Channeling Michael Jackson, Part Two

Me: Okay. Was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Michael: Yes.

Me: And why?

Michael: I think what I could do in my life was really over.

Me: Okay. I guess that’s a perfect segue into the next question: What were you here to learn and teach?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He pauses, kind of looks down at his feet. He’s a little more shy than I expected him to be.

Michael: I feel like I should have spoken out more about abuse and the manner that it came about instead of being so private with it.

Me: The abuse you received as a child?

Michael: I was abused as a child, yes. This created my swing toward having a very private life and entertaining children so I could give them that moment of joy ad happiness.

Me: That you never had, right?

Michael: Yes, and I promise you to this day I did NOT lay a hand on any child.

Me: I know. I know. I truly know.

Michael: I wanted to give them the childhood I never had.

Me: You know, this society has a problem with love. They categorize it, label it, assign ulterior motives to it, but, you know, love is Love. It makes no difference if it’s a child or whatever. There are so many forms of love. Michael, I think you were here to teach us about love in its many incarnations. But you tell me. What were you here to teach, Sweetie?

Michael: I agree with that; I wish I could have balanced it out with what abuse was and let the world just follow my healing instead of being so private. That way, maybe they could have understood why I ended up where I did.

Me: So, do you consider that one of your biggest regrets, then?

Michael: Yes.

Me: Okay. And what were you here to learn? You were here to teach a lot about love—anything specific you want to say about what you were here to teach?

Michael: It’s my hope that every person will treat everyone else like their dearest family member.

Me: That was what you were here to teach, then?

Michael: Yes.

Me: Okay. And I think in your songs that was echoed very clearly.

Michael: Thank you so much!

Me: And even though you’re no longer here on the earthly plane, I believe that lesson is immortalized in your art. You’ve created this living movement that teaches the importance of love. 


Me: Okay, what were you here to learn, then?

(Long pause)

Michael: I believe I was there to learn—

Jamie (chuckling to Michael): Yeah, I know. Erik’s kind of jumping in with us and we’re talking, because Michael said the word prophet, and Erik asked, “You mean in the religious sense, like to follow God?” And Michael said, “No, not in the religious sense, but a prophet for compassion.

Michael: Maybe it was the wrong choice of words, prophet, but to open up and take direction from the purest energy that we have around us, which is Love.

Me: Were you here to teach that or to learn that? I don’t follow.

Michael: Learn. Learn how to be a prophet for compassion.

Me: Oh, okay.

Michael: To live an open life, to be willing to accept that role that was handed to me.

Jamie: Prophet. He’s using it in a very literal term, like hearing the word and then speaking about it.

Me: Oh, I see. Alright. Now, tell me about your transition. What was it like for you.

Michael: Peaceful. (Pause) I had no struggle. The—

(Long pause)

Jamie: We were talking about, well Erik had asked if his passing was peaceful, and I see him as, I don’t know. He’s inside. He’s not outside. I can’t tell if it’s a house. It’s kind of dark, black colors on the wall. And he’s showing me that he left his body. Then Erik asked, ‘Didn’t they try to revive you?’ And Michael said he had no recollection of being tampered with or trying to be assisted to live.

Michael: Maybe someone did, but I didn’t notice. It was very peaceful. I remember leaving my body—

Jamie (giggling): He laughs! He’s recalling the Christmas Carol, you know, with Jacob Marley?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: Like in the classic sense of being a ghost. You know, like coming out of the body and being the ghost in the room.

Michael: I recall this, and to me, it felt like minutes. It was probably just seconds of having this, and it was as if I was being pulled back from my shoulders and my heart into a different space. It’s like someone had reached out to hug me and then pulled me backwards. It was light; it was bright in every sense of the word, but it never hurt my eyes. I wept. I just wept.

Me: Aw.


Me: Did you meet anybody? Was there anyone there to greet you?

Michael: Everyone. Everyone was there. Everyone was there. And I wept.

Jamie: And when he talks about weeping, it sounds very happy—like a release.

Me: Oh, yeah. Not like sadness.

