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When I mentioned in a previous entry how I sometimes have trouble locking in on Erik’s voice but less so with Jillian’s or Andy’s, Jason so sweetly offered me his insights. He said it was okay for me to share, so here ya go! Enjoy Professor Jason in his “Channeling 101.” Please hold your applause until the end.

Hey Elisa,

You’re having trouble “locking onto” Erik’s voice because of two reasons.

1) It takes less energy for Spirit to use what’s in your brain; to push their energy signature to you. You and Erik have very similar energy. There is no need to differentiate between “sound” as there is with those you do not know as well. I once had a very amusing conversation with my guide Roger, which often continues to present. When I asked him about him sometimes sounding like my audible voice, and other times not. His reply was, “I’ve lived so many lives, it matters not. I can even be as a woman to you.” He then proceeded to look and speak like a woman. Which really shocked me at the time. He then said, “I am your guide. I have been with you since birth. Why should I put forth the energy to come to you as you wish, when you are fully capable to come to us. You only have to hold your intention and your thoughts of me to your heart and I am there. Your doubt and perception of how I should be is not for me to overcome, but is something you must adjust. We here, hear always”.

2) Erik is trying to get you to meet him halfway. Rather than keep the perception, the label, or the expectation of “sound” in your communication–intention; Simply surrender to a KNOWING that you are always connected. Hold a picture of him in your mind. Do not worry about how it looks. Picture him and incomplete though it may be… visualize his etheric light body in your mind. (*for me it looks like a white yellow silhouette and facial features) Just picture it as best you can and float it out and above your head within your minds eye, and speak [AT] it as if it was him. This is just a focusing tool.

Also you could try a mental technique I use. I call it the pregnant pause. It is also used by those who give speeches to an audience. While speaking “At” the mental projection and “Knowing” that the image is a real manifestation of the spirit. Knowing that by doing this you are meeting them half way. This is your minds eye viewing a manifestation of their etheric light body. Ok.

Now while speaking at the image, do not wait for a reply that “audibly sounds” like them. Know that you are so connected you need not wait for sound as in last life voice, you are so close you communicate by thought impression, pure feeling and instant thought. Speak at the image you project.

Speaking first; Not waiting, primes the pump. It creates the moment of energetic tension right before the water pours. It’s the pregnant pause… the halted “ehhh” that you pass to their image. This “Ehh moment” is where the reply comes. Do not wait but for a brief pregnant pause. ie… “Hey Erik, what’s up? I’ve been thinking of you…. [ehh]
(*You know that feeling when you are about to speak again, but your waiting for a reaction? That pause when your in the middle of or just about to speak, your about to say something….Your waiting for an audience to respond?) Well in that moment behave like the speech giver… Know that any reaction from the audience is their response. You have mp idea how they will respond, but you accept it as them. You know it’s them. But as a speech giver you respond and keep speaking no matter what or HOW audience feedback is given….

Erik’s voice may or may not sound exactly like his old audible voice depending on what else he is doing at the time, how distracted he is or how much energy he puts into it. But it is Erik. Notice any subtle skin feelings while this is going on? Emotions? Mental images? Thoughts? It will help you determine who you are talking to during this.

So in parting. Know, that “quality of sound within the voice is not necessarily an indication of limitation, or personal short coming, but of energy and development.

Personally, The only time, Erik’s voice Truly sounds exactly (in sound) like his past life voice is when I am alone, quiet, and “in the zone”. Other times it is like your experience. Half and half, in and out. It’s normal. Same with my guides….I will say though, no matter whether “their” voices use my “sound” or not; the wording, sentence structure is never like mine. Also, while I hear I almost always get a visual with it, or skin sensation. And they always match.

Just wanted to chime in and tell you there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not about filter. It’s about energy. You are doing great!


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  • Denise

    Very interesting, Jason.
    While I have been aware that there are 4 or 5 guides and/or angels around me, I have always wondered that the “primary” guide was not distinctive in name or sound. Yours is a reasonable explanation.

