the end.

Hey Elisa,

You’re having trouble “locking onto” Erik’s voice because of two reasons.

1) It takes less energy for Spirit to use what’s in your brain; to push their energy signature to you. You and Erik have very similar energy. There is no need to differentiate between “sound” as there is with those you do not know as well. I once had a very amusing conversation with my guide Roger, which often continues to present. When I asked him about him sometimes sounding like my audible voice, and other times not. His reply was, “I’ve lived so many lives, it matters not. I can even be as a woman to you.” He then proceeded to look and speak like a woman. Which really shocked me at the time. He then said, “I am your guide. I have been with you since birth. Why should I put forth the energy to come to you as you wish, when you are fully capable to come to us. You only have to hold your intention and your thoughts of me to your heart and I am there. Your doubt and perception of how I should be is not for me to overcome, but is something you must adjust. We here, hear always”.

2) Erik is trying to get you to meet him halfway. Rather than keep the perception, the label, or the expectation of “sound” in your communication–intention; Simply surrender to a KNOWING that you are always connected. Hold a picture of him in your mind. Do not worry about how it looks. Picture him and incomplete though it may be… visualize his etheric light body in your mind. (*for me it looks like a white yellow silhouette and facial features) Just picture it as best you can and float it out and above your head within your minds eye, and speak [AT] it as if it was him. This is just a focusing tool.

Also you could try a mental technique I use. I call it the pregnant pause. It is also used by those who give speeches to an audience. While speaking “At” the mental projection and “Knowing” that the image is a real manifestation of the spirit. Knowing that by doing this you are meeting them half way. This is your minds eye viewing a manifestation of their etheric light body. Ok.

Now while speaking at the image, do not wait for a reply that “audibly sounds” like them. Know that you are so connected you need not wait for sound as in last life voice, you are so close you communicate by thought impression, pure feeling and instant thought. Speak at the image you project.

Speaking first; Not waiting, primes the pump. It creates the moment of energetic tension right before the water pours. It’s the pregnant pause… the halted “ehhh” that you pass to their image. This “Ehh moment” is where the reply comes. Do not wait but for a brief pregnant pause. ie… “Hey Erik, what’s up? I’ve been thinking of you…. [ehh]
(*You know that feeling when you are about to speak again, but your waiting for a reaction? That pause when your in the middle of or just about to speak, your about to say something….Your waiting for an audience to respond?) Well in that moment behave like the speech giver… Know that any reaction from the audience is their response. You have mp idea how they will respond, but you accept it as them. You know it’s them. But as a speech giver you respond and keep speaking no matter what or HOW audience feedback is given….

Erik’s voice may or may not sound exactly like his old audible voice depending on what else he is doing at the time, how distracted he is or how much energy he puts into it. But it is Erik. Notice any subtle skin feelings while this is going on? Emotions? Mental images? Thoughts? It will help you determine who you are talking to during this.

So in parting. Know, that “quality of sound within the voice is not necessarily an indication of limitation, or personal short coming, but of energy and development.

Personally, The only time, Erik’s voice Truly sounds exactly (in sound) like his past life voice is when I am alone, quiet, and “in the zone”. Other times it is like your experience. Half and half, in and out. It’s normal. Same with my guides….I will say though, no matter whether “their” voices use my “sound” or not; the wording, sentence structure is never like mine. Also, while I hear I almost always get a visual with it, or skin sensation. And they always match.

Just wanted to chime in and tell you there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not about filter. It’s about energy. You are doing great!


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