Michael: I remember—

Jamie (laughing): Oh my god, that’s right! He met Elvis. He was like his father-in-law!

Me: Oh yeah, of course!

Jamie: I totally forgot about that!

Michael: He was one of the first people I met. I remember seeing my grandparents.

Jamie: He says he also met a little brother that had died.

Me: Really? I didn’t know any of his siblings had died. Wow!

Jamie: Yeah, he’s talking so fast. He’s talking about seeing his little brother; he’s talking about, um, EVERYBODY. I mean, when he shows me the image, it’s like face after face after face. People like, uh, Ronald Reagan.

Me: Wow, how about that!

Jamie: Famous people were there!

Michael: I remember sitting down, and I was told, as someone was patting my back, that it’s over.

Me: Ah!

Michael: It’s over.

Me: Mmm.

Michael: And I was so relieved.

Me: Can you describe the surroundings and the thoughts you had after you realized you were dead? What did it look like? You had all those people around you, and your thought was, “Wow, it’s over; it’s good; what a relief,” but what did it look like? Were you in a big room, or…

Jamie(giggling): It’s funny you mention a big room, and he’s showing me—

Michael: I thought I was in an enclosed white walled, bright light room, but no matter how far you walk, you never hit a wall. It’s actually open space. And as you grow closer into this higher energy, this absolute Love, that’s when you begin to see the surroundings that you see. There are landscapes; there are buildings; there are people; there are places to live or inhabit; there are places you can come to earth and help and work. It was a big surprise to find out how things were so organized!

Me: Interesting. So, can you describe where you live right now? 

Michael: Actually, I have a home that I’ve created, and I have several people who live there with me. It’s not necessary to have a home.

Me: Oh, no. I know that.

Michael: We don’t wake up at sunrise and go to sleep and sunset. We don’t rely on eating three square meals a day. We don’t rely on resting eight hours. It is a different existence. So, yes, there are some similarities, but many that are quite different.

Me: What is your life’s work there? What do you spend your time doing.

Jamie (chuckling): He let’s out a little bit of a sweet giggle. Very high pitched. He kind of jokingly calls himself a Cupid—

Me: Oh!

Jamie: —or matchmaker.

Michael: I offer gatherings to bring people together to continue community organization and love.

Me: That’s awesome! What do you do for fun? 

Michael: Oh, play music and sing, of course!

Me: Good! Very good! So, did you gain any insights, given your new perspective there in Heaven?

Michael: I didn’t. I’d be arrogant to, uh, it’s humbling being here without my own children.

(Long pause)

Jamie: He has three? I thought he only had two.

Me: No, he has three. Very adorable, very sweet children.

Jamie: I’m sorry, Michael, that I couldn’t remember, but…He’s showing me three.

Me: So, the insights that you gained?

Michael: By crossing over and being separate from my children, I immediately knew that the idea of being separate was completely a human concept. It was to my great surprise and pleasure and comfort to know that we are NOT separate from each other—that we are still together. I sit with my mother and my children everyday to make sure they still feel me around them and that they’ll be able to lead a life, not in my path, but alongside of it. Not in my shadow, but beside it. 

Me: So, why did you die?

Michael: Oh, it didn’t have anything to do with anyone else but me. If Dr. Murray wouldn’t give me what I wanted, I would have found someone else who would’ve. People wanted to be my friend or to be standing by me, and doctors were no different. I could get anything I wanted. But in the end, I ingested a lot of that Propofol myself. That’s really why I died. But Conrad Murray was trying to save his own self after he realized what was happening. 

Me: So you take full blame for your death?

Michael: For my actual death, yes. For hiding the evidence and protecting me from myself, no. 

Stay tuned for the final part of Michael’s interview tomorrow.

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Elisa Medhus

  • sunshine7

    WOW! WOW is ll I’ve got.. I feel so happy reading this.. Can’t wait for the update.. THANK YOU! I hope his children get to read this one day!

  • M and M

    Very, very sweet message. I just love the part about not being separated and being around loved ones so they continue to feel the energy. Just beautiful and so well said. Thank you Michael.