  • iola

    Thanks for this, Jason. I keep waiting to hear Andy’s voice…I should focus instead on the intent to speak to him, and listen with my heart and not my brain…which by the way, is the densest part of me. Hard headed..thats me!
    I still love that Andy speaks to you, Elisa. In a way, his speaking to you is also speaking to how wonderful is that?
    I am trying to write down random thoughts lately, as he asked me to. I hope if I keep at it, Andy and I can have some real conversations at some point. My dad too.
    You are a wonder, Jason. lubya to pieces!

  • nikki

    You Rock!
    When I read that Elisa hears voices she can differentiate I thought uh-oh. I have just assumed these answers that come instantly in my voice are the Ericks or whoever. At times I think I am making up what I want to hear, and that’s ok too lol.
    But other times I think wow this kind of reminds me “Field of Dreams” where James Earl Jones (LOVE his voice) says “People will come, Ray”
    Well I hear “He’ll get the job, Mom” lol.
    As always thanks for your input. I will continue to talk to them and hope most of it is accurate.

    Whoever sent me Reiki this morning (somebody did!) Thanks! It did the trick 🙂 HUGS!!!!

  • Su

    Well there’s synchronisty for me again. I was just explaining to a friend how she can get answers to visions that she has been having. I said to her ask the question and without letting her mind get in the way and allowing her immediate intuative answer to come forth – she will always find an answer. I didn’t refer to it as a pregnant pause but it sounds like the same thing. Thanks for sharing Jason and Elisa. Su

  • Stanley

    Hello Elisa,

    Great work. I find it difficult to connect at times too. I think we strain to listen and over focus. I try to let it come natually. I get idea’s that just pop into my head without warning. For example, with Sandra’s hospital bed at home. The railing had no half way point and so we stuffed a blanket down between it to hold it at that spot. And then a few days later, I was doing house work and got this little “use your channel locks” pop into my head with a little picture of exactly how to do it. I didn’t even look at the bar to see, but went to get the channel locks anyway and it worked perfectly. So along with listening for friends and guides in the afterlife to talk, follow those idea’s/suggestions that pop into your head. Being ADHD, I used to assume it was just ADHD chatter. But I know that’s not true now. Just thought I would give some of my two cents. 🙂 And thanks for yesturday too. **hugs**


  • Nina

    Wow, dang this is helpful! Thanks, Jason! And thanks for posting this, Elisa! I will try to practice these techniques.
    Love, Nina

  • Jemma Richards

    I am applauding. Hope you can all hear it.

    Love and light x x

    • It’s so loud, I had to put in my ear plugs, Jemma! (LOL)

  • Patrick

    Great advice and insight from the proctor doctor of Channeling, Jason!

  • Yvonne

    THIS IS GREAT! I have been wanting some practical instruction on how to foster better communication with my guides and ancestors, and this is very helpful. I see that it is hard to describe spiritual communication with words. I describe the conversations as “underneath{” my mind, out of the way of my mental body, but still in-between my mental body where the words come from. Obviously these statements make little sense if read as they are written. But if you experience these forms of communication yourself, these are the words we have to work with. Can Jason or Erik speak to trance possession or embodiment – this is how I work with some of my spirits – but I realize it is not for everyone.
    Thank you so much! Does “Prof. Jason” have more writings?

    • Yeah, Jason, that would be great! I know that Erik has talked a bit about possession, but I think only demonic possession. God, my memory!

  • Jason

    You all caught me on the bus peckin on my phone..haha… I’ve got lots more written on facebook and on my website. Elisa you can post it or people can find the links in the forum thread.. channeling erik family channels… Or something like that… Iam working on comprehensive channeling and guide tutorials. The rough drafts are in article form on my site. Feel free to ask me questions. Yvonne..i do have an answer for you. Give me through the weekend or shoot me an email.

  • Jane

    3 Cheers for Jason!!!

  • Aether

    Thankyou for this!