  • JaneG

    I just can’t imagine how the poor man could’ve been expected to live an open life when he had been so invaded and violated emotionally all his life. I know people do it but usually they don’t have the added scrutiny of celebrity and a very predatory media.

    Perhaps it’s hard to gauge for ourselves how achievable our goals truly are when we design these missions. With all its beauty and love, human life is vicious and wicked hard.

  • Nikki

    Aww, sounds like Michael to me. I cant help but think of his “With the love. L.O.V.E.” comment in his movie “This Is It”. such a peaceful loving spirit. (Always dreamed of being a backup dancer of his LOL, maybe in my next life)

    Log in. When I first subscribed I logged in via WordPress. When I come to the site I go to the right column find login and use my wordpress username and pw. Worked like a charm for both the blog and forum until today. Still can post on the forum, looks like blog needs additional log in or something.

    Have a great weekend…

    • Kristina is going to make a video for us to explain how to do all of this. She might have been working in the background of the blog and disabled it for a few minutes.

  • Su

    Amazing! This is such a privilege to read this. Thank you Elisa, Erik and Jaime. This means a lot to me. I have a photo of Michael on my notice board next Oprah ;-). He died on my birthday, I waw sooo sad. Beautiful, beautiful soul. I wish the world would listen to this, to all the messages. You’re book will blow everyone away! xx

  • Wow – and the news lately talks about him ingesting the propopol himself, just like he said with your session with Jamie BEFORE this all came out in the news a few days ag0 – simply, amazing!

    • Can you send me the link for that? Who could have known? I can’t imagine anyone witnessed him doing that! Plus, I can’t imagine that would have the same effect as intravascular administration.


        September 27, 2011|By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times
        As the trial of the Houston cardiologist accused of causing Michael Jackson’s overdose death gets underway Tuesday, the doctor’s attorneys are preparing to argue that the blame should be pointed at the other person who was in the room: the King of Pop himself.

        Jackson may have injected the lethal dose, or drunk it, attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray have suggested. It may have been out of financial desperation, pressure to perform or anxiety about his career comeback, they’ve said.

  • Nikki

    Defence lawyer claims Michael J administered lethal propofol dose himself

  • In my channeling session, MJ said he ingested it but I can’t imagine how that would do mich. Seems like the gastric acid would denature it but I truthfully don’t know much about the drug. Still, it’s amazing to get this confirmation. Plus, Robert, without prompting, got the same info and he told me this before the public or I knew anything about it!!

    • Simon

      He was just desperate, he couldn’t sleep and had a concert to prepare for, so sad.

  • Tracy Lamont

    This is all so amazing! It sounds so like Michael – and his comment about Dr. Murray tallies with what I personally believe about the circumstances of his death.
    How touching that he wept with joy upon realizing that the human experience was, at last, over and he had found himself in a place of pure love…..beautiful..

  • Tracy Lamont

    Incidentally, Kristina, when I make a post the box is already there at the top with a box saying ‘post as Tracy Lamont’ at the bottom of it.
    I press this when I’m done and the comment is instantly posted – no problems.
    This new system is wonderful and very easy, in my opinion.
    Thank you, T xx

  • EJ Gilkey

    Still the King of Pop. Love you Michael. Still practicing my spin moves in my socks in the kitchen!

  • Tanya QueenieBeez

    Amazing! all i can say…is Amazing.

  • Tanya QueenieBeez

    I’ve followed and loved Michael ever since I was a little girl. This conversation rattled my brain and blew my mind. I NEVER knew the Jacksons had a brother that died at birth. I googled it, and his name was Brandon..Marlon’s twin…I am speechless. WOW…I’m just..WOWED!

  • Vahid

    It feel so good to know he did it himself! I’m ok with that! Can’t wait to meet him in the afterlife! I deam of going to his concerts there! 🙂

  • Priscilla Hotzman

    I know this post is a few years old now, and this sounds cheesy but I thought he had the cutest smile and was the cutest person ever in the 80s. 😀

  • Rock

    Interesting….I knew one of his victims…and he still can’t come with the truth…he was an 8 year old boy named wade…and he was molested by Michael Jackson

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