    I have woken up in recent months sometimes with a dialogue ongoing in my head, in my voice, but not structured like I “me” I guess. I have even tried to second guess this as it’s been happening, trying to construct the next line but it always goes it’s own way in another direction and that surprised me, I suppose I was always wondering if it was me or not…I guess it wasn’t? I suppose I never know what to expect to hear. These things are always in incredibly wise and loving, could be my higher self maybe? But then would my higher self construct sentences in the same way as me? I think I’m confusing myself now lol

  • joann nichols

    elisa sorry i have been gone so long ,,loved the post since last i was on i dont have time to watch the videos and it saddens me b/c some of them have been the lightthat helps me thru the darkest time i am facing,,i am working constantly on removing fear from me and i have cried a mikkion tears i have been able to make it thru antoher day even through the most horrid thoughts of suicide and death,,,i found mysekf chanting with the small amount of brethe i have left inmne the words ,,,the mind is a lie ,the body is a vessel,,i don not need my eyes for the soul to see,,,i dont know where the chant came from but it did quiet my fears and remove all the horrid thoughts floating thruough my unhealthly mind,,,,,i have praye for it all to end and i have been such a coward ..homeless now and with out my basic needs beng met without counting on others to provide me some food and drink,,what i can eat of it i am grateful,,,i still feel very ashamed and a burden on life right now and find myself praying for help but i watched that video and it said no one can help me i have to help myself,,,but i feel so alone and weak and i have fear in me and i know my fear is keeping me in the dark and that scares me even more,,,i visioned myself a tiny light flying and bouncing thru the universe seaking and searching and in that moment fae away from here i actually was that tiny light surrounded and safe experienceing the universe and i saw the most wonderfull sight it was a nebula ,,i seen some on hubble sites abd thats the cosest i came describe it,,,and if i have some darkness trying to engulkf me i ask my guides to protect me every couple minutes and erik too somewhere with my bi polar and the pills i have been taking for pain i forgot hyow to life elisa and it makes me cry and plead just to ber saved just to have someone that can pat me and feed me and give me a warm safe space and that is the coward in me the same coward that gave in and allowed myself to destroy my body with chemicals from shrinks and then sterrt opain pills the n8umb my pain i want to so bad to be saved from myself but know i have to stay aweay from that coward thoughts and see the lighht in my own way with my own stregnth i know existes inside of me and it is a fight and one monet i am losingit and the next i am winning but these are just the battles and i am fighting a war with me by mysaelf and i am scared and lonely but i know the light is rtgere the love is there and when i can ge t the stregnth and calm my mind i can find that light and feel that love ,,,i love you and i am trying to stay here and see the future b/c i k now i can help and i know i can do better i find it hard to know what to say and what not to sday but i do know i finally got into the pc and were able to write this i will do no spell check or take back any of the things i said because i am working on auto atm but i know i am not dark and i am fighting to come back to you all and find a home and a safe place to sleep i will never forget all you have done for me,,,and yes i do have ytour contact number in my email still if ever you need to get word to me the only number i kow i can give ytou is my moms 423-623-1495 and ask for jane she is a wonderful being fulkl of light and i love her much a few of the blog member also know mw in person so i can get a few reports about whats going on opk,,,oif i were not a coward i would walk tyoatlantal just to see you guys and if i coulkd give and get hugs it would be worth everything i own to get them and give them of course,,,i have a dsad lie that i am dark and evil and i have had some visions that make me understand some things ,,i wish i was just able to get someone that could read my soul and light and chakras and tell me i am not dark and if i am i want clemency deep in my soul,,,,,i know i sound off and i am right now withdrawling is leaving my body without the never prod8uced serotonin anf other chemicalds i need to stay balanced but right now it is a do or die situation i take minute by minute again Love to you all for aqnother day oir 2 you might be able to call me at the cell number 865 313-0993 i would love to just hear your voice of reason ,,i look up to you to and Erik and the family are my hero i try to get back to every moment,,,Love to all!!

    • Aw, JoAnn, you’re a very special spirit. You’re here for a big reason. Love you. I’ll call you later today. If anyone else in the community can help, please do!!!

    • Hey JoAnn. Tried to call you, but it rang for awhile, then it turned into a busy signal. I’m going to email you my phone numbers, okay?

  • joann nichols

    thanks elisa i am not sure what happened with the phone maybe lost signal been storming around here lately,,i will check my email after i read some more on here,,i have catching up to do,,,lol,,,Love to you all!!

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